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What is White Collective Power? White Prosecutor says White Wisconsin Cop did not use Excessive Force in Violent Arrest of Black Woman

What is white collective power? From [HERE] A white Bayfield County Attorney has decided that no charges will be filed against a white Superior Police Officer accused of using excessive force during a violent arrest of an unarmed Black woman in January.

The investigation has been nearly nine months long.

Bayfield County District Attorney Fred Bourg issued his findings Monday of an investigation into the actions of Officer George Gothner, saying no criminal charges should be pursued.

Gothner was accused of using excessive force during the controversial arrest of 28-year-old Natasha Lancour in the parking lot of Keyport Lounge on January 5. The arrest was caught on dash-cam video.

The video partially showed a violent altercation between Lancour and Gothner, with the officer punching her twice in the face and forcefully slapping her until he moves her outside of the cameras view. However, the beating continued. On the video the bystanders are seen reacting to the white officer's conduct.

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"Cultural Clothes" Punks White NYPD Cop in Racism Expose

[MORE] Amos Wilson explains that "an objective of white supremacy/racism is to decontextualize subject matter and project it as race neutral/objective." Problems such as police brutality and racial targeting can never be solved or understood outside of their context of white supremacy/racism. It is the root of cause of these symptoms. 

'Whites engage is racism because they have the power to do so. To end racism we must end white power.' 


Despite Abrasions to Face, Shoulders, Arms & Grave Desecration, "Crackertown" Cops say No Evidence of Foul Play in Death of Black Teen Found Hanging from Swing Set

In photo Lennon Lacy was found hanging on this swing set. 

From [HERE] and [HERE] Friday 29 August was a big day for Lennon Lacy. His high school football team, the West Bladen Knights, were taking on the West Columbus Vikings and Lacy, 17, was determined to make his mark. He’d been training all summer for the start of the season, running up and down the bleachers at the school stadium wearing a 65lb exercise jacket. Whenever his mother could afford it, he borrowed $7 and spent the day working out at the Bladenboro gym, building himself up to more than 200lbs. As for the future, he had it all planned out: this year he’d become a starting linebacker on the varsity team, next year he’d earn a scholarship to play football in college, and four years after that he’d achieve the dream he’d harboured since he was a child – to make it in the NFL.

“He was real excited,” said his Knights team-mate Anthony White, also 17, recalling the days leading up to the game. “He said he was looking forward to doing good in the game.”

But Lacy never made it to the game that night. At 7.30am on Friday – exactly 12 hours before the game was scheduled to start – he was found hanging from a swing set about a quarter of a mile from his home. The Knights had lost one of the most promising players; his tight-knit family was thrown into despair; and a question echoed around the streets of the tiny town of Bladenboro, North Carolina: what had happened to Lennon Lacy?

The last person known to have seen Lacy alive was his father, Larry Walton. Around midnight on the night before the game, he came out of his bedroom to fetch a glass of water and saw his son preparing his school bag for the following morning. “I told him he needed to get to bed, the game was next day, and he said ‘OK, Daddy’.” A little later Walton heard the front door open and close; Walton assumed Lacy must have stepped out of the house, but thought no more of it and went to sleep.

Lacy’s mother, Claudia, said “I know my son. The second I saw him I knew he couldn’t have done that to himself – it would have taken at least two men to do that to him.”

She noticed what she describes as scratches and abrasions on his face, and there was a knot on his forehead that hadn’t been there the day before. In a photograph taken of Lacy’s body lying in the casket, a lump is visible on his forehead above his right eye. “From that point on it was just not real, like walking through a dream,” she said.

Five days after Lennon Lacy was found hanging, the investigating team – consisting of local police and detectives from the state bureau of investigation – told the family that it had found no evidence of foul play. There was no mention of suicide, but the implication was clear. In later comments to a local paper, police chief Hunt said: “There are a lot of rumours out there. And 99.9% of them are false.”

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Traffic Codes are a Major Weapon in the War Against Black People: After 'Routine Terror Stop' Cop Points Gun at Teens Head (Seatbelt Violation in his own driveway)

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

4th Amendment Non-existent for Blacks  From [HERE] An incident that one Black family is calling police brutality has led to a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the Waycross Police Department.

