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Deeper than Atlantis

[what happens when a racist idiot is in charge of prosecuting people who look like you?] White Orlando prosecutor suspended after Facebook rant against non-whites

Blowing the Sheet Off the Appearance of Justice. The Supreme Court has noted "the special role played by the American prosecutor."  He is "in the search for truth in criminal trials. Within the federal system, for example, we have said that the United States Attorney is ‘the representative not of an ordinary party to a controversy, but of a sovereignty whose obligation to govern impartially is as compelling as its obligation to govern at all; and whose interest, therefore, in a criminal prosecution is not that it shall win a case, but that justice shall be done." Berger v. United States, 295 U.S. 78, 88 [1935]. Maybe in theory. Judges live in their own little world. 

From [HERE] A white Florida assistant state attorney has been suspended after allegedly writing controversial Facebook posts slamming the type of people in downtown Orlando and those who go to nightclubs.

The posts were made shortly after Sunday's deadly attack on Pulse nightclub.

In the initial Facebook post provided by the State Attorney's Office, Kenneth Lewis allegedly described downtown Orlando as "a melting pot of 3rd world miscreants and ghetto thugs."

Lewis also singled out Orlando's nightclubs in a second social media rant, writing: "All Orlando nightclubs should be permanently closed. With or without random gunmen they are zoos; utter cesspools of debauchery."

Lewis is a prosecutor for Florida's Ninth Judicial Circuit, which includes Orlando, and, more widely, Orange and Osceola counties. Lewis prosecuted major felony and homicide cases, according to CNN affiliate WFTV.

His employer, the State Attorney's Office, suspended Lewis on Friday on suspicion of violating the social media policy, according to a statement. Lewis had signed a social media policy, which is part of the state attorney's office code of conduct, Ninth Judicial Circuit public information officer Angela Starke said.

"Failure to comply can result in discipline up to and including termination," the statement says.

Information about the length of Lewis' suspension and whether it is paid or unpaid wasn't immediately available, Starke told CNN.

Lewis is no stranger to social media-related controversy. He was ordered to undergo sensitivity training after authoring a 2014 Facebook post that wished a "Happy Mother's day to all the crack hoes out there," WFTV reported.

After his controversial comments, the State Attorney's Office reviewed 55 of the cases he prosecuted to look for signs of bias or prejudice. Lewis was subsequently cleared of bias, WFTV reported.


After he was pepper-sprayed in the face by White Cop, Seattle Public School teacher Jesse Hagopian founded a racial justice scholarship

Garfield High School teacher Jesse Hagopian was sprayed in the face by a stupid white Seattle police overseer while talking on the phone shortly after addressing a Black Lives Matter protest held on last year's Martin Luther King holiday 

From [HERE] Turning an act of violence into a force for good, a Seattle public school teacher who was pepper-sprayed by police announced Monday that his $100,000 settlement will be used to support students "who have demonstrated the power of activism in pursuit of racial and social justice."

Garfield High School teacher Jesse Hagopian, who helped organize the school's historic standardized test boycott as well as racial justice protests, was sprayed in the face by a Seattle police officer while talking on the phone shortly after addressing a Black Lives Matter protest held on last year's Martin Luther King holiday.

Though the act—which was caught on video—was unprovoked, the offending officer only received a verbal reprimand, a punishment that was downgraded from a one-day suspension after the Chief of Police personally intervened. Hagopian filed a $500,000 claim against the city and, according to the Seattle Times, reached a settlement last month. [MORE]


Gallup Poll: [Obedient, Conditioned, Media Controlled] Americans Continue to Express Highest Confidence in Military

From [HERE] While Americans' faith in many U.S. institutions has fallen from the levels of previous decades, the public's confidence in the military has remained consistently high. The average confidence level across all 14 institutions tested in 2004 was 43%, compared with 32% this year. In contrast, the 73% confidence rating that Americans give the military today is essentially unchanged from the 75% rating they gave it 12 years ago.

The military reached its highest level of confidence -- 85% -- in March 1991, just after the first Persian Gulf War. This rating remains the highest Gallup has yet recorded for any institution. There was another sharp uptick in Americans' confidence in the military after the 9/11 attacks. Confidence has fluctuated some in the years since 2001, but has generally remained high, dropping below 70% only once. From 1975 through early 2001, confidence in the military averaged 63%. Since 9/11, it has averaged 75%.

