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Deeper than Atlantis

Two Psychopathic White Men in South Africa forced a Black man into a coffin & recorded repulsive video

The Psychopathic Racial Personality From [HERE] and [HERE] Victor Mlotshwa was just walking along, minding his own business, when the unthinkable happened.

“There was a footpath there, and I decided to use it,” he said. “The next thing, there was a grave and then a coffin. There was nothing I could do because the other man had a gun.”

Two white men suddenly approached him and accused him of trespassing on a ranch. Before Mlotshwa could escape, he says, they forced him into a coffin nearby. Then he says they threatened to pour gasoline on him and light him on fire. One of the men captured part of the assault on video.

Toward the end of the video, which was taken down from YouTube on Tuesday but is preserved on social media accounts, one of the men tries to close the coffin over Mlotshwa's head while he helplessly wails. It is unclear what happened after that. But the resurfacing of the video has given Mlotshwa a chance at justice for his tormentors, almost three months after he says the incident took place.

“He didn't have evidence to prove what had happened, it's only two weeks back that he decided to open the case. He didn't think anyone would believe him,” Mlotshwa's brother, Thobile, told local media.

South African police were able to track down Willem Oosthuizen and Theo Martins Jackson, and the two appeared together in court Wednesday on charges of kidnapping and assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. A judge decided that their trial would be postponed until January. They will remain in prison on remand.

[this epsiode reminds BW of the Derek Williams episode in Milwaukee. There, white cops allowed Williams to suffocate to death while handcuffed, naked from a strip search, in the back of a police car. He could not breathe after having been pounced on by white cops. He repeatedly told cops he couldn't breathe for at least 15 minutes between the time of his arrest and his death. They repeatedly ignored him, refused to provide medical attention as he suffocated to death - cop car as coffin [MORE]

At the court in Middelburg, in the eastern province of Mpumalanga, Mlotshwa sat just one row behind Oosthuizen and Jackson.

The court was packed to capacity. Members of South Africa's main political parties have lined up behind Mlotshwa. The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), which campaigns for a more even distribution of wealth between white and black South Africans, in particular have taken up his cause and rallied hundreds of people outside the courtroom.

“This humiliation can be based on nothing else but his blackness, which means it is in actual fact a humiliation of black people as a whole,” the EFF said in a statement. They have called for mass protests at the ranch where the incident occurred.

Black people make up 80 percent of South Africa's 54 million population yet most of the economy remains in the hands of white people, who account for about 8 percent of the population. [sounds like the rest of the world, which is 90% non-white). 


How will Cops Enforce Trump's Plan to Remove Undocumented Non-White Immigrants? By Stopping Brown People & Demanding Their Papers 

From [HERE] Donald Trump has pledged to begin deporting millions of undocumented immigrants as soon as he takes office next year.

For now, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck has no plans to help him do it.

“We’re going to maintain the same posture we always have,” Beck told KNX 1070 Monday. “We don’t make detentions or arrests based solely on status, whether that’s immigration status or any other status.”

“If the federal government takes a more aggressive role on deportation, then they’ll have to do that on their own,” he continued.

Beck called any effort to arrest and deport people a “monumental task” and estimated that there are 500,000 undocumented residents in the city of Los Angeles alone.

“This is a population we police by creating partnerships, not by targeting them because of their immigration status,” he added.

Since the earliest days of his presidential campaign, Trump has made immigration enforcement a central pillar of his controversial message to voters. He has promised to build a massive wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, labeled undocumented immigrants “rapists” and pledged to aggressively deport millions of people.

In an interview that aired last Sunday, the president-elect told “60 Minutes” correspondent Lesley Stahl that he would deport 2 million to 3 million undocumented immigrants who “have criminal records.”

“What we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, we have a lot of these people, probably 2 million, it could be even 3 million, we are getting them out of our country or we are going to incarcerate,” he said.