On Jan. 18, Black high school senior Montre' Merritt was pulling into his driveway at home and was asked to pull over by a Waycross police officer. The officer then got out of his vehicle and pointed a gun at the teen's head, instructing him to get on the ground and then handcuffing him. When Merritt's mother came outside to see why her son was being arrested, the officer said her son had a seat belt violation.

Merritt filed a complaint with the Waycross Police Department after the incident.

According to the chief of the department, Officer Cory Gay was found guilty of using excessive force, and he was suspended for five days without pay. Gay was then ordered to take Judgmental Use of Force Training. But Merritt's family said that’s not enough and Thursday they filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the department.

Merritt, who now attends a four-year university, said he had a 3.5 GPA in high school and was an all-star athlete and he can't believe this happened to him.

“Coming from me being a huge role model in my community, to see my mom witness that. That was one of the most painful things I could ever imagine for her,” Merritt said. “The pain that I still feel. The tears that I still cry. Everything is just real in reality. I have to wake up with this on my heart and on my mind every day, and it hurts."

Merritt said he still has flashbacks from the incident. “That night when it happened, I felt like I could have been another Trayvon Martin case,” Merritt said. “And just hearing how Mike Brown went about his case for doing the right thing. He still got shot. I just feel like I don’t want any of my friends or family, I don’t want that to happen to anybody.”

According to a $12.5 million lawsuit filed Thursday by Merritt's lawyer, Reginald Greene, Merritt is suing the Waycross Police Department, claiming one of their officers racially profiled Merritt, and then used excessive force in a false arrest. The lawsuit also claims negligent supervision, assault and battery, deprivation of civil rights, and causing emotional distress.


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Surrounded by Water, Inhumane White Folks Continue Detroit Water Shut Offs for its non-paying Black "customers"

Although Detroit was founded on a river, draws its name from a French word for "strait," and lies between two of the Great Lakes, water has become scarce for some of its poorest, mostly Black residents. [MORE]

From [HERE] and [HERE] Surrounded by a frenzy of cameras, Detroit resident Rochelle McCaskill explained her predicament to a team of United Nations officials on Sunday: The numbers simply didn’t add up.

Out of her $672 monthly disability check, McCaskill spends $600 rent, she said, leaving her unable to pay the city’s water bills, which have skyrocketed to more than twice the national average.

“They need a category for those of us who cannot pay,” [powerless class] said McCaskill, whose water was shut off this summer as part of a wave of disconnections that, block by block, have left thousands of city residents without running water.

The city turned off McCaskill’s water despite the fact that she had been paying down her $540.10 water bill in increments and that she suffers from MRSA, a contagious infection that the NIH considers a “serious public health concern” and requires frequent bathing.

“It makes you feel like a failure in your own home,” she said, as she described washing and brushing her teeth with buckets of water delivered by the community group We the People of Detroit, part of the People’s Water Board Coalition.

McCaskill was one of dozens of residents, teachers, water department employees and parents who testified to two U.N. officials, who expressed concern that the shutoffs threatened residents’ human right to water and, in a city where the population is more than 80 percent African-American, could constitute discrimination under international law.

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Liberian Scientist Claims U.S. is Responsible for the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

From [4th Media] Dr. Cyril Broderick, A Liberian scientist and a former professor of Plant Pathology at the University of Liberia’s College of Agriculture and Forestry says the West, particularly the U.S. is responsible for the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Dr. Broderick claims the following in an exclusive article published in the Daily Observer based in Monrovia, Liberia. He wrote the following:

The US Department of Defense (DoD) is funding Ebola trials on humans, trials which started just weeks before the Ebola outbreak in Guinea and Sierra Leone. The reports continue and state that the DoD gave a contract worth $140 million dollars to Tekmira, a Canadian pharmaceutical company, to conduct Ebola research. This research work involved injecting and infusing healthy humans with the deadly Ebola virus. Hence, the DoD is listed as a collaborator in a “First in Human” Ebola clinical trial (NCT02041715, which started in January 2014 shortly before an Ebola epidemic was declared in West Africa in March.