The last time when Americans' confidence in the military was not No. 1 on Gallup's confidence in institutions list was in 1997, when "small business" eclipsed it. Since 1998, however, the military has been No. 1 each year. Confidence in the military is currently five points higher than the second-ranking institution, small business (68%), and 17 points higher than the police (56%). Small business and the police are the only other two institutions with majority confidence in this year's survey.

Confidence in Military Somewhat Lower Among Liberals, Young People

The high confidence ratings in the military reflect generally strong ratings across all segments of the population, although Republicans' 82% confidence level is significantly higher than Democrats' 65%. Seventy-eight percent of conservatives and moderates have confidence in the military, contrasted with 59% among liberals. The 60% confidence rating among young Americans (aged 18 to 29) is lower than that of those aged 50 to 64 (82%) and those 65 and older (79%).


Americans continue to place more faith in their military than in any other societal institution, and despite some fluctuations over time, this high level of confidence has not abated. The military maintains this high level of respect even as the public's confidence in many other of society's institutions has declined compared with levels measured a decade ago and further back.

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The FEMA once posted 19 Situation Reports from the days of Katrina and immediately afterward. Then they disappeared.



KRS-One: Drugs Won 



[rich, powerful racists love that freedom of speech against you] White Texas Teens Say 'Sorry if You were offended by Our Old Raps about Lynching Niggers & Killing Spics & Chinks 

iLLmatic Hate Speech by Mistake again: Rapping "Darker than Bark" & 'butthole and Nose' From [HEREOver at Daily Kos, Shaun King writes that two white girls from Texas' Grapevine High School have apologized for an incendiary, epithet-filled freestyle they put on Soundcloud. In the clip the Grapevine, Tex., students rap about lynching black men. They also rhyme about killing Mexicans and Asians:

In a statement issued to parents via e-mail, Grapevine High School Principal Shannon Tovar [who is white or a racist suspect] explains that the institution has no legal sway over the recording because it wasn't created during school hours. However, the school is providing counselors to help deal with the repercussions of the racist recording, and it may conduct diversity trainings and bring in guest speakers in the future.

The two unnamed* students who are heard freestyling about racist killing have also issued written letters of apology. Both point out that the recording, which was produced two years ago, was done at a time when they believe social media was nascent. Both also point out that their words do not reflect who they are [you can please read that bullshit somewhere else folks] Nigger means non-white person who is subject to white supremacy. [MORE] Most white people hate Black people because they are not white. So when white people say the word nigger you should absolutely assume that it is being used as a derogatory term and that you are listening to a racist. The First Amendment refers to the ability of powerful white folks to say whatever they want to about any niggers any fucking time they please dood. 

Specifically, the 1st Amendment is a a limited guarantee of "free speech." 'Defamation, obscenity, and speech which threaten the social order, bomb threats, incitements to riot, and "fighting words" - are all limited by law. In the world of business, false advertisements, insider information, and suggestions that prices be fixed, are also off-limits. Yet hate speech-expressions which abuse, insult, or belittle a person because of his or her race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or physical abilities-is still tolerated, protected and cherished by white folks.' [MORE


[Provocative White People & the problems they cause] Violence Erupts at R*dneck, Crack*r, White Tr*sh, Honk*y, 1st Amendment "Freedom" Festival

Racism is conduct designed to provoke you. Racist white people are the most provocative people in the world and they love to provoke non-white people. For pure amusement. Watch them watch. For instance, if you have ever been called nigger by a white man you probably noticed that they wait around to watch your reaction to it.  As stated by Dr. Welsing, "for the sake of Black mental health and for Black intelligence, all people of color must understand the dynamics of racism/white supremacy, what it is and how it works, so that they can have an appropriate, self-respecting response to racism/ white supremacy." [MORE]

Response is not reaction. Instead of responding to racism non-white people simply react to it. 'To react means you are acting unconsciously. Somebody is manipulating you. Somebody says something, does something, and you react. The real master of the situation is somebody else. Somebody comes and insults you and you react, you become angry. Somebody comes and praises you and you smile and you become happy. Both are the same. You are a slave and the other knows how to push your buttons. You are behaving like a machine. You are an automaton, not a human being yet. A plaything in the hands of others.' [MORE] and [MORE]. Non-white people cannot ever neutralize white supremacy in this state of reaction that we are constantly in. [MORE]. Non-whites must become meditative to deal with white supremacy/racism.

