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Deeper than Atlantis

Liar White Denver Cops Tasered Unarmed, Niggerized, Homeless Black Man 

"He Charged at Me" [at 8:27]. It also sounds like white cop says "he pushed me" at 6:57. Both statements by this "public servant" are complete bullshit. Niggerized - "unsafe, unprotected, subjected and subjugated to random violence, hated for who you are to the point you become so scared that you defer to the powers that be while willing to consent to your own domination." - Dr. Cornell West quoted in FUNKTIONARY. 

From [HERE] Activists are outraged over a Denver Police body camera video that shows a white officer using a Taser on an unarmed homeless Black man.

"He took an innocent step forward and got tased," said John Holland, the man's attorney.

The incident happened back in June after police were called to the scene on reports of a fight between a white homeless man and a Black homeless man. The cops came to the aid of the white man. 

In the video, the officer fires his Taser less than ten seconds after his first command.  

Holland said he believes it was clearly excessive force, and the officer did not give his client, Gregory Heard, enough time to comply.

"[It was] An uharmed person who wasn't threatening him," said Holland.

Heard is currently in jail on second-degree assault charges for the fight that prompted the police response.

"Most people who run into police are being suspected of something, the question is what did they do while being suspected by police -- this case is about police abuse of power," he said.

Denver7 also showed the video to Grant Whitus, a former Jefferson County SWAT team leader, who is also a racist suspect. 

"The commands were clear, he should have understood him, he's holding a Taser at him," he said.

"Would you have done anything different if you were in this situation?" asked Denver7 reporter Jennifer Kovaleski.

"No, that was actually a perfect use of force," said Whitus.

He called the officer's action "textbook use of force" and pointed to the fact the man didn't listen to two of the officer's commands before using non-lethal force.  

Denver7 has transcribed the encounter between the officer and Heard below: 

Officer: "Hands up"

Heard: "I have nothing man."

Officer: "Okay"

Heard: "I have nothing, Okay. Look, look."

Officer: "Crawl out… Crawl out on your hands and knee, I'll ******* tase you."

Heard: "Don't tase me man."

Officer: "Turn around, stop right there."

Officer: "Stop."

Heard: "No, no, look."

"He stands up and you tell him to stop twice and he keeps coming, he's a threat," explained Whitus.

"At the Denver Justice Project we believe it didn't require use of force at all," said Alex Landau, a co-founder of the Denver Justice Project.

Activists like Landau see the video differently, and like Heard's attorney, are now pushing for action.

"This is just one more example of police running amuck," said Holland.

Holland said they plan to file a federal excessive force lawsuit seeking damages.

Denver Police said they could not comment on the video because the case is an on-going investigation. 


DC Cops Clashing with Protesters Outside Trump event [Beware: Bodycams Are Turned Off for the Inauguration]

From [HERE] and [HERE] and [MORED.C. police officers working Friday’s inauguration and Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington will have their body cameras turned off but must switch them on if they witness criminal behavior or interact with the public, according to already established department directives. [sounds like a liar cop's paradise]. 

The reiteration of the policy by a department spokesman on Thursday eased some concerns on both sides of the lenses: among civil rights groups worried that cameras would be used to surveil demonstrators and among police who saw inaccurate reports that officers had been ordered to keep their body cameras turned off at all times.

In anticipation of demonstrations, several Washington law groups on Thursday said they will offer free legal assistance to demonstrators arrested during the events. Organizations including the National Lawyers Guild, the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, D.C. Law Students in Court, and Law for Black Lives, D.C., plan to have lawyers, paralegals and other staff members on call and have established a hotline.

“We are going by what our policy says,” said Dustin Sternbeck, chief D.C. police spokesman, said about the use of body cameras. “We’re not running around to capture demonstrators on tape. We're not going around doing surveillance of demonstrations.”

