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'Oh My God a Black Man Knocked on My Door!' (The Perils of Depending on White People for Justice): 2nd Grand jury Indicts White Charlotte Cop for Shooting Unarmed Black Man while on his Knees

Expect Racism. Not Justice. From [HERE] A Mecklenburg County grand jury indicted a white Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer, Randall Kerrick, 28  on voluntary manslaughter charges in the deadly shooting of an unarmed Black man, Jonathan Ferrell.

It was the second time a grand jury had heard the case. The first panel, which convened a week ago, did not indict the officer, but suggested instead that prosecutors come back with a lesser charge. Community outrage was strong. Roy Cooper (in photo- suit), the attorney general and a likely Democratic candidate for governor, decided to present the case again, this time with four witnesses instead of two, and to a full panel of 18 jurors instead of 14.

Kerrick shot the unarmed Black man 10 times in a brief and violent confrontation on Reedy Creek Road. Ferrell had wrecked his car and apparently was seeking help; Kerrick was responding to a 911 call from a nearby white resident frightened by a late-night stranger (black man) at her door, who was seeking help.

Although the proceedings are secret, lawyers for the family said there was a good probability that the jurors saw footage of the shooting taken from a patrol car that night — something the family has not been allowed to view.

What they saw, according to people who have seen the video, was a 24-year-old man who was approaching officers with his hands outstretched. In the confusion, it is difficult to discern whether the bullets or commands from the officers came first. Either way, according to one lawyer who has seen the video, there was little time for Mr. Ferrell to respond.

Just after 2 a.m. on Sept. 14, Mr. Ferrell was dropping off a work colleague in Bradfield Farm, a subdivision with tennis courts and a swimming pool 17 miles east of downtown Charlotte.

On a particularly dark stretch of road, Mr. Ferrell drove down an embankment. The car was so damaged he had to kick out the rear window to free himself.

Unable to find his cellphone, he stumbled to the first house he found and knocked, according to the lawsuit and police reports. Inside, a white woman (Sarah McCartney, 32 - in photo) panicked and called 911. A black man, she said, was trying to break in. (The large house is part of the Bradfield Farm estate, 17 miles east of Charlotte. It is a rich, white community of well-manicured two-story homes, it also has four tennis courts, two swimming pools and a clubhouse. New and resale houses are available in the $110,000 - $230,000 range.)

'A Black Male is at My Door. Boo Hoo!'

Three officers arrived 11 minutes later. Mr. Ferrell had left the house and was on a street that led to the community pool. Rodney Monroe, chief of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police, said Mr. Ferrell charged toward the officers and refused orders to stop. One officer fired a Taser, which missed its target.

Officer Kerrick then fired 12 shots, 10 of which hit Mr. Ferrell. Most of the shots came when the two men were only a few feet apart, police said. The other two officers apparently never even drew their guns (b/c it was not reasonable to do so). Autopsy results included in the lawsuit show the bullets entered his body and traveled downward, which the family claims to show Mr. Ferrell was already on his knees or lying on the ground when he was shot. Officers then handcuffed him.

Toxicology reports showed Mr. Ferrell had caffeine, nicotine and an alcohol level that was well below the legal limit in his system. ( a significant mix to this white Ny Times reporter).

The family has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit, naming the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, Officer Kerrick and Chief Monroe. Chris Chestnut, a family lawyer based in Atlanta, hopes the suit will force the department to provide more information about the shooting, including the police video, and prompt improvements in a department that has a long history of citizen complaints about the use of excessive force.

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White Pittsburgh Cops Seek Another White Jury to Believe whatever they say in Jordan Miles Retrial - Unarmed Black Student Chased & Assaulted in Brain Damaged Police Beating

From [HERE] A handful of bullets and an ammunition magazine that were found in the Homewood yard into which police tackled Jordan Miles would become evidence in a March civil trial if the 3 white police defendants have their way.

