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Deeper than Atlantis

Campaign Brexit = Make [Fortress] England White Again. [Caucasians = the incredible shrinking race, Must Practice Racism to Survive] But Whither goest thou whitey? The World is 90% Non-White!

Selling Racism. Caucasians are vastly outnumbered, 90% of the world is non-white. The white population is rapidly declining. Whites are genetic recessive. When white and non-white persons intermix and produce children their offspring will be non-white. As stated by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, "white can be genetically annihilated. White plus Black equals Colored. White plus Brown equals Colored. White plus Yellow equals Colored. [MORE] and [MORE] White people's worst and most basic fear is genetic annihilation in the form of the fear of the impending "Black Planet." [MORE] They are highly motivated by this fear. If a campaign can tap into this idiocy it has struck pure gold.

No matter what substantive issues might be at stake the mindless white votary is always super concerned about their new neighbors skin color. Deluded by such unreality as their primary concern - whites in Britain stunned the world by voting to leave the European Union, putting an end to a 43-year relationship. Apparently, the powers that be know how to push white people's buttons and probably can get fearful, reactionary white folks to do damn near anything when motivated by racism. Program sound familair? (in photo: polarizing by design. Rick Tyler is running against another white person, incumbent Charles J. Fleischmann in an 85% white district.])

White supremacy is racism and racism is white supremacy. White supremacy is the only functioning form of racism there is- as there is no place in the world where non-whites dominate whites or are actually in control of white people or in control of important resources or any areas of people activity, such as; economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, media, politics, religion or war. Fear fuels white supremacy/racism. Indeed, if white people had not created such a global system in which they established power over the world's non-white majority, the white collective would have been genetically extinct a long time ago [MORE].

Take Back Control from? Although, 90% of the world is non-white, 'everywhere one finds Whites and non-Whites in close proximity to each other, whether it is Chicago or Zimbabwe, the Whites are in control. This extraordinary universal phenomenon which defies every known statistical law of probability is rarely questioned by brainwashed, obedient Blacks in the U.S. [MORE]. Elite whites go through much effort to make white dominance and control over everything seem natural. [MORE]

British withdrawal from the European Union, often shortened to Brexit (a portmanteau of "British" or "Britain" and "exit"), is a political goal that was pursued by various individuals, advocacy groups, and political parties since the United Kingdom (UK) joined the precursor of the European Union (EU) in 1973. Withdrawal from the European Union has been a right of EU member states since 2007 under Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union.

The United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, known within the United Kingdom as the EU referendum and the Brexit referendum, was a non-binding referendum that took place on Thursday 23 June 2016 in the UK and Gibraltar to gauge support for the country's continued membership of the European Union. The referendum resulted in an overall vote to leave the EU, as opposed to remaining an EU member, by 51.9% to 48.1%, respectively. The vote was split between the constituent countries of the United Kingdom, with a majority in England and Wales voting to leave, and a majority in Scotland and Northern Ireland voting to remain. As the referendum is only advisory, a decision to invoke Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union and thus leaving the EU can only be taken by the British Parliament; however, under the Scotland Act 1998, the Scottish Parliament has to consent to measures that eliminate EU law's application in Scotland. [MORE]

As More Non-White Immigrants Arrive, Many  White Britons Want to Show Them the Door. From [NY Times] and [MORE] While leaders of the Leave campaign spoke earnestly about sovereignty and the supremacy of Parliament or in honeyed tones about “the bright sunlit uplands” of Britain’s future free of Brussels, it was anxiety about immigration that defined and probably swung the campaign. Freedom of movement is one of the key principles of the E.U. — but the reality of this movement was often difficult for white folks. [MORE] (white boy above says his favorite billionaire is definitely Mr. Trump. He can count on him for his vote!)

With net migration to Britain of 330,000 people in 2015, more than half of them from the European Union, Mr. Cameron had no effective response to how he could limit the influx. And there was no question that while the immigrants contributed more to the economy and to tax receipts than they cost, parts of Britain felt that its national identity was under assault and that the influx was putting substantial pressure on schools, health care and housing.

