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Justin Bieber - "One Less Lonely Nigger" [In the absence of white supremacy, niggers would not exist]

"Most white people hate Black people. The reason that most white people hate Black people is because whites are not Black people. If you know this about white people, you need know little else. If you do not know this about white people, virtually all else that you know about them will only confuse you." -Neely Fuller

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Remembering Black Revolutionary Sam Greenlee - R.I.P.

From [HERE] and [HERE] Poet and novelist Sam Greenlee has died in Chicago at the age of 83.

He was best known for his 1969 novel “The Spook Who Sat by the Door,” which was later adapted into a political drama movie.

Pemon Rami, a friend who also was a cast member in the movie, said Mr. Greenlee died early Monday.

Mr. Greenlee was one of the first African Americans to join the U.S. foreign service. From 1957 to 1965, he worked for the U.S. Information Agency, serving in Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia and Greece.

“The Spook Who Sat by the Door” tells the story of a black CIA agent who becomes a revolutionary training young Chicago blacks for a violent rebellion. 

He was born in Chicago, attended the University of Wisconsin and the University of Chicago  He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. He served in the military (1952-4), earning the rank of first lieutenant, and subsequently worked for the United States Information Agency, serving in Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Greece between 1957 and 1965.

Leaving the US foreign service after eight years, he stayed on in Greece.  on the island of Mykonos, where he began to write his first novel published in 1969 as "The Spook Who sat by the Door", the story of a black man who is recruited as a CIA agent and having mastered the skills of a spy then uses them to lead a black guerrilla movement in the US. Mr. Greenlee’s other works included “Baghdad Blues,” in which he described witnessing the 1958 revolution that brought down Iraq’s British-backed monarchy.


Black People as Jokes [Commercial Images in service of white domination] 

'White Folks and Black Jokes.' The following commercials are in heavy rotation during the NBA playoffs. They are intended to degrade you.

Mios Commercial 

Sprint "Framily" Commercial 

Staples Commercial 

Direct Tv Commercial. 'I won't believe what I see. Anything to please you.'  


[Manipulation as Power] Whatever Happens or Does Not Happen with the Clippers will be Decided by White Folks. Sterling Set to Hit the $ Jackpot with "Forced Sale" 

About Prejudice or White over Black? From [HERE] If racist suspect, Donald Sterling is "forced to sell" the Los Angeles Clippers, he will find many wealthy buyers and likely a huge payday. According to Forbes, which tracks team valuations, the Clippers are worth $575 million, up from the $12 million Sterling reportedly paid in 1981. That valuation would mean a 12% annual gain.

But other experts put the fair-market value of the team much higher. Patrick Rishe, a professor of sports business at Webster University, says that the team is worth at least $750 million and that a bidding war could quickly take the sales price up to $1 billion or more. [MORE] The following by Amos Wilson is from [HERE

Manipulation as Power

Manipulation involves the attempt by the manipulator to elicit certain desired responses from his subject while concealing his efforts to do so. In this way the manipulator seeks to constrain, restrict, or prevent certain undesirable actions on the part of his subject and/or j to subtly direct his subject to behave in certain desired ways outside his subject's knowledge and awareness.

Manipulation, involves a more "efficient" exercise of power than force, coercion and influence because it is less likely to evoke resis­tance since the subject is unaware of the effort to influence him or- may think that the manipulator is exercising his influence to achieve an end desired by both the manipulator and the subject himself, when in actuality the subject is being influenced toward an end which may be detrimental to himself and beneficial only to his manipulator. Thus, the manipulated subject may be led to perceive his own re­sponses and behavior as expressions of his own free will and choice. Commonly, manipulation is achieved by skillfully presenting informa­tion, rewards and deprivations in ways which shape the consciousness and behavior of the subject and motivates him to freely '"choose" to act in ways compatible with the concealed intentions of his manipulator.

Wrong notes two important general forms where manipulation may occur:

First, the power holder may exercise concealed control over the power subject through symbolic communications designed to make veiled suggestions, to limit or determine selectively the power subjects' information supply, or to inculcate without appearing to do so certain positive or negative attitudes...