Jordan has claimed undercover white officers approached him for no valid reason. Officers chased him when he ran and when they caught up with him they beat him into submission by delivering violent blows that left his face swollen and distorted. Police also used a stun gun and pulled out a chunk of his hair. The officers put him in handcuffs, and repeatedly shoved his face into the snow, causing a piece of wood to impale his gums. He is 5-foot-6 and 150 pounds and was unarmed. No weapons were found. As a result, he suffers from permanent brain damage. [MORE]

In August 2012 a nearly all white jury (7 whites, one black) ruled in favor of the white cops on Mles' claim for malicius prosecution and a mistrial on two other counts. Seting up the present retrial on whether the officers falsely arrested the young Black man and used excessive force. [MORE]

In 2012, U.S. District Judge Gary L. Lancaster didn't allow any reference to the bullets or magazine at the first trial resulting from Mr. Miles' lawsuit against officers Michael Saldutte, David Sisak and Richard Ewing. After Judge Lancaster's death, the case was transferred to Judge David S. Cercone, and the officers' attorneys asked him Monday to reconsider the decision.

"Right where this took place, they found the magazine. They did not find the firearm, though," said Bryan Campbell, attorney for Officer Saldutte, who signed the motion along with James Wymard, representing Officer Sisak, and Robert Leight, attorney for Officer Ewing. "People normally wouldn't carry a magazine without a firearm."

Attorney Joel Sansone, representing Mr. Miles, called the motion "another attempt to smear a fine young man who has no criminal history of any kind."

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Protecting & Serving White Supremacy: White Board Allows Village (NY) Cop to Keep Job: Posted - "Obama is an Un-american Nigger Asshole"  

A nigger is a non-white person who is is subject to white supremacy. In the absence of white supremacy niggers would not exist. [MORE]

From [HERE] A white village police officer who was suspended after he apparently posted a vulgar, racist post about President Barack Obama on his Facebook page last month will keep his job after he accepted a litany of disciplinary measures Monday night.

The Board of Trustees unanimously passed a resolution that allows Police Chief Richard Love to impose on Officer Peter Burns a 60-day suspension without pay or benefits; forfeiture of 25 vacation days; a psychological evaluation; a training program focused on diversity and sensitivity; and a two-year “last chance” agreement, in effect a probationary period. “Officer Burns has provided an apology to the community at large and to Pleasantville residents, as well as to the chief and his colleagues in the police department,” Mayor Peter Scherer said.

Officer Peter Burns published the post on Wednesday, Dec. 11 on a Facebook profile page he operated under the name “Coon Trapper.”  See racist post above. 

The Facebook profile page, which was deleted last month, contained photos of Burns in hunting gear and camouflage, and included links to hunting and animal trapping websites. The page's settings were private, meaning that only those who "friended" Burns had access to the Obama post and others on his Facebook page. White supremacy/racism is designed to remain hidden from you.

He was hired in 2004 and receives an annual salary of $98,959. [MORE]


“Why did they kill my brother?” [Racism]. Durham Still Doing Nothing in Police Killing of Surrendering Honduran Man  

Black on Black Violence in Service of White Domination. Above, Father Bill McIntyre of Immaculate Conception Church leads victims of white supremacy in a prayer to Jesus at a vigil for Jose Ocampo in August 2013. [MORE]

From [HERE] It has been nearly six months since Durham police shot and killed a Honduran man suspected in a non-fatal stabbing. A state medical examiner’s report confirmed Tuesday what a death certificate said last summer: Jose Adan Cruz Ocampo was shot four times and died from a gunshot wound to the top of his head.

But other questions remain. The officer who fired the fatal shot July 27, R.S. Mbuthia, who apparently is also non-white, remains on administrative leave with pay, a police spokeswoman said last week. A State Bureau of Investigation report has yet to be released. 

Four shots

According to the autopsy report, the fatal bullet entered Ocampo's head in the top rear area, traveled “sharply downwards” and exited through his neck. The report confirms earlier statements that Ocampo, 33, was also struck in the chest, abdomen and left wrist.

Police have said little since Chief Jose Lopez told The Herald-Sun soon afterward that Ocampo was shot in the chest when he failed to heed instructions to put his hands in the air and drop a knife.

The description didn’t jibe with witnesses who told the NCCU clinic’s investigator that Ocampo was trying to hand the knife, hilt or handle side out, to officers when he was shot.