Monica Hopkins-Maxwell, executive director of the ACLU of the Nation’s Capital, said earlier confusion about the directives had her concerned about a “dragnet-type of surveillance.” But after Sternbeck’s comments, she said it appears her group and the police are in agreement.

The ACLU and other groups are encouraging demonstrators to record police. Hopkins-Maxwell said there is no contradiction. “On one side, we have a government actor who has surveillance tools but has restrictions on their use. On the other side, we have citizens who have First Amendment rights to record police.”

[so-called civil liberties are mostly conceptual things to white folks - who love the theoretical speech protections of the 1st Amendment. The ACLU wanted bodycams off to prevent cops from creating a database of images of protestors. As opposed to non-whites who are more concerned with practical, reality based supposed Constitutional protections such as the the 4th Amendment rights to be free from cops putting their hands on you, freedom from unlawful detentions, seizures and searches. In reality these "rights" are just words on paper. Bodycams also provide theoretical protections from cops.  Awareness is the only "tool" for dealing with a maniac cop.] 


Black Man May Have Been Tortured by Lethal Injection Prior to Virginia Execution [Government Murder]

From [HERE] After another abnormally long execution using the controversial sedative midazolam — this one taking place in Virginia — the deceased inmate’s attorneys are calling for an independent inquiry.

Late Wednesday, Virginia executed Ricky Gray for the 2006 murders of Bryan and Kathryn Harvey and their two daughters, 9-year-old Stella and 4-year-old Ruby. Higher than the national rate, Virginia's death row is disproportionately 42% Black. [MORE

Executioners took more than 30 minutes behind closed curtains to set IV lines in Gray.

“This is far longer than typical, and VDOC has been able to provide no plausible explanation for failure to insert the IV for such a delayed period of time,” attorneys Rob Lee and Elizabeth Peiffer said in a statement. They added that Gray had no history of intravenous drug use.

Problems with IV access are not uncommon in executions. In 2014, Oklahoma officials misplaced an IV, resulting in a badly botched execution that lasted for 45 minutes with the inmate writhing on the gurney. Last year, BuzzFeed News examined Georgia’s internal lethal injection timelines and found that executioners struggled to set IV lines — struggling for nearly an hour before one execution.

Once they were able to set the IV line, executioners started the lethal injection. After the inmate is injected with the sedative, the department of corrections pinches him to see if he responds to pain. If the inmate is awake or capable of feeling pain, the next two drugs, a paralytic and a drug that stops the heart, would be incredibly painful.

“Mr. Gray was observed turning his head from side to side a minute or more after the VDOC’s ‘pinch test,’” the attorneys said.

They said it could indicate he was reacting to suffocating, or it could show “that he was roused to consciousness by the introduction of a ‘noxious stimuli.’”

“If Mr. Gray were conscious during the administration of either of the second two drugs, he would have suffered excruciating pain,” they noted.

In a statement, Virginia Department of Corrections spokesperson Lisa Kinney said that the execution “was carried out in accordance with” the protocol, and that the “time needed to find a vein for IV insertion varies from person to person.”

Click to read more ...


New Docs Show CIA Tortured "Subjects" [all non-whites] by confining them in coffinlike boxes & Slamming Heads Into Walls

From [HERE] When C.I.A. interrogators in a Thailand prison sent a cable to agency headquarters recounting that they had been slamming Abu Zubaydah, a captured terrorism suspect, against a wall, they emphasized that they were obeying instructions to take steps to prevent his injury, like putting a rolled-up towel behind his neck, and described the practice in detached terms.

“Subject was walled with the question, ‘What is it that you do not want us to know?’” reported a cable from Aug. 5, 2002, part of a trove of newly disclosed documents about the agency’s now-defunct “enhanced interrogation” program. “Subject continued to deny that he had any information.”

From the perspective of Mr. Zubaydah — whom interrogators eventually conceded had no additional information, contrary to their suspicions at the time — the experience felt far different.