The Big Winner was Truth! From [HERE] Two non-white people were fatally shot Sunday outside a Garland, Texas, community center that was hosting an event displaying cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, local officials said. Garland police spokesman Joe Harn said that two men drove up to the community center and "opened fire on the security officers" hired to protect the event before being shot themselves.

One was an extrovert drawn to basketball as well as to Islam, who had been identified by the F.B.I. as a jihadist terrorism suspect and was once a regular at Friday Prayer at a mosque near his Phoenix apartment. The other was more quiet, ran a carpet cleaning business in Phoenix and often prayed at the same mosque, sometimes accompanied by his young son.

It is still not entirely clear what led the two men — Elton Simpson, 30, and Nadir Hamid Soofi, 34, who lived in the same apartment complex in Phoenix — to come to this Dallas suburb and open fire Sunday outside a gathering that showcased artwork and cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad. But it probably was racism. Racism is one of the most powerful motivating forces in the universe.

The shootout — during which Mr. Simpson and Mr. Soofi, dressed in body armor, fired assault rifles at white police officers — left both of them dead.

The controversial event, where attendees competed to draw the prophet Mohammed, which is explicitly banned in Islam and seen as a sign of grave disrespect, was hosted by a conservative anti-Islam group called the American Freedom Defense Initiative. Approximately 200 people attended the event, police say. The center was put on lockdown immediately after the shooting.

The incident has pointed up the volatile tensions between the West’s [when whites say West they mean white] "embrace" of free expression and the insistence of many Muslims that depiction of the Prophet Muhammad is a sacrilege. It served as a grim reminder of the attack 16 weeks ago on the Paris offices of the Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper.

It immediately set off a heated debate over art and activism as organizers of the art exhibit said they intended to celebrate free speech. Pamela Geller, an organizer of the event, said it was held at Curtis Culwell Center here because members had heard that a Muslim group had a conference in the same room after the attack on the Charlie Hebdo office. She described Sunday’s event as pro-free speech, and said that Muslims had become a “special class” that Americans were no longer allowed to offend.

Muslim and religious advocates, while denouncing the violence, called the show an offensive effort to insult Muslims. “The so-called ‘Muslim Art Exhibit’ where the shooting took place is an event deserving of criticism even absent yesterday’s violence,” said Rabbi Jack Moline, executive director of the Interfaith Alliance in Washington. [MORE]

Less than a day after two gunmen were shot and killed while trying to attack a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas, Pamela Geller, the racist suspect [in photo] blogger who organized the contest, took to the Internet.

“Here’s what the enemies of freedom sought to crush last night,” Ms. Geller wrote. “Truth and freedom.” She added, “They were crushed instead.” [MORE]


The Powerful Racist Majority [whites] Protect Racist Speech at the expense of the Powerless [non-whites]

The marketplace theory, however, rests upon a naive or convenient assumption that in our democratic society all speakers occupy a level playing field in which all speech is presumptively equal. It assumes that free speech exists and that segments of society are not systematically silenced even before the government enters the arena. Yet, like all social goods, speech is not equally and freely accessible to all. The battle which blacks have fought simply to have their voices heard makes this assumption untenable.

In addition, the regulation of racist speech is qualitatively different from other speech restrictions. Racism is not simply an unpopular view which requires special governmental solicitude-it is, sadly, the majority view [26]. Protection of racism and its expression in racial invectives has favored the powerful against the powerless. To provide redress for persons of color and other excluded groups is not to open the floodgates of censorship but to identify a specific group uniquely vulnerable to majoritarian oppression in need of government intervention simply to balance the scales.

The marketplace analogy also presumes that the discourse of all speech is in fact a dialogue. But racist invectives are one-sided; they neither invite nor permit response. How can the student who receives a card reading "the Ku Klux Klan is watching you" be expected to speak back? [27] Hate speech silences its victim and mars his or her response as presumptively unequal. Professor Charles Lawrence writes: 

Assaultive racist speech functions as a preemptive strike. The invective is experienced as a blow, not as a proffered idea, and once the blow is struck, it is unlikely that a dialogue will follow. Racial insults are particularly undeserving of First Amendment protection because the perpetrator's intention is not to discover truth or initiate dialogue but to injure the victim. In most situations, members of minority groups realize that they are likely to lose if they respond to epithets by fighting and are forced to remain silent and submissive.[28]

Furthermore, the marketplace theory avoids the fundamental question of whether there is certain speech whose role in social decision-making is either detrimental or so marginal that it should never be countenanced. There are some ideas which simply are so repugnant to any concept of civilized society that they are not entitled to entry into the marketplace. To permit an idea to be advocated is to concede its legitimacy and to accept the possibility that it may become the governing system. There are some policies, though, whose implementation would be so unacceptable in a democratic society that their advocacy should not be permitted. [29] The Fourteenth Amendment reflects our choice not to permit absolute freedom at the expense of equality and equal personhood. 