Manny Ocampo said his brother would not have understood the officers’ instructions. “No entiende nada deingles (He didn’t understand any English),” Ocampo said.

The family wants an explanation, he continued. “Why did they kill my brother?”

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The Sound of the Harvey Police: "Come Here!" “You touch the phone, I will shoot the shit out of you!” “Yeah, I shot the dog (and the Black man) What the f**k you gonna do about it?”

From [HERE] and [HERE] The city of Harvey is currently facing two lawsuits from a December incident in which officers shot a Black man in the leg without cause, shot and killed a Black witness’s puppy, and threatened a witness. Harvey, a far south suburb of Chicago, has a median income and home value of about half the statewide median. 

Paul Manning claims officers in a squad car followed him as he walked down a street on December 30. As described in the lawsuit, the officers stopped their car and told Manning to “come here”; Manning, however, who was unarmed and had done nothing wrong, kept walking.

(Apparently, there was no legal basis for the stop - no reasonable articulable suspicion that criminal activity was going on and that Manning was involved in it. And Manning obviously did not voluntarily consent to the police stop.) 

As he kept walking away from the squad car, Manning slipped and fell. When he tried to get up, one of the officers shot Manning in the back of the leg. After Manning fell yet again, the officers fired still more shots at him. While Manning was lying on the ground, one of the officers stood on the man’s back and handcuffed him.

(Police also had no legal basis to forcibly prevent him from leaving after he fell down. It seems then that the violent stop was unconstitutional (as the 4th Amendment is applied to white people that is) and a use of excessive force. To the extent that you might be dealing with a racist police officer, attempt to comply with orders. In face to face confrontations with police, white supremacy is your reality. Nevertheless, avoid incriminating yourself and resist participating in your own oppression bw.) 

A nearby witness tried to record the incident on his cell phone. The officer, however, grabbed the witness’s cell phone and threw it while, as Manning describes in the lawsuit, saying, “You touch the phone, I will shoot the shit out of you.”

Meanwhile, Karnischa Miller heard gunshots and opened the back door to witness, as she claims, “a young man, Paul Manning, lying on the ground after having been shot. He was screaming and asking for an ambulance.”

Powerless Class. What's the remedy? 

Her 14-week puppy Nemo ran out through the open door. An officer yelled to Miller’s boyfriend to come get the dog, but as LeShon Wright advanced to follow the order, an officer raised his gun towards Wright and the dog.

Wright stopped in his tracks, but the dog kept walking towards the officer. Although Nemo “did not growl, bark, or act aggressively in any way”, the officer shot the puppy.

The city of Harvey has admitted that the officers shot Miller’s dog. Miller claims that the officer’s response was, “Yeah, I shot the dog. What the fuck you gonna do about it?”

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Grand Jury to Decide whether it was Reasonable for a White Charlotte Cop to Gun Down an Unarmed Black Man Seeking Assistance after Car Accident

The Perils of Asking White People for Help in a White Supremacy System [MORE]. Expect Racism. From [HERE] A grand jury will decide Tuesday whether the criminal case against a white Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer for an on-duty shooting of an unarmed Black man will go to trial.

Officer Randall “Wes” Kerrick is charged with voluntary manslaughter in the Sept. 14 shooting death of 24-year-old Jonathan Ferrell. If indicted Tuesday, Kerrick could go before a judge and jury as soon as this year. If convicted of the felony, he faces between three and 11 years behind bars.

Kerrick was arrested about 14 hours after he shot the unarmed Black man 10 times in a brief and violent confrontation on Reedy Creek Road. Ferrell had wrecked his car and apparently was seeking help; Kerrick was responding to a 911 call from a nearby resident frightened by a late-night stranger at her door.

The odds are against Kerrick on Tuesday. Grand juries work behind closed doors and typically consider hundreds of cases. Most lead to indictments. (ha! this white writer is thinking about Black on Black crime or Black on white crime and definitely not white on black crime- certainly not involving alleged criminality of white police officers and black male victims. But we know better - expect racism -bw). 