Is it possible that the United States Department of Defense (DOD) and other Western countries are directly responsible for infecting Africans with the Ebola virus? Dr. Broderick claims that the U.S. government has a research laboratory located in a town called Kenema in Sierra Leone that studies what he calls “viral fever bioterrorism”, It is also the town where he acknowledges that is the “epicentre of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.”

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MisEducation in Service of White Domination: Racist Suspects Seek to Remove Books on Inequality and Social Unrest from Schools 

From [HERE] Late last month, for the 32nd year in a row, Banned Books Week was marked across the US. Spearheaded by the American Library Association’s (ALA) Office for Intellectual Freedom, the annual salute to the freedom to read has become a fixture. It aims to counterbalance perennial challenges to the content of books and efforts to get them banned, usually from schools and libraries.

The ALA collects information on which books are objected to and reports on prominent recurring themes that tend to generate moral or ideological indignation. Subjects such as religion, race, gender, sexuality and allegations of sexually explicit content or offensive language frequently top the list.

More worrying, however, is the recent rise in efforts to get books banned that cover poverty and social class. At a time when rising inequality and the demonisation of poorer people (both in the UK and the US) is commonplace, such attempts to remove books that depict the reality of life for people who are struggling should concern us all.

Numerous studies have shown that reading about people, issues or circumstances unfamiliar to us can engender empathy – in times of acute social and economic divisions this becomes all the more important. It is not just wealth that separates rich and poor, but ignorance and the absence of social contact.

The US has a longstanding tradition of books being challenged on sometimes spurious grounds (often, but not always from the conservative right) even while the first amendment of the constitution protects “access to ideas as well as free speech”. There are numerous organisations, including the ALA and National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) that contest such moves, still, there’s something unsettling about the recent manifestation of complaints on socio-economic grounds.

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$4.6 Million Awarded to Family of Homeless Black Man Killed by White Denver Cops. Do Lawsuits Stop the Relentless Violence against Blacks by Whites?  

From [HERE] As Denver faces a string of police brutality cases, a federal jury has awarded a historic $4.6 million in damages to the family of a Black homeless preacher killed while he was in the booking area of the Denver jail.

Marvin Booker died after he was grabbed and then piled on by a team of white officers who handcuffed him, put him in a chokehold and tasered him. The coroner ruled his death a homicide, but white prosecutors declined to charge the white deputies involved, and Denver Sheriff Department officials (white people) never disciplined them, saying Booker could have harmed someone and that force was needed to restrain him.

The case highlights a history of misconduct by the police department. [To end racism we must end white power MORE]

In the past three months alone, Denver has either agreed or been ordered to pay nearly $10 million in just three cases involving its jail deputies and police officers.

• In August, the Denver City Council approved a $3.25 millionsettlement payment to former jail inmate Jamal Hunter.

• On Sept. 26, a Denver U.S. District Court jury awarded $1.8 million to a Denver family after four Denver police officers executed a warrantless raid on their home that previously was occupied by drug dealers. The officers arrested Daniel Martinez Jr. and three of his sons, allegedly shoving a 16-year-old boy's head through a window. [MORE]

Identifying with the Victimizer. Doing what he's told by his white masters or does he really have his finger on the nuclear button? Alleged brother Mayor Michael Hancock dissapointed with the $4.6 million verdict. More on Black droids in service of white domination below. 


'I Didn't Think of Iraqis as Humans,' Says Psychopathic U.S. Soldier who Raped 14-year-old Girl Before Killing Her and Her Family

In photo Abeer Qassim al-Janabi was Green's 14-year-old victim of white supremacy whose parents and sister were also murdered in the attack.

From [HERE] A white Iraq War veteran serving five life terms for raping and killing a 14-year-old Iraqi girl and killing her parents and sister says he didn't think of Iraqi civilians as humans after being exposed to extreme warzone violence.