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[He Won again] Question: why do most white folks hate floyd mayweather? Answer: He is Black. [most white people hate black people. he's made a living off it]


Racist Suspect ESPN reporter: "I am just moneyed out." "Most white people hate Black people. The reason that most white people hate Black people is because whites are not Black people. If you know this about white people, you need know little else. If you do not know this about white people, virtually all else that you know about them will only confuse you." -Neely Fuller and [MORE] and [MORE]

Now he allegedly controls the universe. How to drop this racist mind? 


Did Violence against Property Change Anything in Super Slum Baltimore? [O's Game was Empty. Hillary Clinton Talks about Imbalanced Justice]  

race map

vacant buildings map

Vacant buildings trace the borders of Baltimore's black neighborhoods. In the race map, green dots are black residents and blue dots are white. In the vacant houses map [directly above], red dots indicate the location of a vacant building. [MORE] and [MORE].

Blacks Own What Again? Super slums are the creation of rich, racist white people - you are poor by their design. Like Camden, Detroit or wherever hood; whatever happened or did not happen in Baltimore is the result of white supremacists/racists; as they control everything in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labour, law, politics, religion, sex and war) - 24/7, worldwide in this system of vast unequal power based on race. [MORE] "Everywhere one finds Whites and Blacks in close proximity to each other, whether it is Chicago or Zimbabwe, the Whites are in control. Yet Blacks rarely question this extraordinary universal phenomenon which defies every knowm statistical law of probability."[MORE]

Statistics collected by the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance show that in Sandtown, the neighborhood Freddie Gray called home, an astonishing 34 percent of residential properties are vacant or abandoned. A white reporter said, "think of your neighborhood, and try to imagine what it would be like if one out of every three homes were boarded up." Right, unimaginable in a system of white supremacy. 

The Baltimore Sun recently described Sandtown as "a neighborhood where generations of crushing poverty and the war on drugs combine to rob countless young Black people like [Freddie Gray] of meaningful opportunities." The neighborhood, where there are only 84 men for every 100 women, is a case study in the phenomenon of "missing black men" recently outlined in the New York Times: places where black men between the ages of 25 and 54 have seemingly vanished, mostly due to incarceration or homicide.

Sandtown currently has more residents in jail than any other neighborhood in Baltimore, according to a recent report by the Justice Policy Institute and the Prison Policy Initiative. As those men have been taken away or killed -- or both, in Freddie Gray's case -- they've left empty houses to be boarded up and empty shoes that may never be filled. [MORE]


Leadership as Performance: Unlike Popeye's Annie, [Zombie] Black Baltimore Mayor is Not Louisiana Fast

[Not real- just playing a role on TV] Baltimore Android Mayor and Racist Suspect Maryland Governor Walk Off Interview with CNN’s Don Lemon. More on leadership as performance [HERE] and [HERE


As you know, Governor Jay Nixon (D) Could Care Less about whether "Black Lives Matter" to an All White Jury: Missouri Murders Another Black Man  

The Death Penalty Not Punishment but Revenge. Civilization is Still Just an Idea. The death penalty is a form of violence committed through America's criminal justice system against mostly poor, non-whites. [MORE] "If murder is wrong, then whether it is committed by the man or by the society and its court, makes no difference. Killing certainly is a crime. The death penalty is a crime committed by the society against a single individual, who is helpless." [MORE]

More than half of the 3095 people on death row nationwide are people of color; 42% are African American. Prominent researchers have demonstrated that a defendant is more likely to get the death penalty if the victim is white than if the victim is black. The key decision makers in death penalty cases across the country are almost exclusively white. Despite decades of evidence showing that the administration of the death penalty is permeated with racial bias, white judges, prosecutors and lawmakers choose to ignore "race." The only purpose of race is to practice racism.  