The campaign run by one of the loudest proponents of leaving, the U.K. Independence Party, flirted with xenophobia, nativism and what some of its critics considered racism. But the official, more mainstream Leave campaign also invoked immigration as an issue, and its slogan, “Take control,” resonated with voters who feel that the government is failing to regulate the inflow of people from Europe and beyond.

Other anti-establishment and far-right parties in Europe, like the National Front of Marine Le Pen in France, Geert Wilders’s party in the Netherlands and the Alternative for Germany party will celebrate the outcome. The depth of anti-Europe sentiment could be a key factor in national elections scheduled next year in the other two most important countries of the European Union, France and Germany.

The British campaign featured assertions and allegations tossed around with little regard to the facts. Both sides played to emotion, and the most common emotion played upon was fear.

The Leave side warned that remaining would produce uncontrolled immigration, crime and terrorism, with hordes pouring into Britain from Turkey, a country of 77 million Muslims that borders Syria and Iraq and hopes to join the European Union.

Just a week before the vote, the country was jolted by the brutal murder of a young Labour member of Parliament, Jo Cox, 41, a strong supporter of Remain. A man who prosecutors said shouted “Britain first,” “This is for Britain” and “Keep Britain independent” was charged with her murder.

In England especially, 85 percent of the population of Britain, many people fell back on national pride, cultural exceptionalism and nostalgia. Many English voters chose to believe the insistence of anti-Europe leaders like Mr. Johnson that as a great nation, Britain would be more powerful and successful outside the European Union than inside. [MORE] and [MORE]


Listen To [racist Invader] Rush Limbaugh Call "The Current Crop Of [non-whites] Illegals" In America "The Dregs Of The World"

Supremes Block Obama immigration plan 

CLG The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday dealt President Barack Obama a harsh defeat, splitting 4-4 over his plan to spare millions of immigrants in the country illegally from deportation and give them work permits, leaving intact a lower-court ruling blocking the plan. The court, with four conservative justices and four liberals, appeared divided along ideological lines during oral arguments on April 18 in a case brought by 26 states led by Texas that sued to block Obama's 2014 executive action on immigration that bypassed Congress. The 4-4 ruling was possible because there are only eight justices following February's death of conservative Antonin Scalia.


[white $upremacy profit] How the CA Government Targets Non-White People for traffic violations—and huge fines

Earlier this year, the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights in California, an advocacy group, released a report about the kind of people who lose their driving privileges in California. Through its research, the group found that in many minority communities across the state, “driver’s license suspension rates range as high as five times the state average.” Widespread police practices that pull over minorities at higher rates than white people exacerbate the problem, the report notes.

We’ve all heard of “driving while black.” But thanks to the report, along with a lawsuit filed last week by the American Civil Liberties Union of California and other organizations against the Solano County Superior Court, we’re starting to learn about the long-term societal impact not driving has on communities of color.

The problem comes down to questionable decisions being made in local traffic courts across the state, and the life changing consequences that get attached to minor infractions.

Too often, these traffic courts are being used to prop up troubled state and local budgets on the backs of poor minorities who get caught up in the system, the groups contend. Over half of the court and traffic fees collected between 2013 and 2014 went to state coffers, the majority of which went towards operating the courts themselves, and constructing even more courts, says the ACLU in the lawsuit.

“We tend to think a lot about things like sentencing reform on a mass level, or mass incarceration, which are all very important, but things like traffic court begin to fall through the cracks,” said Micaela Davis, a staff attorney with the ACLU Northern California. “And that’s often where the rubber is hitting the road for our poorest communities.”

Click to read more ...


4th Amendment Just Words On Paper [believe in it at your own risk]. No Protection from Overseer Cops. [Like Movement Restrictions in Nazi Germany] New Supremes Case a New Tool in War on [drugs] Black & Brown People

Drugs Won. Cop Stopped Man Illegally On Street. Although Not Fearful, Cop Ran Safety Warrant Check. Discovered Parking Ticket Warrant. Arrested. Searched him Incident to Arrest. Watch Your Back. Avoid Police. 4th Amendment = Mythical for Non-Whites. 