A 15 second video, shot from a camera inside one of the police cars at the scene, is in the hands of the Attorney General’s Office, which is prosecuting the case. Despite calls from Ferrell’s family and various media outlets, the video has not been shown to the public, and the opposing sides in the Kerrick case debate what it reveals.

After watching the video on the day of Ferrell’s death, Police Chief Rodney Monroe and his top commanders decided to file charges against one of their own. CMPD investigations into police shootings normally take weeks. This one took hours, and the speed of Kerrick’s arrest caught many of his fellow officers as well as police groups around the country off guard.

An attorney for the Ferrell family, which filed a civil lawsuit against Kerrick and police last week, described the shooting as “cold-blooded murder” by a “rogue cop.”

While the video remains sealed under a judge’s order, many of the other details of the case have become familiar. Kerrick is a former animal-control officer who had three years of CMPD experience. Ferrell was a former Florida A&M football player who had moved to Charlotte a year earlier to be with his fiancee and raise money to enroll at Johnson C. Smith University. 

On the night of the incident Ferrell had gathered at a Hickory Tavern restaurant with a group of friends. Afterward, he offered a co-worker from Dillard’s department store a ride home to the Bradfield Farm community northeast of Charlotte. (Tests show that Ferrell was not drunk.)

But as he left the neighborhood, he ran off the road and wrecked his 1999 Toyota Camry. Unable to open the doors, Ferrell kicked his way free through the rear window, then walked a quarter of a mile to the nearest home. Investigators later found his cellphone in the car.

When he reached the nearby house, police said, he knocked on the door. The white woman inside called 911. Kerrick and fellow officers Thornell Little and Adam Neal drove to the neighborhood. Police say that as the three patrolmen got out of their cars, Ferrell ran toward them.

Ferrell’s mother and brother say that since Ferrell comes from a family of law officers, it would have been natural for him to run up to the police for help.

Monroe said the officers ordered  Ferrell to stop and get on the ground. Seconds later, when he didn’t, Little fired his taser but missed. Ferrell continued to run, police said. Officer Kerrick fired 12 times with his Smith&Wesson .40-caliber, semi-automatic pistol. Most of the shots came when the two men were only a few feet apart, police said. The other officers apparently never even drew their guns. 

Monroe says the video shows that his officer used excessive force. Ferrell was clearly unarmed, the chief told the Observer a few days after the shooting. He said it didn’t matter whether Ferrell ignored the officers’ commands. “It can’t automatically result in use of deadly force,” Monroe said.

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White Supremacy Worldwide: White Jury Justifies White Police killing of Unarmed, Surrendering Black Man that sparked UK riots in 2011

What is White Collective Power? When white police officers ambush an unarmed, surrendering Black man and their fellow officers, the police chief, internal affairs, the union, jurors, prosecutors and the white media support, defend, and finance the officers “right” to kill him. [MORE] and [MORE]

From [HERE] Despite being completely unarmed, 29-year-old Black man, Mark Duggan was lawfully killed by the police, a UK jury ruled by a majority of eight to two on Wednesday. The shooting of the Londoner in August 2011 provoked the worst riots in the country’s modern history. The jury was composed of seven men and three women - apparently they were all white.

With the same eight-to-two margin, the jury decided that Duggan had been weaponless when he was surrounded by the officers.  However, the majority in the jury concluded that the man “threw” the gun from a cab just before being stopped by the police.

Duggan was suspected of being a gang member, with officers stating that he collected a weapon in east London just before the incident happened.

He was shot twice after he got out of the taxi, with one bullet going through his arm and another delivering a lethal wound to the chest.  The gun became central to the inquest as it had been "found" several meters away from Duggan’s body, wrapped in a sock, with no fingerprints on it. How did the gun get there? 

Neither the gun nor the sock had any DNA or fingerprints from Duggan on it. Gun residue was also absent from the deceased, save for a speck in his back pocket which the jury was told was scientifically irrelevant. His fingerprints were on a shoebox found inside the cab in which it is believed the gun had been stored, and traces of the drug ecstasy were in his bloodstream.

A statement by Metropolitan police assistant commissioner, Mark Rowley, who is white, was barely heard due to a large crowd outside the court shouting: “Who killed Mark Duggan?” and “murderers.”

The Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP, Diane Abbott, said she was baffled by the jury's finding, which she said would raise a lot of questions in the local community.

Writing on Twitter, Abbott said: "If the Duggan jury believe that he did not have a gun in his hand when he was shot, how can they find it was a lawful killing? baffled."

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Racism Instead of Evidence: White Prosecutors and NYPD Forced Black Woman to Identify & Make Up Testimony Against Black Man (25 yrs to life)

From [HERE] For the second time in nearly 20 years, Joan Purser-Gennace took the witness stand in a Queens courtroom, but this time her testimony was starkly different: Much of what she testified to two decades ago — words that helped convict a Black man of a murder — was a lie, she said, spoon-fed to her by police detectives.

“Everything, it was provided to me from the police — the lies,” she said on Monday in State Supreme Court in Kew Gardens, at a hearing on behalf of Robert Jones, who is serving 25 years to life after he was convicted of the 1994 murder of Antoine Stone, a street preacher, in Far Rockaway, Queens.

Ms. Purser-Gennace said that although she told the police she could not properly identify the man, they proceeded to coach her with pictures, telling her whom to pick out of a lineup, and mapping out a script for her day in court.

“They said, ‘This is how I want you to say it,’ and it was a lie,” Ms. Purser-Gennace testified. In the audience, several of Mr. Jones’s family members burst into tears. [MORE]

Robert Jones was convicted of the shooting death of a Black street preacher in Queens, New York, two decades ago, but he is hopeful that Monday’s recantation from the star witness, who said she was forced to identify him, will help prove his innocence. He is serving 25 years to life. 

The New York Times reported that Joan Purser-Gennace said police detectives coerced her to identify Jones even though she couldn’t, going as far to visit her home nearly 10 times to persuade and coach her. 

The police and prosecutors responsible for Jones’ conviction came into question after Jones’ legal team filed a motion to vacate the verdict based on ineffective counsel, the recantation of two witnesses and the possibility that exculpatory information was not given to defense lawyers. A second witness who testified to seeing a man flee the scene on a bike matching Jones’ bike is expected to recant that testimony in the coming days.

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Thus far, Candlelight Vigils and Singing Songs have not led to justice for non-white people. Durham Police say Handcuffed Latino Teen shot himself in Police Car 

Vigil for Jesus Turns Violent. The 'practices of complaining, moaning, crying, groaning, begging, protesting, marches/parades, clapping hands and singing "We shall Overcome" do not constructively solve any of the problems [like police bruatlity] caused by white supremacy/racism' [more 

From [HERE] A vigil meant to commemorate the memory of a teenager who was fatally shot in the head while in police custody last month turned to panic Thursday night when police in full riot gear deployed tear gas to disperse the mostly peaceful crowd.

Jesus Huerta, 17, died of a gunshot wound to the head on November 19 in Durham, North Carolina. The police department has said that Huerta shot himself, an assertion that has become a subject of outrage in the community because Huerta was at the time handcuffed in the backseat of a patrol car when he was shot. The vehicle was parked behind a police building at the time of his death.

A police report filled out by Officer Samuel Duncan noted that Huerta had been searched at the time of his arrest, and no gun was found on him. Huerta is the third non-wihte man to be killed in shootings involving city police within the past four months.

Police Chief Jose Lopez attempted to calm nerves during a press conference last week but only seemed to do the opposite when he said police were trying to determine if Huerta shot himself intentionally or by accident.

I know that it is hard for people not in law enforcement to understand how someone could be capable of shooting themselves while handcuffed behind the back,” he said. “While incidents like this are not common, they unfortunately have happened in other jurisdictions in the past.”

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Psychopathic White Wilmington Cops Throw a Dog into Black Man's Lap after Police Chase - had his hands up  

By and large, in their relations with non-white people, white people function as psychopaths. 'Psychopaths simply ignore the concept of right and wrong. By ignoring this trait in White people (the lack of ethical and moral development) Blacks have made and are still making a tragic mistake in basing the worldwide Black liberation movement on moral suasion. It is pathological for Blacks to keep attempting to use moral suasion on a people who have no morality where race is the variable.' [MORE]

From [HERE] and [HERE] The FBI is looking into a police assault involving a dog let loose on a surrendering Black man in Wilmington. Wilmington police offcers (all white) threw a police dog into a black man's car window.