According to the Washington Post Fact Checker, Trump likely gets these estimates from a Department of Homeland Security fiscal 2013 report saying there were 1.9 million “removable criminal aliens.” However, that figure includes undocumented immigrants and people who are lawful permanent residents, or those who have temporary visas.

As for how many of those people are illegally present noncitizens, there are conflicting figures from the think tank Migration Policy Institute and the Center for Immigration Studies. In a fact check, The Post rated Trump’s figures “Two Pinocchios,” noting that federal immigration enforcement data is “not always transparent or reliable.”

Already, under President Obama’s orders, an increasing percentage of those deported were people with criminal records, according to DHS. In fiscal 2015, 91 percent of “removals and returns” were people previously convicted of a crime, compared to 86 percent in fiscal 2014 and 67 percent in fiscal 2011.

If there was one location in the United States in which Trump could make the largest dent in the country’s undocumented population, it would be sprawling Los Angeles County, where citizens and noncitizens have lived side-by-side for decades.

Almost a quarter of the nation’s 11 million undocumented immigrants live in California, according to the Public Policy Institute of California. With an undocumented population of nearly 815,000, according to PPIC, Los Angeles County has more undocumented residents than any county in the state.

Though estimates vary, experts calculate that more than 1.6 million illegal immigrants live in Texas, making it second only to California in the size of its undocumented population.

The LAPD has spent decades avoiding a significant role in the enforcement of federal immigration policies, even as the city’s undocumented immigrant population swelled.

Click to read more ...


White Media Plays Dumb, asking "Why Do White Women Continue to Back the GOP?" Answer: Racism/White Supremacy

Since last Tuesday white folks have been playing a pretend game to keep Blacks & Latinos asleep; talking about 'why did white folks vote for Trump?' Yesterday, the Atlantic asked "Why Do White Women Continue to Back the GOP?" The answer is white supremacy/racism. White women also practice racism and identifed with a racist campaign. Dr. Varius Blynd's Funktionary explains the following dose of reality: 

racist suspect - any white person who is capable of practicing racism against non-whites. In general if a Caucasian is able to be a Racist (White Supremacist), he or she may be one and should be presumed to be racist. According to Neely Fuller as long as white supremacy exists every person classified as 'white' should be suspected of being Racist. Since all whites are able to practice racism in a white supremacy system if they choose to do so, it is correct (and logical) to use the term "racist suspects" to identify whites who do not openly function as white supremacists (racists) . Caucasians who do nothing to oppose white supremacy are its silent partners benefiting from this worldwide social political economic arrangement of domination. Those who do nothing about it or cooperate with it are also racist/white supremacist. Noted psychiatrist Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, has stated, "people who classify themselves as White, who wish to be taken seriously, and who are righteous and responsible, will only talk about ending White Supremacy (Racism) and replacing it with Justice."


Federal judge orders Flint Michigan to deliver bottled water to each household: four cases of bottled water per week per resident

From [HERE] A federal judge in Michigan on Thursday ordered [opinion, PDF] the city of Flint to deliver bottled water to its residents after the town switched to a more affordable water source that resulted in lead contamination. The plaintiffs initially filed a preliminary injunction accusing the city of violating the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) [text, PDF] and requesting both immediate and long term relief. Judge David Lawson granted the injunction, ruling that public interest and necessity overruled the defendant's argument that relief would create a heavy financial burden. Flint is about 60% Black. [MOREThe water crisis has lasted 30 months. [MORE] and [MORE]

How the water crisis is resolved ultimately will be left to the City of Flint and the State of Michigan. Nonetheless, there is an immediate danger to Flint residents, and the nature of the defendants' violations reasonably justify the relief ordered herein. There is already a water distribution mechanism in place, so the relief the plaintiffs seek in light of what is already being provided may be a far less drastic than the defendants believe. The public interest factor favors the plaintiffs.

As per the judge's order, the city must provide each household with four cases of bottled water per week per resident. 