From [HERE] A Black man was executed Tuesday night for killing a white man in a fit of rage over child support payments 16 years ago. Andre Cole, 52, became the third convicted killer put to death this year in Missouri. His fate was sealed after the U.S. Supreme Court turned down several appeals, including one claiming Cole was mentally ill and unfit for execution.

Also Tuesday, racist suspect, Gov. Jay Nixon (Democrat) refused a clemency petition that raised concerns about the fact that Cole, who was black, was convicted and sentenced by an all-white jury. In six years as Missouri's Nixon has received 13 petitions for clemency from inmates facing the death penalty. He's turned down all but one, and he never explained that decision. Cole was the fourth black man executed in Missouri since September sentenced to death by an all-white jury for murdering a white victim. At least five other black men have similarly been convicted by all-white juries in Missouri and executed since 1989. [MORE] Racist suspect media have characterized Cole's all white jury as merely a coincidence [MORE] & definitely not apart of any white collective power system of racism. 

A federal judge had agreed to halt the lethal injection of a Missouri death-row inmate, but the decision was quickly appealed by white prosecutors just hours ahead of the execution scheduled for Tuesday evening. US district judge Catherine Perry ruled late Monday that Cole was incompetent to be executed because of mental illness.

“He hears voices over the TV, over the prison intercom. Everywhere,” Cole’s attorney, Joseph Luby, told the Associated Press. He said Cole believes that Missouri governor Jay Nixon, prosecutors and others “are giving him messages about his case”.

Several outside groups, including the NAACP civil rights group and the American Civil Liberties Union, asked Nixon to stop the execution and appoint a board to examine concerns about racial bias in Missouri’s jury selection process. Cole, who is black, was convicted and sentenced by an all-white jury.

Prosecutors removed three black potential jurors from the pool of candidates, according to Cole’s supporters. Mittman said one black man was removed because he was divorced, but a white juror was not removed even though he was paying child support.

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Who are the real criminals? 152 Innocents, Marked for State Approved Murder [disproportionately non-white.]

Ny Times

However much Americans may disagree about the morality of capital punishment, no one wants to see an innocent person executed.

And yet, far too often, people end up on death row after being convicted of horrific crimes they did not commit. The lucky ones are exonerated while they are still alive — a macabre club that has grown to include 152 members since 1973.

The rest remain locked up for life in closet-size cells. Some die there of natural causes; in at least two documented cases, inmates who were almost certainly innocent were put to death.

How many more innocent people have met the same fate, or are awaiting it? That may never be known. But over the past 42 years, someone on death row has been exonerated, on average, every three months. According to one study, at least 4 percent of all death-row inmates in the United States have been wrongfully convicted. That is far more than often enough to conclude that the death penalty — besides being cruel, immoral, and ineffective at reducing crime — is so riddled with error that no civilized nation should tolerate its use.

Innocent people get convicted for many reasons, including bad lawyering, mistaken identifications and false confessions made under duress. But as advances in DNA analysis have accelerated the pace of exonerations, it has also become clear that prosecutorial misconduct is at the heart of an alarming number of these cases.

In the past year alone, nine people who had been sentenced to death were released — and in all but one case, prosecutors’ wrongdoing played a key role.

The latest was Anthony Ray Hinton, who on Apr. 3 walked out of the Alabama prison where he had spent almost 30 years, half his life, on death row. Mr. Hinton was convicted of two murders largely on faulty evidence that the bullets had come from his gun. His prosecutor at the time said he knew Mr. Hinton was guilty and “evil” just by looking at him. And later prosecutors continued to insist on his guilt even when expert testimony clearly refuted the case against him.

Why does this keep happening? In a remarkable letter to the editor published last month in The Shreveport Times, A.M. Stroud III, a former prosecutor in Louisiana’s Caddo Parish, offered a chillingly frank answer: “Winning became everything.” [code for white supremacy/racism became everything]. [MORE]


If they [white folks] are OK with executing you in broad daylight in front of numerous cameras and witnesses, why would they care about your march? Protesters Will Walk in Circle [NYC to D.C.] against Police Brutality 

From [HERE]  A march from New York City to Washington, D.C., to protest police brutality started Monday morning in Staten Island -- the borough where Eric Garner was murdered last summer by NYPD. [MORE] If you are still attempting moral suasory on racists then you have missed the point. [MORE] Its time for some other shit. But enjoy the fellowship and workout. 

