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'I'll Say Anything to Keep Getting this White Supremacy $Money though': Coin Operated Actress Taraji Henson says White Cops Were Not [Pa]trolling the 4th Amendment's Outer Frontier During Traffic Stop of her son

You are either with them or on the White Supremacy Shit List. Actress Taraji Henson was on their shit list and apparently she is trying to work her way off. She has apologized for claiming her son was racially targeted by white Glendale cops during a 40 minute traffic stop last fall. After the incident occurred she vowed to send him to a Black college, Howard University in Washington D.C. instead of USC. "I’m not paying $50K so I can’t sleep at night wondering is this the night my son is getting racially profiled on campus.” That statement was much too much to take for racist white folks from an Emmy and Academy Award nominated Black actress on a highly visible tv show. She had to make up for that.  

So Henson retracted her accusations Friday, and publicly apologized to the Glendale Police Department. Sounding Hollywood scripted, the coin operated negro said in a post on Instagram, 

"A mother's job is not easy and neither is a police officer's. Sometimes as humans we overreact without gathering all of the facts. As a mother in this case I overreacted and for that I apologize. Thank you to that officer for being kind to my son." [MORE]

If you watch the entire 40 minute cop episode [below] you will know that this is idiotic. The stop was all that; racist, arbitrary and unlawful. And she is wrong, a racist cop has an easy job, especially if the people he victimizes go along with it. First a few preliminary matters. 

Have you checked your local traffic code lately? It is deeper than Atlantis - covering things you would expect like changing lanes without signaling to prohibitions on having items like parking stickers or scent trees hanging from your rear view mirror or tiny burned out light bulbs in your rear tag. "Very few drivers can traverse any appreciable distance without violating some traffic regulation." As pointed out by the Supreme Court, "total compliance with traffic and safety rules is nearly impossible, a police officer will almost invariably be able to catch any given motorist in a technical violation. This creates the temptation to use traffic stops as a means of investigating other law violations, as to which no probable cause or even articulable suspicion exists." The "multitude of applicable traffic and equipment regulations is so large and so difficult to obey perfectly that virtually everyone is guilty of violation, permitting the police to single out almost whomever they wish for a stop." [MORE

Since the 1980's police departments have co-opted local traffic codes as a major weapon to be used in the alleged "war on drugs." Making stops whose sole legal justification is traffic regulation in order to seek out drugs when grounds are lacking to detain for a narcotics investigation. [MORE]

Many folks have finally come to understand that the so-called war on drugs was/is really a war against Black people. Now that crime has significantly declined and the drug trade is far removed from the open air market, violent, Rayful Edmond money-making days of the late 80's - 90's, you can really see what these traffic codes are really about – fucking with Black people. Thousands of mostly white cops from overbudgeted police departments, armed to the teeth, bored out of their minds with no real crime going on, target Blacks - pulling them over for any insubstantial thing. With the "war on drugs" policy justification losing credibility, the racist logic is plain to see; "there is no innocent Black male, just Black male criminals who have not yet been detected, apprehended or convicted." [MORE]

Law enforcement officers are granted official, discretionary authority to stop you or not. Does the cop enforce the traffic code the same way on white people? In a system of vast unequal power between whites and blacks, what happens when white cops abuse their authority and arbitrarily target Blacks?? Are they any repercussions? 

As recent episodes in Ferguson and NYC have taught us in a system of white supremacy/racism you can be legally executed by a white cop anytime, anyplace in front of cameras and non-white witnesses. This same white cop also has the unconstrained and standardless discretion to pull you over and fuck with you too. Can he get away with it? What is white collective power? It is when a white cop pulls over a non-white person for some trivial bullshit, ignores all his rights (Constitutional, local and human) and his fellow white officers, white union reps, white media, white prosecutors, white judges & jurors and white politicians and voters support and finance that white officer's right to target you. How do we neutralize this vast unequal power that is racism/white supremacy? Police brutality is just a symptom of the problem. 

The white media has made much about Henson's apology. The 5 minute clip shown by the media is edited, chopped and de-contextualized and about as real as the programming on the show Empire -also made by white folks. If you have 40 minutes to kill watch the entire traffic stop and consider the following.   

Pedestrian was in the Middle of What Street? Why did the white cop pull him over for this nonsense? The cop says "she was actually like in the middle of the road there. I don't want you to hit someone." He then repeats it to another officer, "the pedestrian was in the middle of the road." See above. Funny nonsense from an idiot. In a state of attachment to their racial stupidity, White folks see what they want to see. The pedestrian who looks like a white man, actually had one foot in the crosswalk and one foot on the sidewalk as he entered on the far right of the picture [see above]. For real, he pulled him over because he was Black and he was bored. Again, there is very little real crime going on - the cop is not in a rush to get to some real crime fighting; this is it. The LA Times wrote that Johnson's "race was not apparent in the video as he was driving." [MORE] How mindless of this white writer; the cop is watching him with his own eyes not through a cop dashcam lens.  