Numerous lawsuits have been filed in response to the Flint water contamination crisis. Last month a federal judge ruled [JURIST report] that Flint residents can sue state officials over the recent water crisis. In May the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People brought a lawsuit [JURIST report] against against Michigan officials for their action and inaction in Flint. A month prior a group of Flint residents filed an administrative complaint [JURIST report] against the Environmental Protection Agency for negligence in handling the Flint water crisis. David Leyton, a prosecutor in Genesee County, Michigan, announced in April that a Michigan judge would allow criminal charges [JURIST report] against three people involved in the water crisis in Flint, including the man who supervised the treatment plant as well as two state environmental officials. Earlier in April the city of Flint filed [JURIST report] an intent to sue letter with the state, claiming that the city lacks funds to defend itself against lawsuit filed during the water crisis. Hertz Schram PC, a southeastern Michigan firm, filed [JURIST report] a class action lawsuit in March on behalf of the children in Flint who were injured by exposure to the high levels of lead in the city's drinking water.


SPLC finds Over 200 Incidents of Hateful Harassment & Intimidation by White People Since Election Day

From [HERE] Reports of hateful intimidation and harassment erupted across social media networks in the wake of the presidential election Tuesday night. 

Pulling from news reports, social media, and direct submissions at the Southern Poverty Law Center's website, the SPLC had counted 201 incidents of election-related harassment and intimidation across the country as of Friday, November 11 at 5pm. These range from anti-Black to anti-woman to anti-LGBT incidents. There were many examples of vandalism and epithets directed at individuals. Often times, types of harassment overlapped and many incidents, though not all, involved direct references to the Trump campaign. Every incident could not be immediately independently verified.

Anti-Black and Anti-immigrant incidents were far and away the most reported with anti-Muslim being the third most common. The category of "Trump" consisted of incidents where there was no clear racially defined target, like the pro-Trump vandalism of a "unity" sign in Connecticut. [MORE]


Greg Palast: The Election was Stolen – Here’s How  

The Vanishing Majority (White People) Must Rig Elections (practice racism) to Survive. From [HEREBefore a single vote was cast, the election was fixed by GOP and Trump operatives.

Starting in 2013 – just as the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act – a coterie of Trump operatives, under the direction of Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, created a system to purge 1.1 million Americans of color from the voter rolls of GOP–controlled states.

 The system, called Crosscheck, is detailed in my Rolling Stone report, “The GOP’s Stealth War on Voters,” 8/24/2016.

Crosscheck in action:  

Trump victory margin in Michigan:                         13,107

Michigan Crosscheck purge list:                           449,922 


Trump victory margin in Arizona:                           85,257 

Arizona Crosscheck purge list:                            270,824 


Trump victory margin in North Carolina:               177,008

North Carolina Crosscheck purge list:                   589,393 

On Tuesday, we saw Crosscheck elect a Republican Senate and as President, Donald Trump.  The electoral putsch was aided by nine other methods of attacking the right to vote of Black, Latino and Asian-American voters, methods detailed in my book and film, including “Caging,” “purging,” blocking legitimate registrations, and wrongly shunting millions to “provisional” ballots that will never be counted.  

Trump signaled the use of “Crosscheck” when he claimed the election is “rigged” because “people are voting many, many times.”  His operative Kobach, who also advised Trump on building a wall on the southern border, devised a list of 7.2 million “potential” double voters—1.1 million of which were removed from the voter rolls by Tuesday. The list is loaded overwhelmingly with voters of color and the poor. Here's a sample of the list

Those accused of criminal double voting include, for example, Donald Alexander Webster Jr. of Ohio who is accused of voting a second time in Virginia as Donald EUGENE Webster SR.

No, not everyone on the list loses their vote.  But this was not the only racially poisonous tactic that accounted for this purloined victory by Trump and GOP candidates.