FBI spokeswoman Shelley Lynch confirmed the investigation, but would not provide details, The StarNews of Wilmington reported. A New Hanover County grand jury this week concluded there was no wrong-doing by Wilmington Officer Stafford Brister.

After a series of maneuvers by cops, the suspect's car spins out of control and crashes. That's when a newly released dash cam video shows a North Carolina officer shoving his police dog through the window. A video of a police chase shows Brister rushing up to a suspect's car after it had been stopped following a 13-minute chase. The video shows Brister pushing his dog into the open window and the dog biting Johnnie Lamont Williams. Williams has his hands up the air. He was unarmed. 

The chase had begun when police said Williams drove through a driving while impaired checkpoint Nov. 1, nearly striking an officer. Williams led police on a chase through the city, side-swiping one police car and ramming another. Williams was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center with a bite wound to his shoulder. Williams also had scratches on his face.

Brister's attorney said the officer was protecting himself and other officers against the possibility that Williams would try to move his vehicle again. Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous says the department is conducting an internal investigation of the dog biting. Evangelous hopes to have the investigation wrapped up next week. [white supremacy is carried out through violence and/or deception]


Lawsuit: Albuquerque Deputy Tortured Latino Man by Forcing him to Kneel on Sizzling Hot asphalt

From [HERE] A Latino man filed a federal lawsuit claiming he was the victim of excessive police brutality during a scorching hot summer day. Jonathon Griego claims he was detained by Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Starr at a convenience store near the intersection of La Vega and Bridge on June 20, 2013—a day with high temperatures reaching 96 degrees.

Starr demanded that Griego kneel and sit on the asphalt, where he was forced to "literally cook" after a needle was found in his pocket, court papers said. In court documents filed in response to the lawsuit, Jonlyn Martinez, an attorney representing the county, denied Griego's allegations. Martinez also asked that a judge dismiss the suit. 

According to the lawsuit, Starr ignored Griego's complaints that the heat was burning through his pants and undergarments. Shannon Kennedy, Griego's lawyer, said a medical report concluded Griego suffered second-degree burns on his knees. "The photos are just awful," Kennedy said. He was forced to kneel on asphalt for nearly 25 minutes.  The asphalt was so hot, it burned through his jeans.

Griego claims he told the BCSO deputy that his “skin was cooking,” but the deputy ingored the complaints.  At one point Griego was permitted to sit on his buttocks, but the hot asphalt burned through his pants, undergarments, and skin.  


White Prosecutor says No Charges for White Tullytown Cops who Shot Handcuffed Black Teen in the Back & Face with Taser after Shoplifting arrest @ Walmart

'Non-whites are not treated as well as whites - both as victims of crime and as criminal defendants. Prosecutorial discretion is a major cause of racial inequality in the criminal justice system.' - Angela Davis

From [HERE] and [MORE] The Bucks County district attorney on Thursday cleared Tullytown police of any wrongdoing when they used a Taser last month on a handcuffed Black teen who had run from them and then fell - allegedly on his face.

The 14-year-old suffered numerous facial injuries. A photo of his bruised and scabbed face, which went viral, prompted the investigation. The boy's family said it remained unsatisfied with the district attorney's conclusion and repeated claims of excessive force after the boy was arrested on shoplifting charges. The family's attorney is conducting an independent investigation. The FBI is reviewing the matter as well. Fortunato N. Perri Jr., the family's Center City-based attorney, said medical professionals had told the family that the boy's injuries were inconsistent with Tullytown's account.

During an hour-plus news conference, District Attorney David Heckler, who is white, said his conclusion was based on the accounts of five witnesses, the boy's statements after his arrest, video from two police cars, and other evidence. "This all happened in front of literally hundreds of people," Heckler said. Prosecutors are still pursuing juvenile shoplifting and other charges against the teenager. 