From [HERE] The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday ruled that evidence recovered during illegal stops may still be used in court, if police officers conducted their searches after learning that a defendant had an outstanding arrest warrant. Black robot in service of whites, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote the opinion. 

In a 5-3 ruling (pdf), the Supreme Court said such searches do not violate the Fourth Amendment, which protects against "unreasonable searches and seizures." Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who dissented, slammed the decision, writing in a sharp rebuke that the case "tells everyone, white and black, guilty and innocent...that your body is subject to invasion while courts excuse the violation of your rights."

Justices Elena Kagen and Ruth Bader Ginsburg also dissented.

The case is Utah v. Strieff, in which defendant Edward Strieff was stopped while walking on the street by a police officer on grounds that were later ruled to be illegal. Although the overseer cop admitted that he did not fear for his safety he did a warrants check for safety during the stop [ok for traffic stop of car for traffic safety]. The cop then discovered Strieff had an outstanding warrant for a traffic violation for outstanding parking tickets. The cop then arrested him and conducted a search incident to the arrest—discovering methamphetamines and drug pipe. A district court later ruled that although Utah Detective Douglas Fackrell did not have the right to stop Strieff, the evidence collected during the search could be used in a trial.

In her dissent, Sotomayor wrote, "Most striking about the Court's opinion is its insistence that the event here was 'isolated,' with 'no indication that this unlawful stop was part of any systemic or recurrent police misconduct.'" But in fact, she continued, "nothing about this case is isolated."

Citing Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow and Ta-Nehisi Coates' Between the World and Me, among others, Sotomayor wrote:

For generations, black and brown parents have given their children "the talk"—instructing them never to run down the street; always keep your hands where they can be seen; do not even think of talking back to a stranger—all out of fear of how an officer with a gun will react to them.

By legitimizing the conduct that produces this double consciousness, this case tells everyone, white and black, guilty and innocent, that an officer can verify your legal status at any time. It says that your body is subject to an invasion while courts excuse the violation of your rights. It implies that you are not a citizen of a democracy but the subject of a carceral state, just waiting to be cataloged. We must not pretend that the countless people who are targeted by police are "isolated." They are the canaries in the coal mine whose deaths, civil and literal, warn us that no one can breathe in this atmosphere. They are the ones who recognize that unlawful police stops corrode all our civil liberties and threaten all our lives. Until their voices matter too, our justice system will continue to be anything but.

Sotomayor also noted that 76 percent of the population of Ferguson, Missouri—which has been under a national spotlight since the 2014 police killing of unarmed black teen Michael Brown—has outstanding warrants against them. The unconstitutional policies endemic within the city's justice system have been widely reported.

"This case allows the police to stop you on the street, demand your identification, and check it for outstanding traffic warrants—even if you are doing nothing wrong," she wrote.

The ACLU said on Twitter that it was "deeply disappointed" by the ruling, warning that the decision would have "terrible repercussions, [especially] for people of color." The organization also praised Sotomayor's "much needed" dissent for highlighting the racial impact of the decision.

Targeted by Skin Color. In Nazi Germany , as part of the destruction process of the Jews, Hitler created an elaborate system of movement restrictions and identification measures that included personal Jew identification cards, passports marked with a J, assignment of names and the outward marking of persons with a yellow star. Jews age six years or older were allowed to appear in public only when wearing the Jewish star. The star enabled the police to pick up any Jew, anywhere, anytime.

Remind you of "stop and frisk" or "papers please?" In this racist system there is no need for Blacks or Latinos to wear a star; non-whites are targeted by skin color.  [MORE] and [MORE] and [HERE]. 


Will Civil Rights Superhero John Lewis Cry During Throwback Sit In? ["keep the piece" brah: Non-Violence Has Made Black People Like Butter]

While some reform should be considered, the gun issue is not as clear as the make believe media would like for you to believe. Belief is cheap. Always endeavoring to undeceive, Dr. Blynd lays out the following:


Copyright 2004 Chocolate City Press
The Universe of Chocolate City
Resonated & Orchestrated by Dr. Blynd, Ph.F.

