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White Supremacy as Official Policy in Israel: Demonstrators Protest New Law Allowing Govt. to Imprison African Refugees for 20 months without trial

From [HERE] Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in southern Israel to protest a new law to help quell the influx of African migrants, which Israel calls “infiltrators.

The law, which allows the government to imprison refugees for 20 months without trial, was denounced on Saturday by throngs of activists outside of the Holot detention center in the Negev desert.

The law is primarily directed at refugees from the east African countries of Sudan and Eritrea who come to escape political persecution and seek out economic opportunities. Both Eritrea and Sudan have been engulfed in years of war and have some of the lowest standards of living in the world, causing them to make the treacherous journey to Israel.

According to a Ynet report, the protesters chanted for the government to “Listen to the Supreme Court;” a reference to a landmark decision in September that declared the previous policy of indefinite detention of asylum seekers to be illegal.

The court also ruled that Holot — an open facility that is home to 2,500 African asylum seekers — had to be closed by December 22. In light of the ruling, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (racist suspect in photo), in conjunction with the Interior Ministry, later made amendments to the law in November by allowing for illegal immigrants to be detained for a period of 20 months without trial; a change that, in effect, allowed for Holot to stay open.

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CIA [white cops] Immune from Prosecution for Torture of Detainees [non-whites]

From [HERE] Since the day President Obama took office, he has failed to bring to justice anyone responsible for the torture of terrorism suspects — an official government program conceived and carried out in the years after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

He did allow his Justice Department to investigate the C.I.A.'s destruction of videotapes of torture sessions and those who may have gone beyond the torture techniques authorized by President George W. Bush. But the investigation did not lead to any charges being filed, or even any accounting of why they were not filed.

Mr. Obama has said multiple times that “we need to look forward as opposed to looking backwards,” as though the two were incompatible. They are not. The nation cannot move forward in any meaningful way without coming to terms, legally and morally, with the abhorrent acts that were authorized, given a false patina of legality, and committed by American men and women from the highest levels of government on down.

Americans have known about many of these acts for years, but the 524-page executive summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report erases any lingering doubt about their depravity and illegality: In addition to new revelations of sadistic tactics like “rectal feeding,” scores of detainees were waterboarded, hung by their wrists, confined in coffins, sleep-deprived, threatened with death or brutally beaten. In November 2002, one detainee who was chained to a concrete floor died of “suspected hypothermia.”

These are, simply, crimes. They are prohibited by federal law, which defines torture as the intentional infliction of “severe physical or mental pain or suffering.” They are also banned by the Convention Against Torture, the international treaty that the United States ratified in 1994 and that requires prosecution of any acts of torture.

So it is no wonder that today’s blinkered apologists are desperate to call these acts anything but torture, which they clearly were. As the report reveals, these claims fail for a simple reason: C.I.A. officials admitted at the time that what they intended to do was illegal.

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Because their lives in service of white domination matter more than yours: NYC Race Soldier Cops Host a Funeral Fit for a King  

From [HERE] Vice President Biden honored Rafael Ramos at the slain New York police officer's funeral Saturday. He spoke of Ramos and his partner, officer Wenjian Liu, who were shot and killed Dec. 20, ambushed as they sat in their squad car.

"Being a cop was not what they did, it was who they were," Biden said.

Motioning to a sea of blue, the police seated in the church where the funeral was held, Biden said, "It's who you are." "You all joined for essentially the same reason. There was something about you that made you think that you could help. That you had a duty." That duty, Biden said, was to the rule of law.

The sentiment was echoed by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. "We are a nation of laws. We are a state of laws. We are a city of laws," he said.

Speaking to the officers in the room, he said, "You represent those laws. No one, no group is above the law. The threats against New York's police are an insult to law-abiding New Yorkers and they will not be tolerated."

A recurring theme at the funeral was the divisiveness caused by the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and Eric Garner on Staten Island, and how the nation must overcome it.

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind," Biden told the mourners, quoting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Although some in the nation might "fear diversity, we celebrate it," Cuomo said. "Yes, we have questions" arising out of recent cases, but with study and reflection those can be overcome, he said.

