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Deeper than Atlantis

False Flag Data Crunch: Muslims have been victims in 82-97 percent of terrorism-related fatalities over the past five years

From [HERE] and [MORE] Out of the 84 victims who died in the Nice attacks on France’s Bastille Day, at least 30 were Muslims, figures based on the types of funerals required by relatives released by local Nice authorities revealed Tuesday.

The Muslim victims came from or had roots in many different countries including Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, according to Otmane Aissaoui, head of a Nice mosque and president of the Union of Muslims of Alpes-Maritimes.

In response to the attack in Nice, Aissaoui called for calm and social unity. “I fear the rise of anger, with politicians conflating all issues together,” he warned in comments made to local media.

“Everyone in our country has some share of responsibility: political and media elites, associations, imams, everyone needs to question themselves.”

One of the victims, Fatima Charrihi, 62, was a mother of seven and was born in Morocco. Aissaoui said she was a regular visitor of mosques. “What I can say is that she wore the Muslim veil, she practiced a balanced and fair Islam, a genuine Islam—not the Islam of the terrorists.”

“The authors of the attacks could not be Muslims because the very first victim was Muslim,” one of Charrihi’s daughters told public TV channel France 3.

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the French-Tunisian driver responsible for the truck attack, was not known to French intelligence as a radical despite the Islamic State group’s claims that he was “one of (their) soldiers.”

Bouhlel had previously been convicted of road rage. His father said the attack was possibly due to a nervous breakdown and had nothing to do with religion. “He didn’t pray, he didn’t fast, he drank alcohol,” the father told AFP.

Many reports have documented that Muslims are more likely to be the victims of terror attacks than non-Muslims.

A 2011 report by the National Counterterrorism Center, a U.S. government organization, found that Muslims have been victims in 82-97 percent of terrorism-related fatalities over the past five years.

Meanwhile, the U.S.-led war on terror launched after 9/11 has killed between 1.3-2 million civilians in Muslim countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, according to a 97-page report in 2015 by the Nobel Peace Prize-winning doctors’ group Physicians for Social Responsibility.


Leslie Jones is Black, Female, and in ‘Ghostbusters’ - So All the Hate Must Be About Ghostbusters 

After Racists Harass Leslie Jones Off Twitter, the Site [owned by racist suspects] Finally Acts. From [HERE] and [HERE] "Most white people hate Black people. The reason that most white people hate Black people is because whites are not Black people. If you know this about white people, you need know little else. If you do not know this about white people, virtually all else that you know about them will only confuse you." -Neely Fuller and [MORE] and [MORE]


[b/c their lives in service of white domination matter more than yours] White Lawmakers Propose Cop-Protection Laws that could Send Thousands to Prison

From [HERE] A bill introduced in response to the fatal shooting of five policemen in Dallas would impose strict mandatory minimum sentences for attacks on law enforcement, reports U.S. News and World Report. The Back the Blue Act, introduced by Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas, includes a 30-year minimum sentence for killing a federal judge, federal law enforcement officer or a “federally funded public safety officer.” The legislation would also federalize and establish mandatory minimums for the much more common offense of assaulting an officer.

“You could see why a senator from Texas would feel inspired to do something, but it’s very clear now mandatory minimums are not the way to go,” says Ashley Nellis, a senior research analyst at The Sentencing Project.

“These assault pieces are very vague and could potentially bring in thousands of more people who are in an altercation with a police officer and give them a little scratch on their arm,” she says. “We want everyone to go peacefully under arrest, but we know that doesn’t happen. It’s naturally a complicated situation.”

From [HERE] Additionally Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced on Monday that he plans to propose a law providing for additional punishment for crimes against law enforcement officers. The proposed Police Protection Act (PPA) would extend hate crime protections to law enforcement officers, organize a "campaign to educate young Texans on the value law enforcement officers bring to their communities" and "increase criminal penalties for any crime in which the victim is a law enforcement officer" even if the crime would not otherwise qualify as a hate crime. Abbott used assault with bodily injury as an example of a crime subject to the proposed enhancements, from the current third degree felony to a second degree felony under the proposal.


Is Your Gov. Lying to You? Baton Rouge Police Shooting Conspiracy Gavin Eugene Long Fake Black Conscious Puppet

From [HERE] and [MORE]


[mostly white] Houston Prosecutors Used Bootleg Drug Tests Taken by Cops to Obtain Bootleg Plea Deals: 298 wrongful drug convictions identified in audit 

A Voluntary, Knowing and Intelligent Guilty Plea? From [HERE] A Houston police officer pulled Barry Demings over as he headed to work in Beaumont and plucked a spot of white powder off the floorboard of Demings' year-old Ford Explorer.