Steven Green, a former 101st Airborne soldier, in his first interview since the 2006 killings, claimed that his crimes were fuelled in part by experiences in Iraq's violent 'Triangle of Death' where two of his sergeants were gunned down. He also cited a lack of leadership and help from the Army.

'I was crazy,' Green said in the exclusive telephone interview from federal prison in Tucson, Arizona. 'I was just all the way out there. I didn't think I was going to live.' [MORE]

The Psychopathic Racial Personality "This presentation is based upon the following very simple premise: in their relationship with the Black race, Europeans (Whites) are psychopaths and their behavior reflects an underlying biologically transmitted proclivity with roots deep in their evolutionary history. The psychopath is an individual who is constantly in conflict with other persons or groups. He is unable to experience guilt, is completely selfish and callous, and has a total disregard for the rights of others. This premise is supported by overwhelming scientific evidence (Delany, 1968; Du Bois, 1896; Fanon, 1963; Garvey, 1967; Welsing, 1991; Williams, 1971).

There is a scientific dictum which states, ”everything that exists, exists in some amount and if it exists, it can be measured.” One of the best methods that can be used to measure the psychopathic traits of the White race is observing and analyzing their universal overt behaviors and attitudes toward Blacks. However, in so doing, since Blacks have been enslaved and colonized by Whites, a very subtle psychological problem is posed of which every Black should be aware-intellectual insight about Whites does not insure that there will be a corresponding change in Blacks’ behavior and attitude toward Whites, particularly when there is a threat involved.

For example, everywhere one finds Whites and Blacks in close proximity to each other, whether it is Chicago or Zimbabwe, the Whites are in control. Yet Blacks rarely question this extraordinary universal phenomenon which defies every knowm statistical law of probability. In fact, Blacks denounce those who simply raise this question with admonitions such as "we should not be racists and treat them as they have treated us.” In fact, Whites are not going to allow Blacks to treat them as they have treated Blacks, so that requires no discussion.

However, the subject of Black racism should be discussed. A functional definition of racism could be "the oppression and exploitation of people because of their race.” Using this definition, it is very clear that at this point in time Blacks cannot be racists because of their lack of power to oppress anybody (Whites, Indians, Chinese, etc.). Black intellectual enlightenment does not always lead to genuine insight and it can be very damaging to the intellect as reflected by the behavior and attitudes of many eminent Black scientists. For example, Dr. Kenneth B. Clark(1968) has spent his life making a fortune studying the victims of White oppression-his own people-and now speaks of the irrelevancy of color. Dr. Alvin Poussaint (1972, 1974), who seems to be Johnson Publishing Company’s psychiatrist-in-residence, ignores the widespread genocidal programs directed against Blacks and writes such trivia as "The Difference Between Sex and Love," "Blacks and Jews-An Appeal for Unity," and "Why Blacks Kill Blacks.” [MORE]


Another Palestinian Teenager [non-white] Killed by Israeli Soldiers [honorary whites]. How Will Palestinians React to White Supremacy? Will they buy Teddy bears, sing songs or register to vote?  

"Unnecessary begging" will not stop white domination and control. How will the bears help produce justice? Will holding up signs against police brutality neutralize racism or white power? Who is pro-police brutality? [MORE] In photo, a Black man tends to a new teddy bear memorial in Ferguson on Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014.

A State of Permanent Self Defense. From [HERE] A Palestinian teenager was shot dead by Israeli forces in the village of Beit Laqiya northwest of Ramallah on Thursday evening. Medical sources said Bahaa Samir Badir, 13, was shot in the chest after Israeli forces raided the village.

Badir was reportedly shot in the chest from close range, and suffered from severe bleeding shortly before dying at the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah. Clashes broke out in the village of Beit Laqiya after news of Badir's death spread.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said that Israeli forces "encountered an illegal riot in Beit Laqiya," and "while they were exiting the village, rioters hurled Molotov cocktails at the forces."

"They responded to the threat with live fire," she said, adding: "Reports of a dead Palestinian are being reviewed. There will be military police investigation."

The death of Bahaa brings the total number of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank so far this year to 42, in addition to the nearly 2,200 Palestinians slain during Israel's summer offensive across Gaza.