A Routine 40 Minute Traffic Stop for failure to yield to a pedestrian. Really? This is not "routine" for whites. For white folks, the bare essentials of a "routine traffic stop" consist of causing the vehicle to stop, explaining to the driver the reason for the stop, verifying the credentials of the driver and the vehicle, and then issuing a citation or a warning. Have a nice day buddy. 

For Black Folks the bare essentials of a traffic stop are a records check via radio or computer regarding the criminal history of those stopped and any outstanding arrest warrants for those individuals; (2) interrogation of those stopped directly on the subject of drugs or about the nature and purpose of their travels; (3) seeking (and often obtaining) consent to conduct a full search of the stopped vehicle and the driver/passengers; and (4) using a drug-sniffing dog to detect the presence of any drugs in the stopped vehicle. Don't believe BW? Go out tonight and drive around for an hour. Most likely, you will see this identical scene. All Black men who drive on a regular basis are being pulled over because they are Black (not because of their so-called class - like this wealthy kid. The LA Times should have said the white cop could not tell what "class" he was!). No need for statistics, ask a Black man. 

Are the Cop's Questions Related to the Purpose of the Stop - for Failure to Yield to Pedestrian? No. In general the Supreme Court has said an officer may only ask questions concerning the purpose of the stop and related to the investigation of the stop. But even when unrelated questions are permissible it is unconstitutional for the cop to ask questions which would allow the detainee to give an incriminating answer or which would lead directly to a search. Which is exactly what the white cop does here - so politely too. After the cop takes his license and registration and before he leaves to go do his records checking, he says "Do you have anything illegal in the car?" He is practicing racism. The cop is told he has a little bit of marijuana. Then the searches begin. 

Is there Any Reason for the Cops to Believe He is Engaged in Crime? He is pulled over for failing to yield to a pedestrian. The first things he asks Johnson are "where are you going?" "how old are you?" "have you ever been arrested before? are you on parole or on probation?" Then the cop asks again, "are you sure you've never been arrested? so when I go back and run your name its not gonna come back that you have been arrested right?"  Do you think he asks white men and women this question? The cop has been given no reason to believe that this young man is engaging in crime. Failure to yield is not conduct related to criminal activity or any criminal record. It is just more stupid questioning unrelated to the stop, probing him and unlawfully prolonging this detention. Courts have said that a criminal record, even if previously denied by the violator, counts for very little but yet may lead to interrogation that is "intense, very invasive and extremely protracted." [MORE] And that must be the point. 

The warrant check and awaiting the return are also not activities that are directed at resolving the traffic offenses which authorized the stop in the first place." The "scope of a lawful, routine traffic detention should be limited to what is necessary to investigate the traffic infraction itself." [MORE] Who cares about legalities anyway? Like an officer says on the video 'our judges won't throw it out!'

"Ve vant to zee your papers." Nazi style. The cop is also intrusively wanting to know "where are you going? where are you coming from what are you doing tonight?" Again this has nothing to do with a failure to yield ticket. Probing, investigating him looking for an inconsistent, weird answer that might raise suspicion to broaden and justify further inquiry. People say all the time - you can refuse to answer the cop's questions. Easier said than done in the present moment of a one on one encounter with a cop. Even the most knowledgable advocate or judge may only "react"  and not respond in this racist moment. [MORE] And, when is the last time you did that for real? This is just coercion; the cop has his shit - his license and registration and it is clear that he is not free to go. This young man in a state of forced control probably is probably only reacting robotically in this valley of decision and is already programmed to say things not in his own self interest - and that is the cop's objective anyway. [To his credit and contrary to what the LA Times implied Johnson never voluntarily mentioned anything about the celebrity status of his mother]. 

Looking for one pill of Ritalin in the trunk? After asking him an incriminating question unrelated to the stop, the tricky, yet polite, cops get their "legal justification" for searching the car, his person and his backpack for a small amount of marijuana - which these dumb mf's never even found.  Johnson found it for them in his bag and voluntarily gave it to them. Was the search of the trunk a new search requiring a new legal justification? Cops claimed to be looking for one pill. One pill loose in a trunk? Definitely sounds like more bullshit - but not to the white media of course. After ransacking the trunk the cops also never found any Ritalin. They found some Claratin. Oh well bro. Here, this "consent inquiry" of "do you have anything illegal in the car" went way beyond the scope of the initial reason for traffic stop - at least by white folks standards as they apply the Constitution to themselves. Ransacking his trunk while he watches on the side of the road "is [also] highly invasive of the dignitary interests of individuals." [MORE]. But what to expect from racist suspects? 

