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'In order for this system to work, We have to feel most free and independent when we are most enslaved, in fact we have to take our enslavement as the ultimate sign of freedom'

Why do White Americans need to criminalize significant segments of the African American population?

Who Told You that you were Black or Latino or Hispanic or Asian? White People Did

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Deeper than Atlantis

East Mississippi Correctional Facility is a cesspool. Prisoners are underfed and routinely held in cells that are infested with rats and have no working toilets or lights



Kerry Washington says More Non-Whites Should Also Have Roles as 'Side chick' Freaks & Wants More Hollywood Programming to Diminish Your Self Respect'  

A Mind Shampoo. Is she really the equal on TV? What's new about white men taking advantage of a Black woman? [MORE]. In video above Kerry Washington comes all out the box on behalf of the gay community. For what reason are Black celebrities so at ease about doing this and yet so fearful about saying anything about neutralizing racism and white power in this system of vast unequal power based on race?  [MORE]


'Ferguson Is Everywhere' because White Supremacy is Everywhere

From [HERE] This month the U.S. Department of Justice released a blistering report following an investigation of the Ferguson Police Department. The report included a long and (to some) shocking list of discriminatory police practices. But discrimination and police violence aren't limited to one police department, and a team of social justice activists has created an interactive map to demonstrate how pervasive such practices are across the United States.

The map shows that police violence disproportionately targets black men on a national scale. Or, in the words of data analyst Samuel Sinyangwe, one of the map's creators, it shows "that Ferguson is everywhere."

Sinyangwe and his fellow activists have been compiling information and resources to help support the #blacklivesmatter movement on the ground. In the process, they realized that a comprehensive national snapshot of police violence was missing—guided in part by articles from Reuben Fischer-Baum of FiveThirtyEight, who has argued that official figures on police killings aren't reliable.

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FBI investigating hanging death of Black Man in Mississippi [do not expect Justice from Racist Police, Prosecutors or Judges]

Another Unsolved White Supremacy Mystery? From [HERE] The hanging death of an African-American man who had been missing since early this month and was found Thursday by local authorities in Mississippi has drawn the scrutiny of the FBI and the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division.

The sheriff's office in Claiborne County, Mississippi, had organized a search for the man, who had been missing since March 2 and was reported missing March 8. Authorities said the man's body was found with a bed sheet tied around his neck and a skull cap on his head, hanging from a tree. The man's hands were not tied up.

FBI Supervisory Special Agent Jason Pack said that it's unclear how the man died, and "it is too early to say what happened and speculate."

"We don't know what happened out there, if it is a suicide, a homicide, that is why we investigate these types of cases to determine exactly what happened," he told CNN affiliate WAPT.

The FBI and Mississppi Bureau of Investigations have not released the man's name, but a law enforcement official said he's believed to be 54-year-old Otis Byrd, and both the Claiborne County chapter of the NAACP and family members have confirmed his identity.

The body was found hanging from a tree 500 yards southwest of a house belonging to Byrd's family.

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Marcus Brown: Citizen police or vigilante justice?

Daily Iowan


Police are necessary for society to function efficiently and keep people from robbing and killing each other all day. Granted, we do that anyway, but law enforcement at least serves as a deterrent for the more reasonable members of society. Without some semblance of punishment for wrongdoings, society as we know it would fall apart.

Ordinarily the task of regulating the behavior of the people is assigned to widely recognized forms of law enforcement like police departments. Lately, however, there has been an increasing number of police-like entities operating under similar pretenses that are not actually affiliated with any legitimate avenue of law enforcement.

What we have here are ordinary citizens granted special privilege by the law and acting in the place of recognized law enforcement. While this may not be a blaring issue now, the potential for misuses of power and violation of jurisdiction is too large to allow this influx of civilian policing to go unchecked.

In Virginia there has been a notable example of this trend of private policing that grants substantial influence to the common citizen. Called “special conservators of the peace,” some citizens of Virginia have been equipped by the courts with certain law-enforcement privileges under a provision of state law.

Among the privileges granted by this provision is the ability to “carry a gun, display a badge, and make arrests.” Although the names and abilities vary, there has been a rise in the work of traditional police officers being outsourced to citizens and private police entities.

