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Madison Police Chief Guilty of Contempt Resigns: White Cops Body Slammed 58 yr Old Indian Man Face First Causing Paralysis 

From [HERE] A white police chief who oversaw an Alabama department while one of its officers was accused of violating the civil rights of an Indian man during a takedown last year is expected to resign in two weeks.

Madison Police Chief Larry Muncey's resignation, effective Dec. 1, comes while he was on administrative leave following a contempt-of-court conviction that stemmed from a federal trial involving Officer Eric Parker., who is also white

Parker was tried twice in the February 2015 takedown of then 58-year-old Sureshbhai Patel, a grandfather from India who suffered serious injuries after being brought to the ground following a police stop. Both trials ended in hung juries; the judge acquitted Parker in January.

Muncey was found guilty in April of federal criminal contempt in connection with Parker's first trial. Those charges stemmed from his discussing testimony with the officer's colleagues. Muncey was ordered to pay a $2,500 fine and attend training for legal exposure and liability.

Maj. Jim Cooke has been serving as the department's acting chief and will continue to do so until the position is filled, the mayor said.

It wasn't immediately clear why Muncey submitted his resignation, which the mayor's office said will be delivered to the City Council on Nov. 28.

Parker, meanwhile, returned to active duty in September. His reinstatement came around four months after the Alabama attorney general dropped state misdemeanor assault charges against Parker in May.

Still pending is a federal lawsuit Patel filed against Parker and the City of Madison. Parker, then 27, encountered Patel while responding to a call of a suspicious black man looking at garages and walking near houses. Patel, who was in from India and visiting his son and grandson, testified he did not understand English or the officers who confronted him while out for a walk.

A widely viewed police dash­cam video captured Patel's subsequent police take­down, which resulted in injuries to Patel's spine and partial paralysis. Parker has denied the allegations in Patel's lawsuit, saying in court papers that he took Patel to the ground after he jerked away a fourth time during a weapons frisk.

Patel's lawsuit argues that the City of Madison violated federal law by allegedly failing to train its police officers and employing department policies, such as police stops and weapons pat downs, that resulted in a violation of Patel's constitutional rights.


"[White] Cops can do whatever they want [to Blacks] because this video was never supposed to surface" - Lawsuit Says HPD Cop Slammed Handcuffed Black Man's Face Into Steel Door

From [HERE] A white Houston police officer smashed a Black man's head into a jail cell door and put him in a neck hold until the bleeding man passed out, according to a lawsuit.

Reuben Williams accused Officer S. Corral of excessive force following his DUI arrest in a lawsuit filed Sunday against Corral and the city of Houston. Williams faces a charge of felony harassment of a public servant after police said he started it by spitting on Corral in November 2014.

Police conducted an investigation, and a Harris County grand jury declined to charge the officer. Yet Williams’ attorney, Randall Kallinen, alleged in the lawsuit that the lack of charges fit a larger pattern around police conduct in the Houston area.

“Despite changes occurring nation-wide Houston has chosen to remain in the Dark Ages when it comes to curtailing excessive force and police misconduct transparency,” Kallinen said in a statement.

“Cops can do whatever they want because this video was never supposed to surface," Williams said.

The Harris County grand jury cleared the officer in June 2015. Corral later received counseling, but Williams received ten stitches over one of his eyes and a permanent scar on his forehead, according to the lawsuit.


Protecting & Serving White Supremacy: White Baltimore Cop Sentenced to 12 Years - Shot Unarmed Subdued Black Man in Groin

From [HERE] A judge sentenced a white Baltimore police officer Friday to 12 years in prison for shooting an unarmed Black man suspected of burglary, citing irreparable harm to the victim and the community's trust in police.

Circuit Judge Wanda Keyes Heard said Wesley Cagle, 47, committed "an egregious violation" and failed to "serve and protect" when he shot Michael Johansen in December 2014.

Cagle, a 15-year-veteran of the force, was convicted in August of first-degree assault and a handgun charge for shooting Johansen in the groin as he lay in the doorway of an East Baltimore corner store after two other officers had already shot him.