“He kept banging me against the wall,” Mr. Zubaydah told his lawyer in 2008, in a narrative that has now been declassified. “Given the intensity of the banging that was strongly hitting my head I fell down on the floor with each banging. I felt for few instants that I was unable to see anything, let alone the short chains that prevented me from standing tall. And every time I fell he would drag me with the towel which caused bleeding in my neck.”

Zubaydah is a Saudi Arabian citizen currently held by the U.S. in the Guantanamo Bay detention camps, in Cuba. He is held under the authority of Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists (AUMF).

Zubaydah was arrested in Pakistan in March 2002 and has been in United States custody ever since, including four-and-a-half years in the secret prison network of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He was transferred among prisons in various countries as part of United States rendition program. Captured in Pakistan in 2002, Abu Zubaydah was the first person subjected to a CIA torture regimen devised by contractor psychologists James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, who currently face a federal lawsuit brought by subsequent CIA torture victims. Initially thought to possess vital information on al-Qaida and its plots, and hardened by resistance to interrogation, Abu Zubaydah was waterboarded 83 times, stuffed into a wooden box not much bigger than a coffin, held naked, kept awake for extensive periods and had his body painfully contorted. He has never been charged for a crime by YOUR gangster government. [MORE]

Batches of newly disclosed documents about the Central Intelligence Agency’s defunct torture program are providing new details about its practices of slamming terrorism suspects into walls, confining them in coffinlike boxes and subjecting them to waterboarding — as well as internal disputes over whether two racist suspect psychologists who designed the program were competent.

The release of the newly available primary documents, which include information not discussed in a 500-page executive summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into the C.I.A. torture program that was released in 2014, comes at the same time as an urgent legal battle is unfolding over the potential fate of the still-classified, 6,700-page full version of that report.

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Alleged Orlando Cop Killer: “They done took my eye. They broke my nose, broke my jaw. They did all this shit saying I resisted”

From [HERE] New video shows the takedown of an accused Orlando cop killer, footage that appears to show two officers kicking murder suspect Markeith Loyd while he’s down on the ground.

Loyd claims police used excessive force. There’s now an internal investigation into the officers' actions.

"Let's not rush to judgment. Let's let the use of force investigation play out. Remember, we're dealing with an extremely violent and dangerous and unpredictable person,” said Orlando Police Chief John Mina.

Police celebrated the success of bringing down Loyd, ending a massive nine-day manhunt for the accused murderer.

At Loyd’s first court appearance Thursday, he claimed police brutality.  “They done took my eye. They broke my nose, broke my jaw. They did all this (expletive) saying I resisted,” Loyd said.

From police helicopter video, released by the Orlando Police Department, you see dozens of officers from different agencies surround an abandoned Orlando home as they closed in on Loyd.

Fellow officers knew who they were up against. Loyd's accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and unborn baby in December, then gunning down police lieutenant Debra Clayton last week.

“We are talking about a cold-blooded, ruthless killer,” says Chief Mina. [sounds like a good excuse to do what they wanted to do]

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Charges Dropped Against Deaf Black Man Beaten By White OklahomaTroopers after Minor Fender Bender

From [HERE] A deaf Black man who was injured by white Oklahoma troopers during a traffic stop will not be going to trial. Prosecutors dropped charges against Pearl Pearson Jr. just weeks before his trial was scheduled to begin.

Pearson said he could not hear troopers request and tried to inform the white troopers he was deaf. The cops punched him in the face before he could give them his license. When he did not respond to their unheard commands the Cops swarmed onto his car as if he was an international terrorist. 

Video of the stop show troopers yelling at Pearson and pulling him from his vehicle. Pearson says troopers beat him. He was arrested and his mug shot shows some injuries.

Court documents say Pearson fought the officers and resisted arrest. The district attorney cleared the troopers of any criminal wrongdoing in the case, but charged Pearson with a misdemeanor of resisting arrest.