Why did the cops subject him to field sobriety testing? Not shown on the dashcam another white cop pops up (among others who are also appear bored and out patrolling for non-whites no doubt) and makes Johnson do field sobriety testing - which usually consists of an eye or HGN test, the one leg stand test and the walk and turn test. Where was the evidence of impairment to justify the administration of these tests? In the video Johnson drove an appropriate speed, properly signaled to change lanes, responded immediately to the cop's signal to pull over. He did not straddle or drift in the lane and pulled over properly to the curb. He speech was not slurred or inarticulate, he did not have any unusual trouble providing documents to cop, he responded appropriately to several questions, he complied with orders without hesitation, he had no problem exiting the car, balancing and walking to the curb when ordered to do so. Importantly the cop who made the stop never requested an alcohol certified officer to the scene. In other words, there appeared to be no 4th Amendment basis to order him to do field sobriety testing - at least as the 4th Amendment is applied to white folks. He passed the FST's - there was no evidence of impairment because he was not impaired.

He was Polite. Yes and that too is used as a tactic by cops.  The white cop's tactic is too make the entire unlawful stop and search seem as routine and natural as possible. Talking about "hey man," this and that. Cops are also prone to say, "I just have a few questions to ask, " "if you comply things will be fine," "this won't take long and you'll be on your way," "you should make things easy," "just one more thing" and other phrases could be signs that a white cop is getting ready to practice racism on you like he did on Johnson. Never take legal advice from cops while they are doing their job - investigating you, looking for a problem. 

In the end these dummies finally figured out they had not pulled over a drug kingpin. After interrogating him, searching him, his bag and car, FST testing him and terrorizing him the white cop gives him "a break" by  letting him go with a traffic ticket and marijuana citation for possession. Thanks master. 

At its core the 4th Amendment is not about manners, politeness and respect. It is trickery to even conceive of your so-called rights in this manner. The Supreme Court has explained that the "central concern of the Fourth Amendment has to do with protecting liberty and privacy against arbitrary governmental interference." In the context of the traffic stop the 4th Amendment is said to "protect the travelling public from arbitrary action." [MORE] We know this is illusory nonsense when it comes to non-white people. 

Don't play yourself with this "respect" nonsense. Neely Fuller said if you want some respect look in the mirror and give yourself some. Did cops respect Taraji Henson's son's 4th Amendment rights? Does stop and frisk or "papers please" become less Unconstitutional because a white cop is polite as he stops you for an arbitrary reason? It is a tactic of white supremacy to give you something you already have and pretend it is something new. Steve Cokely calls this, "whitenology." He says "never play for your own sandwich." Cokely is referencing the old Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan McDonald's commercial wherein they play each other for a sandwich - Michael Jordan's sandwich. Jordan walks into the gym with his bag of food that he just bought. Bird challenges him to a game of one on one basketball; if Bird wins he gets Jordan's sandwich -- and if Jordan wins then he gets...? 

The white media has shadowboxed Ms. Henson using her to send us the message that we also may be overacting to the conduct of racist cops and that this traffic stop is normal and routine -- so that when it happens to you it should appear natural to you - and not what it really is; racist bullshit. That is a goal of the white media, to make white people's domination and control over all things involving non-whites seem natural [MORE] enabling you to participate and cooperate with your own subjugation - like Taraji Henson. Racists depend on this reaction from us.  

Amos Wilson explained, "power ultimately has to do with a relationship between people, and the white man’s so-called power, is to a great extent based upon the nature of the relationship he has with the Black man. We empower him by the nature of our own behavior and attitudes as a people. He cannot be what he is unless we are, what we are. To a good extent, the European is our creation. If we look at our behavior, we will see that to a good extent, it is our behavior, our values, our consciousness, the kind of personalities we’ve established in ourselves, our taste, our desires and needs; that maintains the European in its position." [MORE]


'Sorry for Participating in the System of Vast Unequal Power Based on Race': White Prosecutor Apologizes for Wrongful Conviction of Glenn Ford in Bullshit Trial with All White Jury & Judge - 30 Years waiting to die on Death Row for Murder of White Woman

"People who classify themselves as White, who wish to be taken seriously, and who are righteous and responsible, will only talk about ending White Supremacy (Racism) and replacing it with Justice." [MORE

From [HERE] and [HERE] It was a long journey of conscience for a former Louisiana prosecutor. He went from celebrating a death sentence with rounds of drinks three decades ago to writing an anguished, open letter of apology after the convicted man was recently declared innocent and set free.