Johansen testified that Cagle stood over him and called him a "piece of shit" before shooting him.

Heard spoke of the comment during the sentencing, describing how Cagle did not refer to Johansen as a citizen as he lay on the ground, but "something that might be stuck on a person's shoe." She also pointed out that Johansen lost a large stretch of his intestines and part of his kidney as a result of the shooting.

Heard sentenced Cagle to 12 years for the first-degree assault charge and the five-year minimum sentence for the handgun charge, which does not allow parole. The sentences are to run concurrently.

Cagle was terminated by the department Friday, a police spokesman said.

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Jury Believed Broward Sheriffs 'Freddie Gray Defense'- Black Man Did It to Himself: Skull Fracture, Facial Fracture & Chipped Teeth from a Fall  

From [HERE] A Miami jury on Friday cleared three Broward Sheriff's Office deputies accused of using excessive force in a beating that left a 20-year-old man with a factured skull and other injuries.

"I'm thrilled my clients have been vindicated and this was the right result," David Ferguson, attorney representing the deputies, said in federal civil court where a jury of eight had spent the week hearing two contradictory versions of Bryan Atkinson's Aug. 17, 2013, arrest in North Lauderdale.

Deputies Dimitri French, Eddy Hernandez and Todd Yoder were accused in a civil lawsuit of using excessive force and delivering a viscious beating that fractured Atkinson's skull, part of his face and caused a brain bleed during the arrest.

Each deputy testified there had been no beating.

They said that Atkinson injured himself when he fell and landed face first on a sidewalk while running away from the deputies during a traffic stop. They said he fell and then got tackled when he tried to get up and run again.

The 24-year-old says the deputies beat, stomped and kicked him into unconsciousness. And an emergency room trauma surgeon testified that “a picture is worth a thousand words.

With a photograph displayed on a projector of Atkinson in a hospital bed wearing a neck brace, a softball-sized lump on his forehead, and his lips caked in dried blood, Greg Lauer, lawyer for Atkinson, gave his opening statement.

“Bryan remembers before he was knocked unconscious, before his skull was fractured, being surrounded by three deputies who said: ‘If you run like a b----, we’re going to beat you like a b----.’

“And that’s what they did.”

Atkinson awoke in the hospital’s ICU with a brain bleed, a skull fracture and a facial fracture running from his forehead to his lower cheekbone and two chipped teeth, Lauer said.

Atkinson told jurors he ditched his car and ran from police in a panic over an illegal vehicle tag but came to his senses, fell to his hands and knees and surrendered. He said that's when the trio of deputies converged, kicking, punching and stomping him until he passed out.

Two neurosurgeons who treated Atkinson in the emergency room at Broward Health Medical Center said it was doubtful his injuries came from a fall.

“I did not believe that what I was seeing was consistent with a fall. I did not believe that story,” trauma surgeon Ralph Guarneri told jurors. He dictated into his medical report that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Neurosurgeon Amos Stoll concurred: “It seemed like his injuries were not consistent with a fall, you wouldn’t expect this much injury in this many places.”

Atkinson, a graduate of Lauderhill High School, worked at Burger King at the time and was slated to begin studying auto mechanics at a vocational school. He had no criminal record. Tests for alcohol and drugs came back negative and no gun was ever found, Lauer said.

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Assault on a Lying Police Officer: White Pinellas Deputy Fired for Lying Over & Over About Brutal Traffic Stop of Black Woman

From [HERE] Lies and excessive force are what Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri says got a white deputy fired after he assaulted an unarmed Black woman. “Everybody, especially a deputy sheriff, has to tell the truth. If you don't tell the truth, you won't work here. It’s that simple,” Gualtieri said. The sheriff says video helped reveal the truth about Deputy Wayne Wagner repulsive behavior during a traffic stop at a gas station.

About 9:40 p.m. on March 25, Wagner pulled over a car into the Mobil station at 10021 4th St. N. in St. Petersburg, according to the sheriff's office. He arrested the driver, Paige Taylor, for driving on a suspended license, then directed the Black woman to get out of the vehicle.