Demings had just detailed the SUV - and wondered later if a speck of soap upended his life.

"I never even saw it," he said, explaining how the officer dropped the speck into a small test kit and said "it came back for cocaine."

Demings was charged with felony drug possession based on the results of the primitive test that costs about $2 and has been found to have a high error rate. He was told he could face a sentence as long as 30 years based on old prior convictions - no one mentioned waiting for a crime lab to verify the officer's roadside result.

He insisted he was innocent but got scared and accepted a plea deal. He lost his job, his girlfriend and his Explorer. Upon release, he decided to leave Texas behind forever.

In 2015 - seven years later - the Harris County District Attorney's Office notified him that Houston's crime lab found no cocaine in the sample. He filed a writ of habeus corpus with the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and was finally exonerated.

He is among 298 people convicted of drug possession even though crime lab tests later found no controlled substances in the samples, according to a far-reaching audit of drug cases by the Harris County District Attorney's Office. So far, 131 of them, like Demings, have had their convictions overturned in cases that go back to 2004. About 100 other cases remain under review for potential dismissal.

In all 298 cases, prosecutors accepted both felony and misdemeanor plea deals before lab tests were performed. The $2 roadside tests, which officers use to help establish probable cause for an arrest, cannot be used at trial as evidence under Texas law.

So far, only a few of the exonerees have been deemed "actually innocent" by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals - a necessary step to win compensation from the state for being wrongfully convicted. [in photo Devon Anderson, The Harris County District Attorney. Notice how they always seem to have non-white cops standing next to them - like potted plants.]

Click to read more ...


[Believing (Not Seeing) is Always Dangerous] Here's a Guess about Baton Rouge. There Will be No Actual Video, His Dead Body Will Never Be Seen & Lots of Unauthenticated, Unverifiable Statements from Social Media will be Attributed to the "alleged terrorist"

False Flag from Uncle Sham in Baton Rouge? Once again, No Criminal investigation, No Criminal Process and No Trial where actual evidence and witnesses can be rigorously tested, cross examined and authenticated in front of a jury. Maybe it's just conicidence. From [HERE] and [HERE] An alleged "Black" gunman fatally shot three law enforcement officers and wounded three others here on Sunday before being killed in a shootout with the police. The attack’s motive was unclear as of Sunday evening, leaving an anxious nation to wonder whether the anger over recent police shootings had prompted another act of retaliation against officers.

Some details about the gunman began to emerge late Sunday: Officials identified him as Gavin Long, an African-American military veteran. According to military records released by the Marine Corps, Mr. Long served as a data network specialist and was a sergeant when he left the Marines in 2010. He enlisted in his hometown, Kansas City, Mo., in 2005, and was deployed to Iraq from June 2008 to January 2009, his records show. They also show a number of commendations, including the Good Conduct Medal.

Officials initially believed that there might have been other possible suspects involved in the attack, but the superintendent of the Louisiana State Police, Col. Michael D. Edmonson, said at a news conference that it was the act of a lone gunman. 

Colonel Edmonson said a call came in to police dispatch early Sunday reporting “a guy carrying a weapon” in the vicinity of the Hammond Aire Plaza shopping center on Airline Highway — a commercial thoroughfare dotted with carwashes, car dealerships and chain stores that cuts through a leafy residential neighborhood. 

People Heard it but Nobody Saw it. On Sunday, around 8:40 a.m., law enforcement officers observed the man, wearing all black and holding a rifle, outside a beauty supply store, the colonel said. In the next four minutes, there were reports of shots fired and officers struck, said Colonel Edmonson, whose agency will take the lead on the investigation, helped by local and federal investigators.

Mark Clements, who lives near the shopping center, said in a telephone interview that he was in his backyard when he heard shots ring out. “I heard probably 10 to 12 gunshots go off,” he said. “We heard a bunch of sirens and choppers and everything since then.”

Avery Hall, 17, who works at a nearby carwash, said he was on his way to work when the gunfire erupted. “I was about to pull in at about 8:45, and we got caught in the crossfire,” he said. “I heard a lot of gunshots — a lot. I saw police ducking and shooting. I stopped and pulled into the Dodge dealership. I got out and heard more gunshots. We ducked.”

On the police dispatch radio, a voice could be heard shouting: “Shots fired! Officer down! Shots fired. Officer down! Got a city officer down.” 

Around 8:48 a.m., officers fired at the suspect, killing him, Colonel Edmonson said.