One could make the argument that by doing this some of the burden is being lifted off of traditional law-enforcement agencies and given to smaller local forces better equipped to deal with the unique issues within a specific community. However, implicit in this argument is the assumption that these smaller informal policing forces can consistently operate within the same capacity as a traditional law enforcement.

If private citizens could be trusted to reliably police their own communities we would have no need for nationwide police forces. While this growth in private policing may work on a small-scale in unique communities, there is no guarantee that it will remain effective when carried on a larger scale.  

The proper functioning of any society requires a method in which the violation of the most basic social contracts can be evaluated and appropriately punished. By extension, entities must be established separate from the everyday citizen to carry out this task judiciously and without bias.

Given these prerequisites, those entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining order amongst the general public must be held to a higher standard than those they are responsible for. Anything less than that is vigilantism. To escape the appeal of vigilante justice, police departments are formed with varying degrees of oversight and accountability to the people. This ideal cannot be forgotten when exploring new methods of policing the general public.


[What White People say about Blacks when they're not around] College Kids in Oklahoma Caught Singing about Lynching Blacks -- 'There Will Never Be a Nigger in Our Fraternity' 

From [HERE] "There will never be a nigger in SAE. There will never be a nigger in SAE. You can hang him from a tree, but he can never sign with me. There will never be a nnigger in SAE."

The national headquarters for Sigma Alpha Epsilon is closing its chapter at the University of Oklahoma after video surfaced Sunday of its white members on a bus singing racist lyrics about their fraternity. [MORE] The SAE website proudly states, “Sigma Alpha Epsilon is the only national fraternity founded in the antebellum South,” the fraternity’s national webpage explains, adding that the frat was “[f]ounded in a time of intense sectional feeling” and that it initially “confined its growth to the southern states.” [MORE]

"Most white people hate black people. The reason that most white people hate Black people is because whites are not Black people. If you know this about white people, you need know little else. If you do not know this about white people, virtually all else that you know about them will only confuse you." - Neely Fuller [MORE] and [MORE]

Say it over and over, Nigger, Nigger, Nigger. Anon says, A Nigger is a non-white person who is subject to White Supremacy. Nigger is what is being done to you. In the absence of white supremacy there would be no niggers. [MORE]

"People who classify themselves as White, who wish to be taken seriously, and who are righteous and responsible, will only talk about ending White Supremacy (Racism) and replacing it with Justice." [MORE] and [MORE] and [MORE]


UN expert says US is the only nation to imprison kids for life without parole

From [HERE] The United States was singled out Monday by a United Nations expert on torture for being the only country in the world that continues to sentence children to life in prison without parole.

“The vast majority of states have taken note of the international human rights requirements regarding life imprisonment of children without the possibility of release,” Juan Méndez, the United Nations special rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment, said in his report, before noting that the United States is the only country to continue the practice.

A sentence of life without parole means life and death in prison — a practice considered cruel and inhumane punishment for juveniles under both international and U.S. law.

“Life sentences or sentences of an extreme length have a disproportionate impact on children and cause physical and psychological harm that amounts to cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment,” the report reads.

Dr. Louis Kraus, the chairman of the juvenile justice reform committee at the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, called the practice “a devastating process to even conceptualize.”

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Texas Delays Scheduled Murder of Black Man: Victim of White Supremacy Seeks Exoneration from Conviction for Rape of White Woman - Evidence of Innocence Hidden from All White Jury by White Prosecutor

From [HERE] Even if death-row inmate Rodney Reed, a black man sentenced in a racially charged trial, is exonerated, he will still have lost at least 19 years of his life. (In photo, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.)

Speaking to Al Jazeera from the Allen B. Polunsky Unit, or "death row," in Texas, Reed said he believes he is a victim of systemic racism, in which the U.S. criminal justice system rushes the “half-cocked” trial and execution of innocents.

Texas was set to execute Reed on Thursday, a day after his interview with Al Jazeera. But after nearly two decades in prison and four attempts to appeal, the state’s Court of Criminal Appeals on Feb. 23 stayed his execution, citing new evidence potentially exonerating him that his attorneys brought to authorities’ attention over a year ago.

Fair trial from a jury of racist suspects? 