More than 4,300 Palestinians have also been injured by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank since the beginning of 2014, as well as more than 11,000 during the nearly two-month assault on Gaza.

The West Bank and the Gaza Strip have been under Israeli military occupation since 1967.


Punishment before Trial in System of White Domination: Court Rejects Arizona Law [approved by white voters] Denying Bail to [non-white] Immigrants

From [HERE] An appeals court on Wednesday struck down a voter-approved law that denies bail to immigrants who are in the country illegally and have been charged with a range of felonies, including shoplifting, aggravated identity theft, sexual assault and murder. An 11-member panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled the law violates due-process rights by imposing punishment before trial. Proponents of the law said it prevents people who are not authorized to be in the country and who skip out on their bail from committing future offenses. Critics say the law’s real intent is to punish immigrants before they have been convicted of any crimes. The law was approved with 78 percent of the vote and was among four immigration proposals approved by Arizonans in 2006.


Oklahoma sued over "Barbaric" 'botched' execution of Black Man

From [HERE] The brother of Clayton Lockett, a Black man whose prolonged execution last April caused Oklahoma to suspend its death penalty to review procedures, filed a lawsuit against the state of Oklahoma Monday. The lawsuit, filed in the US District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma , contends that the execution, which lasted nearly 45 minutes, was a violation of Lockett's Eighth Amendment [text] rights:

The court-ordered killing of Clayton Lockett by the Defendants as punishment for his murder of Stephanie Neiman, was a violation of the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution, a violation of innumerable standards of international law, and a violation of elementary concepts of human decency. The barbaric spectacle was a disgrace to the People of the United States of America and brought shame to the State of Oklahoma.

The lawsuit refers to Lockett's death as "tortured" and seeks monetary damages as well as a declaration that Lockett's constitutional rights were violated.

Executions in Oklahoma remain on hold while authorities continue to review procedures. Last month racist suspect (in photo) Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin announced a series of new protocols [JURIST report] that are expected to take effect once executions resume in the state. Her announcement followed a report [text, PDF] issued by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety detailing the findings of the investigation into Lockett's death. Also in September the state asked a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union, The Guardian and The Oklahoma Observer seeking greater media access to the execution chamber.


No Experimental Drug for Black Man with Ebola in Dallas - CDC says ZMapp "is all gone” and is “not going to be available anytime soon.”

In photo, Dr. Kent Brantly, who was cured of Ebola met with the President in the White House on 9/16/14. [MORE]

From [HERE] The first patient to be diagnosed with Ebola in the US is in critical condition at a Dallas hospital and is not receiving any of the new experimental drugs for the virus, which has killed over 3,400 people in Africa, media reports say.

Thomas Eric Duncan contracted the disease in Liberia and began to show symptoms after arriving in Texas two weeks ago, causing a panic that he could have infected another 10 individuals.

In photo, Nancy Writebol also cured of Ebola after using ZMap [MORE] and [MORE]

Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said Duncan is in critical condition, adding that the patient is not receiving ZMapp – an experimental medicine – because it is “all gone” and is “not going to be available anytime soon.” The comments were made during a briefing with reporters on Sunday.

Above Dr. Rick Sacra, also cured of Ebola, talking about his recovery on 9/24/14. [MORE 

ZMapp, the experimental drug given to two American aid workers who contracted Ebola while serving in West Africa, is being manufactured as quickly as possible, but none will be available for six to eight weeks, says Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health. Both aid workers were white men and made full recoveries. Duncan is Black. 

Fauci also said that a vaccine to prevent Ebola is in early testing and data on whether it is safe should be available by year's end.

Appearing Sunday on "Face the Nation," Fauci said it is possible that at least one of the people who came into close contact with Duncan, who recently entered the United States from Liberia, could also come down with the virus. [MORE]

Above, another white man cured of Ebola, William Pooley, the first Briton to contract Ebola who later fully recovered from the disease. He was given the drug ZMapp on 8/26/14. [MORE]


Researcher says Ebola Unlikely to Spread in US - 'This is a virus that does not easily spread from one human to another. It requires contact, direct contact with bodily fluids. We should be more worried for the people in West Africa.'