Gun Ban  - the precurser to servitude. Enslavement is like old age; it creeps upon you. Banning guns to reduce crime is like guns is banning sex to reduce rape. If guns supposedly cause (or encourage) crime, why are we arming police officers? 

gun control - using both hands. 2) actually hitting your target. You don't shoot to kill: you shoot to stay alive. Those who use guns "to break" (violate) the law will have no problem breaking the law to get guns. The issue is not the laws, it's the lawlessness. The drop in the overt crime rate in any particular jurisdiction is proportional to the number of permits of concealed handgun licensing issued in any particular jurisdiction across the country. This fact is reported in a study within the book More Guns, Less Crime by DR. John R. Lott. Those who bend their guns into plowshares will plow for those who don't. We live in a quiet neighborhood; we use silencers. I'm here for moral support - ignore the gun. Hey, "Keep the piece . . . (or someone else might)." (See Firearms, Second Amendment, Militia, BOP, Crime Rate, Gun Ban & Gun Safety.) [MORE]

Non-violence has made Black people just like butter – you just cut into them with your knife, and there is no response just reaction with no repercussions. And millions can be killed and demeaned without any resistance, because resistance would be violence. [MORE]

yep that's obama


Florida Officials Get Justice [means Revenge to whites] Capture & Murder Killer Alligator. Confirm Creature Was Not Muslim or ISIS Affiliated 

Snowman beheaded by ICE-USS or photoshop by Ray-Ciss? (answer is photoshop). [MORE]

From [HERE] Florida wildlife officials say they are sure that the alligator that killed a 2-year-old outside of a Disney resort has been captured. [No criminal trial with actual witnesses, evidence, investigation and a criminal defense will be necessary for the so-called terrorist gator.] 

The reptile has been euthanized, a spokesperson told People. [euthanized means white folks put a living being to death humanely - like non-whites cooked in an electric chair).   

The state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said in a statement Wednesday that it was positive that the alligator believed to have killed Lane Graves of Nebraska during a family vacation had been removed from the Seven Seas Lagoon by wildlife experts. The agency said the determination was based on an investigation of the conditions around site where the attack happened.

Lane was wading the evening of June 14 in the lagoon outside the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa in Orlando when the alligator snatched him and pulled him into the water. The boy's father, Matt Graves, tussled with the alligator but was unable to save Lane. Searchers found the little boy's body after combing the lagoon overnight. The family held a funeral on Tuesday.

"There are no words to describe the profound sadness we feel for the family of Lane Graves," Nick Wiley, executive director of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, said in a statement. "We will continue to keep this family close to our hearts as they deal with the pain and grief of the loss of Lane."

For the time being, the Fish and Wildlife Service has suspended alligator trapping in the lagoon.

Based on the observances of investigators, the state agency said that trappers captured three alligators believed to be of similar size as the one that snatched and killed Lane and two of those alligators were near the attack site. Two of the alligators were capable of inflicting the type of wounds that the little boy suffered, the agency said in a statement.

"The FWC is confident that the alligator responsible for the attack has been removed," read a statement released Wednesday. "This conclusion is based on expert analyses and observations by staff with extensive experience in investigating fatal alligator bite incidents."

The statement said experts attempted bite wound analysis and DNA testing to determine which alligator may have been the actual attacker. But neither provided conclusive results. [MORE]


With No Agenda for You, Hillary Clinton [old white lady billionaire] Plans to Awaken the Sleeping Giant in Arizona [350,000 Latinos not registered to vote] with Hot Racist Hate Alarm 

Non-Whites are the Means for Winning. If a campaign is about moving a candidate from point A to a better point by election day there is little room for growth for Clinton based solely on what she brings to the table - much of the votary has known her for 2 decades. She is a known commodity and a polarizing figure. This may explain her popularity and approval ratings which are at a historic low for a presidential candidate as reported by the NY Times this month. Democrats have no agenda for you. They also sell fear. Also a White Party, Dems function to service the interests of the ruling white male corporate and wealthy elite. To both parties Non-White people and their welfare are not the end of the electoral process but merely the means for winning. [MOREThese puppetician folks are playing games with your mind and doing little of tangible benefit for non-white people. Fear of racist Trump for sale. Are you buying? 