"I apologize to Glenn Ford for all the misery I have caused him and his family," A.M. Stroud III, a white man [in photo], wrote in a letter published in The Times of Shreveport. "I apologize to the family of Mr. Rozeman for giving them the false hope of some closure."

Ford is the exonerated Black man released earlier this month from the Louisiana State Penitentiary after serving just shy of 30 years on death row. Isadore Rozeman was the elderly white victim who was killed in a 1983 robbery by somebody else.

Ford was convicted by an all-white jury following a trial riddled with unreliable and fabricated testimony. Witnesses included a coroner who did not actually examine the victim’s body testified about the time of death and a police officer who is not a fingerprint expert testified that a print matched to Ford. [MORE]

Stroud's letter also was a condemnation of the state's decision to oppose compensating the now cancer-stricken Ford for three decades lost. It was also a firm statement against capital punishment.

"Glenn Ford deserves every penny owed to him under the compensation statute," Stroud wrote. "This case is another example of the arbitrariness of the death penalty. I now realize, all too painfully, that as a young 33-year-old prosecutor, I was not capable of making a decision that could have led to the killing of another human being."

Click to read more ...


Can You Believe Anything a Racist Says? Video Definitely, Definitely Shows a Gang of White Inkster Cops Under Attack by Fleeing Black Man in Fetal Position who Resisted their Tasers with his Back, Caught their 16 Punches with his Face & Absorbed Pouncing with Street Pavement

In a system of racism is there a way to determine which white people are racist and which white people are not racist? No. As long as white supremacy exists, every person classified as "white" should be suspected of being Racist (White Supremacist). That is what "racist suspect" means. They should remain on your racist suspect list until you decide otherwise. [MORE] If you are dealing with a white cop should you assume you are dealing with a racist? Of course. To a racist/white supremacist cop there is no innocent Black or Latino male, just non-white male criminals who have not yet been detected, apprehended or convicted. [MORE] Why take any chances gambling against white supremacy in a life or death situation. What is the difference between a racist white cop and another overly aggressive, bad cop? [MORE]

From [HERE] Floyd Dent was protecting himself from being beaten and choked when he was arrested in January by white Inkster Police. Inkster is a Detroit suburb, that apparently has an army of very bored, race soldier cops. 

"I can't even watch the tape of them beating me, because I get upset," Dent told WDIV this week. "I want them locked up. That would be justice." Charges of resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer were dropped, but Dent is due in court April 1 on a charge of possession of cocaine. According to his attorney, one of the officers admitted to racial profiling Mr. Dent. Saying that 'he was a Black man in cadillac in a drug area.' See video. 

Accounts of the incident from Dent and from police — all of whom are white — are wildly different:

  • Police said Dent attempted to flee the police car, but the video appears to show Dent maintaining a consistent speed and the pulling over safely across the street from a police station.
  • Police say Dent threatened to kill the officers. Dent says he didn't — and none of the six officers' microphones were turned on to substantiate their claim. However, audio in the video above Dent says, "I can't breathe." 
  • One officer said Dent bit him on the arm. Dent said he didn't, and the officer didn't seek medical attention or photograph his injury to support the allegation.
  • Police said they found a bag of crack cocaine under the passenger seat of Dent's car. Dent, who has worked for Ford Motor Co. for 37 years and has no criminal record, said officers planted the cocaine. A post-arrest blood test showed no drugs in his system.

'I am like so super sorry about our policy of ripping Black men out of their Cadillacs when they don't come to a total, complete, 4 wheel stop at a stop sign when no traffic or pedestrians are around at night time. I mean alleged stop sign violation.' [White supremacy/racism is carried out by deception and/or violence. MORE] 

A judge dismissed all of the charges involved in the physical confrontation with police after watching the video obtained by WDIV. Dent's lawyer said he was offered a plea deal resulting only in probation on the cocaine possession charge, but Dent turned it down, telling the station he wouldn't plead guilty to a crime he didn't commit.