Attorneys for Pearson had successfully argued Pearson needed special interpreters for his trial. Pearson learned sign language during segregation, which means his way of communicating differs from traditional American Sign Language, or ASL. District Attorney David Prater, who appeared for the state in person at the hearing requesting interpreters, did not object to the request.

Pearson’s attorney, Scott Adams, says prosecutors told him they were dismissing the case [b/c it was dogshit] due to the costs associated with the special interpreters for court. The case was scheduled to go to trial next week.

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This is What Nigger is: Race Soldier Cops on Video Destroying, Interrogating & Stealing From Black Family's Home in Search of Weed

"They Don't Work For Us & We Can't Fire Them." Doc Blynd tells us, Police are paramilitary professionals at making citizens arrests. People who are awake see cops as mercenary security guards that remind us daily, through acts of force, that we are simultaneously both enemies and slaves of the Corporate state - colonized, surveilled and patrolled by the desensitized and lobotomized drones of the colonizers." [MORE] There is no democracy here. Nigger is what is being done to you in this uncivilized system of racism/white supremacy.

From [HERE] Last fall, Radley Balko wrote a review of the documentary “Do Not Resist,” which looks at how aggressive, militaristic race soldier police tactics have become nearly mundane. One of the more infuriating scenes in the movie is a SWAT raid over some pot. What’s most striking is the nonchalance the cops show when, after smashing windows and storming the place with guns, they don’t find the massive stash of drugs they’re looking for. (There were also children in the home — the officer who planned the raid had said there weren’t.)

Instead, the cops keep looking until they find some alleged pot residue at the bottom of a duffel bag. They then arrest a young black man for the alleged residue and confiscate about $900 he has in his pocket. But they didn’t find the money — he volunteered it to them. He ran a lawn-mowing business to put himself through school and had asked the cops to give the cash to his partner, who was supposed to pick up some mowers and a weed eater. The police took the money under civil asset forfeiture law.


Trump's 40% favorable is about half of Obama's 78% pre-inauguration rating

Gallup & Gallup

President-elect Donald Trump approaches Inauguration Day with a significantly lower favorable rating than his three immediate predecessors received when they were presidents-elect. Trump's 40% favorable rating is roughly half of what Barack Obama enjoyed before his inauguration in 2009 (78%) and is much lower than the pre-inaugural ratings for George W. Bush (62%) and Bill Clinton (66%).

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Labor Department discrimination lawsuit says Oracle Pays White Employees More than Black Employees for the Same Job 

From [HERE] The US Department of Labor [official website] filed a lawsuit [complaint, PDF] against Oracle America, Inc. on Tuesday alleging the leading technology company has a systemic practice of paying Caucasian male workers more than their counterparts in the same job title, leading to pay discrimination against female, African American and Asian employees. An additional allegation also claims that the company favors hiring Asian workers in its product development and other technical roles, resulting to discrimination against non-Asian applicants. The suit, brought by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) [official website] is a result of Oracle refusing to cooperate with an OFCCP compliance review of their equal employment opportunity practices. OFCCP Acting Director Thomas M. Dowd [official profile] stated in a press release [text], "Federal contractors are required to comply with all applicable anti-discrimination laws. ... We filed this lawsuit to enforce those requirements."

The Secret Service [JURIST report] has also faced employment discrimination allegations and in January agreed to a $24 million settlement with 10 black agents who accused the agency of racial discrimination in a 2000 federal lawsuit. The Labor Department has recently faced issues with the new overtime pay rule and had to file a notice of appeal when a federal judge decided to block [JURIST report] its implementation. In January the department filed a lawsuit against Google [JURIST report] for the company's refusal to provide requested items related to their compensation policies.