New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton also spoke and announced to applause that he was appointing Ramos an honorary chaplain of the 84th Precinct in New York. Ramos had been studying to become a lay chaplain when he was killed. He kept a Bible in his police locker, Biden said.[MORE]

'Cops fly free.' JetBlue Offered to fly law enforcement to NYPD funerals for free [offer not good for civilians, restrictions might apply in areas that actually indict cops who kill Black folks.]  


Upside Down Frown Turned Around Again! Pouty NYPD Cops Renew their Beef with NYC Mayor for Allowing Protests after Cop Strangulation Death of Unarmed Black Man in Broad Daylight Captured on Video 

Watch Your Front. From [HERE] New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio honored Rafael Ramos at the slain New York police officer's funeral Saturday.  "He couldn't wait to put on that uniform. He believed in protecting others," he said.Then, speaking in Spanish, de Blasio told the Ramos family and New York that he "was one of your best sons. ... He was a man of much faith and a brave police officer."

Hundreds of mostly white officers outside the church turned their backs in a sign of disrespect as de Blasio spoke. This stance from the racist suspect mourners is a flip flop from the position taken on Friday, when current and former NYPD officers paid for a banner to fly along the Hudson River which said: "De Blasio, our backs have turned to you." But it is consistent with their original position taken last Saturday when they turned their backs on Mayor de Blasio as he entered a Brooklyn hospital to pay his respects to the two murdered officers

Some police have said de Blasio contributed to a climate of mistrust toward police amid anti-police protests. The protests followed the deliberate death of Eric Garner, an unarmed Black man who was strangled and pounced on and smothered by numerous white cops in broad daylight. The entire incident was captured on video with audio and occurred in front of a crowd of witnesses. An all white grand jury did not believe there was probable cause to charge a white officer with any crime in Garner's death. No other white cops involved were charged. [MORE]


"You are in Prison and You think You are Free"

George Gurdjieff has said: “You are in prison. If you wish to get out of prison, the first thing you must do is realize that you are in prison. If you think you are free, you can’t escape.”


What are the prisons that I call “home”?


Rama Prem, George Gurdjieff is one of the most significant masters of this age.


He is unique in many ways — nobody has said things in the contemporary world the way Gurdjieff has said them. He is almost like another Bodhidharma or Chuang Tzu, apparently absurd but in reality giving great indications towards the liberation of human consciousness.


You are asking about one of his significant statements. He often used to say, “You are in prison.” Sometimes he was even deeper into the reality, and instead of saying, “You are in prison,” he would say, “You are the prison.” That is more true.


If you wish to get out of prison — or better to say, if you don’t want to be a prison — the first thing you must do is realize that you are in prison… or you are the prison. This is something to be always remembered as one of the first principles for any seeker of truth.


The tendency of the human mind is to deny those things which are ugly, to hide those things which he does not want others to know — to hide in such a way, in such depths of the unconscious that even he himself becomes unaware of them. This way he maintains his superficial personality.


Gurdjieff had a story about it…


There was a magician who used to live in faraway deep forests, and he had many sheep because that was his only food. In those deep forests he was keeping all those sheep just to kill them every day, one by one. Naturally, the sheep were very afraid of the man, and they used to run into the forest being afraid that any day can be their day. Their friends are gone, there is no reliability… tomorrow they may be gone. Out of fear they used to go far away, deep into the forest. And to find them was a tedious job every day.


Finally, the magician did a trick. He hypnotized all the sheep, and told every sheep, “You are an exception; everybody may be killed but you can never be killed. You are no ordinary sheep; you have a divine privilege.” To some he said, “You are not sheep at all; you are lions, you are tigers, you are wolves. Only sheep are killed. You need not hide yourself in the forest; that is very embarrassing, because a lion hiding himself in the forest in the fear that he will be killed… only sheep are killed.” And in this way, he managed to hypnotize all the sheep in different ways.