For example, in the swing state of North Carolina, it was reported that 6,700 Black folk lost their registrations because their registrations had been challenged by a group called Voter Integrity Project (VIP). VIP sent letters to households in Black communities “do not forward.”  If the voter had moved within the same building, or somehow did not get their mail (e.g. if their name was not on a mail box), they were challenged as “ghost” voters.  GOP voting officials happily complied with VIP with instant cancellation of registrations. 

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In New Southwest Airlines Commercial Blacks are Serving Whites 'Any Way They Want It' in Racist System of Unequal Power 


Voters in 3 states approve measures to strengthen Death Penalty = State Approved Murder of Blacks 

Marshall Project

You can hold off on those stories about the demise of capital punishment in America, at least as far as public opinion goes. Voters in three states, two reds and a blue, decisively endorsed capital punishment in a series of ballot initiatives decided late Tuesday into Wednesday.

In California, voters appear to have rejected a measure that would have repealed the death penalty and at the same time by a smaller margin endorsed a measure whose sponsors contend will expedite executions in the Golden State. The results, a crushing blow to capital abolitionists in the state and around the country, nevertheless guarantees years of additional litigation over the new procedures designed to empty the nation’s largest death row.

In Nebraska, voters decisively turned on their own legislators and restored the death penalty. Lawmakers repealed capital punishment in 2015, citing its costs among other factors, but Gov. Pete Ricketts led an expensive campaign to bring back executions. His message clearly resonated in a state that has 10 death row inmates who have been in limbo for the past 18 months. The “repeal the repeal” movement won by margins as large as 4-1 in some counties outside of Lincoln and Omaha, reported the World-Herald.

Finally, in Oklahoma, a state with a chaotic recent history of executions, voters overwhelming shored up their state’s death penalty by amending the constitution to confirm that capital punishment is not “cruel and unusual punishment” under the Eighth Amendment and to give legislators the power to change the methods of execution if one is declared unconstitutional.


Smug, Ineffective Clinton Campaign Would Prolly also Fuck Up Jello [HATE is Stronger than Like/indifference]

The WhiteLash: Racist White Lives Matter. First in 2008 the arrogant, entitled HRC folks overlooked Obama and failed to strangle him in the crib allowing his campaign to blow up and now this. [Only a loser could lose a fixed fight.] From HERE] Donald Trump's angry, hateful talk about Latinos and African-Americans failed to send enough voters in these groups into the arms of Hillary Clinton.

Some 88% of black voters supported Clinton, versus 8% for Trump, who said repeatedly that black communities are in the worst shape ever.

While that's a large margin, it's not as big as President Barack Obama's victory over Mitt Romney in 2012. Obama locked up 93% of the black vote to Romney's 7%.

Clinton's hold over Latinos was even more tenuous, despite Trump accusing undocumented immigrants of being criminal aliens and promising to deport them.

Only 65% of Latinos supported her, while 29% cast their votes for Trump. In 2012, Obama won 71% of the Hispanic vote, while Romney secured 27%. [MORE]

Dr. Blynd offers the following analysis: 

Electoral Politics - a polyogue of agreed upon illusions and false (deflectionary) issues. (See: Politicking & Pathocracy) 

Electorate  - the democratically hoodwinked. 2) the every four year scam-a-thon. (See Voting & Votescam)


And If Trump were Black Would All these Racists Give a Shit About Serial Email Deletion? [the Deluded White Votary & their Ghost Problems] 

[MORE] and [MOREDeluded racist sheep want to be deceived. Trump is standing for whatever they will fall for. All the racist white votary cares about is their hatred of non-white people - so any excuse to vote for Trump will do. 

Polling conducted earlier this year found that 65 percent of Trump supporters believe Obama is a Muslim; 59 percent believe Obama wasn’t born in the United States; 40 percent believe blacks are more “lazy” than whites; 31 percent support banning homosexuals from the country; 16 percent believe whites are a superior race; and 20 percent disagree with Lincoln’s signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed Southern slaves. [MORE]

Undeceiver, Neely Fuller plainly states, "Most white people hate Black people. The reason that most white people hate Black people is because whites are not Black people. If you know this about white people, you need know little else. If you do not know this about white people, virtually all else that you know about them will only confuse you."