Scaring Them to the Polls.  From [HERE] If there is one place where the dramas and subplots of Campaign 2016 collide, it is across the sprawling and scorching desert state of Arizona.

Here lives Donald Trump’s restive base of white voters unsettled by the country’s social transformation and fired up to dismantle Washington’s power structure. Here also lies the Democrats’ sleeping giant — an estimated 350,000 Latinos who are not registered to vote but who could mobilize against the presumptive Republican presidential nominee over his incendiary rhetoric.

Then there are the politicians. One senator, Jeff Flake (R), is a vocal Trump critic sounding the alarm about an electoral wipeout. The other, John McCain (R), ­alternates awkwardly between his maverick persona and a Trump apologist as he navigates an unexpectedly difficult reelection race. Also on the ballot is Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a Trump backer whose long crusade against undocumented immigrants makes him a lightning rod.


This leaves the Democrats — who have withered away as the state took a hard-right turn in the Obama era — sensing their best chance in two decades to turn Arizona and its 11 electoral votes blue. They think that Trump, who campaigned in Phoenix on Saturday, is energizing a new generation of Latino voters who haven’t participated in elections before.

“Everything that needs to happen on the ground is happening,” said Fred DuVal, a longtime Democratic power broker here.

There is no recent reliable public polling in Arizona, but Democratic and Republican strategists said private research shows the presidential race as a toss-up.

Asked whether presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has a path to victory here, GOP strategist Charles Coughlin conceded: “I believe it’s there if she wanted to do it. Everybody always says, ‘This is the election when Latinos turn out,’ and it’s never happened. But I can actually see that happening this time.”

Click to read more ...


Will Oakland Get Another Championship Before it Gets a New Racist Police Chief for its Racist Police Department? 

3 Chiefs In 9 Days: Oakland Police Department In Scandal Meltdown From [HERE] The Oakland Police Department is now under civilian control after a series of incidents of misconduct recently came to light. Multiple police chiefs stepped down after allegations that officers raped an underage sex trafficking victim, covered up crimes, and sent racist text messages.

Oakland has gone through three police chiefs in the past nine days. The latest acting police chief, Paul Figueroa, resigned from his post on Friday but Mayor Libby Schaaf did not say why. She only said that Figueroa would take a leave of absence because he was “unable to fulfill the functions of the Acting Chief of Police,” according to CBS News. The department’s command staff now reports to Sabrina Landreth, the city administrator.

PBS reports: Racism within the department has been a longstanding issue. Stanford researchers found that during a 13-month period, looking at 28,000 field reports of stops, 17,000 of those stops involved officers halting black people on the street.

And there are decades of tension and mistrust between officers and the African-American community.

Stanford University has been studying that often volatile relationship, and the results of its groundbreaking study were released last week.

JACKIE JUDD: The report confirms what African-American residents of Oakland, California, have long known, seen and felt. Police often treat them very differently than white residents.

REBECCA HETEY, Stanford University: We found a significant pattern of racial disparities in who was stopped, in who was handcuffed, in who was searched, and in who was arrested.

JACKIE JUDD: Rebecca Hetey is a Stanford University researcher and an author of the report.

REBECCA HETEY: More importantly, these disparities remained significant after we took into account a wide range of factors that we would expect to influence police decision-making, like crime rate, like neighborhood demographics.

REV. MICHAEL MCBRIDE, Operation Ceasefire: It is an insult. And no one can make me believe that this would be happening in any other community, except for a community that is defined by black, brown and poor people.

Operation Cease fire: Harrison's jumper has been as wak as the OPD. 

Click to read more ...