He even said to a few sheep, “You are men, human beings, and human beings don’t kill each other. You are just like me. Never be afraid and never escape out of fear.” Since that day, no sheep escaped and hid in the forest, although they all saw every day that one sheep was being killed, slaughtered. But naturally everybody thought, That must be a sheep; I am a tiger, a lion, a human being. I am special and exceptional, I have a divine privilege…. So many different stories he put in their minds.


Gurdjieff says that unless you realize the first thing — that you are in prison, that you are the prison — then there is no hope for freedom. If you already believe that you are free, you are a hypnotized sheep which believes himself to be a lion — exceptional, there is no need to be afraid — which even believes he is a human being. He goes on seeing other sheep being killed, and still remains in a hypnotized state, never being aware of his actuality. To be free, if you already know that you are free, there is no problem.


All the religions together, perhaps unintentionally, have created a tremendous hypnotic state. People believe they have immortal souls. I am not saying that they don’t have, I am simply saying that they don’t know what they are believing. And because they believe they have an immortal soul, they never discover that they already have it. They have been told, “You are the very kingdom of God”… and it is so comfortable and so consoling to believe. But then there is no way to seek and search and find whether your hypothetical belief has any truth in it, or is just a hypnotic trick used by the society to keep you unafraid of death, to keep you unafraid of disease, old age, to keep you unafraid of your loneliness.


Your God may be just a psychological hypnosis. It is not your discovery. That is true — that much is absolutely true. It has been implanted in your mind, and because you go on believing in it, your belief prevents any adventure in seeking the truth.


Ordinarily, you have been told continually that unless you believe, you will not find. But the truth is just the contrary. Belief is a barrier, it is not a bridge. Those who believe never find, because they never even begin the search; there is no need.


You are in prison and you think you are free.


You are in chains but you think they are ornaments. You are a slave but you have been told that you are humble, that you are simple, that this is the way a religious person should be. You are surrounded by many hypnotic strategies developed by society down the ages. And those hypnotic strategies are the root cause of your ignorance, of your misery, of your unenlightened state.


Hence the first thing to realize is that you are in prison. The moment you recognize that you are in prison, you cannot tolerate the prison. Nobody can tolerate it; it goes against human dignity. You will start finding ways to get out of it. You will start finding people who have already got out of it. You may start seeking and searching outside help beyond the walls, because there are people beyond the walls ready with every kind of help. But they are absolutely helpless if you believe that you are living in absolute freedom.


If you believe this imprisonment is your home, then of course it is absolute nonsense even to think of getting rid of it. The wall that keeps you a prisoner, you think is a protection. Then there is no question of making a hole in the wall and getting out, or finding a ladder, or taking some help from the outside. A rope can be thrown from the outside, a ladder can be arranged from the outside, but this is possible only if the basic thing, that you are in prison, is recognized. George Gurdjieff was consistently insisting, “This is a basic realization. Without it, there is no progress towards enlightenment. If you think you are free, you can’t escape.”


“What are the prisons that I call `home’?” Rama Prem, all the so-called homes are nothing but prisons, because they don’t give you freedom, they only give you security, safety, and in place they take away your very being, your freedom, your joy, your dance. But certainly they give you security, safety — and naturally you have to pay for it.


The price that one has to pay is immensely great in comparison to what you get. You have to sell your very soul. But then what is the point of safety and security? You were searching for security and safety for your being, and in the very search you have sold your being. Now you are secure and safe, but what is the point? For whom is the safety and security? It does not serve you, it serves those who have managed to convince you that “If you give your soul, your being, we will take care — then you need not be worried, then we are responsible for your safety and security.”


The moment you give up your responsibility, you give up everything. Then you are just an empty shell, without any meaning and without any essence. Your homes are nothing but beautiful prisons made by you, decorated by you. You think they are protecting you; they are destroying you. Certainly they protect you from the rains and they protect you from the winds and they protect you from the sun, but for these trivia they destroy you completely. You lose all joy, you lose all freedom, you lose all sense of direction. You lose the very purpose you are here for. You get lost in your own home. You become too much concerned about the furniture and about the decorations, and you forget yourself completely. This forgetfulness is a kind of deep psychological sleep.