A Black Church Burned in the Name of Trump! [MORE]

Amos Wilson breaks it down as follows:

'The Republican party is notorious for the strategy that requires the party to agitate latent emotional resentment and turn them into marketable political traits. The new raw materials for this are drawn from enduring social aggravations — wounds of race, class and religion, even sex. This strategy which centers around projecting the idea that the White populace is threatened by over­whelming alien forces, particularly Black criminals, non-white immigrants and Blacks demanding welfare and special entitlements, is not a strategy for governance. Again, as Greider notes, "The party's method deliberately coaxes emotional responses from people — teases their anxieties over values they hold important in their own lives — but then walks away from the anger and proceeds to govern on its real agenda, defending the upper-class interest of wealth and corporate power." He concludes that "The Republican party is not a party of conservative ideology. It is a party of conservative clients. Wherever possible, the ideology will be invoked as justification for taking care of the client's needs. When the two are in conflict, the conservative principles are discarded and the clients are served.'

Wilson further explains that many whites see "Blacks as the Primary Impediment to Governing." He states, at the center of American politics and governance stands the alien presence of Black America. This presence is White America's number one domestic issue and problem. This presence in its own peculiar way very significantly defines the shape and character of the collective White American psyche and body politic. This group, the Afrikan American community, intrudes disturbingly into White consciousness as insistently and persistently as White America seeks to exclude it from its midst and to deny and distort its reality through projective and self-deceptive stereotyping processes. Thomas and Mary Edsall cut right to the heart of the matter in their introductory remarks to an article titled "Race" published in the Atlantic Monthly (May, 1991):

Race is no longer a straightforward, morally unambiguous force in American politics; instead, considerations of race are now deeply imbedded in the strategy and tactics of politics, in competing concepts of the function and responsibility of government, and in each voter's conceptual structure of moral and partisan identity. Race helps define liberal and conservative ideologies, shapes the presidential coalitions of the Democratic and Republican parties, provides a harsh new dimension to concern over taxes and crime, drives a wedge through alliances of the working classes and the poor, and gives both momen­tum and vitality to the drive to establish a national majority inclined by income and demography to support policies benefitting the affluent and the upper-middle class. In terms of policy, race has played a critical role in the creation of a political system that has tolerated, if not supported, the growth of the disparity between rich and poor...'

The Edsalls give further evidence of the antipathy many in the White American nation have for Afrikan Americans in reporting the results of an analysis of the attitudes of White "Reagan democrats," i.e., White, nominally Democrats who supported Ronald Reagan and Republican party politics during the past decade. Their study found that many working class, non-college educated whites express a profound distaste for blacks, a sentiment that pervades almost everything they think about government and politics. Blacks constitute the explanation for these white voters' vulnerability and provide an explanation for almost everything that has gone wrong in their lives; not being black is what constitutes being middle class; not living with blacks is what makes a neighborhood a decent place to live ... These sentiments have important implications for Democrats, as virtually all progressive symbols and themes have been redefined in racial and pejorative terms ....

The special status of blacks is perceived by almost all of these individuals as a serious obstacle to their personal advancement. Indeed, discrimination against whites has become a well-assimi­lated and ready explanation for their status, vulnerability and failures.'


"Im With that Racist Too" - Patriots Coach Bill Belichick says he Voted For Trump


From [HERE


Colin Kaepernick comments on election hoax 2016: "what is this country really standing for?"

Colin Kaepernick spoke of the 'oppression of Black people that is done systematically' and the illusion of this election. That took courage.  Dr. Frances Cress Welsing explained that most Black people fear confronting white supremacy/racism. Many Blacks are dominated by this fear. Taking your head out of the sand to face the mirror is a risk in a racist society. In all areas of people activity, elite whites quickly filter out Blacks not controlled by the crowd and handsomely reward those most effectively programmed for their own destruction. (It is easy for advocates & certain public persons to do and say things their audience expects them to do and say - there is no risk involved). Can you openly confront racism/white supremacy in your current position, job or business? Don't look before you leap. [Mind is the problem.]