The Bristol Township teen, Joey Williams, and a Black man he was with had been chased down by the police after allegedly shoplifting from a Walmart store on Route 13, one of the busiest roads in Bucks County. Both were handcuffed and standing outside an SUV they had been in when the boy took off, according to police-car video footage Heckler showed reporters. He declined to release copies of the video because the boy is a minor.

Mysteriously, the police car cameras did not capture the actual use of the Taser. They only showed the boy before and after the incident, including him sitting in the back of a police car with a Taser barb in his cheek.

White Prosecutor says police shot him in back and face for his safety. Heckler said police were justified in using the Taser to prevent the boy from running handcuffed into heavy traffic and to protect the officers' safety on a busy road. Williams was running away from the police. He added that the boy's facial injuries were consistent with someone who suffered a Taser barb to the cheek and then "face planted" after the fall. He said one of the Taser barbs struck the boy in the check because he turned his face while running. [unforeseeable conduct? - shooting a handcuffed person who is running in the back and not expecting him to fall on his face.]

The officers yelled warnings at the teen before firing a stun gun to subdue him, Heckler said.  With his hands cuffed behind his back, the boy was unable to brace himself when he fell face-first. Heckler added that the boy told authorities after his arrest that no one had hit him during the incident.

The boy's family disputes Heckler's account. Greg Brinkley, an advocate for the family, told reporters the teen suffered a concussion and was remembering more from his arrest, including being "aggressively attacked." Brinkley said the use of the Taser was excessive and unnecessary because the boy was running away from traffic, not into it.

"This certainly by no means closes our investigation," Perri said.

Carrie Adamowski, an FBI spokeswoman, confirmed that the agency was reviewing the incident. Tullytown police had requested that both the FBI and the District Attorney's Office investigate the matter.

To the extent that you might be dealing with a racist police officer, attempt to comply with orders. In face to face confrontations with police, white supremacy is your reality. All of your so-called rights may be dealt with later in court - should they allow it. Nevertheless, avoid incriminating yourself or participating in your own oppression. "You already know that, why act like you don't?" 


Americans [too many non-white] Killed by Cops [mostly white] Now Outnumber Americans Killed in Iraq War

Justifiable Homicide in a Racist System. This article should be considered in the context of the racism/white supremacy dynamic. 'Whenever there is a sense of increased vulnerability within the local and/or global white collective - as, for example, caused by the rapidly declining white population and demographic transformation in the US or the election of a Black president- there will be an increase of the ever-present "normal" daily slaughter and murder of Black and other non-white males by those both legally and illegally authorized to do so. This murder and slaughter will be logically viewed as justified within the specific logic framework of the fear of white genetic annihilation. [MORE]

This conduct is also not justified by the myth that police work is dangerous. Police work continues to be a relatively safe occupation and the numbers bear this out.  Compared to the daily perils of being a retail clerk in a 7-Eleven or toiling on a construction site, let alone working on a trawler in the Gulf of Alaska, logging in the Pacific Northwest or working in a deep mine, policing is a fairly invulnerable trade. [MORE]

From [HERE] The increase in police brutality in this country is a frightening reality. In the last decade alone the number of  people murdered by police has reached 5,000. The number of soldiers killed since the inception of the Iraq war, 4489.

What went wrong? In the 19070’s SWAT teams were estimated to be used just a few hundred times per year, now we are looking at over 40,000 military style “knock and announce” police raids a year. The police presence in this country is being turned into a military with a clearly defined enemy, anyone who questions the establishment.

Just a white thing?  According to Anon, in the history of modern law enforcement there has never been a single instance of a Black police officer shooting or killing an unarmed white person. (with the exception of Christopher Dorner, who allegedly killed a white officer). [MORE]

If we look at the most recent numbers of non-military US citizens killed by terrorism worldwide, that number is 17. You have a better chance of being killed by a bee sting, or a home repair accident than you do a terrorist. And you are 29 times more likely to be murdered by a cop than a terrorist!

A hard hitting mini film by film maker Charles Shaw, properly titled RELEASE US, highlights the riveting and horrid reality of America’s thin blue line. From the film: 500 innocent Americans are murdered by police every year (USDOJ). 5,000 since 9/11, equal to the number of US soldiers lost in Iraq.