On Sunday afternoon, officials said that two of the slain officers were Baton Rouge city police officers, and that the third was from the Sheriff’s Department. One city police officer and two sheriff’s deputies were wounded, including one who was in critical condition. [MORE] 

Now, over the next week observe more talk about taking away gun rights, more white media promotion of Black Lives Matter [as if anyone who protests against getting beat down by cops and having their human rights ignored is somehow affiliated with this "group," which basically is benign with its organized, traditional, lawful protests] and of course loads of anecdotal information information that would never be admissible in court- such as statements about the alleged terrorist by anonymous persons and unverifiable and unauthenticated statements attributed to the alleged terrorist [and victims] in social media. Anybody, anywhere can tweet, post comments or blog and claim to be anybody they want to be. In court during an actual contested criminal trial such information is very difficult to verify and authenticate - that is, for information to be accepted by the court for what the government claims it to be an evidentiary foundation must be laid. Instead the elite white media can just use our own conditioned imagination for us to accept [whatever] at face value because they said so. Recently the media and government even claimed [in the media of course never in court] that a dead rapper was jihad based solely on his Facebook page and tweets! [MORE] Also, look for a 'let's focus on the victims approach' instead of a presentation of actual facts about what occurred -9/11 style. Maybe the cops will even find a "manifesto" or "murder journal" where the terrorist's detailed plan to walk to a gas station, wait for cops to arrive and then have a shootout will be revealed. It's early, it doesn't mean that this is not real and that innocent police did not die- but it smells like a manufactured inside job. 

Sound like real fear or a government agent or bad acting from Hollywood actress? And still no one saw a murder. Anyway, where is the gas station video? But he wore a mask so.... Belief is cheap. These terrorists never seem to intefere with each other's news cycle. Believe what you want and at your own risk. 


False Flag in France? Like the "alleged brother" in Dallas. Dead "Terrorists" Cannot Talk but White Media Can Speak their Dying Declarations & Confessions for them 

From [HERE] and [HEREAnother terror event in France. On Bastille Day; 14th of July, the day commemorating the French Revolution of 1789, the most important French National Holiday. This time in Nice, killing at least 84 people, many children – and leaving scores injured.

President Hollande will eventually achieve his objective – being the first country in Europe with permanent Martial Law. He has already declared to extend the current State of Emergency for another three months, when it expires on 26 July.

“Odd that the ‘terrorists’ didn’t bother to drive 8 miles up the road to Monaco, where they would have found plenty of elites to run down!”

For some reason, “ISIS” has no interest in attacking people in power, including the people responsible for the war on Islam that has killed millions of Muslims since 9/11. Nor do they attack Israelis or Zionists.

Instead, they slaughter random civilians—almost all of them Muslim—and do everything they can to make Islam, and the concept of an “Islamic state” (a concept supported by a majority of Muslims worldwide) look bad.

Over 95% of ISIS’s victims, probably closer to 99%, are Muslim; attacks in places like France are statistically the exception. Yet the media frames it as “Muslims attacking the West.” This does seem “odd,” Keith—until we wake up and realize that “ISIS” stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

*The trucker, conveniently shot dead, will never be able to reveal who put him up to it. How hard would it have been to disable the truck, say by shooting out the tires, and then try to capture the “terrorist” alive so he could be interrogated and his network taken down?

There are ways of rendering people unconscious, or unable to fight, without killing them. For some reason, though, the authorities NEVER want to capture any “terrorists” alive.

*Barbara Honegger, one of the greatest activist-researchers in the 9/11 truth movement, writes:

“The Nice truck attack happened the day that France’s state of emergency from the last attack was to have ended.  In response, Hollande extended the state of emergency for another three months. The area where the truck hit the crowd had been blocked off by police barricades, so it either got through or was allowed through.  Police reported finding firearms, explosives and grenades inside the truck, and there was an initial report that there was more than one attacker in the truck … The below are key reports from CNN’s initial coverage of the Nice attacks mentioned in the 12 (as of now — they  keep adding others) sequential video clips that come up, one after the other [HERE];: Brexit is being called ‘Britain’s Independence Day’. The Nice attacks were on France’s Independence Day. Coincidence?

From [HERE] What happened? – During last night’s celebration of the French National Holiday, around 11 PM, a speeding truck plowed into a crowd of thousands who were watching the fireworks along the Mediterranean Boulevard Anglais.

The driver of the truck, was simultaneously and indiscriminately shooting into the crowd. He was able to run for 2 kilometers before being stopped by police, which instantly shot and killed him.

All indications signal the Big Script of yet another false flag; yet again in France; a horrendous terror attack, killing hordes of people, spreading pain, misery, fear and outrage in France, Europe – the world over.