According to the Funktionary:

Elections - The advanced auction of stolen goods. 2) rituals where periodically citizen-subjects are called upon to "participate" in the staged hoax ratification of one group of state managers or another, which provides the comforting illusion of "democracy" where none exists. 3) Dumbocracy in action; stage prop to enable the puppeteer and his puppeticians to pull the strings of you and me. 4) show and shell games. 5) the orchestration and preservation of the illusion of choice and open competition. [MORE]

According to Bhagwan

Courage - Means going into the unknown in spite of all the fears. Courage does not mean fearlessness. Fearlessness happens if you go on being courageous and more courageous. That is the ultimate experience of courage -- fearlessness; that is the fragrance when the courage has become absolute. But in the beginning there is not much difference between the coward and the courageous person. The only difference is, the coward listens to his fears and follows them, and the courageous person puts them aside and goes ahead. The courageous person goes into the unknown in spite of all the fears. He knows the fears, the fears are there.

When you go into the uncharted sea, like Columbus did, there is fear, immense fear, because one never knows what is going to happen and you are leaving the shore of safety. You were perfectly okay, in a way; only one thing was missing -- adventure. Going into the unknown gives you a thrill. The heart starts pulsating again; again you are alive, fully alive. Every fiber of your being is alive because you have accepted the challenge of the unknown.

To accept the challenge of the unknown in spite of all fears, is courage. The fears are there, but if you go on accepting the challenge again and again, slowly slowly those fears disappear. The experience of the joy that the unknown brings, the great ecstasy that starts happening with the unknown, makes you strong enough, gives you a certain integrity, makes your intelligence sharp. For the first time you start feeling that life is not just a boredom but an adventure. Then slowly slowly fears disappear; then you are always seeking and searching for some adventure.

But basically courage is risking the known for the unknown, the familiar for the unfamiliar, the comfortable for the uncomfortable arduous pilgrimage to some unknown destination. One never knows whether one will be able to make it or not. It is gambling, but only the gamblers know what life is.

An African delegation to Moscow was being treated to all aspects of Russian culture. One of the secret service agents was telling an African how to play Russian roulette with a six-shooter handgun with only one bullet in the chamber.

"You put it to your head," he said, "and pull the trigger." The African was not impressed. "African roulette is much more fearsome!" he said.

"Impossible!" exclaimed the Russian, "Please explain."

"There are six naked women," said the African, "and each one will give you a blowjob -- you just choose any one." "That needs no courage," sneered the Russian.

"Aha!" exclaimed the African. "But one of them is a cannibal!"


[Trump is Not Pandering to White Folks?] A goddamm shame. Coin-Operated Black Pastor Massa'bator Not Ashamed to be Called "Trump Surrogate"

Hey Pastor. Fuck Trump. From [HERE] Pastor Mark Burns, an African-American supporter of [Democract puppet] Donald Trump who has been defending the candidate's recent outreach to minority voters in the media, tweeted a cartoon Monday of Hillary Clinton in black face, mocking her outreach to black voters.

Black Americans, THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTES and letting me use you again..See you again in 4 years.

— Pastor Mark Burns (@pastormarkburns) August 29, 2016

In the cartoon, Clinton is standing at a podium holding a sign reading, "#@!* the police" and "I ain't no ways tired of pandering to African-Americans."

Meanwhile 60 days out and Trump wants props for actually giving his first (1st) campaign speech to niggers in the mostly nigger motor city, Detroit. Will he will be escorted by SWAT cops and tanks and speak behind bullet proof glass? [MORE] Fuck Trump. [photo from Wonkette

Burns apologized for the tweet Monday night in a video. "Obviously many people were offended by my tweet and it was not at all my intention ... I really am a shepherd to God's people and the last thing I would want to do is offend people." The tweet, he continued, was intended to shed light on how the Democratic Party has "been pandering and using black people just for their votes." 