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Do Not Expect to be Treated Humanely by White Cops: Still No Real Remedy for Victim of White Supremacy Killed by Berkeley Police after dialing 911  

NAACP urges changes to Berkeley mental health services. This kind of request by non-white people to white police does not recognize the racist environment that we are operating in. So, it's usefuleness is limited until the issue of white supremacy is dealt withMao Tse-Tung said, "it is well known that when you do anything, unless you understand its actual circumstances, its nature and its relations to other things, you will not know the laws governing it, or know how to do it, or be able to do it well." [MORE] Here, in a white supremacy system it is pathological to expect white people to treat non-whites humanely or to otherwise rely on moral suasion to solve problems with white people. [MORE].

In photo Berkeley Police Chief Michael Meehan at press conference after several detectives worked overtime to find his son's allegedly stolen iPhone in October 2012. [MORE]

From [HERE] and [HERE] Just before midnight on Feb. 12, Kayla Xavier Moore’s roommate dialed 911. Moore, 41, a paranoid schizophrenic, was off her prescription meds and highly agitated. The roommate thought he knew the drill – Moore would be taken to a psychiatric hospital, stabilised with medication and allowed to go home in 72 hours.

That’s not what happened. Finding Moore had an outstanding $10,000 warrant from San Francisco, Berkeley police decided to take her to jail. When they tried to handcuff her, Moore, who was also African American and transgender, resisted – and died. The coroner said Moore died from obesity, drugs and cardiovascular disease.

On March 13th, 2013 Black teenager, Jeremy Carter was brutally arrested by members of the Berkley Police Department. [MORE

Moore’s family blames the police. Which is a reasonable accusation considering the facts that she died after a violent struggle with at least three cops who were beating on her in a small space. The cops apparently ended up on top of her and restrained her with 2 sets of handcuffs and ankle straps. Minutes after the struggle she stopped breathing - coroner missed that? To the extent that you might be dealing with a racist coroner - get an independent autopsy done. 

Thus far no lawsuit has been filed, no criminal charges were filed against cops and after being briefly put on administrative leave following the incident, the officers have since returned to work. [MORE]

According to police, Moore's roommate said in the 911 call that there were no weapons in the house, but that Moore had been known to pick up kitchen knives and threaten to use them. He said that Moore was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder. [MORE]

Moore was not creating a disturbance and presented no threat, her sister Maria Moore told the community at a meeting on the incident. "Berkeley was well aware of Xavier's issues," "I don't know the circumstances that happened that night, but mental health wasn't there for him. They needed that aspect to help calm him down, to help communicate with him. You’re dealing with someone who’s paranoid, who trusts no one, and you have the police there?"[MORE]

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NYPD Go On Warrantless Search and Beat Down of Latino Family after Stop about Parking Space

From [HERE] and [HERE] A Latino woman has sued the city claiming police entered her home in Staten island without a warrant, and beat her family  according to court documents. The officers also stepped on their pet bird intentionally, killing it, court documents say.

The violent incident occurred Sept. 2, 2012, as Lugo’s family was celebrating a Labor Day barbecue, the suit said.

Lugo’s son Edwin Avellanet was taking a bag of garbage outside when cops stopped and questioned him about an orange construction cone placed in front of their Corson Ave. home to save a parking spot, according to lawyer Jason Leventhal.

The cops demanded to see identification and Avellanet, 26, refused, stating that he had done nothing wrong. A cop grabbed Avellanet by the arm, but he was able to break free and retreat into the house, according to the suit. The lawyer said cops started smashing several first-floor windows with their equipment. Lugo opened the front door to see who was outside and the cops barged in, Leventhal said.

“It was completely uncalled for,” Leventhal said. “There was no excuse for going into the house without a warrant.” Additional cops arrived and swarmed throughout the house looking for Avellanet. “They threw me like a piece of garbage on the floor,” Lugo said.

Another son, George Lugo, and family friend Luis Ortega were struck in the head repeatedly with a baton and suffered severe facial injuries, according to the complaint filed Nov. 29 in Brooklyn Federal Court.

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