[If this is a Democracy, Why Were Non-White Votes Purged, Blocked & Erased? Movie on Stolen Election On For Free Right Now on Facebook 

html5 video converter by v3.9.1

Facebook Live and TrumpStoleit.Org



Trump Votary Unconcerned About the "Hottest Year Ever" & Environmental Catastrophe b/c White Jesus Coming Back Shortly

Time for endependence. As explained by Dr. Cress Welsing, a substantial number of white people are predominantly occupied with the destruction of the universe. Neely Fuller says that most white people have made racism/white supremacy their religion and have made themselves the God of that religion.  Above, a black pastor sprays bug spray on his flock on behalf of Jesus, son of the white daddy god. This is the opposite of Christ Consciousness. 

From [HERENASA and NOAA reported Wednesday that 2016 beat the record for hottest year ever — a record set only in 2015, which itself had crushed the record set in 2014.

“The fact that we’re punching at the ceiling every year now, that is the real indicator that we’re undergoing big changes,” said Deke Arndt, NOAA’s chief of global climate monitoring.

Even the usually staid New York Times warned of significant risks. “Temperatures are heading toward levels that many experts believe will pose a profound threat to both the natural world and to human civilization,” the paper says.

A staggering number of countries set their all-time record this past year, according to a reanalysis of world temperature data released this week by the Koch-backed Berkeley Earth.

Especially worrisome is that carbon pollution has made the North Pole so warm that once-in-1,000-year heatwaves are becoming commonplace.

Here’s a polar view of the warming from Berkeley Earth lead scientist Robert Rohde, showing that parts of the Arctic averaged as much as 12°C (21.6°F)— warmer than normal last year.

It bears repeating that what happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic. As Arctic warming speeds up sea ice loss, it causes more extreme weather in North America, while accelerating the melting of both the Greenland ice sheet (which speeds up sea level rise) and permafrost (which releases CO2 and methane that speed up warming).

Only dramatic cuts in CO2 can avoid the Dust-Bowlification of America’s breadbasket and the inundation of our major coastal cities.

Yet while human-caused warming is now as undeniable as the health dangers from smoking, and although the entire world desperately banded together in one last ditch effort to avoid catastrophe in 2015, we are hours away from the inauguration of the most science-denying administration in U.S. history, one dedicated to stopping U.S. and global action.


Suit Filed by Undocumented Latino Man Locked up After Asking Cops to Help Recover His Stolen Car 

From [HERE] Pedro Figueroa Zarceno filed a lawsuit [complaint, PDF] on Tuesday against the city of San Francisco, the Police Department and the Sheriff's Department for violating San Francisco's sanctuary city law. The sanctuary city law "prohibits workers from using city resources to assist in the enforcement of federal immigration law, and was designed to allow anyone to seek help from law enforcement, regardless of immigration status." Pedro was arrested after coming to the police station to retrieve a police report that would have allowed him to obtain his car that was previously stolen and recovered by the police station. Pedro is from El Salvador and had a deportation order given in December 2005 after he failed to appear for an immigration hearing in San Antonio. When San Francisco police found the deportation order, they alerted the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Pedro then spent two months in a detention facility, during which his car was auctioned off. Pedro's lawsuit [San Francisco Chronicle report] claims false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Sanctuary Cities have been a point of political debate, with racist suspect Donald Trump threatening to curtail sanctuary cities. Many US mayors signed and delivered [JURIST report] a letter in December to Trump warning of the significant financial impacts of repealing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) order. US Immigration law [JURIST backgrounder] and immigrants' rights has been hotly contested in the aftermath of DACA and Obama's 2014 executive action [JURIST report] on immigration reform.


Black Lives Dont Matter to Racist Judges & Prosecutors: After Shooting Black Teen in Head White Lady Released Same Day [like Zimmerman]

If They Come Back Again I Will Shoot Them. From [HERE] and [HEREVernon Markus Jr. was walking down Bloomfield Drive on Monday night with a group of friends when a woman shot at the boys and hit him.

Elisabeth Cannon, 47,  told 41NBC that the boys had been throwing rocks at her home which led her to shoot Markus Jr.  She added that for several days prior to the shooting, the boys would walk by her home and throw rocks at her husband’s car and the house.