But an equally widespread kind of manipulation occurs where A alters B's environment in such a way as to evoke a desired response from B without interacting directly with B at all.

Wrong further notes that manipulation may involve the most dehumanized, and as far as we are concerned, perhaps the most dehumanizinging exercise of power of all because, unlike the exercise of obstructive physical force, visible coercive and authoritarian power where the intent of his adversaries and the sources of assault and frustration are known to the subject, manipulation "is a form of power that cannot be openly resisted by the power subject since he is unaware of the power holder's intent or even sometimes of his existence. There is no visible command for him to disobey, no identifiable adversary against whom to assert his freedom."

The manipulation of Afrikan American political and economic attitudes by the White ruling elite is designed to effectively secure, enhance and exercise power while not appearing to do so; while appearing to provide Blacks with power or options equal to that or those of Whites. The point of this type of manipulation is to win the acceptance by Blacks of the legitimacy of White power, its moral Integrity, its legitimating ideology, and the acceptance by Blacks of their obligation to obey the directive of White power while believing their obedience to be expressive of their own free and moral will. Only by basing their behavioral orientation on their own Afrikan history, culture, values, interests, consciousness and identity can Blacks prevent their behavioral manipulation by self-serving Whites and act under the influence, of their own self-generated enhanced power.

Summary; White Domination-Black Subordination

Ail of the forms of power we have discussed as well as those not discussed here when used by Whites to maintain their power over Blacks, add up to one overarching social power relation between Whites and Blacks — White domination, Black subordination.

Social domination occurs when the power of one person or group over another is exercised in a systematic manner at the expense of the dominated person or group. Wartenburg uses the term "domination'' to refer to:

the power that one social agent has over another in situations in which that power is exercised by the dominating social agent repeatedly, systematically, and to the detriment of the dominated agent. The concept of domination therefore refers to a specific manner of exercising power. Such an exercise of power must be one that conditions; the relationship between two agents in a longstandinging manner. "Domination" refers not to a single exercise of power but to a relationship between two social agents that is constituted by the existence of a power differential between them.

Our characterization of the White American-Black American power relationship as one of White domination of Blacks is based on the fact that in large part the White American power structure possesses and uses its ability to adversely affect the welfare of Blacks to further its own interests and to the detriment of those of Blacks.

The subordination of people of color is functional to the operation of American society as we know it and the color of one's skin is a primary determinant of people's position in the social [power] structure. Racism is a structural relationship based on the subordination of one racial group by another. Given this perspective, the determining feature, of race relations is not prejudice toward blacks, but rather the superior position of whites and the institutions — ideological as well as structural — which maintain it.

The power relationship between Blacks and Whites is an interactive one — where While power, to a significant extent, arises out of certain types of social interactions between Whites and Blacks where Blacks unwittingly play a very important role in constituting | and sustaining their powerlessness relative to Whites. White domination of Blacks in our current social context is primarily facilitated by the fact that Blacks think of themselves and of reality in terms created by the self-serving interests and perspectives imposed on them by Whites, and act on the basis of biased and false information provided them by Whites without realizing it. They therefore contribute to their powerlessness and domination by Whites simply by thinking about themselves and reality in a manner thai! allows them to be subjugated. Thus, White domination of Blacks is, to a significant degree, covered-over by ideology, beliefs which Blacks have been conditioned by Whites to unwittingly accept. To this degree, their domination and powerlessness is self-imposed. Blacks obscure their unnecessary domination by Whites and contribute to that domination by their own gullibility and too-ready acceptance of Eurocentric ideloogy and their obsequious willingness to think and act only within the confines of White-generated ideas, social definitions, relations and ethics (not often honored by Whites themselves). Hence, the minds of Blacks are Used to forge the links of their own mental chains,

When Afrikans in the Americas and the world-over choose to critically examine the "received" ideas and biased perceptions of "reality" imposed on them by Europeans and choose to know reality for what it is - to create themselves through gaining a thorough knowledge of self, knowledge of the world, and through studying and acquiring power — they will then have attained the keys to their own liberation.