"Stop expecting racist white people to solve our problems". Singing songs, holding hands, making great speeches, talking on TV and taking long, long walks and many other behaviors, have absolutely nothing to do with addressing the challenges and conditions of the open warfare continuously being waged against the Black & Brown collective. [MORE]

Now, lets clear the air on a few things about the white media Eric Garner coverage:

It was Never About One Cop. It was a Gang of White Cops. "Have you ever see one lone white man lynch one lone Black man? Have you ever seen it done without a gun?" [MORE] Eric Garner was killed by a gang of white cops who smothered and pounced on him as a white cop placed him in a choke hold. But only one white cop was charged by white prosecutors. If a Black man put a white man in chokehold in front of white witnesses and a group of like 7 other Blacks pounced on him then.... [they would all be on death row]. 

Grand Jury was All White in the Blackest City in the Country. No cops were indicted by an all white grand jury.[MORE] Yes an all-white grand jury in NYC, a city with the largest number of Blacks in the country. NYC is also the mecca for democrats and liberals. What are they doing for you? The white jurors were presented with 28 eyewitnesses and had every camera angle - jurors saw the Youtube video, NYPD video, store video and City street camera video. If you believe that racist suspects are concerned with whether 'Black lives matter' then you want to be deceived. 


Despite Overturned Guilty Verdict, Black Man Still Locked Up on 80 Year Sentence: White N.C. Prosecutors Appeal & Continue to Ignore DNA Evidence, Coerced Confession

From [HERE] and [HERE] Nearly a year has passed since Darryl Anthony Howard heard a Durham County judge overturn guilty verdicts for two homicides Howard maintains he did not commit. [In photo, N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper]. 

But the 53-year-old Black man was still in prison as attorneys argued for and against the decision in front of a three-judge Court of Appeals panel last Wednesday.

Last May, Superior Court Judge Orlando Hudson ruled that Howard’s conviction should be overturned due to a lack of physical evidence tying him to the double-murder for which he is serving an 80-year sentence. Judge Hudson also issued an order setting bail so that Howard could be released pending retrial. However, state prosecutors immediately appealed both rulings.

Assistant Attorney General Mary Carla Babb told the appeals court judges – Ann Marie Calabria, Donna Stroud and John Tyson – that state prosecutors believed Judge Orlando Hudson erred in May when he ordered a new trial for Howard.

Howard was convicted in 1995 of two counts of second-degree murder for the homicides of Doris Washington, 29, and her 13-year-old daughter, Nishonda, at a Durham public housing complex.

The killings occurred in 1991 in what investigators described as drug-related crimes.

Howard was convicted based on conflicting witness testimony which claimed that Howard was seen arguing with one of the victims the day before the crime occurred. One witness later recanted, stating he was coerced into implicating Howard. Another was paid $10,000 from a state compensation fund for her testimony.

During the investigation, DNA testing of sperm found on one of the victims’ bodies excluded Howard as the source. But the prosecution proceeded with its case against Howard, convincing the jury instead that no sexual assaults took place.

The Innocence Project conducted more testing last year on the two victims’ rape kits. DNA from one of the kits matched to a career criminal with over 35 prior convictions, and excluded Howard. Testing on the other kit revealed a second male profile that also excluded Howard.

Charlotte attorney Jim Cooney, working in collaboration with the Innocence Project, a national organization dedicated to exonerating the wrongfully convicted through DNA testing, told the three appeals court judges on Wednesday that new DNA evidence and statements collected by post-conviction investigators implicated another man in the crime.

Cooney also argued that a police document uncovered by Innocence Project researchers in the past decade raised questions about the actions of Durham prosecutors, who pushed ahead with the case against Howard knowing that DNA pointed to other culprits.

Sperm was found on the teen and collected in an investigative rape kit. An autopsy showed that her mother had been sexually assaulted, according to court documents. Howard was charged in the homicides, but DNA tests excluded him as a match to the sexual assault evidence.

At trial, Durham police detective D.L. Dowdy testified that he never suspected that the murders involved sexual assaults and that he never investigated them as such.

Mike Nifong, the former Durham District Attorney disbarred for his misconduct in the Duke lacrosse case, was an assistant district attorney and the prosecutor at trial.

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