Your wife, your husband, your children — nobody is yours. All are man-made, arbitrary relationships — even your own children are not your own. They come through you; they don’t belong to you. You belong to the past; they belong to the future. There is no connection, there is no relationship; hence, as man has become more and more intelligent there has come a great generation gap.


One great Russian novelist, Turgenev, has written a book — perhaps his best, his masterpiece – Fathers and Sons. The whole book is about the struggle between the fathers and the sons, because the fathers would like the sons just to be their replicas. Naturally, they will not allow the sons any freedom. Obedience they expect; they expect their sons to be their carbon copies.


Even God the Father was expecting obedience and nothing else; what to say about ordinary fathers? He was angry because of disobedience, and his anger was too great in comparison to the disobedience. The disobedience was created by him. He provoked it; he created the curiosity in the children, Adam and Eve, to eat from certain trees, by preventing them — that is the easiest way.




In the Garden of Eden, so many trees… and God indicated to a particular tree: “This is the tree of knowledge. Never eat the fruit from it.” There was no need of any serpent to convince Eve, God convinced her himself; he is the serpent. And then the punishment for it is unbelievable. Even today we are suffering because Adam and Eve disobeyed!


Religions have created all kinds of crimes in the mind of man, just by prohibiting them. They have also created ideas which prevent man from any search. They say, “Believe” — and belief is cheap. You don’t have to do anything. Gurdjieff had to go to such extents that he started saying to people, “You don’t have souls. It is a wrong idea, implanted within you by religions, that everybody has a soul.”


He had to say such a thing just to wake you up to search whether it is true or not; otherwise, everybody was perfectly asleep. What is the need to search? You already have it; God is within you! So do other things which, if you don’t do, you will not get – become a president, prime minister, become the richest man in the world, conquer the world — because these things will not happen on their own. As far as God is concerned you already have him; he is within you, you don’t have to go anywhere. Any day, any rainy day when you can’t go anywhere to conquer the world, and you don’t have anything else to do — to correct the mechanism of your car, or to open your wall clock, or to open your radio or television even though they are functioning perfectly well, but you don’t have anything else to do…. Any day, when you don’t have anything to do, you can find God. He is within you, in your pocket.


Gurdjieff is perhaps the only man in the whole of history who insisted against all religions that you don’t have a soul — that a soul has to be created, then you have it. You are not born with it, you are born only with the possibility. If you make a great effort, perhaps you may achieve it. Otherwise most people are born and die; there is no soul that survives.


He was telling a compassionate lie. He was not right, but I cannot say that he was telling the lie for any other reason than compassion. It is true you are born with the soul, but it has become such an accepted fact that you don’t even look within yourself. Somebody needs to shatter your idea that you are born with a soul, to tell you that inside you are just empty, hollow. Perhaps this may shake you up, wake you up. Perhaps this may give you the idea to look inside at least one time, whether there is a soul or you have been deceived.


And George Gurdjieff helped more people in this century than anybody else, because he created a great longing: “Don’t die before you have created a soul; otherwise nothing will survive the death. Crystallize your being so that death cannot destroy it. But you are not born with it, you have to create it.”


The idea of all the religions, although true, has not been helpful; it has become a hindrance. Gurdjieff’s compassion is great. All the religions were against him, obviously, because that is the one point they all agree on — that everybody is born with a soul. But Gurdjieff’s point is more psychological, and more effective in creating liberation. He says you are just empty, and you will remain empty unless you make the effort, with a determined will, to create a center within you. There is possibility, potential, but you have to make it an actuality. His insight was great.


And since Gurdjieff, people have forgotten it completely. He was alive just thirty years ago and just within thirty years people have forgotten the great teacher who was compassionate enough even to lie, just to make you shocked; just to create an opening in you so that you can start searching whether what all the religions have been saying has any truth in it or not.