Even a cursory review of the relations of the social domination of Blacks by Whites demonstrates its repeated, systematic and detri­mental nature. All of the types and forms of power we have so far discussed, as well as others not discussed, have been and are currently used by hegemonic Whites to maintain a system of social domination immensely beneficial to them as it is devastatingly" detrimental to Blacks.

The use of sheer, unadorned physical force as a means of dominat­ing Blacks has been used by Whites from the 18th century to the present moment. It has assumed many forms, from war, captivity, lynching, beating, torture, mob violence, police brutality and repres­sion, to martial law and the like. The threatened use of physical (police and military) force stands behind White power in all its deceptive metamorphoses. But more effective and deeply enduring than the use of physical force or the coercive threat to use it in maintaining the domination of White over Black, is the long-term use by Whites of harshly unrelenting psychic violence against the collective Black persona .For this violence more effectively neutralizes Black opposition to and possible overthrow of White domination than the preponderance of White military might. Psychic violence hobbles the most powerful of human weapons — the human mind and its productive creativity, ingenuity, innovativeness and vision. Moreover, it hobbies the human capacity to develop and press into service the social identity, social consciousness, unity and solidarity, and the cooperative social spirit which combined empower a race to overcome impossible odds posed by other hostile and apparently more powerful races of men

[yes, funny. But emotions will not solve the problems caused by racism.]

Psychic violence makes the victimized individual or group vulnerable to the '"soft", yet ultimately more treacherous and effective forms of social domination — social coercion, influence, manipulation, allegedly legitimate and competent authority, and ideological hypnosis. Nothing less than the healing of the wounds occasioned by White-instigated psychic assaults against the collective Afrikan mind, body and spirit can enable Afrikan peoples to regain their liberation. A deep and fundamental transformation of the subordinated Afrikan psyche via the steadfast acquisition of an Afrikan-centered conscious­ness and identity will provide the social-psychological, and if need be, military power tools for breaking through the imprisoning wails of White supremacy.

However, in this liberating Afrikan centered consciousness and identity must be included an indomitable will to Afrikan Power! This will must be informed by a profound knowledge of the means of acquiring and of the excercising of power as well as a strategic and tactical knowledge of the enemy's power. To an examination of these factors we will now turn. [MORE]


Black Man's Vein Exploded and had Heart Attack after 1st Lethal Injection in Grotesque Lynching [Execution] 

From [HERE] It is reported that last night Oklahoma death row inmate Clayton Lockett, a Black Man, died of an apparent heart attack some 43 minutes following the State of Oklahoma administering its first injection, and after Lockett's vein "exploded" and observers reported he remained conscious and even attempted to speak. This grotesque spectacle prompted Oklahoma authorities to suspend a second planned execution last night. It should prompt all U.S. jurisdictions that have yet to end the death penalty to do so, immediately and permanently.

NACDL President Jerry J. Cox said: "NACDL unequivocally opposes the death penalty on numerous grounds, but this latest installment in a long series of botched executions should shock the conscience of all Americans, including those who have to this point supported what is, at its core, a barbaric and medieval practice. The death penalty is a stain on the honor of this great nation. And it must stop. Now." 

From [HERE] Oklahoma prison guards Tasered a defiant Clayton Lockett early Tuesday, and a medical technician had trouble finding a suitable vein for the lethal drugs that eventually killed him that evening, the head of the Corrections Department reported Thursday.

Lockett also deliberately cut his right arm before dawn Tuesday and was treated at a prison hospital, but the wound did not require stitches.

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Racist Suspect Still Getting Paid off his LA Niggers [Clippers]. Stop Supporting White Supremacy!

Racism is Systematic Group Power by White People. According to Anon, "of course, all people can be hateful or prejudiced. Those terms describe individual behaviors, not systematic power. Racism is the COLLECTIVE behaviors of a group. A white individual within a system of racism/white supremacy has the implicit or explicit support of that system IF they choose to practice racism. [MORE]

There is only ONE kind of racism: white supremacy. White people are the only group in America with the POWER to discriminate (deprive or punish other ethnic groups), and the systems and institutions to maintain the imbalance of power.