The young truck-driver was identified as a 31-year-old Frenchman, resident of Nizza, with Tunisian origins. As in previous cases, ‘coincidence’ has it that his identity papers were found in the truck.

The young man is instantly killed by the police. Dead people cannot talk. A pattern well known by now.

The man’s Tunisian roots may soon pin him to a terrorist Jihad group – if not de jure, then de facto, as the propaganda machine will spread the news and instill yet more Muslim hatred among the western population.

It is not clear how the truck was able to breach the barriers to the promenade closed for pedestrians and spectators during the 14th July celebration. According to eyewitnesses, it took the police and firemen about half an hour to get to the scene.

How is it possible that such a crowd is not ‘protected’ by patrolling police and military? And that in a country under effective Martial Law?

Click to read more ...


The 'Big Payback' in Dallas Smells Like Hollywood Bullshit: With Few Verified Facts White Media Presents a Narrative White Folks are Conditioned to Believe 

Yet Another Murder Confession from a Dead Man who was a so-called Terrorist & "former" military. In video Chief David Brown says 5 officers were klled as payback because a negotiator said so. And whatever the police say must be true - so that's a wrap. Is Chief Brown real or is he a black probot in service of white domination? Never trust a Probot. According to the Funktionary, a probot is a propagandizing programmed robot. A probot is one who disseminates lies, distortions and convenient mass truths composed by a superior overruling elite. 

From [HERE] A Black man accused in a fatal shooting spree that killed five police officers and wounded nine other people in Dallas was a former army reservist who served a tour in Afghanistan. Police used a "bomb robot" on Friday to end the hours-long standoff in a downtown Dallas parking garage and kill a suspect identified as Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, a Dallas-area resident who officials claim he said he "wanted to kill white people."

According to the white media "the heavily armed sniper specifically set out to kill as many white officers as he could, officials said Friday. He was a military veteran who had served in Afghanistan, and he kept an arsenal in his home that included bomb-making materials." [MORE]

Right. Another so-called terrorist criminal who confesses to multiple murders, tells law enforcement where all the evidence is and prior to committing the crime tells random people he is probably going to commit crimes. Once again, prior to any criminal investigation, process and criminal trial where actual evidence can be rigorously tested and cross examined in front of a jury, he is killed or commits suicide. Closed case. No forensic evidence will be necessary. Believe what you want but this shit sounds like a Hollywood script:

* Recorded Statements. During the standoff at a garage, Mr. Johnson told police negotiators that “he was upset about Black Lives Matter,” Chief Brown said. “he said he was upset about the recent police shootings. The suspect said he was upset at white people. He stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.” Then 2 days later (today) he added that Johnson was singing, laughing and taunting officers during prolonged negotiations. [MOREHow did he say this - on a cell phone or out loud? Did they call him? Who exactly did he say this to? Did anyone else hear it? He "taunted officers" - plural; how many did he talk to? what were the taunts? And none of it was recorded by any police or city camera or police device? Did any cops take notes of his exact statements? "Upset about Black Lives Matter" - wtf does that mean?

yup see that's definitely him. 

* Confession. According to the New York Times, Mr. Johnson planned the whole thing. Well kinda. Investigators found a “fairly voluminous” journal in the home of Micah Johnson. While the journal did not specifically lay out plans for that assault, officials said, it "showed how the gunman planned to adapt the combat tactic." Did the cover of the journal state "My Murder Plans. By Micah Johnson?"

* Gift of Prophecy like an oracle. Police said the journal described “what we call ‘shoot and move’ tactics — ways to fire on a target and then move quickly and get into position at another location to inflict more damage on targets without them being able to ascertain where the shots are coming from.” The tactic described reflects the approach Mr. Johnson used in Dallas, moving from one vantage point to another, leading the police to believe at first that there were multiple gunmen. RightRight.  A specific plan about shoot and move tactics from unknown locations? Did he know Alton Sterling would be murdered on Tuesday and then Castille would get murdered on Wednesday and then on Thursday an unplanned protest would be held where it was held in Dallas? Volumes of plans about a non-specific assault at an unknown time and location? How many pages were these voluminous plans on? Sounds like Dorner's manifesto! In case they caught him he wanted to make his own conviction simple and easy.  

As you can clearly see, that's definitely Micah Johnson. 
According to Clay Jenkins, Dallas County’s chief executive, his journal,  “it’s talking not only about how to kill, but how to keep from being killed,” said Mr. Jenkins, who also said he had not read the journal, but that he had read and heard summaries. [good enough]. 