“She takes the driver’s license out of his hand, and then turns to walk away. At that point, Deputy Wagner slammed Taylor up against the side of the vehicle, and then took her to the ground and used improper force,” says Sheriff Gualtieri. The video shows the white cop snatch the Black woman, push her into the side of the truck and then tackle her to the pavement. 

Gualtieri told 10News that the violence Wagner used on Paige Taylor was too much, but insists what happened next was worse – the deputy claimed she attacked him.

On the dashcam video of the incident, you hear Wagner call out on the radio, “I'm in a fight!”

Taylor calmly responds as she’s on the ground, “You’re not in a fight officer.” She then says, “Stop!  What are you doing?”

Wagner: “You're under arrest.”

Taylor: “For what?”

Wagner: “For battery on a law enforcement officer.”

Taylor: “I didn't do anything to you.”

The sheriff said the Wagner then lies to his backup, saying Taylor shoved him and he arrested her for it.

“He demonstrates that Taylor pushed him. That just simply didn't happen,” Gualtieri said.

The deputy continued to stick to his story for months in follow-up reports.

Taylor filed a complaint and the department launched an internal investigation. Charges were dropped against Taylor.

The sheriff said the video uncovers the truth.

“As the video clearly shows, Taylor didn't touch deputy Wagner at all. There's absolutely no room for a deputy sheriff to not tell the truth,” Gualtieri said.

Records from Wagner’s personnel file show this wasn't the first time he’d been in trouble since joining the department in 2014. He got a week suspension earlier this year for a chase topping 130 miles an hour without emergency lights on U.S. Hwy. 19. 

He crashed as part of a motorcade escorting vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, then got busted sending a picture of his privates to a gas station employee while working at Winter Springs Police Department, near Orlando.

To download Wagner's public record files and reports, click here.

Taylor's attorney told 10News that she's still fearful of law enforcement, but feels Wagner's firing is justice.


'We Killed the Nigger Because We Were Trying to Help Him'-Jury Believed Whatever Racist White Cops Said: No Liability for White Plains Cops 

From [HERE] A Westchester jury rejected a lawsuit brought by the family of a 68 year old, former black marine who was assauled by white cops and fatally shot by a white officer five years ago.

Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., 68, was killed by White Plains police officer Anthony Carelli, 34, on Nov. 19, 2011.

The jury--made up of five whites and three non-whites (two Latino women and one Black man) deliberated for close to a day before deciding the city of White Plains and officer Carelli did not  violate Chamberlain’s civil rights by commiting excessive force.

The jury also rejected the family’s allegation that the officers illegally assaulted Chamberlain. The case was the result of a  $21 million federal wrongful death lawsuit.

Chamberlain had accidentally triggered his medical alert. When the medical-alert agency did not get a response from Mr. Chamberlain, it dispatched the police to check on him. He repeatedly told police that he didn’t need help and that he wanted them to leave the premises during the 90 minute stand-off. During the stand-off audio recordings revealed the officers called him nigger and taunted him with racial slurs. Officer Steven Hart said “Stop, we have to talk nigger.” 

Police forced their way into his apartment anyway, tased him and then shot him, a heart patient who was unarmed and in his boxer shorts. A former Marine and corrections officer, he had bipolar disorder, as well as arthritis and respiratory illness.

He told officers, "I don't need you! I didn't call you!" he yelled at the officers.

Police claimed that they were worried that someone else might be inside the apartment and also claimed they feared for his safety. 

When the door was finally yanked off officers hit Chamberlain with a Taser and four beanbag rounds.

But according to police that wasn't enough to stop the senior citizen from lunging at them with a knife, four officers testified at the trial.

"I believed Sergeant Martin might be killed," Carelli testified. "(Chamberlain) was closing in."

Martin said he was thankful for his colleague's decision to open fire.