In America, whites have the POWER to discriminate against blacks (and other non-whites) by depriving them of income, promotions, jobs, housing, land, justice, and any other rights – if they choose to do so. It doesn’t matter that some whites are poorer than some blacks.

In all things and in all places in America, whites are collectively more powerful than blacks are collectively. This imbalance of (white) power creates the opportunity and the ability to practice racism against non-whites. Racism is not empty rhetoric (words) or mindless emotion. Racism is economic, political, institutional, and systematic POWER. Since whites control all the institutions and systems of power in America, only whites have the power to practice racism. [MORE]

[In the absence of white supremacy, niggers would not exist.] In photo, NBA legend Elgin Baylor and former general manager of the Clippers. Like all Black people, despite his title and accomplishments he still had zero status in this system. In his original lawsuit against Donald Sterling, Baylor said that Sterling had a “vision of a Southern plantation-type structure” for the Clippers and accused the owner of a “pervasive and ongoing racist attitude” during long-ago contract negotiations with Danny Manning. The lawsuit also quoted Sterling as telling Manning's agent, “I’m offering you a lot of money for a poor black kid.”

Baylor alleged Sterling said he wanted the Clippers to be “composed of ‘poor black boys from the South’ and a white head coach.” [MORE]

In 2006, "The U.S. Department of Justice sued Sterling for housing discrimination, claiming he refused to rent apartments to blacks and families with children."

That was swept under the rug soon enough. Three years later, Sterling, "agreed to pay a record $2.725 million to settle [the] allegations." Had the case gone to trial, an expert would have testified that an analysis of the Sterlings' rental practices in Koreatown revealed that they rented to far fewer African Americans and Hispanics than would be expected, based on demographics." [MORE]


Supreme Court Reverses a 20-Year Mandatory Sentencing Enhancement for Sale of One Gram of Heroin

From [HERE] and [HERE] Yesterday a unanimous U.S. Supreme Court issued an important criminal law ruling in the case of Burrage v. United States by applying the rule of lenity – a rule of statutory construction that resolves ambiguities in the language of a law in favor of the defendant. Reversing the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Court held that to apply the 20-year minimum sentencing enhancement in §841(b)(1)(C) to someone convicted of selling certain substances to a user who then dies, "at least where use of the drug distributed by the defendant is not an independently sufficient cause of the victim’s death or serious bodily injury[,]" the government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that "but for" the use of that particular substance, the user of the drug would be alive.

In this case, Mr. Burrage had sold one gram of heroin to someone who, according to toxicology reports introduced at trial, had a cocktail of multiple drugs in his system. The government had secured the now-reversed sentencing enhancement in the lower court through argument and a jury instruction that it is enough under the statute – the plain language of which requires that the "death … result[ed] from the use of such substance" -- to prove that the substance sold by the defendant was a "contributing cause" of the user’s death. The Supreme Court unanimously disagreed. Today’s decision in Burrage v. United States is available here.

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"Just a case of unfortunate timing": Photo of White Woman sitting on a chair made from the mannequin of a tied-up, half-naked black woman - published on MLK Day  

White Over Black System From [HERE] Last week, Russian fashion designer and editor-in-chief of Garage magazine Dasha Zhukova apologised after a photo of her sitting on a chair made from the mannequin of a tied-up, half-naked black woman was published by the Russian fashion website, Buro 24/7. The picture attracted condemnation and accusations of racism, particularly as the photograph was uploaded on America’s Martin Luther King Day.

The white writer of this article assures us that "as Vanessa Murray points out on the Vine given the publication and the subject are Russian, this is more likely to be of a case of unfortunate timing rather than deliberate insensitivity."

Commenting on the outcry, Guardian art critic Jonathan Jones rejected claims that the artwork is racist: “Offensiveness in art is often a way to satirise injustice. But this provocative sculpture has been naively injected into a popular culture whose default mode, in the Twitter age, is to catch out celebrities and call them names – racist!”