The first thing he says is to realize you are in prison. The first thing that can also be said is, you have to realize that you are not yet. You have to be. You are a seed, but you have to find the right soil, and nobody else can do it for you. If you go on depending on priests and your so-called saints, you will miss this great opportunity that life has given to you. And one does not know whether a second chance is being given or not. It has to be made emphatically clear to you that there is a possibility – once missed, you have missed it forever.


Gurdjieff created a great turmoil in a few intelligent people, and he put them to great work in finding themselves. I don’t agree with George Gurdjieff as far as his methods are concerned, but as far as this statement is concerned I agree totally. It is simply a psychological fact.


There are people who believe they are intelligent. In fact, it is very difficult to find somebody who believes he is unintelligent. If you can find somebody who believes he is unintelligent, there is a possibility for him to be intelligent. But for all those who already believe they are intelligent, you can’t help them. And certainly this whole humanity is not intelligent. Their actions show it, their behavior shows it, their misery shows it — it shows nothing but their retardedness.


But their belief is that they are geniuses — life is just not giving them the right opportunities to show their talents; otherwise, they could have been Picasso, or Sartre, or Bertrand Russell, or Martin Buber; there is no problem. It is just because life is preventing them; otherwise, they have everything. It is not so.


Now education is universal, particularly in advanced countries, but even universal education does not create universal geniuses. Everybody is educated but even that does not give you the same talent. Man is living in a kind of half-awake and half-asleep state, and it is very easy to believe that you are great – great in intelligence, great in beauty, great in everything — rather than finding greatness, creating greatness, because that will require effort, tremendous effort. And enlightenment is the ultimate intelligence. If you already believe you are intelligent, you have stopped yourself from growing.


Just watch exactly where you are. Be very impartial about judging yourself. See exactly, even if it hurts, that you are a slave — of some political ideology, of some religious theology, of some racial stupidity. Just watch and be very impartial and objective about yourself, and you will find what Gurdjieff calls your prisons. And once you recognize your prisons, it is not difficult to get out, because they are your own creations.


Bernstein died and went to hell. The receptionist asked, “Where do you want to go?”


“Do I have a choice?” asked the surprised Bernstein.


“Certainly! This anteroom is surrounded by closed doors. Just listen at each one and decide which you want to enter.”


Bernstein listened at the first door and heard horrible shrieks of agony. He went to the second, then the third — always hearing screams, cries, and yells. Finally, at the seventh door, he heard nothing but gentle murmuring.


He said quickly, “I’ll take this one.”


The door was flung open and he was propelled inside. He found himself up to his lower lip in a vast sea of shit. With him were millions of others, standing on tiptoe, muttering, “Don’t make waves! Don’t make waves!”


Whatever you have made your life is your own choice. Even in hell you have a choice – everywhere you have a choice. Your life is your own creation. Once you recognize it, then every change is possible.


Churchill’s commentary on man was: “Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he will pick himself up and continue on.” Man is a very strange animal, strangest of all the animals you see. He goes on believing in things which are not, he goes on believing in things which he has not. He never makes any effort, even in finding one very fundamental thing: who he is, from where he comes, and what is his destiny, where he is going.


People discuss all kinds of things, and people read about all kinds of things, but generally they never bother about themselves. It seems they take themselves for granted, and that’s what Gurdjieff wants to stop: Don’t take yourself for granted. Look inside, search for who you are, and whether you are or if there is just emptiness and something has to be done to bring the seed to sprout, to take care of the seed so that one day it can blossom.


Sinking uneasily into the depths of the psychiatrist’s couch, the patient sighed, “Doctor, I have a problem.” He loosened his collar and continued, “I’ve got one son in Harvard and another at Yale. I’ve just gifted them with twin Ferraris. I have a townhouse on upper Fifth Avenue, and a summer home at East Hampton, and a sprawling ranch in Venezuela.”


“Well,” smiled the psychiatrist, obviously impressed, “either I missed something or you really don’t have a problem.”


“Doc,” the harried chap croaked, “I only make seventy-five dollars a week.”