"I thought I was going to be stabbed," Martin testified. "I don't think I would be standing here. Officer Carelli saved my life." [MORE]


White Presumacy: Mostly White Jury Can't See White Cincinnati Cop Murder Black Man in Video of White Cop Murdering Black Man: Mistrial

"A mind that is filled with belief is a mind which can project anything according to the belief. When you see things always remember this." [MORE In the presence of Blacks racists cannot see things as they really are. Racism white supremacy is a virus in the mind. [MORE] The racist's eyes are filled with thoughts and all sorts of idiotic programming about niggers clouds their thinking. Anything done in this sleeping state will be stupid. Maybe this is what happened to the white jury when they saw this video of Ray Tensing shooting Samuel DuBose in the head after a 'no front tag' traffic stop.

From [HERE] and [HERECincinnati trial judge Megan Shanahan declared a mistrial on Saturday after the jury [10 whites] declared that it was unable to reach a unanimous verdict on murder and manslaughter charges in a case involving the shooting of the unarmed Samuel DuBose, a black man, by white Police Officer Raymond Tensing in July 2015. Shanahan previously encouraged the jury to reach a verdict stating that there was sufficient evidence to decide the case, but accepted the jury's deadlock status after nearly three days of deliberations.

White officer Ray Tensing fatally shot Samuel DuBose, 43, during a traffic stop as Mr. DuBose started to drive off. Mr. Tensing, 26, claimed that Mr. Dubose’s car was dragging him and that he fired at him because he feared he would be run over. The encounter was captured on video and set off protests.

Mr. Tensing was charged with murder and voluntary manslaughter. A murder conviction — which requires jurors to find that he had intentionally killed Mr. DuBose — carries a sentence of 15 years to life in prison.

A conviction on voluntary manslaughter — which requires them to find that he acted in a fit of rage or sudden passion — carries a sentence of up to five years.

The jury of 10 whites and two blacks began deliberating just after noon on Wednesday.

On July 19, 2015, Mr. Tensing pulled over Mr. Dubose’s 1998 Honda Accord a few blocks south of campus for having no front license plate.

Body-camera video released by prosecutors shows Mr. Tensing asking Mr. DuBose for his license and Mr. DuBose eventually acknowledging he does not have one with him. Mr. DuBose shows the officer the missing license plate in his glove box.

After the officer starts to open the driver’s door, Mr. DuBose pulls it closed and restarts the car. In several chaotic seconds, the engine can be heard revving, the officer reaches into the car with one hand, yells “stop” twice, and draws and fires his gun once with the other hand.

Mr. DuBose, a father of 12 was shot in the head by the white cop. The authorities said that several bags of marijuana and more than $2,500 in cash were found in the car. His license had been suspended indefinitely months before. [obviously the cop did not know any of the above information until after he murdered Dubose because he does not have x-ray vision and does not have the gift of prophecy - but a racist journalist/jurist might find those facts compelling in some way]

report by a risk-consulting firm hired by the university said that the video showed that Mr. Tensing was not being dragged, that the car had barely moved before the gunshot was fired and that Mr. Tensing had made several critical errors — including drawing his gun and reaching into the car.

The white cop was wearing a T-shirt depicting a Confederate flag under his uniform at the time of the shooting.

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Nearly All White Jury Selected in Wrongful death trial of Black Marine Killed by White Plains Cops who Yelled Nigger

From [HERE] A jury with only one black member was selected Monday to hear a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of a mentally-ill African-American man fatally shot by a white cop in Westchester in 2011.

The eight-member panel - including two alternates - is made up of four white women, one white man, two Hispanic women, and one black man.

They will decide the outcome of a $21 million federal suit brought by family of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., 68, who was killed by White Plains police officer Anthony Carelli, 34, on Nov. 19, 2011.

Before opening arguments, lawyers for the Chamberlain family and the White Plains Police Department fought as the jury was whittled down from a pool of 45 candidates. Of that initial group, just three - or 6.6% - were black.

That breakdown of the jury is below the racial makeup of the six suburban counties from which the panelists were drawn. The counties are 68% white, 11% black and 17% Hispanic, according to the latest U.S. Census data. The jury was selected from Westchester, Sullivan, Putnam, Orange, Rockland, and Dutchess counties. [MORE]

Kenneth Chamberlain, a 68-year-old retired Marine, was shot and killed five years ago by White Plains Officer Anthony Carelli in his apartment at 135 S. Lexington Ave. after police broke down his door "to respond" to his medical alert device.