I agree that art plays a vital and important role in conversations about oppression. Indeed, as pointed out by Leigh Silver at Complex, “The problem may not be the chair itself, but the fact that Zhukova, a privileged white woman, is sitting on a completely powerless black woman.” While Melgaard’s art satirically turned the black woman into an object, Zhukova – subject of the photo and owner of the artwork in question – is literally using the black woman as an object. [MORE]

In their relations with non-whites, white people function as psychopaths. [MORE]

The third Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (1980), published by the American Psychiatric Association, contains a description of the narcissistic personality disorder, with the following stated criteria:

A. Grandiose sense of self importance or uniqueness

B. Preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love

C.  Exhibitionistic: Requires constant attention and admiration

D.  Responds to criticism, indifference of others, or defeat with either cool indifference or with marked feelings of rage, inferiority, shame, humiliation, or emptiness

E. Two of the following:

1.  Lack of empathy: Inability to recognize how others feel

2.  Entitlement: Expectation of special favors with reactions or surprise and anger when others don't comply

3. Interpersonal exploitiveness: Takes advantage of others to indulge his own desires or for self-aggrandizement, with disregard for the personal integrity and rights of others

4. Relationships characteristically vacillate between the extremes of over-idealization and devaluation.

According to Frances Cress Welsing [HERE"any non-white person who has had extensive experience with whites, collectively or as individuals, will find in the above a description of those relationships. At a superficial level, it seems ironic that those responsible for including this disorder in theDiagnostic and Statistical Manual have failed to recognize this as a statement that characterizes the global relationship of whites to non-whites, a description of the dynamic (racism)." [MORE]


Iowa White Party (Republicans) Advances GOP Platform with Facebook Post - Practicing Racism to Survive  

From [HERE] On Friday evening, a flowchart titled "Is Someone a Racist?" appeared on the Iowa Republican Party's Facebook page along with this message: "Because it's Friday night and we don't need serious political posts on Friday night we are sharing this. Happy Friday and LIKE and SHARE! Unless you think the chart is racist, then don't." Unsurprisingly, the flowchart did, in fact, suggest that racism is acceptable. [MORE] The white people who created the post did not define what they meant by racism. White people practice racism to survive in this overwhelmingly non-white world. 

According to Neely Fuller, "most white people hate Black people. The reason that most white people hate Black people is because whites are not Black people. If you know this about white people, you need know little else. If you do not know this about white people, virtually all else that you know about them will only confuse you."In a white supremacy system all white people should be suspected of being racist. Anon explains that there are different kinds of white people. What kind of white people are in the Republican Party? 

There are whites who:

  • are practicing racism against non-whites at a particular moment
  • are not practicing racism at that moment but have practiced it at a previous time, or will practice it at a later time
  • are not practicing racism at that moment, but say and do nothing to stop those who are
  • are not practicing racism at that moment, but have no problem with other whites practicing racism (don’t care)
  • are benefiting from the crime of racism even if they are not practicing racism at that moment
  • refuse to tell WHO is practicing racism; HOW racism is being practiced; and refuse to help the victims with the information they have
  • oppose racism by exposing and opposing whites who practice it [MORE]"

Texas Invokes Rules of White Supremacy to Ignore World Court: Mexican [non-white] Man Executed for Murdering [White] Police Officer [victim]

Since 1977, the overwhelming majority of death row defendants (81%) have been executed for killing white victims, although whites make up only 50% percent of all homicide victims. [MORE] and [MORE]. Texas is one of the states in the "Death Belt" - the southern states that together account for over 90% of all executions carried out since 1976. These states overlap considerably with the southern states that had the highest incidence of extra-legal violence and killings during the Jim Crow era. [MORE

From [HERE] Despite opposition from the State Department, Mexican officials and Latino advocates, Texas executed Edgar Arias Tamayo on Wednesday night, putting to death a Mexican citizen whose case raised questions about the state’s duty to abide by international law.

Mr. Tamayo, 46, was strapped to a T-shaped gurney in the state’s death chamber at a prison in Huntsville, injected with a lethal dose of the sedative known as pentobarbital and pronounced dead at 9:32 p.m. Mr. Tamayo was the 509th inmate executed by Texas in the past three decades and had been one of 21 foreign citizens on its death row.