* A Simple Pan. So what were the so-called details in the elaborate, voluminous plan again? During the next protest, wherever and whenever that might be in the future I will go to some unknown building somewhere in Dallas and kill white cops by shooting and moving from one unknown place to another unknown place. Only a mind already conditioned to hear this shit would just automatically believe it.[PDF] Unconscious white people are easily manipulated and believe almost anything foul about Blacks. Elite whites define the domain of discourse in the media and control what we talk and think about. They have changed the subject. [MORE]  

* Watch for Racialized Facts. "Neighbors have told investigators that Mr. Johnson, a 25-year-old Army Reserve veteran who served in Afghanistan, had an interest in weapons." A former military person interested in weapons - as opposed to a military person afraid of weapons? Oh, a Black man with gun is the point. According to the New York Times "he is also said to have practiced military exercises in his backyard." Like how? crawling around on the ground with a fake tree branch on his head in camouflage? Please explain this. Look at his crib (below). In that neighborhood, nobody called the cops when they saw a black man playing with guns in the backyard? K. 

how does an army guy afford a crib like that? 

Click to read more ...


Painting about reality by Unknown Black Student @ North Oldham High School, KY 



Oh well, Dwight Power [Howard] Won't Be Named Trump's Vice President on [the other] White Party ticket

According to the New York TimesDonald J. Trump’s name evokes an easily understood message of racial hostility. Defying modern conventions of political civility and language, Mr. Trump has breached the boundaries that have long constrained Americans’ public discussion of race. [MORE]

They mean he has activated the nonsense already in the racist mind. An auto-hypnosis. But don't blame the deceivers. Those dumb mfs want to be deceived and believe anything foul about Blacks & Latinos. It is ego satisfying. "Only an inferior person thinks in terms of superiority." How would they feel about themselves if no non-white people existed? Nevertheless, fuck Trump and this fake ass rigged election. His little theme song should be the Harlem Globetrotter whistle - having himself a ball with his play campaign. More below on voting and the illusion of choice from the one and only Dr. Blynd, Ph F.;

Copyright 2004 Chocolate City Press. 

Resonated & Orchestrated by Dr. Blynd, Ph.F.

VOTE - Vulnerable Oblivious Thoughtless Electorate. 2) Vicarious Ownership Through Elections. 3) Vendetta OThe Elite. 4) Victory OTheElite. 5) Voices OThe Encumbered 6) Vice OToken Elections (See:Votescam)

VOTER - Victim OThe Electoral Returns. Returning fat-cat phallocrats back to the scene of the(ir) crimes.

voters - customers of beggars (politicians). A voter is born every second. (See: Secret Ballot, Voting Hoax & Control)

voting - a pacification (sucker) process which allows the votary to make choices provided to her/him, not decisions. 2) a “privilege” of U.S. citizens to do it behind a curtain-as long as they do it alone. 3) political masturbation exercises for those who can’t cop real power. 4) a habitually accepted imposition that gives the votary-vassal-suckers an illusion of inclusion or participation, 5) an act of self-abuse (See: Voting Booth, Elections, Politicians, Politics, Voting Hoax & Ho Reps)

voting booth - the PIT - a place where one takes a Political Ineptitude Test. Haven’t you heard or come to realize that secret ballots beget secret “government” Until they pay you for your vote, you will pay for (casting) your vote. (See: Elections)

voting hoax - “Help Slave America.” (See: Freedom Technology, Ph.F. Degree, NWO & University of Chocolate City)

voting power - an oxymoron. 2) a transitory form of illusory power. 3) the appearance of power without the juice.


N.C. Governor [white man] Signs Law Making Police Body Camera Footage Secret - court order [from mostly white judges] required to obtain camera footage

From [HERE] North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory [racist suspect] on Monday signed into law House Bill 972 [text], which states that police camera footage, including body camera footage, is not a matter of public record and proscribes the procedure for release of footage. While members of the public are allowed to request the footage if they meet certain criteria, such as being filmed in the footage or the "personal representative" of someone in the footage, their requests can still be denied and the footage will only be released following a court order. Organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have spoken out against the law [press release], stating that "[b]ody cameras should be a tool to make law enforcement more transparent and accountable to the communities they serve but this shameful law will make it nearly impossible to achieve those goals."