One of the officers involved was reassigned to administrative duties pending an internal investigation that is already under way, Inkster Police Chief Vicky Yost said Wednesday. In addition Michigan State Police are conducting an independent investigation, she said. "This is a high priority for us," said Yost, who said "appropriate action" would be taken if the investigations found the cocaine possession charge to have been manufactured. [MORE] [Don't hold your  breath in a system of white supremacy] 


No Need to "Hang the Niggers" when Whites Can Shoot them to Death [anything else would be uncivilized]: Utah Brings Back Firing Squads as a Fallback to legally Murder its Offenders  

Death Penalty = Revenge/Murder. In Utah on July 30, 1992, African-American William Andrews was executed, becoming the first in Utah who did not actually kill anyone to receive the death penalty. He was executed despite the presence of a note found by a juror depicting a stick figure on a gallows with the inscription: "Hang the Nigger's (sic)." Even after seeing this evidence of racial prejudice within the all-white jury, the white trial judge never sought to determine who wrote the note or how many jurors saw it. See J. Yang, A Rallying Point for Blacks in Utah, Washington Post, Feb. 26, 1992, at A4-5. [MORE] Mr. Andrews was tried by a predominantly Mormon jury at a time when that religion preached that blacks were innately inferior to whites.

Mr. Andrews was not present when the murders took place. He did not administer Drano to the victims; he poured it into a cup at his accomplice's orders and fled the scene after pleading for his victims. The jury, never sequestered, was exposed to highly prejudicial news media. Mr. Andrews's lawyer had been out of law school less than a year. While African-Americans are less than one-half percent of Utah's population, at the time, they accounted for 25 percent of those on death row. [MORE]  [In the absence of white supremacy, niggers would not exist. MORE] Presently, Utah, a super white state, has 9 people on death row, 4 are non-white. [MORE]

From [HEREUtah became the only state to allow firing squads for executions if lethal injection drugs are unavailable when racist suspect Gov. Gary Herbert [in photo] signed a law approving the method, even though he has called it "a little bit gruesome."

The Republican governor has said Utah is a capital punishment state and needs a backup execution method in case a shortage of the drugs persists.

"We regret anyone ever commits the heinous crime of aggravated murder to merit the death penalty, and we prefer to use our primary method of lethal injection when such a sentence is issued," Herbert spokesman Marty Carpenter said. However, enforcing death sentences is "the obligation of the executive branch."

The governor's office noted other states allow execution methods other than lethal injection. In Washington state, inmates can request hanging. In New Hampshire, hangings are a fallback if lethal injections can't be given.

The firing squad also is on the books in Oklahoma — but as a third option to be used only if the courts someday find lethal injection and electrocution unconstitutional. The firing squad could be bumped down even further, to Oklahoma's fourth option, if lawmakers approve a bill that would authorize the use of nitrogen gas as another possible method.

Utah's use of firing squad carries no such legal caveat. Under the new law, inmates would be executed by firing squad if the state is unable to get lethal injection drugs a month in advance.

Click to read more ...


Whitenology Lesson [racists love to provoke Black people]: White Media Showcases the Racial Stupidity of White Man George Zimmerman - to Provoke You for their amusement  

'Dear Prezodent Darkness, I have yet another story to tell...' 

From [HERE] and [HERE] Ever notice when white people say or do something racist they hang around to see non-white people react? Like saying nigger and then watching to see what will happen next or like waiting around for the Ferguson verdict? Racist white people are the most provocative people in the world and they love to provoke Black people. For pure amusement. Watch them watch.

Non-whites should understand that reaction is not the same as response. In a state of complete attachment to the racial stupidity of whites, Black people are victims of their own emotions. Praying, tweeting, burning candles and posting up teddy bears do not fight the power of white supremacy. Going off about George Zimmerman and his clown attorney will solve no problems  - but it will entertain racists looking for entertainment. Ask Martin Bashir what happens when you overact to the racial stupidity of whites. 

Instead of responding to racism Black people simply react to it. 'To react means you are acting unconsciously. Somebody is manipulating you. Somebody says something, does something, and you react. The real master of the situation is somebody else. Somebody comes and insults you and you react, you become angry. Somebody comes and praises you and you smile and you become happy. Both are the same. You are a slave and the other knows how to push your buttons. You are behaving like a machine. You are an automaton, not a human being yet. A plaything in the hands of others.' [MORE] and [MORE]. Non-white people cannot ever neutralize white supremacy in this state of reaction that we are constantly in - by design. [MORE].

Non-whites must become meditative to deal with white supremacy/racism. A new consciousness is needed to create a new culture. Otherwise as Amos Wilson explains, regardless of your book knowledge and maps, 'you still will continue to live reactionarily -- always be reacting to what other people are doing, always being overwhelmed by events, and overwhelmed by the future, instead of creating events, and creating the future, and making the future.'

Neely Fuller explains that racism is not merely a pattern of individual and/or institutional practice; it is a universally operating "system" of white supremacy and domination in which the majority of the world's white people participate. The word "race," has little biological validity but is translated more correctly as "organization," the sole purpose of which is to maintain white domination and world control of non-whites'. [MORE]. The only purpose of "race" is to practice racism.