The case became an international issue that Mexican officials and Secretary of State John Kerry said threatened to strain relations between the two countries. Mr. Tamayo’s arrest in Houston in 1994 on charges of murdering a police officer violated the international treaty known as the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. The authorities neglected to tell him of his right under the Vienna Convention to notify Mexican diplomats.

In executing Mr. Tamayo, Texas officials disregarded an international court’s order that his case be reviewed to determine what impact the violation of his consular rights had on his conviction. That decision, made in 2004 by the World Court, the top judicial body of the United Nations, was binding on the United States under international law, Mr. Kerry had told Texas officials. No United States court had given Mr. Tamayo such a review.

Gov. Rick Perry and the Texas attorney general, Greg Abbott, had argued that the state was not directly bound by the World Court’s decision, a position backed up by rulings by the United States Supreme Court and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Mr. Tamayo was the third Mexican citizen that Texas had executed whose case was part of the World Court’s order.

“The international outcry about this, Texas’ third illegal execution of a Mexican national and the first without any review whatsoever of the consular assistance claim, is unprecedented,” Mr. Tamayo’s lawyers, Sandra L. Babcock and Maurie Levin, said in a statement.

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'So small the guards had trouble strapping him into the chair': Black Prosecutor Recruited to Defend Legal Lynching of 14 Yr. Old Black Boy  

The Refinement of White Supremacy requires the use of racial shadowboxing. Like black on black crime in service of white domination [MORE], racial shadowboxing  occurs when victims of racism (non-white people) are directly or indirectly, "assigned", bribed, coerced, and/or otherwise influenced, by the racists, to speak or act to do harm to other victims of racism. White Supremacists oftentimes hide behind others whom they use as shadows of themselves. [MORE] In courtrooms across the nation for instance, non-white prosecutors are recruited to do the bidding of the white establishment- which must maintain non-white subordination while not appearing to do so. 

Here, black prosector, Chip Finney III (above) has been assigned to defend the racist conviction and state sanctioned execution of George Stinney which was carried out by a white judge, an all white jury, white prosecutors, a white sheriff and his white officers and the white media for the murder of an 11 yr old white girl. There was no appeal filed by his white defense counsel. At 14 years old, Stinney was the youngest person ever executed in the United States. He was so small that the guards had trouble strapping him into the chair and fitting the electrodes on. When the first jolt of electricity hit him, the mask fell off his face, revealing an expression of horror. [MORE]

From [HERE] The state prosecutor fighting a bid to overturn a 70-year-old jury verdict and death sentence given a 14-year-old African-American boy in 1944 ripped into the defense case Tuesday, sending a clear signal the defense has an uphill struggle to get a new trial. “The evidence here is too speculative, and the record too unclear, for this motion to succeed,” 3rd Circuit Solicitor Chip Finney told Circuit Judge Carmen Mullen in opening remarks to an overflow crowd at the Sumter County courthouse.

It was the first day of one of the most unusual criminal hearings in state history – the judge is hearing a motion to rule that the trial of young George Stinney Jr. in Clarendon County was so unfair, on so many grounds, that the jury verdict should be overturned. (in photo the "Ballad of George Stinney by Travis Somerville, who is white). 

The case of George Stinney Jr. stinks of circumstantial, unproven and unsubstantiated prosecutorial testimony combined with a host of other injustices. The list of questionable characters is heavy, they include; a judge with double standards, a prosecutor who mislead jurors and a Defense Tax lawyer who was not trained for Defense of Capital Cases preparing for an election that dropped the ball and totally misrepresented Stinney. Also don’t exclude the Racist Sheriff who may have been responsible fabricating the case from start to finish. The confession of George Stinney, Jr. was never recorded in police files Detectives offered the boy ice cream once they were done.