Naturally you will have problems! You make seventy-five dollars a week, and you imagine all these things: two Ferraris, two sons — one in Harvard, one in Yale — a townhouse, a house in the hills, a big ranch in Venezuela, and seventy-five dollars a week! People create their problems. People are utterly poor in their consciousness, and go on believing that the kingdom of God is within. In your poor consciousness, you can have only a very poor God — seventy-five dollars a week. Your God is as rich as your consciousness is, because the God is another name for your consciousness.


-Bhagwan Shree Rajineesh


Excerpt from The Invitation, Chapter Four [PDF]




White Ferguson Public Relations Cop calls Michael Brown Memorial “a pile of trash in the middle of the street.”


A memorial set up in the middle of Canfield Drive where teenager Michael Brown was shot and killed by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer in August was partially destroyed Christmas evening when a car drove through it. Neighbors and friends of Brown quickly came together to clean up the damage, rebuild the site, and call for support on social media.

Activists on the ground also reacted angrily to the Ferguson Police Department’s public relations officer, who told the Washington Post, “I don’t know that a crime has occurred,” and called Brown’s memorial “a pile of trash in the middle of the street.”

Since Brown’s death, the memorial has been a key gathering place for protests and prayers, and a receiving station for those that poured in from across the country to pay their respects and demonstrate against police brutality. Supporters also had to rebuild the memorial in September after it burned to the ground. [pics here]


Federal judge approves Oklahoma lethal injection protocol


A judge for the US District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma [official website] ruled Monday that Oklahoma's lethal injection protocol protocol [JURIST report] is constitutional. The ruling [AP report] has effectively allowed the state to continue with the scheduled executions of four death row inmates beginning in early 2015. The state was forced to examine the constitutionality of its lethal injection protocol after the inmates scheduled for execution asked for a preliminary injunction, arguing that one of the drugs the state uses as part of the lethal injection protocol would subject them and others to cruel and unusual punishment, a violation of their Eighth Amendment [text] rights. The court ruled that the lethal injection protocol does not subject inmates on death row to cruel and unusual punishment under the Eighth Amendment.


Death row inmates challenge Ohio execution secrecy law


Four death row inmates filed a complaint [complaint, PDF] on Wednesday challenging Substitute House Bill 663 [text], a measure providing for the confidentiality of entities involved in the manufacture of drugs for use in capital punishment by lethal injection, and of the persons involved in executing a sentence of capital punishment. Ohio Governor John R. Kasich [official profile] signed the bill into law [press release, PDF] last Friday. The focal point of the complaint is Ohio's use of alternative lethal injection compounds, since European drug manufacturers refuse to sell sodium thiopental and other popular sedatives for use in executions [Guardian report; JURIST report]. With European sedatives unavailable, Ohio and other states have turned to using a cocktail of midazolam, a barbituate, and hydromorphone, a painkiller, for executions [Toledo Blade report]. The drug cocktail was used in the 26-minute long execution of Ohio inmate Dennis McGuire [JURIST report], and on Arizona inmate Joseph Wood, who took nearly two hours to die [Republic report; JURIST report]. Proponents of HB 663 argue that the anonymity of compounding pharmacies is necessary to protect those entities from public reprisal for their part in the production of lethal-injection drugs. Attorneys for the inmates challenging the bill claim that anonymity effectively silences one half of the capital punishment debate, in violation of the free speech protections of the First Amendment [text].


To Obama Racism is just about Minor Inconveniences like trouble catching a cab - Not Vast Unequal Power or Ending White Power

From [HERE] Despite the heightened tensions over police killings of men of color in the US, showcase Black President Barack Obama claims that race relations have improved since he took office six years ago.

“I actually think that it’s probably in its day-to-day interactions less racially divided,” he told National Public Radio.

Comparing the race issue to six years ago, Obama said American race relations are on the upswing. The president said that he himself had experienced racial prejudice.

"There's no black male my age, who's a professional, who hasn't come out of a restaurant and is waiting for their car and somebody didn't hand them their car keys," Obama said.