State Farm. Stop Demeaning Blacks to Make Money: [Black People] "Exist to Assist" = Blacks Exist to Serve Whites in Racist System of Unequal Power 

Black people always as jokes. Fuck that. Now playing during the NBA Finals: State Farm's stupid ass commercials. [MORE] Fuck State Farm. 


Something Fishy Going On in Orlando? No Charges in Alligator Death. Beast who attacked 2-year-old white child was Not Muslim! (ISIS not involved b/c Creature Still Alive)

Have you observed that alleged terrorists are almost always killed prior to any criminal process, investigation and an actual trial and verdict? Brandon Martinez observed, "A gay man who was being haggled and watched by FBI informants somehow becomes an ISIS sympathizer who mass murders gays. Something fishy going on here." [MORE] and [MORE]

A sheriff said charges are unlikely against a Nebraska couple after an alligator killed their 2-year-old son by snatching him out of shallow water at a Walt Disney World beach, but the entertainment giant is reviewing whether to add gator warning signs. [MORE]

Doctor listed on psych evaluation carried out on Omar Mateen by G4S says she had never seen him and was not living in Florida at the time it was conducted 

Gun Shop Owner: We Called FBI After Mateen Tried to Buy Body Armor, Bulk Ammunition 

Police chief admits officers may have shot some of the Orlando victims

The FBI, Not "ISIS," Radicalized the Orlando Shooter

Now White Florida Governor Wants To Monitor Refugees [Non-Whites] In The Wake Of Orlando Shooting ["Killer" was US Citizen who bought gun legally, no evidence of terrorist affiliation] From [HERE] Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) has spent this week attending the funerals of the victims of the weekend’s massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando — the deadliest ever committed by a single shooter in U.S. history. But when asked by CNN Friday morning about the role Florida’s lax gun laws played in the murders, he refused to answer. Scott instead called for police surveillance of refugees and other immigrants, despite the fact that the gunman was a U.S. citizen born in Queens, New York.

“When you come into our country, this is our country. Why are you coming here?” he said, stumbling over his words. “Then if we do that to somebody, and allow them in, why not share it with local law enforcement?”

Scott then recounted a recent demand he made of President Obama’s administration that had no connection whatsoever to the attack in Orlando: “If you allow Syrian refugee in my state, will you share that information with me, the background checks? They said no. Come on. I’m responsible for the public. Give me a break.”

“The Second Amendment didn’t kill anybody. This is ISIS. This is evil. This is radical Islam.”

Though Orlando shooter Omar Mateen allegedly pledged allegiance to the Islamic State in a 911 call during the shooting, the CIA announced this week that they have found no evidence he had any ties to the terrorist group. Instead, more evidence has surfaced that Mateen was deeply conflicted about his own sexuality; though known for homophobic rants, he had visited the gay nightclub regularly and had profiles on gay dating apps.

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[what happens when a racist idiot is in charge of prosecuting people who look like you?] White Orlando prosecutor suspended after Facebook rant against non-whites

Blowing the Sheet Off the Appearance of Justice. The Supreme Court has noted "the special role played by the American prosecutor."  He is "in the search for truth in criminal trials. Within the federal system, for example, we have said that the United States Attorney is ‘the representative not of an ordinary party to a controversy, but of a sovereignty whose obligation to govern impartially is as compelling as its obligation to govern at all; and whose interest, therefore, in a criminal prosecution is not that it shall win a case, but that justice shall be done." Berger v. United States, 295 U.S. 78, 88 [1935]. Maybe in theory. Judges live in their own little world. 

From [HERE] A white Florida assistant state attorney has been suspended after allegedly writing controversial Facebook posts slamming the type of people in downtown Orlando and those who go to nightclubs.

The posts were made shortly after Sunday's deadly attack on Pulse nightclub.

In the initial Facebook post provided by the State Attorney's Office, Kenneth Lewis allegedly described downtown Orlando as "a melting pot of 3rd world miscreants and ghetto thugs."

Lewis also singled out Orlando's nightclubs in a second social media rant, writing: "All Orlando nightclubs should be permanently closed. With or without random gunmen they are zoos; utter cesspools of debauchery."