On day of the Murders on March 23, 1944-The defendant, a young George Stinney Jr. was walking his cow and happened to pass two white young white girls who were collecting “maypop” flowers. The two girls, 11-year-old Betty June Binnicker and seven-year-old Mary Emma Thames, had crossed paths with George and his sister Katherine Stinney the day the two girls would eventually go missing. Binnicker and Thames’ bodies were later found in a ditch the following morning. Their skulls shattered into pieces and their bodies were so brutally beaten with a railroad tie rod that many medical experts felt a 95 pound boy could not impose that amount of damage and not leave physical scars to him. Stinney even participated in the manhunt for the murder of the girls, mistakenly telling the posse members that he saw the two girls “down by the railroad”

The Confession of Stinney was a historic miscarriage of justice and according to witnesses and court records the confession of George Stinney, Jr. was never recorded in police files and Three Sheriff’s offered the boy ice cream once they were done.

To this day, no physical evidence that he committed the crime exists. His trial — if you call it that —He was convicted and sentenced in one day of court which lasted less than two hours. Prosecution Testimony included three sheriff officers who claimed that Stinney had confessed, although that was the only evidence the prosecution presented. No outside witnesses were called. No defense evidence was presented. The boy faced his sentence without family who were forced to move away from the city for fear of lynching from the angry mobs. Stinney Jr. would be left to face trial alone 1,000 people-whites only crammed the South Carolina courthouse. Blacks weren’t allowed inside. Jury selection began at 10:00 am and a guilty verdict just after 5:00 p.m the all-White jury deliberated for all of 10 minutes in between lunch before sentencing him to death by electrocution. [MORE]

[Last night on the Lawrence O'Donnell show Joy Reid decontexualized the Stinney trial - that is, she discussed it without mention of the racist/white supremacist context that it occured in. The word "racial" was mentioned once. It was "racial" that O'Donnell recruited her for the 5 minute spot in the first place. We are so attached to what we have that we risk & do little to resist white supremacy or pursue justice.] 

The hearing resumes Wednesday for its second and final day. Mullen may issue a ruling at day’s end. [MORE]


Black Man Sues White Prosecutor for Intentionally Using Perjured Testimony to Convict him of Murders of White Victims - Served 16 years in Prison

Why Is This Disgraced White Prosecutor Still Allowed to Practice Law in Texas? [MORE]

From [HERE] A recently passed law in Texas that extends the period of time in which complaints of prosecutorial misconduct can be filed will enable a man exonerated from death row to file a new grievance against the district attorney who helped convict him based on perjured testimony.

In 1994, Anthony Graves was convicted of murdering a Somerville, Texas, woman along with her daughter and her four young grandchildren. His conviction was based on the false testimony of Robert Carter, who confessed to the 1992 murders and implicated Graves as his accomplice. Carter later recanted, stating that Graves had no involvement in the grisly crime, but former Burleson County District Attorney Charles Sebesta pressured Carter into falsely testifying on the stand at Graves’ trial, leading the jury to believe that Graves was guilty. Graves was sentenced to death for the crime that he did not commit.
Graves was released from prison in 2010, more than 16 years after having been wrongfully convicted and four years after a panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Texas ruled that Sebesta had engaged in misconduct in Graves’ case. Upon his exoneration, Graves filed a complaint against Sebesta, but it was denied because of a four-year statute of limitations for prosecutorial misconduct grievances.

The Austin Chronicle reports, however, that a new law passed in Texas last year will enable Graves to file a formal complaint with the State Bar until October of this year. According to the law, complaints can now be filed four years from the time of release from prison. The new law was passed in response to the case of Michael Morton, who, based on the misconduct of former Williamson County District Attorney Ken Anderson, was wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife and sentenced to life in prison before he was exonerated in 2011 after serving 25 years in prison.