Bibb County sheriff’s deputies said Marcus was with some friends when they heard several shots.

Then they noticed he had been shot in the head.

Marcus fell on the sidewalk, about 30 feet from Cannon’s circular driveway on Bloomfield Drive in south Macon. He was rushed to Medical Center, Navicent Health, in critical condition.

The Psychopathic Racial Personality

It is not clear whether the gun was fired from inside or outside the house or whether. Apparently there was no face to face confrontation and no unavoidable danger was present. The teen(s) was allegedly at the edge of her property. The white woman did not appear to be in any imminent danger of bodily harm as she had not been hit by a rock and the teen[s] were not trying to gain entry. Cannon was not injured and her attorney did not describe how she was under any specific, immediate threat from Markus. Apparently no windows were broken and the outside of the house was not otherwise damaged - self defense seems to be inapplicable. None of the teens were charged with crimes. 

After 8pm Cannon was arrested on a $12,400 bond and although she appeared to be dangerous to the community [black people] she was released later that evening by a white judge with few conditions. Her release was unopposed. Despite the egregious circumstances of shooting a teen in the head while she appeared to be under no imminent attack, prosecutors (apparently also white) only charged her with two counts of aggravated assault - as opposed to attempted murder or manslaughter. However, those charges could be upgraded if the teen dies. 

A witness to the alleged shooting said Elisabeth Cannon, accused of wounding Marcus, had in the past used racial slurs when confronting people outside her house. Monday night's shooting happened at the edge of Cannon's property on Bloomfield Drive in south Macon after Cannon reportedly called the police about people throwing rocks at her house just north of Rocky Creek Road.

In speaking to The Telegraph four years ago, Cannon, a former nurse who is white, was asked what frustrates her about Macon and what concerns she has about her neighborhood.

“I have some really good black neighbors,” Cannon said.

Marcus, who is black, is believed to live nearby, said a young woman who lives a couple doors down and heard several gunshots Monday night.

In her 2013 interview with The Telegraph, Cannon went on to say: “But the good blacks won’t get onto the bad blacks. You try not to profile, but at the same time 99.9 percent of the crime is gonna be, most often, a black male. ... The good blacks are too busy. They walk by your house, they won’t give it a second look. ... You can tell if they’re just out walking for exercise or going to the store or whether they’re up to something.”

The NAACP is stunned that she’s been released so soon.

“I don’t think she should be out. I don’t think at this point…not in the critical stage that this young man is in. Especially her bond should not have been that low,” said NAACP President Gwenette Westbrooks.

Westbrooks is calling on Judge Randall to revisit the matter. She says just wants to ensure that the case is being handled fairly.

“People have aggravated assault charges that are still incarcerated from 2015. Bond is set so high where they can’t get out, so that’s a concern to me,” she explained.

Westbrooks told 41NBC that she and many others also have questions about whether Cannon’s bond was originally set at $12, 400 or reduced by the judge. She added that the NAACP is working on plans for how to approach the matter moving forward.


Audio Shows Palm Beach Cop Lied about Murder of Corey Jones - Plainclothes Cop Never identified Himself to Black Man Waiting for Tow Truck

From [HERE] A Florida cop charged in the fatal shooting of a black musician whose car had broken down on the interstate never identified himself as a police officer before opening fire on the motorist, prosecutors said — a direct contradiction to the arrested officer’s story.

Former Palm Beach Gardens officer Nouman Raja — who has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter charges for allegedly killing drummer Corey Jones in 2015 — claimed hours after the shooting that the broken-down driver pointed a gun at him after he identified himself as a cop.

But new evidence, released Tuesday, indicated that the 39-year-old plainclothes officer, who was investigating car burglaries, was immediately aggressive with Jones and began barking commands at him without ever saying he was with the force.