"The small irritations or indignities that we experience are nothing compared to what a previous generation experienced," President Obama said. "It's one thing for me to be mistaken for a waiter at a gala. It's another thing for my son to be mistaken for a robber and to be handcuffed, or worse, if he happens to be walking down the street and is dressed the way teenagers dress." [MORE] and [MORE]

This is wrong view which leads to wrong solutions or no solutions. This view, Obama's view is the Democratic Party's view. It is idiotic. These folks do nothing about white supremacy/racism. Selling you this viewpoint is selling you cooperation and submission to your own oppression.  Racism is about vast unequal power not simply disrespect, bigotry and inconveniences, such as stop & frisk, trouble catching a cab and standing in a long line to vote. Racism is about the superior, dominate position of whites and the institutions that maintain vast unequal power and resources in order to keep Blacks subordinate.[MOREand [MORE] 

As stated by Dr. Blynd "racism is a power group dynamic, i.e., a defined group cooperatively via legacy institutions exerting structured, systematic injustice and power over another group. Racism is not individualistic, but institutional, cultural, economic, political, linguistic, self perpetuating and systematic. Racism is economic discrimination by a group against another for the purpose of subjugation and/or maintaining the imbalance of power through cooperative control and oppression" [MORE]

What does racist/white supremacist society mean? Amos Wilson explains that, "it is about structuring social and political, economic circumstances, psychological and cultural circumstances such that one race can take advantage of another and one race can enhance itself at the expense of another. It has little to do with overt race hatred, or with negative racial attitudes or with the projection of racial stereotypes or with whites not understanding the nature of their racism. That's not it.

And when we define racism in terms of attitude you'll find yourself then solving the wrong problems. White people will stop expressing those negative attitudes, they will smile more readily at you, they will even marry you and go to bed with you but you will notice that the effects of racism, like poverty and all these other things caused by racism will continue. In fact the problems will increase.

Ultimately you must recognize that racism involves the power of one race to impose its will upon another. That ultimately then it is about power and we have to face that fact.  Whites engage in racism because they have the power to do so. And if we are to end white racism then we must end white power." [MORE]

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Merry Xmas from St. Louis: Riot Cops Guard Midnight Mass



'Black Lives Don't Matter' to Racists: Black Teen Executed by South Carolina after 10 minute Revenge Trial for Murder of 2 White Women is Exonerated 70 Years Later

Revealing the Truth when the Lie is No Longer Necessary = White Supremacy is carried out by deception and/ or violence. 

From [HERE] and [HERE] In March 1944, deep in the Jim Crow South, police came for 14-year-old George Stinney Jr. His parents weren’t at home. His little sister was hiding in the family’s chicken coop behind the house in Alcolu, a segregated mill town in South Carolina, while officers handcuffed George and his older brother, Johnnie, and took them away.

Two young white girls had been found brutally murdered, beaten over the head with a railroad spike and dumped in a water-logged ditch. He and his little sister, who were black, were said to be last ones to see them alive. Authorities later released the older Stinney – and directed their attention toward George.

“[The police] were looking for someone to blame it on, so they used my brother as a scapegoat,” his sister Amie Ruffner told WLTX-TV earlier this year.

On June 16, 1944, he was executed, becoming the youngest person in modern times to be put to death. On Wednesday, 70 years later, he was exonerated.

Stinney’s case has tormented civil rights advocates for years.

He was questioned in a small room, alone – without his parents, without an attorney. (Gideon v. Wainwright, the landmark Supreme Court case guaranteeing the right to counsel, wouldn’t be decided until 1963.) Police claimed the boy confessed to killing Betty June Binnicker, 11, and Mary Emma Thames, 8, admitting he wanted to have sex with Betty. They rushed him to trial.

After a two-hour trial and a 10-minute jury deliberation, Stinney was convicted of murder on April 24 and sentenced to die by electrocution, according to a book by Mark R. Jones. At the time, 14 was the age of criminal responsibility. His lawyer, a local political figure, chose not to appeal.

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[White Supremacy is the greatest form of affirmative action there is] Despite Felony Conviction White Man Vows to Stay in Congress 

From [HERE] After pleading guilty to a judge Tuesday on a felony tax evasion charge, New York Rep. Michael Grimm pledged to reporters he would also stay in Congress.