Reed, a 47-year-old from Bastrop is on death row for the 1996 abduction, rape and murder of Stacey Stites, a 19-year-old white woman. His attorneys with nonprofit advocacy group the Innocence Project requested that his case be heard again this last time amid developments that the lawyers say strongly suggest he is innocent.

Among those developments is that the forensic investigator in Reed’s original trial now says Reed’s semen, found on Stites’ body — previously a linchpin in the case against him — was likely from a consensual sexual encounter well before her death. 

Stites’ fiancé at the time of her death, Jimmy Fennell, a white police officer, was a suspect in her death until Reed’s conviction, according to Innocence Project attorney Bryce Benjet and local news reports. In 2008, Fennell was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the abduction and rape of a young woman while on duty, The Austin Chronicle reported.

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White Media Focuses on Bad Conduct of Ferguson Cops as "Racism"- but the Determining Feature of Race Relations is Not Prejudice Toward Blacks, but Rather the Superior Position of Whites and the Institutions —ideological as well as structural—which Maintain It.' 

Vast Unequal Power in Ferguson & Everywhere Else in Racist White over Black System. As a consolation/pacification for Darren Wilson facing no criminal charges or federal civil rights violations, the DOJ created a report letting us know there is racism in Ferguson. (We already knew that. Racism is a highly observable worldwide phenomenon that is ignored - no research or study necessary - walk out your apt. and observe). The white media is buzzing about the poor treatment of Blacks by white Ferguson cops cited in the report.  The article below is an example of it. This focus misses the mark. 

"Racism is a structural relationship based on the subordination of one group by another. Given this perspective, the determining feature of race relations is not prejudice toward blacks, but rather the superior position of whites and the institutions —ideological as well as structural—which maintain it." [MORE] The poor treatment is simply evidence that we are in a racist system of white domination and control - police brutality is an effect, not the cause of the problem. Wrong view leads to wrong solutions.

The following article from ThinkProgress cites "9 Egregious Examples Of Racism In Ferguson Uncovered By The Department Of Justice." Right. Incidents that 'the powers that be' - white folks in charge (specifically the white Democrats who dominate St. Louis, Ferguson and Missouri politics & government right now) did nothing about and incidents Blacks were powerless to resolve in a system designed to function that way. Like the Darren Wilson episode. This article should be considered in the context of reality - racism/white supremacy.  

No Remedy From [HERE] Today the Department of Justice announced they would not charge former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson who fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown last August. The Justice Department said that they could not prove that Wilson’s decision to shoot Brown was “objectively unreasonable.” To find that he was guilty of a civil right violation, they would have also had to prove that his actions were motivated by racial bias. [in a system of white supremacy/racism all white people should be suspected of being racist or considered racist suspects. It should be a rebuttable presumption that Wilson was racist]. 

But the Department of Justice, in a separate investigation, did find voluminous evidence of systemic racial bias throughout the Ferguson Police Department and local court system. Here are the 9 most egregious examples.

An African-American man lost his federal contracting job due to trumped up charges:

For example, in the summer of 2012, a 32-year-old African-American man sat in his car cooling off after playing basketball in a Ferguson public park. An officer pulled up behind the man’s car, blocking him in, and demanded the man’s Social Security number and identification. Without any cause, the officer accused the man of being a pedophile, referring to the presence of children in the park, and ordered the man out of his car for a pat-down, although the officer had no reason to believe the man was armed. The officer also asked to search the man’s car. The man objected, citing his constitutional rights. In response, the officer arrested the man, reportedly at gunpoint, charging him with eight violations of Ferguson’s municipal code…because of these charges, he lost his job as a contractor with the federal government that he had held for years. (2)

An African-American man was arrested because his wife asked officers a question:

In June 2014, an African-American couple who had taken their children to play at the park allowed their small children to urinate in the bushes next to their parked car. An officer stopped them, threatened to cite them for allowing the children to “expose themselves,” and checked the father for warrants. When the mother asked if the officer had to detain the father in front of the children, the officer turned to the father and said, “you’re going to jail because your wife keeps running her mouth.” (27)

An African-American man was tased for 20 seconds even though he made no aggressive movements and was unarmed:

In January 2013, a patrol sergeant stopped an African-American man after he saw the man talk to an individual in a truck and then walk away. The sergeant detained the man, although he did not articulate any reasonable suspicion that criminal activity was afoot. When the man declined to answer questions or submit to a frisk…the sergeant grabbed the man by the belt, drew his ECW, and ordered the man to comply. The man crossed his arms and objected that he had not done anything wrong. Video captured by the ECW’s built-in camera shows that the man made no aggressive movement toward the officer. The sergeant fired the ECW, applying a five-second cycle of electricity and causing the man to fall to the ground. The sergeant almost immediately applied the ECW again, which he later justified in his report by claiming that the man tried to stand up. The video makes clear, however, that the man never tried to stand—he only writhed in pain on the ground. (34)

A 14-year-old African-American girl who got into a verbal altercation with a classmate was tased by a School Resource Officer:

In one case, an SRO decided to arrest a 14-year-old African-American student at the Ferguson Middle School for Failure to Comply when the student refused to leave the classroom after getting into a trivial argument with another student. The situation escalated, resulting in the student being drive-stunned with an ECW in the classroom and the school seeking a 180-day suspension for the student. (37)

A Ferguson officer told an African-American man: “N*****, I can find something to lock you up on,” then slammed his face into a wall: [nigger means victim of white supremacy]

This documentary evidence of explicit racial bias is consistent with reports from community members indicating that some FPD officers use racial epithets in dealing with members of the public. We spoke with one African-American man who, in August 2014, had an argument in his apartment to which FPD officers responded, and was immediately pulled out of the apartment by force. After telling the officer, “you don’t have a reason to lock me up,” he claims the officer responded: “N*****, I can find something to lock you up on.” When the man responded, “good luck with that,” the officer slammed his face into the wall, and after the man fell to the floor, the officer said, “don’t pass out motherf****r because I’m not carrying you to my car.” (73)

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D.C. to pay $9.2 million to Black Man for Wrongful Conviction for Rape of White Woman: Locked Up 22 Years, Endured Prison Rapes, has HIV, Depression & Estranged from Family

Nothing New. Newly elected Attorney General Shadowboxing for white folks already. Sounding like a Black Android, Karl Racine (in photo) said the City should not have to pay for the injustice done to Kirk Odom.  

From [HERE] A D.C. Superior Court judge ordered the District government Friday to pay a record $9.2 million in damages to Kirk L. Odom, 52, a Black man who was wrongfully imprisoned for more than 22 years in the rape and robbery of a white woman in her Capitol Hill apartment in 1981.

The amount, set by Judge Neal E. Kravitz, is the second — and largest — award in a case tried before a District judge under the District’s wrongful conviction law, which was approved in 1980. It also is one of the largest non-jury awards in an exoneration case in the United States.

“Mr. Odom spent more than twenty-two years of what should have been the prime of his adult life behind bars for a crime he did not commit,” Kravitz wrote in a 37-page opinion that recounted Odom’s “profound” physical and psychological suffering over the decades that included several prison rapes, his diagnosis with HIV — the virus that causes AIDS — suicide attempts, depression and family estrangement.

“It was readily apparent to the court at trial that Mr. Odom is only a shell of the young man he was at the time of his wrongful conviction, and only a shell of the grown man he would have become had he not been wrongly convicted and unjustly imprisoned,” Kravitz wrote.

In an interview , Odom, who was 18 at the time of the crime, said he welcomed word of the award from his attorneys, but added, “They can’t pay me enough money to give me back the years that I’ve lost.”

Odom, who lives in Southeast Washington with his wife of nearly 10 years, whom he met at an HIV support group, said he is attempting to reconnect with his adult daughter, born weeks before his original trial. “I’m just kind of continuing to move on with my life. It’s hard, but we’re working on it together, which is a good thing,” he said.

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Snowman Beheaded or Photoshop? [where does 'ICES' get those orange suits?

More on war for puppeticians and info on where those orange suits come from. 