White [paranoia] Public Perception of Crime Rate at Odds with Reality. FBI Say Crime is Way Down [bored cops everywhere, scapegoating Blacks & Latinos]

Public Perception of Crime Rate at Odds with Reality

From [HERE] and [HERE] and [HERE Despite all the recent white media propaganda about crime, the crime rate is way down. Ask a defense lawyer - the case load is low in the courts. Watch a cop during the day - nothing is going on, nothing for a real crime fighter to do. But not in white people's minds. In a sweaty furor to justify the murder of various black men by cops they go on reaching for statistics to absolve themselves of any role in what's going on and deny the existence of racism/white supremacy. Racism is their prison, it prevents them from seeing things as they are. 

According to the FBI, Pew Research and a study from the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, crime rates are actually way down and half what they were in 1990. [MORE]. Violent crime is at its lowest level since 1978 [more].

The crime statistics reflect a long-term trend. Even though America's local police are more militarized than ever, the crime rate has been steadily falling in the past two decades.

Over the past 25 years or so, there has been a divergence between American perceptions about crime and actual crime rates. A majority of Americans (63%) said in a Gallup survey last year that crime was on the rise, despite crime statistics holding near 20-year lows.

The white folks at Pew Research Center ask: "Why public views on crime have grown more dire is unclear, though many blame it on the nature of news coverage, reality TV and political rhetoric."

The real answer = white supremacy/racism is the cause. Amos Wilson says, "the perpetual domination of African Americans by White Ameri­cans psychically requires the White American criminalization of the African male, i.e., the White American perception of the African male as inherently criminal."

Amos Wilson offers the following explanation:  

Why do White Americans need to criminalize significant segments of the African American population? What is the socio political function of alleged African American criminality and self-destructive behavior in American society? How does alleged Black American criminality sustain the American status quo? How is "criminal motivation" induced into the personalities and social relations of some African Americans and for what reasons? 

In the eyes of White America, an exaggeratedly large segment of Black America is criminally suspect. This is especially true relative to the Black American male. In the fevered mind of White America he is cosmically guilty. His guilt is existential. For him to be alive is to be suspected, to be stereotypically accused, convicted and condemned for criminal conspiracy and intent. On the streets, in the subways, elevators, parks, in the "wrong" neighborhood, from late childhood to late adulthood, he is feared, suspiciously scrutinized, cautiously approached or warily avoided.


To be a sensitive Black male, no matter how innocent, law-abiding, all-American, patriotic, altruistic, and loving, is to see the dilated pupils of fear in White women's and old men's eyes, to witness the defensive clutching at pocketbooks, to see yourself reflected in the mirrors of the other's eyes as a mugger, thief, and rapist. To be a perceptive Black male is to look out at an accusa­tive world and feel oneself the object of a suspicious ocular examination by trigger-happy policemen, to have your papers checked by security personnel while your White counterpart passes the checkpoint without question. To be a Black male is to have your integrity chronically under question, to always have to somehow verbally or nonverbally, communicate convincing reasons for being where you are if you are not in your "place." Only the carefully presented facade, the meticulous expression of nonaggressive, nonassertive body language, the representation of a carefully managed nonthreatening persona, or old age; only standardized, "non-Black" dress, standardized English, averted eyes intently focused on the leading newspaper, magazine, or book can alleviate to some tolerable degree the fears and suspicions / of others. But this diminution of fear and suspiciousness in others bought at the too-high price of self-annihilation, is always tentative, delicate, and is easily rent by the smallest misstep or the tiniest deviation.

Given the historical and contemporary virulence of White racism in America and the injustice toward Blacks that such racism engenders, the number of arrests, incarcerations, and in many instances, convictions of Black males should be viewed with a jaundiced eye. The willingness of White Americans to heavily tax themselves in order to finance accelerated and increased prison construction, rapidly expanding police forces and so-called criminal justice system personnel, burgeoning private police and security establishments; their willingness to finance the incarcera­tion of a Black male prisoner upwards of $30,000 to $40,000 per year, in sharp contrast to their unwillingness to tax themselves to provide for the appropriate funding of the education of Black children and to commit themselves to the ending of racist employment practices; to provide adequate housing medical care, food and clothing; clearly implies that alleged Black male criminality plays a very important role in defining the collective White American ego and personality. 

The typical White American response to the so-called criminal­ity of the Black male when closely examined, clearly indicates that it is more consistent with a conscious and unconscious need to instigate and sustain Black criminality as a highly visible and publicized component of American society, than with a yearning to reduce its destructive influence on both Black and White societies. White America needs an expressly "hyped" Black American criminality the way a neurotic patient needs his symptoms, despite his protests to the contrary. In other words, the existence of Black American criminality, alleged and actual, is a political-economic, social-psychological necessity for maintain­ing White American psychical and material equilibrium. Black American criminality apparently serves fundamental Eurocentric psychopolitical needs and is engendered and sustained for this reason. We will now examine some of these needs.