Jones was leaving a late-night gig on Oct. 18, 2015 when his car broke down on the side of I-95. The 31-year-old musician called AT&T roadside assistance for help, and the call was still connected when Raja, who is of South Asian descent, exited an unmarked white van and approached the stalled car.

That recording — released in the evidence dump — captured the exchange between the two men.

“You good?” Raja, dressed in a T-shirt and jeans, asked.

Jones said he was fine, prompting Raja to ask “Really?”

“Yeah,” Jones replied, according to the audio.

Suddenly, Raja became belligerent, and started yelling at Jones.

“Get your f-----g hands up! Get your f-----g hands up!” he shouted as Jones pleaded “hold on, hold on!”

“Get your f-----g hands up! Drop!” Raja screamed again before firing two shots, prosecutors said.

Jones began running down an embankment and into the grass as Raja fired several more shots, killing him. Jones' unfired gun was found about 75 feet from his SUV. Jones' body was found another 125 feet away.

In a 911 call that prosecutors say Raja placed about 30 seconds later, the officer yelled for Jones to drop his gun — even though they say he knew Jones had been hit and was dying on the ground. Jones’ family said he had recently purchased the gun to protect the expensive drum gear in his vehicle's trunk and had a permit for the weapon.

But about four hours after the shooting, Raja voluntarily sat down with a Palm Beach County sheriff's detective and recounted the shooting.

He claimed that he walked up to Jones’ van thinking it had been abandoned, and he was surprised to find Jones inside.

"The door swung open and, uh, this guy jumps outside immediately," Raja told the investigator. "He got out of the van and then he's like, 'I'm OK, I'm OK man.' And at which point I said, 'Hey, man, police, can I help you?'”

Raja claimed that when he identified himself as a cop, Jones became violent.

“And the second I said police, he jumped back and I clearly remember him drawing and...pointing a gun at me,” he said. "It's just like, you know, your family flashed in front of you, your kids flashed in front of you.”

He said he ordered Jones to drop the gun and then fired when he didn't.

Raja was fired shortly after the shooting. Jones' family is suing him and the Palm Beach Gardens police.

A court hearing is set for Feb. 21. There, a date for Raja's criminal trial could be scheduled.


Dr. Blynd: PRISON [People Residing In State Orchestrated Neverland] and prisons 


Resonated & Orchestrated by Dr. Blynd, Ph.F.

PRISON - People Residing In State Orchestrated Neverland. Once convicted (wrongfully or accurately) of either non-crimes or real crimes (inflicting actual injury to another) you are no longer treated as just an animal—but less than one.

prisons - U.S. Bureau of Gender Annihilation and Family Destruction. Prisons are indicative of society's sickness, the political repression of the State and a corrupt—if not bankrupt—economic system. There is a myth supported by Corporate media that prisons function to keep criminals away from society. This is patently false as most crimes are non-violent and actually go unreported. Most "criminals" operate and remain within agencies and boardrooms—though not in prison, making life for others a living hell. Prisons are but reflections of society's infractions—refracted in the form of deformed grins and shadowed sins— missing the mark is the mark of the missing and exploited, the lost, oppressed, despised and compromised, left with only vices as their bootstrap devices in a misbegotten world gone astray. A place where the multitudes (have-nots) scrap amongst each other in order to taste the morsel of just another still-bom day that brings the hope unborn aborted in the muffled moans of yesterday. The ghetto groans in the birth of a new dawn accompanied by the same old sirens serenading the pangs of hunger, souls murmur and pre-mumble the pre-amble to be free; free from the oppression of the OCTOCON and its emissaries. I've seen the whites of eyes, clear and teary—hold on my people, don't get weary. We must all leam to discern and honor the sacredness of life—the life you deserve is the one you preserve, and the life you help save may help you save your own. (See: The OCTOCON, Penal Code, DL Brothers, Buck Rodgers Time, BOP & Homo Tiempos)