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Prosecutorial Discretion is a major cause of Racial Inequality in the criminal justice system

From [HERE] At every step of the criminal process, there is evidence that African Americans are not treated as well as whites - both as victims of crime and as criminal defendants. n10 And because prosecutors play such a dominant and commanding role in the criminal justice system through [*17] the exercise of broad, unchecked discretion, their role in the complexities of racial inequality in the criminal process is inextricable and profound. n11

In this article, I examine prosecutorial discretion - a major cause of racial inequality in the criminal justice system. I argue that prosecutorial discretion may instead be used to construct effective solutions to racial injustice. n12 Prosecutors, more than any other officials [*18] in the system, have the power, discretion, and responsibility to remedy the discriminatory treatment of African Americans in the criminal justice process. Through the exercise of prosecutorial discretion, prosecutors make decisions that not only often predetermine the outcome of criminal cases, but also contribute to the discriminatory treatment of African Americans as both criminal defendants and victims of crime. I suggest that this discretion, which is almost always exercised in private, gives prosecutors more power than any other criminal justice officials, n13 with practically no corresponding accountability to the public they serve. n14 Thus, I maintain that prosecutors, through their overall duty to pursue justice, have the responsibility to use their discretion to help eradicate the discriminatory treatment of African Americans in the criminal justice system. [MORE]


If you are on a Street Named after MLK - you're probably in the Hood

From [HERE] A walk down the 6-mile city street named for the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. yields plenty of images that would surely unsettle the civil rights leader: shuttered storefronts, open-air drug markets and a glut of pawn shops, quickie check-cashing providers and liquor stores.

The urban decay along Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in St. Louis can be found in other major American cities, from Houston and Milwaukee to the nation’s capital.

“It’s a national problem,” said Melvin White, a 46-year-old postal worker in St. Louis and founder of a 3-year-old nonprofit group that is trying to restore King’s legacy on asphalt. “Dr. King would be turning over in his grave.” 

The system of white supremacy never closes. It operates 24/7, worldwide. [MORE]  

Derek Alderman, a University of Tennessee geography professor who began researching streets named for King in the 1990s says that there are many streets named after King that are not deep in the hood. [MORE] How many? 

Nearly three decades into the observance of Monday’s federal holiday, the continuing decline of the most visible symbols of King’s work has White and others calling for a renewed commitment to the more than 900 streets nationwide named in the Atlanta native’s honor. (here is a list). The effort centers in St. Louis, where the small nonprofit is working to reclaim MLK roadways as a source of pride and inspiration, not disappointment over a dream derailed. [MORE]


In Honor of MLK Day, Sarah Palin Demeans Black People: Obama is 'the Real Racist'

From [HERE] and [HERE] Today, racist suspect, Sarah Palin used the occasion of Martin Luther King Day to demand that President Obama — at long last — stop being so racist.

Believing racism/white supremacy to be a [survival] game she told the first Black President to stop playing a "race card." Palin posted from her Facebook bunker of doom,

Happy MLK, Jr. Day!

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mr. President, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. and all who commit to ending any racial divide, no more playing the race card.

Racism is one of the most powerful motivating forces in the universe. No doubt, "both" political parties will use Palin's comments to motivate their votaries.  

Anon explains that in a White over Black systemblacks cannot be racist toward whites.

"Of course, all people can be hateful or prejudiced. Those terms describe individual behaviors, not systematic power. Racism is the COLLECTIVE behaviors of a group. A white individual within a system of racism/white supremacy has the implicit or explicit support of that system IF they choose to practice racism.

above angry white man Glenn Beck says he is "tired" of this and that. Who gives a fuck? 

If a poor man robs a rich man at gunpoint that doesn’t mean the poor man is more powerful (economically and politically) than the rich man. The poor man is an individual who committed a crime of opportunity. There are no powerful institutions or systems that support his right to rob the rich man, but there are institutions and systems that allow the rich man to rob the poor man - which is why he doesn’t need a gun to do it.

A black person who mistreats a white person doesn’t mean black people are more powerful (economically and politically) than white people. Never confuse the actions of a black individual (or a group of black individuals) that mistreats someone white as proof that black racism exists. Their “power” is limited ONLY to what they can do as individuals. There are NO black institutions or systems that support, defend, or finance the right of blacks to mistreat whites.

There are NO black individuals or black organizations that have the power to strip whites of their collective right to live where they want, work where they want, get an education wherever they want, or control what white people do collectively in ANY area of human activity. There are NO black institutions that are more powerful than white institutions. Therefore, blacks do not have the COLLECTIVE POWER to diminish the quality of life for the white collective. [MORE]