"There is no known code of White Supremacy that can be formally recognized as such in a single set of words or pictures. The basic code of white supremacy is the total pattern of everyday thought, speech and action of the individual white persons who practice it. All things that help to promote it are apart of the white code." [more]

The white media's attention to this Zimmerman nonsense is part of this white code. For fun the white media tells us over and over, Zimmerman is a "neighborhood watch volunteer" and he is "hispanic." Some shit. This fat, unorganized, simpleton with a beard is a white man, not a person of color - his father is a retired Jewish judge and his mother [in photo] is a white woman from Spain, which is in Europe, the epicenter of whitenology. Nobody wants this dumb mf to "volunteer" for anything. His opinions are not on display for their merit but to incite and distract you. His fake trial by limp wristed prosecutors is a symbol of the racist court system that is designed to produce the appearance of justice and crushes non-whites everyday. Go to your local courthouse and watch the preliminary hearings (probable cause hearings), the arraignments or a few sentencing hearings. See for yourself. Count the number of non-whites and whites you see and check out their roles and functions in the courtroom. Do a role reversal while you are there - and watch the white people - watch white prosecutors, police, jurors and judges practice racism - but also watch your mind in the process and just try to choicelessly observe your reactions and thoughts (don't judge your thoughts).  

If you create a state of mindfulness you will see racism but stop carrying it as much and you will not take it for something real. That is, something with actual substance to it. Like having a conversation with a small child - do you really take the substance of it seriously? Would you get into a heated debate with her? If so, who would be the fool? It is racial stupidity so don't get caught up in the substance of the story/illusion. Understand what racists are doing (playing you) so that you can begin to neutralize it. 


Update: Disney Still Doing Nothing to Enforce its Powerful Copyright - Scooby Doo being Used to Sell [genocidal] Synthetic Marijuana to Black & Brown Kids 

Synthetic marijuana is nothing like marijuana. It is deception to even call it marijuana. It is deadly chemical shit to smoke that can destroy your brain or kill you. Its action in the brain may be similar to real marijuana but the physical effect to the brain are different. [MORE]

Synthetic marijuana goes by hundreds of names: Spice, K-2, fake weed, Yucatan Fire, Bliss, Blaze, Skunk, Moon Rocks, and JWH-018, -073 (and other numerical suffixes). Synthetic cannabis, unlike pot, however, can cause a huge variety of symptoms, which can be severe: Agitation, vomiting, hallucination, paranoia, tremor, seizure, tachycardia, hypokalemia, chest pain, cardiac problems, stroke, kidney damage, acute psychosis, brain damage, and death. [MORE]

Scooby Snax comes in the flavors, Watermelon, Green Apple, Blueberry Bliss, Strawberry Smash, Kush and others similar to the flavors available for blunts. Its legal to sell and purchase it. There are no time or age restrictions on its sale in many states and its cheap. And there is no need to special order it on the internet [like white kids do], in the hood it is available at corner stores, gas stations or fine carry out establishments - many of these places are open 24 hrs. a day. 

Scooby Doo is being used undoubtedly without the blessing of Warner Brothers Animation/Hanna-Barbera, the animation studio that produced the cartoon and own all its rights. For what reason has the white owned and controlled company done nothing to stop the use of its copyrighted image? The sale and distribution of this genocidal bullshit obviously furthers the goal of maintaining white domination and the destruction of our youth and our communities. [MORE]


Silly Racist Suspect Running for Mayor Apologizes for Donning Black Face, Dressing as a Black Woman & Mocking Blacks

What kind of public service can you provide if you have Contempt for the people you represent? From [HERE] A white mayoral candidate in Oklahoma is apologizing to voters after videos surfaced of him wearing black face and performing in drag as a black woman named “Pollyester Kotton.” His character can barely talk, talks slow with a southern drawl, is missing a front tooth and obviously cannot spell. 

Bill Helton, who is currently serving as Elk City’s commissioner and works as a hair dresser, claims that the character was inspired by one of his African American clients. [MORE] and [MORE] Sounds more like a racist SNL skit or Popeyes Annie in slow motion. F**k Popeyes too. 