How worried should we be about this first case of Ebola in the U.S.?

We should not be worried for ourselves. We should be more worried for the people in West Africa. This is a virus that does not easily spread from one human to another. It requires contact, direct contact with bodily fluids. It can be stopped with good hospital conditions and barrier nursing, meaning masks, goggles, rubber gloves, etc. (In photo, Hazmat teams descended on apartments where Thomas Duncan had stayed on disinfect items including his car). 

There is only the slimmest likelihood that it can escape that containment in the U.S. There's a far greater chance that we'll die of influenza in the next year than that we'll die of Ebola virus. But we should still be very concerned for what's going on in West Africa.

I suppose the next question is: Why are people in West Africa touching bodies or getting bodily fluids on each other? How is it spreading there? And why?

The severity of this outbreak in West Africa reflects not only the transmissibility of the disease, but also the sad circumstances of poverty and the chronic lack of medical care, infrastructure, and supplies. That's really what this is telling us: that we need to try harder to imagine just what it's like to be poor in Africa. One of the consequences of being poor in Africa, especially in a country like Liberia or Sierra Leone, which have gone through a lot of political turmoil and have weak governance and a shortage of medical resources, is that the current outbreak could turn into an epidemic.

It's being spread because people are taking care of their loved ones at home. They're touching them, they're feeding them, they're washing them, they're cleaning up the vomit and the diarrhea that Ebola generates. That's a classic circumstance in which even health care workers are getting infected.

In addition, there are burial practices that involve washing the bodies and in some cases cleaning out the body cavities. In some cases, the funeral practices also involve a final touch or even a final kiss of the deceased person. And one of the things that's particularly nefarious about Ebola is that it continues to live in a dead person for some period of time after death. A person who's been dead for a day or two may still be seething with Ebola virus. So funeral practices can be a big factor in allowing it to be transmitted.

It's a combination of horrible circumstances. But the primary factor is poverty [which is caused by white supremacy/racism].

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White Folks & Black Jokes: Boston Herald Features Obama 'watermelon toothpaste' cartoon

From [HERE] The cartoon — "White House invader got farther than originally thought" — shows Obama brushing his teeth in a White House bathroom while an intruder bathes in the tub behind him. The man says: "Have you tried the new watermelon flavored toothpaste?" It depicts Obama with wide bug eyes and big ears like a monkey. The cartoon was created by Jerry Holbert and the Boston Herald is published by Patrick J. Purcell- both are racist suspects. [MORE] Obama racism is directed @ you [MORE]

'Neely Fuller explains that racism is not merely a pattern of individual and/or institutional practice; it is a universally operating "system" of white supremacy and domination in which the majority of the world's white people participate. The word "race," has little biological validity but is translated more correctly as "organization," the sole purpose of which is to maintain white domination and world control of non-whites'. [MORE]. The only purpose of "race" is to practice racism.

"There is no known code of White Supremacy that can be formally recognized as such in a single set of words or pictures. The basic code of white supremacy is the total pattern of everyday thought, speech and action of the individual white persons who practice it. All things that help to promote it are apart of the white code."  [more]

Wash Post Reports that White "Comedians" are Bringing Blackface " Back on YouTube [HERE] White people lack color and melanin and they dislike this difference. As stated by Dr. Welsing, 'always, in the presence of color whites will feel genetically inferior. Therefore they use make-up, tan their skin and exercise excessively to compensate for their perceived deficiency.'

According to Dr. Welsing, "the destructive and aggressive behavioral patterns being displayed by white peoples towards all non-white peoples is evidence of the inner hate, hostility and rejection they feel towards themselves and of the depth of self-alienation that has evolved from the genetic and psychological kernel of color inadequacy." Color defeciency along with numerical inadequacy (90% of the world is non-white and the white population is declining) cause some white people to be self alienated, narcissistic/self important, have anxiety, depression [MORE] and to function as psychopaths in their relations with non-whites. [MORE]