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Deeper than Atlantis
« Baltimore Pays $500,000 to Elderly Black Man Falsely Arrested & Savagely Beaten in City Jail | Main | Appeals Court Rejects NYPD Officer's Bid to Overturn Murder Conviction: White Cop Killed Black Man Defending Himself in Parking Dispute »

Jordan Miles Asks Court for new trial after White Jury Sided with White Pittsburgh Police Officers who Brutally Beat Unarmed Black Man

From [HERE] Jordan Miles, whose accusations that police beat and falsely arrested him resulted in a mistrial in August, petitioned the court late Tuesday for another trial. Mr. Miles' attorney, J. Kerrington Lewis, asked U.S. District Chief Judge Gary Lancaster for "a trial date as soon as practicable." On August 8, 2012 an eight-member federal jury decided in favor of three white Pittsburgh police officers in the Miles case. The jury was composed of 7 whites and one black man. [MORE]

Mr. Miles, a college student, claimed undercover officers had no legal basis to approach him. Officers chased him when he ran and when they caught up with him they beat him into submission by delivering violent blows that left his face swollen and distorted. Police also used a stun gun and pulled out a chunk of his hair. The officers put him in handcuffs, and repeatedly shoved his face into the snow, causing a piece of wood to impale his gums. He is 5-foot-6 and 150 pounds and was unarmed. No weapons were found. He suffers from permanent brain damage. [MORE

The officers told a jury that they saw Mr. Miles acting suspiciously between two houses and that when they questioned him he ran. They mistakenly thought he had a gun and arrested him using only the force necessary, the officers said. Police said the Mountain Dew bottle looked like a gun. 

Six of eight jurors voted to find in favor of the officers on the excessive force and false arrest counts, resulting in a mistrial. All eight jurors found in favor of the officers on a malicious prosecution count, which as a result will not be at issue in a second trial.

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