"People who classify themselves as White, who wish to be taken seriously, and who are righteous and responsible, will only talk about ending White Supremacy (Racism) and replacing it with Justice." [more] According to Anon, there are different types of white people: 

There are whites who:

  • are practicing racism against non-whites at a particular moment
  • are not practicing racism at that moment but have practiced it at a previous time, or will practice it at a later time
  • are not practicing racism at that moment, but say and do nothing to stop those who are
  • are not practicing racism at that moment, but have no problem with other whites practicing racism (don’t care)
  • are benefiting from the crime of racism even if they are not practicing racism at that moment
  • refuse to tell WHO is practicing racism; HOW racism is being practiced; and refuse to help the victims with the information they have
  • oppose racism by exposing and opposing whites who practice it [MORE]

Alabama votes to keep execution drug suppliers secret & bring back electric chair to Murder Blacks [in Alabama 80% of death sentences involve white victims - although cases involving black defendants and white victims represent a mere 6% of the murders]

From [HERE] The Alabama House of Representatives on 3/12/15 voted to keep execution drug suppliers' names secret and to bring back the use of the electric chair when chemicals for lethal injection are not available. The members of the House added the drug suppliers secrecy section to a bill that is currently under debate. The bill would allow the use of the electric chair in the state whenever the state is unable to acquire lethal injection drugs or if the execution method is deemed unconstitutional. Representative Lynn Greer stated [AP report] that Alabama and other states are having issues acquiring the drugs because pharmacies fear lawsuits from death penalty opponents. However, there was some opposition to the provision, as representative Chris England stated that drug purchases are public record and the state has no authority to hide this information from the public. The members passed the bill by a vote of 76-26, sending it now to the Alabama Senate.

Nationally, Alabama ranks 23rd in population, but second in executions . In Alabama, African-Americans are 27% of the population, yet comprise 63% of the prisoners. And while 65% of murders involve black victims, 80% of death sentences involve white victims. Further, according to the Equal Justice Initiative, 60% of black death row prisoners were convicted of killing a white person, although cases involving black defendants and white murder victims represent a mere 6% of the murders in Alabama.

In the past 10 years, 23 Alabama death penalty cases have been overturned because prosecutors had illegally struck black people from the juries. Alabama has no black appellate judges, and only one black prosecutor. And nationally, 98% of prosecutors are white. [MORE]


White San Francisco Cops Referred to Non-Whites as "Savages" and "Niggers" in Text Messages [nigger means victim of white supremacy/racism] 

Nigger is what is being done to You. Racism in super white, liberal SF? Most whites hate Blacks because they are not white. If you understand that about them then their actions may not be so confusing to you. From [HERE] A slew of racist and homophobic text messages exchanged between San Francisco police in a fellow officer’s corruption case has forced prosecutors and defense attorneys to review an estimated 1,000 criminal convictions for potential bias, officials announced Tuesday.

The messages were revealed in a motion by the U.S. attorney’s office opposing bail for Ian Furminger, a former San Francisco police officer who was recently sentenced to 41 months in prison on various corruption-related charges and was scheduled to surrender next month pending an appeal.

The texts, sent between 2011 and 2012, allegedly involved four other officers and denigrated non-whites and gays.

“In order to ensure our criminal justice system is fair and equitable, my office is conducting an immediate assessment of every prosecution within the past ten years where these officers were involved,” said San Francisco Dist. Atty. George Gascon in a statement.

Public defender Jeff Adachi on Tuesday estimated that could amount to at least 1,000 cases among the five officers. Officials identified more than 120 in just the last two years, he said.

“We pride ourselves on being a progressive city, yet we have active officers who are engaging in not only racist banter, but they were talking about killing people, referring to an African American as a ‘savage,’” Adachi said. “A person does not become a racist overnight. These were officers who in some cases had over a decade of service.  We need to look at all of them.”

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Trained to call Blacks Nigger? Lawsuit says White York Cops Used Racial Slurs While Abusing them During Violent Arrests

Nigger Means Victim of White Supremacy. From [HERE] The City of York is now facing two unrelated federal lawsuits alleging white police officers used excessive force while making arrests of 2 black people.

In one case, a man alleges a group of officers from several departments tased and beat him after he did not answer the door of his hotel room. In the other, a woman claims she was thrown to the ground and falsely arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct after leaving a corner store with her fiancé.

The lawsuits were filed on March 4 and Wednesday, respectively, in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania. Along with the city, one of the lawsuits names officers from three other police departments as defendants.

In the lawsuit, Louis Grayson, 38, of Mims, Fla., alleges that on Sept. 6, 2013, he was tased at least four times and then beaten by a group of officers from the York City, York Area Regional, Springettsbury Township and Spring Garden Township police departments. [In video above racist suspect police chief 'is troubled because he can't find any qualified non-whites to be cops.']

Grayson was a suspect in a robbery. When he did not answer the door at his room in the Budget Host Inn on Haines Road in Springettsbury Township, the group of at least eight officers tried to unlock the room with a key. They then threatened him with a police dog, according to the lawsuit. Grayson also alleges he was dragged off the ground by his handcuffs, and that, at one point, two officers pushed him down the stairs. While Grayson was on the ground, the lawsuit alleges, officers shouted an expletive as well as a racial slur at him. Grayson is black, according to court records.