White American Paranoia

To look at the world or a segment of it with a rigid, hyper-alert, and all-consuming expectation — to search reality repetitively only for confirmation of one's suspicions while ignoring aspects of that reality which disconfirm those suspicions; to pay no attention to opposing rational arguments, cogent, well-founded evidence, except to find in them only those features that seem to confirm one's original views; to examine reality with extraordi­nary prejudice, rejecting facts, information and alternative possibilities while seizing on and exaggerating any scintilla of often irrelevant evidence that supports one's original expectations — denotes a driven need: a psychoneurotic, psychopathological need to defend an ego perilously in danger of disintegration and to defend it regardless of cost to oneself and others. Such a suspicious and paranoid orientation speaks to the need to rigidly construct and control reality so as to maintain self-control, to empower the ego and to gainfully exploit a relevant situation. This rigidity of attention, stereotypical viewing of the world; this chronic condition of hyper-alertness, hypersensitivity; this need to create the world according to one's own deluded images, to subject others to one's paranoid views, to exploitatively have them serve that need, bespeaks the greater need to gain ego satisfaction and enhancement, self-definition and material gain through manipulating the behavior and consciousness over others. Paradoxically, this greater need bespeaks a fundamental dependency on a world and others and simultaneously, of a protest against and denial of that dependency. It expresses an ego vulnerability which must remain defensively hidden, an ego weakness which must appear to itself and others as strength, an extremely tense, unstable ego whose tenuous equilibrium can only be maintained by projecting that tension and vulnerability into the world and others. Thus the keeper of law comes to need the outlaw. And needing him, creates him. The keeper of the disturbs the peace by projecting hallucinated hostile threats where they do not exist.

That the White American must see virtually every Black male as criminal or as a potential criminal regardless of facts to the contrary, bespeaks an intense psychic need of White America to perceive him as such. 

What does White America have to gain from choosing to perceive Black males as stereotypically criminal? By socio-psychologically inducing Black males into criminality? Following the trend of thought set forth by Michael Lewis in his book, The Culture of Inequality, alleged Black male criminality is a comfort to White America despite its protestations to the contrary. Alleged Black criminality, while evoking White American fear and loathing, reassures them of their vaunted self-worth, their assumed innately superior moral standing, of their selfcongratulatory self-constraint in contrast with presumed Black American unworthiness, innate inferior moral standing, inherent criminality, lack of self-constraint and self-control. White America's self-appreciation is enhanced as it insatiably feeds on overblown reports about Black criminality while denying its own incomparable criminal record, and its own racist-imperialist incubation and giving birth to the very same criminal forces which now threaten to destroy it.

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['Keep the Piece bruh'] Black, Gun-Owning Congressman Says the NRA Doesn’t Care About Black People 

Should Only Cops Have Guns? From [HERE] On Friday Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA), himself a gun owner, aimed sharp criticism as the National Rifle Association, the nation’s premiere pro-gun lobby group, for issuing a formal statement of condolence for the Dallas police officers killed this week but not for the two black gun owners killed by police in Minnesota and Louisiana.

Rep. Richmond gave a passionate speech accusing the NRA of not carrying about the welfare of black people.

“The hypocrisy there is so blatant,” he said. “I always thought the NRA was not concerned about me. And I hunt and I fish and I own a gun. But the last few days have clarified it for me — that their Second Amendment concern is not a voice of concern for African Americans. And I just believe that we cannot give them a pass on not making a comment.”


The illusion of inclusion in the One [White] Party System: Is Trump Planning to Drop Out of Rigged Election? 

A Servant of His Own Appetite Seducing Suckers. The Trump campaign is a joke - it is broke, not raising money and he is very unpopular and constantly vomitting out whatever silly ass thought comes through his chimp like mind. And when he is scripted he sucks. On Tuesday he told the New York Times that if he won he might still quit and never serve as president. After sabotaging his party's primary there is speculation that he may drop out before the election for literally the right price [see video above for references] - meaning people will pay him to stop running for president - leaving Hillary with no opponent. After billionaire Mark Cuban suggested Trump would drop out of the race for $5 billion, Trump joked, “I guess we’d have to think about it.” [MORE] Who would give him campaign money after making such idiotic statements? Now that we know what he is - his pimps can negotiate the price.  

Trump is the perfect opponent for Hillary Clinton, who is basically unelectable (also very unpopular [MORE] and [MORE]) against non-crazy opponents. Clinton's prime time came and went in 2004 when the DLC wanted John Kerry to represent the party. Then her racist campaign in 2008 arrogantly overlooked Obama during the primary and never strangled his campaign when it was in the crib - allowing it to grow & then dominate her despite having every initial advantage. He makes her path to the throne as easy as possible - all the phony Trump controversy makes the votary feel like they have some meaningful stake in all this nonsense.