Grimm pled guilty in court to one count of tax evasion and was set to submit to a "statement of facts" that admits to all the conduct alleged in the 20-count federal indictment.

He apologized for his actions and took responsibility, but said the unpaid taxes from a New York restaurant he once owned were all a big mistake.

"As long as I'm able to serve I'm going to serve," Grimm said. Reelected in November, he was is set to be sworn in to a new term in January. Prosecutors asked a judge to sentence Grimm on June 8 to 24 to 36 months of jail time. His defense team suggested 12-18 months.

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Frown Turned Upside Down! Pouty White NYPD Cops Angry Mayor 'Expressed Concern' Over Strangulation Death of Unarmed Black Man in Broad Daylight Change their Position, Cops like Mayor Again 

From [HERE] Last week, believing City Hall has betrayed them, mostly white cops demonstrated their anger Saturday by turning their backs on Mayor de Blasio as he entered a Brooklyn hospital to pay his respects to two murdered officers.

A startling video shows a hallway at Woodhull Hospital filled with officers silently facing away from de Blasio as he walks a blue gantlet. The demonstration, captured by WPIX11 News, included the presidents of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association and the Sergeants Benevolent Association.

“Mayor de Blasio, the blood of these two officers is clearly on your hands,” Ed Mullins [racist suspect in photo], president of the sergeants association, said in a statement to his union members Saturday night.

“It is your failed policies and actions that enabled this tragedy to occur,” he said. “I only hope and pray that more of these ambushes and executions do not happen again.”

Patrick Lynch, head of the PBA, echoed Mullins’ anger at the mayor.

“That blood on the hands starts on the steps of City Hall in the office of the mayor,” Lynch said in statement. “When these funerals are over, those responsible will be called on the carpet and held accountable.”

He added that the blame also goes to “those who incited violence on the street under the guise of protest that tried to tear down what NYC police officers did every day.”

“We tried to warn,” Lynch said. “It must not go on. It cannot be tolerated.”

Former Gov. George Pataki also lashed out against the mayor, claiming the cops’ deaths were a “predictable outcome of divisive anti-cop rhetoric of #ericholder & #mayordiblasio.”

Shortly after the officers were killed, a petition was formed demanding de Blasio’s ouster.

“NYC residents demand the exit of Mayor Bill DeBlasio after 2 NYPD officers were shot and killed today 12/20/14,” wrote the petitioners, who identified themselves as “The People of NYC.” The petitioners said de Blasio was “unfit to lead this city” and “unfit to have a relationship with his police department.” [MORE]

But on Friday, current and former NYPD officers paid for a banner to fly along the Hudson River which says: "De Blasio, our backs have turned to you." [above]

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Supporting only those who live & die in service of white domination: Missouri Governnor (D) quick to issue statement on NYPD Killing, not as fast on civilian death of Unarmed Black Teen in his home state

From [HERE] Last Saturday, two non-white New York City police officers lost their lives in what appears to have been a targeted, premeditated action rooted in outrage over the well-publicized killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, unarmed Black males killed by white law cops.

Racist suspect Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon was quick to comment on the tragedy. He issued the following statement Sunday morning, about 20 hours after the officers were shot to death:

“My deepest condolences go out to the families and loved ones of officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos. Violence against police officers simply cannot be tolerated – ever – and I stand with all Americans in condemning this unspeakable and cold-blooded act. Our law enforcement officers have earned our respect and gratitude for the difficult, dangerous and important work they do each and every day. As we mourn the loss of these brave officers, I ask Missourians to join me in taking the time to reflect on the sacrifices our men and women in law enforcement make to protect and serve our communities.” 

He followed it up with this tweet:

Working on a weekend, no less. That's an interesting contrast to Nixon's response to the events in Ferguson. For several days, the governor was completely M.I.A. following the slaying of Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer. Only after it became clear that the city was about to burn to the ground did Nixon deign to abandon his photo-op speaking schedule to go do his job