Officers offered to drop the robbery charge against him if he agreed not to file a lawsuit, the complaint alleges. And, while in jail, Springettsbury Township and York City police tried to get him to submit to an interview without a lawyer present — something Grayson refused to do, according to the lawsuit.

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Why Hasn't DC Comics Done Anything to Stop the Image of Bizarro from being Used to Sell Deadly Synthetic Drugs to Black & Brown Kids? Racism/White Supremacy

When Making a Business Decision the only "color" that matters is White. How appropriate that the trademarked, copyrighted image of D.C. Comics character Bizarro is being used to sell synthetic marijuana to Black & Brown kids. "Bizarro is the perfect imperfect duplicate of Superman, acting as his antagonist or ally depending on the situation. Originally created to be Superman's clone by his nemesis Lex Luthor, his poorly constructed genetics caused him to become the opposite. There have since been many Bizarros based on other characters, and they all live on the alternate Bizarro World. The latest one is avaialble at every corner store in the hood. It is legal, sold to kids as a "potpourri product." Bizarro will not make you super - it will fuck up your mind. [Photo courtesy of Vincent Brown. See any of these on the ground lately?] 

Simple and plain synthetic marijuana is nothing like marijuana. It is deception to even call it marijuana. It is deadly chemical shit to smoke that can destroy your brain or kill you. Its action in the brain may be similar to real marijuana but the physical effect to the brain are different. [MORE]

Synthetic marijuana goes by hundreds of names: Spice, K-2, fake weed, Yucatan Fire, Bliss, Blaze, Skunk, Moon Rocks, and JWH-018, -073 (and other numerical suffixes). Synthetic cannabis, unlike pot, however, can cause a huge variety of symptoms, which can be severe: Agitation, vomiting, hallucination, paranoia, tremor, seizure, tachycardia, hypokalemia, chest pain, cardiac problems, stroke, kidney damage, acute psychosis, brain damage, and death.

Like Scooby Snax, Bizarro  is sold as a "potpourri product," with the disclaimer that it is not intended for human consumption. But it is synthetic "marijuana" smoked by users to get high - real high or a zombiefied high. In general, potpourri is packaged in glossy packaging and comes in the flavors, Watermelon, Green Apple, Blueberry Bliss, Strawberry Smash, Kush and others similar to the flavors available for blunts. There are no time or age restrictions on its sale and its cheap. And there is no need to special order it on the internet [like white kids do], in the Hood it is available at nearly every corner store, gas station or fine carry out establishment - many of these places are open 24 hrs. a day. Don't believe BW, go and see for yourself and then travel to a white neighborhood and see if you can find some.

Bizarro is being used undoubtedly without the blessing of D.C. Comics. For what reason has the white owned and controlled company done nothing to stop the use of its copyrighted image? The sale and distribution of this bullshit obviously furthers the goal of maintaining white domination and the destruction of our youth and our communities. [MORE]


East Mississippi Correctional Facility is a cesspool. Prisoners are underfed and routinely held in cells that are infested with rats and have no working toilets or lights



Kerry Washington says More Non-Whites Should Also Have Roles as 'Side chick' Freaks & Wants More Hollywood Programming to Diminish Your Self Respect'  

A Mind Shampoo. Is she really the equal on TV? What's new about white men taking advantage of a Black woman? [MORE]. In video above Kerry Washington comes all out the box on behalf of the gay community. For what reason are Black celebrities so at ease about doing this and yet so fearful about saying anything about neutralizing racism and white power in this system of vast unequal power based on race?  [MORE]


'Ferguson Is Everywhere' because White Supremacy is Everywhere

From [HERE] This month the U.S. Department of Justice released a blistering report following an investigation of the Ferguson Police Department. The report included a long and (to some) shocking list of discriminatory police practices. But discrimination and police violence aren't limited to one police department, and a team of social justice activists has created an interactive map to demonstrate how pervasive such practices are across the United States.

The map shows that police violence disproportionately targets black men on a national scale. Or, in the words of data analyst Samuel Sinyangwe, one of the map's creators, it shows "that Ferguson is everywhere."

Sinyangwe and his fellow activists have been compiling information and resources to help support the #blacklivesmatter movement on the ground. In the process, they realized that a comprehensive national snapshot of police violence was missing—guided in part by articles from Reuben Fischer-Baum of FiveThirtyEight, who has argued that official figures on police killings aren't reliable.

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