Like that, in Blackface? The only 'simple minded darkie singing and dancing for white folks' seems to be old Pastor Massa'bator here. Wish Clinton would say "fuck the police." [note that both candidates/white media are using the terms "racist" and "racists" confusingly as bigotry or as name calling - as opposed to racists as "upholders, supporters and perpetrators of the institution of the White Supremacy Dynamic "in a system of oppression (structured and perpetuated injustice—racism"- hat tip to Colin Kaepernick. In this way perpetrators and participants in the system of racism can pretend they have nothing to do with it. It is also ironic here because the Republican party is a racial identity party. It is designed to appeal to white people as white people... not as union-members or as unemployed people or as home-owners... as white people [MORE]). This mf is a lunchbox. Why the fuck would any Black man want to be called a "surrogate" for a racist suspect puppetician like Trump or Clinton anyway? Money, love of being dominated, a buttery biscuit, what could it be alleged brah?

Always endeavoring to undeceive Dr. Blynd PhF offers the following explanation in the Funktionary (copyright Chocolate City Press). 

coin-operated - the apt name for greedy folk who only act if there is money, power or fame in the game (endeavor-typically and consciously undertaken underhandedly at another's expense. 2) anyone with a sell-out-slot that doubles as a mouth or who easily bends south. 3) the subsumable drive for money, prestige and power. The living-larger sell-outs have to use the cracks of their arse as a discredit card swiper—since the stakes are higher and call for more drastic measures and high-volume transfers (the booty of sell-out treasures) can only be accessed in the form of plastic pleasures.  They call them token Negroes because they are coin-operated.   If you put money in them they will dispense (espew—espouse and spew) the view, vision, wishes, ideas, thoughtforms, ideology, hopes and dreams of the customer.   (See: Piece-Activists, Sniggers, Massa'bators, BOHICANs, Greedy, Ho-Reps, Selfishness, NSA Position & Racism White Supremacy)

massa'bating - the practice of a native Black American "coming" to terms with his or her Negrohood—or sell-out status—by mechanically stroking the pulsating ego of the massa' and then jacking into the Matrix for his sole gratification, i.e., the continuance of global racism white supremacy. Just imagine taking off from Airstrip One flying around the world on Air Force One drinking some Victory gin with a buck-dancing massa'bator with a grimace that doubles for a grin. A male massa'bator cannot possibly be self-respecting as long as he is self-erecting the edifice of oppression through the self-protection of historical amnesia—forgetting where he has "come" from. Massa'bators give auto-eroticism a bad reputation by word association at the angle of incidence. Massa'bators always jump to get their Party members off—the hook that is, by taking the heat when political friction gets too hot for their masters as they vacillate back-and-forth. The one thing a massa'bator never comes to—is the conclusion that he or she is one.


Colin Kaepernick Takes a Courageous Stand Against the 'Oppression of Blacks' by Sitting Down For National Anthem 

html5 video converter by v3.9.1

From [HERE] With much to lose, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick left the sideline of safety and talked about the official oppression of African Americans and other non-white people in this system of white supremacy/racism. On Friday he refused to stand for the playing of the national anthem before a pre-season game. 

"I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color," Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview with Steve Wyche [above] after the game. "To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder." [MORE]

Speaking out against the already unlawful use of excessive force by government servants is really not a radical thing to do. Only unconscious idiots with screens over their eyes could be pro-police brutality. However, taking a stand against the systematic oppression of Black people is an adventure for a Black NFL quarterback with a shaky future. Kaepernick spoke about a system that refuses to punish white cops who murder Blacks in broad daylight and rewards them for doing so. The same system may now punish him or act to filter him out - if that in fact is what he meant and what Wyche heard him say. Here, he gambled - or risked the known for the unknown. ["only the gamblers know what life is"] Can you do the same? 


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