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« Baltimore Police Officer sentenced for dealing heroin - while in uniform | Main | Suit Filed Against Taser Intl and Las Vegas Police in Death of Anthony Jones: Black Man Tasered by Police 19 Times in 2 Minutes »

In the History of Law Enforcement how many white people have been killed like Milton Hall by Black officers? Fmr. Saginaw Mayor to Talk to CBC about Police Execution of Homeless Black Man

From [HERE] Former Saginaw mayor Gary Loster will travel to Washington, D.C., to testify in front of the Congressional Black Caucus Friday about the death of Milton Hall. He was murdered by 5 white Saginaw Police Officers with a reported 46 shots in a five-second hail of bullets. [MORE

Loster plans to give a presentation about his perception of the Saginaw shooting and answer questions about the incident, hoping it will help lead to changes in police policy to ensure similar killings don't happen in the future.   Saginaw County Prosecutor Michael D. Thomas said during a press conference on Sept. 12 that the Saginaw police officers involved in Hall's death will not face state charges.

He and other members of the Concerned Citizens of Saginaw would like to see policy changes relating to the Americans with Disabilities Act and better police training for working with people with mental disabilities or post traumatic stress disorder, Loster said. Such measures are like using a mop to clean up a levee break. The issue here is not faulty equiptment or training - it is white supremacy/racism [MORE]; white prosecutors upheld the decision of white police officers to murder a black man in broad daylight - the white media remains quiet and white citizens in Saginaw support the killing. [MORE] and [MORE]. Think about it, how many white people have been killed like Milton Hall by Black officers? How many unarmed white people have been killed by Black officers in the history of law enforcement? None. 

He hopes his testimony could lead to grant programs to better equip police officers and ensure equipment is working properly, noting the equipment failures that occurred before Hall's death. 

"Those cameras were not working on June 13," Loster said. "Why were they not fixed?"

Hall's death will be one of several incidents that will help bring attention to the "very horrific" issue of police shootings across the country, Loster said. 

Rep. John Conyers, D-Detroit, invited Loster to speak to the Congressional Black Caucus Monday during the Detroit lawmaker's visit in Saginaw. 

Conyers is a ranking member of the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee and co-chair of the Civil Rights and the Judiciary Taskforce of the Congressional Black Caucus, Loster said. 

Conyers said he plans to fight for justice following Hall's death, adding that he will take the case to the U.S. Supreme Court or to the White House seeking changes to ensure another death like Hall's does not happen again.

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