[Do You Really Expect Racist Lawmakers & Prison Officials to Enforce The Prison Rape Elimination Act?] The Rape of Too Many Black & Brown Boys in U.S. Prisons

This article from the Atlantic should be considered in the context of white supremacy/racism. The application or inapplication of laws such as the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) by racist lawmakers, law enforcement officers, prosecutors and prison officials creates injustice for non-whites. Neely Fuller calls such laws "non-laws." Racism is the problem, not laws. It is deception or delusional to believe that the elimination of or creation of more laws will have an affect on the way in which racist white people relate to non-whites. [MORE] and [MORE]. [In photo, racist suspect, Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, who has proposed to reduce the PREA's financial penalties.] 

From [HERE] Three years ago, the young man who would later be known as John Doe 1 shuffled into the Richard A. Handlon Correctional Facility in Ionia, Michigan. The town of 11,000 residents, which sits in the remote center of the state, houses five prisons, and over the years, it has earned the nickname “I Own Ya.” John, who was 17, had already gotten over the initial fear of going to an adult prison—he had spent several months at a county jail near Detroit and an intake facility in Jackson—but he also knew he would be spending longer at this lonely outpost, a minimum of three years for a couple of home invasions. It was still wintery in April, and his state-issued jacket was poor protection against the drafts coming through the broken windows, shattered by men who had passed through before. “It was pretty ragged,” he recalled recently, “a tear down.”

The rituals of intake were familiar. Standing in a line with several dozen other men, John stripped off his navy blue scrubs, squatted, and coughed to prove he wasn’t hiding anything. Once inside, he could try grimacing to look tough, as he had in his early mugshots, but he couldn’t hide his skinny frame or his high-pitched voice.

Over the next few days, while bringing trays of food around the blocks for his new kitchen job, John would learn that he had been placed in one of the nicer units (another he saw “looked like a basement, with the lights busted out”). But he also noticed that he was one of the youngest prisoners on the block. The other prisoners noticed too. He was what they called a “fish.”

His first cellmate was an older man, black like John, who was serving a life sentence, and he didn’t say much. But something about him seemed a little off, and that night, John says he awoke and saw this man sitting at a desk, wide awake, and staring right at him. John requested and received a new cell assignment. His second cellmate was also a lifer, and friendly enough, but after a few days the man asked to be paired with another lifer, so John was moved again.

It was around this time that the letters started sliding under his cell door. John would get a lot of letters from other prisoners over the next few months, and while they weren’t always explicit, some certainly were. “You are one sexy nigger,” one read. “You need a white man to show you how to act ... When the opportunity comes I want to sneak in your house and hit that.” Another letter said he had a “fan club.”

John didn’t take these letters seriously; he threw many of them away. He settled into GED classes and shifts serving breakfast and lunch. From the prison library he pulled volumes ranging from the poems of Langston Hughes (“They’re so simple, but they explain so much”) to thriller paperbacks by Dean Koontz and James Patterson.

His new cellmate, whom we’ll call David, had already served a little more than a year out of a minimum of eight for robbery. He was in his early 20s, over six feet with a tuft on his chin and a thin mustache. They talked about their families and the crimes that had gotten them locked up.

But then David said something that struck John as strange. He asked him if he would ever get involved sexually with a man. John knew himself to be heterosexual; he had lost his virginity to a girl the year before. “I just kind of laughed it off,” he recalled.

And then it happened. One night after the last count before bed, John says, his cellmate suddenly attacked him, pulling down both of their pants and wrestling him onto the bottom bunk. John tried to resist, but he was less than 140 pounds, and next to David’s bulk of more than 200 he stood little chance as this powerful man forced his way in, slowly and painfully and in silence, without a condom or lubricant.

John would later estimate that it lasted seven minutes. When David was finished, he told him to keep quiet. John obeyed; though still a fish, he had been down long enough to know that snitches suffer fates worse than rape.

In 2003, while John was still in elementary school, Congress passed the Prison Rape Elimination Act, now usually known as PREA. It was intended to make experiences like his far less likely. But like many ambitious pieces of legislation, its promise has proved difficult to realize. The law required studies of the problem that took far longer than initially intended, and adoption of the guidelines they produced has been painfully slow, resting on the competence and dedication of particular employees. PREA has not been a complete failure, but it is also far from delivering on its promise, and John’s story illustrates many of the hurdles that have impeded the law and still lie in its path.