Always endeavoring to undeceive, Dr. Blynd defines voting in the Funktionary as follows: 

voting - a pacification (sucker) process which allows the votary to make choices provided to her/him, not decisions. 2) a “privilege” of U.S. citizens to do it behind a curtain-as long as they do it alone. 3) political masturbation exercises for those who can’t cop real power. 4) a habitually accepted imposition that gives the votary-vassal-suckers an illusion of inclusion or participation, 5) an act of self-abuse (See: Voting Booth, Elections, Politicians, Politics, Voting Hoax & Ho Reps) [MORE]


MegaMillions Jackpot Winner to be Named Trump's Running Mate [broke racist idiot has no campaign. No One is running Against Queen Clinton in illusory race]

 Cracker Rich. According to the New York Times, the Trump campaign has not raised a significant amount of money from donors, relying instead on loans from Mr. Trump. The campaign, which is run out of Trump Plaza, ended May with less than $1.3 million on hand. This money couldn't get you even elected to the Richmond City Council. The Clinton campaign, in comparison, has been raising money at a rate more on par with presidential candidates in recent elections. It has $42 million on hand.  Trump's "campaign" also has mismanaged its cash - in May, he spent $907,000 on merchandise such as his stupid trademark hat. [MORE].

Unpopular. Trump has the worst favorable ratings of any Republican nominee in decades. [MORE]. Polarizing, stale and also unpopular, Clinton would probably lose to a dead man or any other not crazy republican candidate [jeb bush] - she needs his racist lunacy to motivate the non-white votary to the polls - so she has the right opponent. 

Idiotic. Last week he warned that Mexico might attack New Hampshire by plane [MORE] and on Saturday he tweeted a blatantly anti-Semitic image causing an immediate backlash online. The tweet featured a picture of Hillary Clinton pasted over a backdrop of $100 bills with a six-pointed star — the Jewish Star of David — next to her face. It is anti-Semitic imagery aimed at a candidate who isn’t even Jewish. “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” the star read. Usually, he’s responded to criticism in the past by playing dumb, as if he’s unaware of what he’s doing. And that same pattern held true — somewhat — on Saturday morning. Moments after tweeting out the Star of David image, he put out a second image with the same language, but with a red circle instead of a star. The first tweet remained up for some time, however, before eventually being taken down.[MORE] and [MORE]

Whatever. Trump plans to announce his running mate before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this month, and has started an “Apprentice”-style search — meeting with possible candidates one by one and then posting on Twitter about it. Who gives a shit about what this mindless simpleton is doing? 

More interesting is that the Mega Millions jackpot has risen to $449 million, making it potentially the 7th largest lottery jackpot in the U.S. You are probably more likely to win the lotto before Trump - -never mind. 

Staged Hoax. This dumb mf is not serious about running for president and this election is fake as hell - leaving Clinton with an easy path to the throne. Like a Harlem Globetrotter opponent, this clown ass mf has no chance by design. Voting is a necessary illusion of the white supremacy system. Here, there is an illusion of voter choice in a make believe open competition for president - making your vote a symbolic token participation in democracy.

Better Go Register to Vote & all that. Always endeavoring to undeceive Amos Wilson explains, 'politicians and the media strive strenuously to convince the Black votary that every conceivable problem which confronts it can be resolved through voting heavily for Black and friendly White politicians. The establishment is ever quick to remind the Black electorate of the historical struggles necessary to achieve their right to vote. It indicts the community for any perceived electoral apathy and seeks to evoke guilt feelings in those who do not participate in the electoral process — making such ritualistic participation emblematic of democracy and first-class citizenship.

This is of special interest when it is realized that very few, if any, of the major political, economic and social goals achieved by Black America, including the Voting Rights Act, were accomplished through Black voting prowessThe ballot box has been a relatively impotent weapon in the achievement of major victories by the Black community. Suddenly vigorous protest and direct-action legal suits and extralegal processes such as boycotts, sit-ins, and the like, which were used so effectively by the community to achieve its sociopolitical ends and to fight injustice and oppression, have fallen far behind the election of Black and friendly White politicians to achieve the same ends. Politicians who in no way are interested in developing a program for the economic emancipation and empowerment of the Black community, and who are not committed to neutralizing White supremacy.' [MORE]

 Like Black Indian said, "vote for your mind and elect yourself." [MORE]