Lewis is a prosecutor for Florida's Ninth Judicial Circuit, which includes Orlando, and, more widely, Orange and Osceola counties. Lewis prosecuted major felony and homicide cases, according to CNN affiliate WFTV.

His employer, the State Attorney's Office, suspended Lewis on Friday on suspicion of violating the social media policy, according to a statement. Lewis had signed a social media policy, which is part of the state attorney's office code of conduct, Ninth Judicial Circuit public information officer Angela Starke said.

"Failure to comply can result in discipline up to and including termination," the statement says.

Information about the length of Lewis' suspension and whether it is paid or unpaid wasn't immediately available, Starke told CNN.

Lewis is no stranger to social media-related controversy. He was ordered to undergo sensitivity training after authoring a 2014 Facebook post that wished a "Happy Mother's day to all the crack hoes out there," WFTV reported.

After his controversial comments, the State Attorney's Office reviewed 55 of the cases he prosecuted to look for signs of bias or prejudice. Lewis was subsequently cleared of bias, WFTV reported.


After he was pepper-sprayed in the face by White Cop, Seattle Public School teacher Jesse Hagopian founded a racial justice scholarship

Garfield High School teacher Jesse Hagopian was sprayed in the face by a stupid white Seattle police overseer while talking on the phone shortly after addressing a Black Lives Matter protest held on last year's Martin Luther King holiday 

From [HERE] Turning an act of violence into a force for good, a Seattle public school teacher who was pepper-sprayed by police announced Monday that his $100,000 settlement will be used to support students "who have demonstrated the power of activism in pursuit of racial and social justice."

Garfield High School teacher Jesse Hagopian, who helped organize the school's historic standardized test boycott as well as racial justice protests, was sprayed in the face by a Seattle police officer while talking on the phone shortly after addressing a Black Lives Matter protest held on last year's Martin Luther King holiday.

Though the act—which was caught on video—was unprovoked, the offending officer only received a verbal reprimand, a punishment that was downgraded from a one-day suspension after the Chief of Police personally intervened. Hagopian filed a $500,000 claim against the city and, according to the Seattle Times, reached a settlement last month. [MORE]


Gallup Poll: [Obedient, Conditioned, Media Controlled] Americans Continue to Express Highest Confidence in Military

From [HERE] While Americans' faith in many U.S. institutions has fallen from the levels of previous decades, the public's confidence in the military has remained consistently high. The average confidence level across all 14 institutions tested in 2004 was 43%, compared with 32% this year. In contrast, the 73% confidence rating that Americans give the military today is essentially unchanged from the 75% rating they gave it 12 years ago.

The military reached its highest level of confidence -- 85% -- in March 1991, just after the first Persian Gulf War. This rating remains the highest Gallup has yet recorded for any institution. There was another sharp uptick in Americans' confidence in the military after the 9/11 attacks. Confidence has fluctuated some in the years since 2001, but has generally remained high, dropping below 70% only once. From 1975 through early 2001, confidence in the military averaged 63%. Since 9/11, it has averaged 75%.

The last time when Americans' confidence in the military was not No. 1 on Gallup's confidence in institutions list was in 1997, when "small business" eclipsed it. Since 1998, however, the military has been No. 1 each year. Confidence in the military is currently five points higher than the second-ranking institution, small business (68%), and 17 points higher than the police (56%). Small business and the police are the only other two institutions with majority confidence in this year's survey.

Confidence in Military Somewhat Lower Among Liberals, Young People

The high confidence ratings in the military reflect generally strong ratings across all segments of the population, although Republicans' 82% confidence level is significantly higher than Democrats' 65%. Seventy-eight percent of conservatives and moderates have confidence in the military, contrasted with 59% among liberals. The 60% confidence rating among young Americans (aged 18 to 29) is lower than that of those aged 50 to 64 (82%) and those 65 and older (79%).


Americans continue to place more faith in their military than in any other societal institution, and despite some fluctuations over time, this high level of confidence has not abated. The military maintains this high level of respect even as the public's confidence in many other of society's institutions has declined compared with levels measured a decade ago and further back.

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