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[No Such Thing as Innocent Black Male in Racist System] Another White Man Free after Murdering Black Person: No Federal Charges for Zimmerman 

From [HERE] George Zimmerman, the psychopathic white man who fatally shot Trayvon Martin in a 2012 confrontation with the Black unarmed teenager, will not face federal charges, the Justice Department said Tuesday. [yes he is a white man; his father is Jewish and his mother is from Barcelona, Spain - which is in Europe MORE

Zimmerman has said he acted in self-defense when he shot the 17-year-old Martin during a confrontation inside Martin's own gated community in Sanford, Florida, just outside Orlando when he was killed.

[This non-lawyer would have provided a more vigorous prosecution than the team of limp-wristed flunkeys that tried Zimmerman. For show only (or the appearance of justice): they did not want to win.] 

Once Zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder by a state jury in July 2013 after a limp wristed effort by the prosecution, Martin's family turned to the federal investigation in hopes that he would be held accountable for the shooting.

That probe focused on whether the killing amounted to a federal civil rights violation, which would have required proof that it was motivated by racial animosity. Although Martin's parents have said Zimmerman initiated the fight, the Justice Department said there was not enough evidence to establish that Zimmerman willfully deprived Martin of his civil rights -- a difficult legal standard to meet in a racist system of white supremacy-- or killed the teenager on account of his race. [MORE]

More on White Dominance and Black Criminality below courtesy of Amos Wilson

From [HERE] The perpetual domination of African Americans by White Ameri­cans psychically requires the White American criminalization of the African male, i.e., the White American perception of the African male as inherently criminal. In the context of White American domination there is no innocent Black male, just Black male criminals who have not yet been detected, apprehended or convicted. Their mere presence inspires in White Americans, fears of being assaulted, raped, robbed, or some other indefinable dread of being criminally victimized. Fantasies of the sexual molestation of White females by rapacious Black males are common to the White American male and female consciousness, and are frequent themes of their literary, cinematic, and pornographic productions.

For a very large percentage of White Americans, young Black males, sexual promiscuity, and criminality are synonymous. In the dominant White American consciousness the African male is existentially guilty, (i.e., he is guilty by his mere existence) for merely having the audacity of being alive. There is a pervasive feeling among many White Americans that their world would be much more secure if all young Black males were imprisoned, solitarily confined to their ghettos, or kept under constant surveillance. It is no quirky coincidence that such perceptions, feelings and attitudes toward African American males occur most prevalently within the context of White American dominance. Ultimately, criminality of the Black male regardless of its nature, truth or reality, resides in any act or attitude on the part of Black males which appears to White Americans to defy White American authority, control or dominance. It is White America which defines criminality and writes the criminal justice codes. It writes these codes not in the interest of justice as defined by its own moral code, but in the interest of maintaining, justifying and enforcing its continued dominance of the African American community.

In the interest of maintaining and justifying continuity of the White American community, the African male is not only readily suspected of committing crimes, but is actively provoked and seduced into criminality by his White American accusers and persecutors. White America's need to dominate Black America creates the need to perceive the African male as criminal, and to actualize African male criminality by socializing or ritualizing him into it by dent of judicial witchcraft. Such maneuvers are necessary in order to justify the White American community's repression of African Americans and psychodynamically defend the collective White American ego complex. The need to projectively perceive the African male as criminal, to psycho-socially and politicoeconomically condition his criminality, is reflective of repressed White American guilt and criminality. The White American community must realize, though it will not admit it, that crimes committed in the service of White American domina­tion — the rape and robbery of nations, the murder and exploitation of native peoples and their lands, the denial of the humanity of non-European peoples, the enslavement, lynching, racial discrimination against and disenfranchisement of African Americans — infinitely outweigh the alleged crimes of African American men. White American and European denial of their historical criminal subjugation and vicious exploitation of African peoples and their ongoing defense of their continuing criminal subordination of African peoples have psychically infected the African mind with a variant of White American/European communal psychopathology. Such Eurocentric psychopathology is manifested inBlack-on-Black crime, the subject of this essay.

Black male criminality is the stepchild of White male criminal­ity. The White male, in order to enhance and protect his self-image, enjoy the material wealth, power, and political advantages of his criminality, must deny truth and reality: he must not experience the guilty conscience which would result from an acknowledgment and acceptance of his own criminality and psychopathy. His malevolent incrustations must be smoothed over and his criminal dross transmuted to gold. The collective White American ego complex must deny and distort reality if it is to persist in perceiving itself as God's chosen; as sanctified in face of its beastification of the African Americans (particularly males) and its thingification of others. [MORE]


ACLU Report says Rhode Island's Racist Policies and Practices Lead to a lifetime of unequal treatment for Blacks 

From [HERE] and [HERE] In a wide-ranging series of charges in a report [PDF], the American Civil Liberties Union on Thursday said the state's policies and practices discriminate against black Rhode Islanders from childhood to adulthood. [In photo, the Governor of Rhode Island, Gina Marie Raimondo, democrat (the nicer white party).]

The 17-page report, “The School-to-Prison Pipeline in Black and White,” says that blacks are disproportionately suspended from school, stopped and searched by police, arrested and incarcerated. 

The problem is “a persistent and far-reaching" one that contributes to a “school-to-prison pipeline” and “a systematic pattern of pushing students, especially minorities, out of the classroom and into the criminal justice system."

The ACLU report offers a brief but systematic examination of racial disparities in Rhode Island, and how those interconnected disparities can lead to a lifetime of unequal treatment. 

Data has long shown that black Rhode Islanders are disproportionally suspended from school, stopped and searched by police, arrested, and incarcerated. When this data is compiled, as it is in the report, it becomes clear that the disproportionate singling out, scrutinizing, and punishing of black Rhode Islanders is a persistent and far-reaching problem and one that contributes to the school-to-prison pipeline, a systematic pattern of pushing students, especially minorities, out of the classroom and into the criminal justice system. [MORE]

The report follows similar charges by civil rights groups and protesters across the nation and in books like Michelle Alexander's "The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness."

The local ACLU chapter is urging state and municipal leaders to examine state policies, practices and procedures that lead to discrimination. It supports legislation to end racial profiling and limit the use of out-of-school suspensions.

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Oscars TV ratings are a flop [anyway, who gives a f*** about some mindless Hollywood Shit that programs us for our own domination?] 

All white, sister! Looks like when the Knowles sisters get together, they like to party.[MORE]

According to Fortune, television ratings for this year’s Oscars fell 16% from last year’s figures as the show hit a six-year low, according to preliminary Nielsen estimates. The program drew 36.6 million viewers — down from the 43.7 million people last year. Last night’s broadcast represented the lowest ratings since 2009’s show while seeing a particularly harsh drop-off from the 2014 Oscars, which were the most-watched since 2000.


All the chatter about the lack of "diversity" @ the Oscars is just flattery for racists. They love that we want some shit like that - desiring their recognition, acceptance, inclusion. It has no substance. Like Thich Nhat Hanh has said mindless TV and movie programming is toxic, poisonous mental consumption to ingest [MORE]- so go on a media fast if you dare! 

The knee jerk reaction to John Legend making a comment that there are more Black men incarcerated now than there were Black male slaves during slavery days is overblown. Reciting statistics without an explanation or theory is half the story. Racist suspects want as many Blacks locked up as possible. They don't see mass incarceration as a problem. Likewise many programmed Blacks are programmed to believe that locking up "bad" Blacks is a good thing. 

What was missing from Mr. Legend's comment was the commentary that Black men are being locked up in mass because of racism/white supremacy. Specifically, Black men are being locked up by racist white folks in a racist system that they have designed for that purpose. A racist system intended to keep Black people powerless. 

Last week, the ACLU issued a report which found that harsher jail sentences do not deter crime and longer jail sentences actually lead to increased recidivism. To a racist, that is the point - the greater confinement of non-whites. [MORE]  Racist white folks make sure that large numbers of Blacks are underemployed or unemployed and living (on their knees) under conditions that will cause them to do things that are deemed unlawful. Racist lawmakers, prosecutors, judges and jurists have criminalized being Black. Prosecutors and police use their discretionary power to arrest and prosecute Blacks for the most trivial, petty offenses imaginable. Go to an arraignment or preliminary hearings courtroom at your local court house and see for yourself.