Chamberlain had accidentally triggered his medical alert. His original medical alert was canceled and he repeatedly told police that he didn’t need help, but police forced their way into his apartment anyway and shot him, a heart patient who was unarmed and in his boxer shorts. A former Marine and corrections officer, he had bipolar disorder, as well as arthritis and respiratory illness.

When the medical-alert agency did not get a response from Mr. Chamberlain, it dispatched the police to check on him. Ninety minutes later, after he had been called Nigger and taunted with racial slurs by white cops, according to an audiotape, and subdued by both a Taser weapon and beanbag rounds, he was shot and killed by a bullet from an officer’s .40-caliber pistol.

“At the end, he is saying, ‘Mr. President, I can’t hold them back; they are breaking through,’” said Debra S. Cohen, a lawyer for Mr. Chamberlain’s family, which has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the City of White Plains and the officer who fired the fatal shot. [MORE]


White St. Paul Cop Stops Black Man Without Probable Cause & Turns Dog Loose on Him - Gang Of White Cops Stomp Him 

From [HERE] Documents obtained by 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS show missteps by police that led to a black man being bitten by a K-9 officer and kicked by a police officer this past June.

A settlement agreement written by St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell to K-9 Officer Brian Ficcadenti outlined the evening of June 24. Video of the incident was released Friday for the first time.

The incident happened just after 10 p.m. June 24 on the 1800 block of East Seventh Street in St. Paul.

During a news conference Friday afternoon, St. Paul Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Mike Ernster said police were responding to a fight involving a large group of people and were told one person had a gun.

The person with the gun was described as a black man with dreadlocks who had been wearing a white T-shirt, according to the settlement agreement.

According to Ficcadenti’s report, which is outlined in the settlement agreement, Ficcadenti saw people “scatter in multiple directions” and did not see any weapons or fighting when he arrived. Ficcadenti drove around the block and came to an alley, where he saw a row of parked cars with a black man sitting in one car talking on the phone.

“You reported that you believed because the male was black, had dreadlocks and was wearing a white T-shirt, he was the person who was in possession of a gun,” the settlement agreement states.

The documents say Ficcadenti said he ordered the man to put his hands in the air but that the man only put one hand up.

“You reported he did not comply with your orders and you released your dog believing he was ‘about to pull a firearm on you’ and that it was necessary to prevent a ‘lethal force encounter,’” the document says.

The K-9 officer apprehended the man, and other officers arrived at the scene. They told the man to keep his hands visible, but he either could not or would not comply, Ernster said.

One of the responding officers then kicked the man in the ribs three times, police say.

The man was handcuffed and found to be needing medical attention. The man was taken to Regions Hospital, where he spent two weeks recovering. The man's attorney says the man had serious bites to his leg, multiple broken ribs and collapsed lungs.

Police say no gun was found on the man or in the surrounding scene.

“The decisions and conclusions you made are troubling,” Axtell wrote in the settlement agreement. “You responded to anonymous information about a fight and man with a gun. No witness ever identified this citizen or his vehicle as being involved to you or any other officer and he was three apartment buildings away from the original call location.”

“According to your report and statement, the citizen was never seen with a gun nor did he display any aggression toward you,” Axtell continued in the report. “The entire interaction from when you gave the first verbal command until releasing your K-9 partner was less than 20 seconds.”

Axtell said Ficcadenti’s tactical decisions weren’t consistent with his police training nor his specialty K-9 training. He also said Ficcadenti’s decision to release the K-9 and run toward the citizen with his firearm in his holster was “reckless at best” and created a hazard for Ficcadenti and the assisting officers.

Ficcadenti was suspended for 30 days even though a civilian review commission recommended 10 days. He will also not return to the K-9 unit. [would he still have his job if this happened to a white person?]

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[In the Presence of Color Racists cannot see things as they really are - even in slow motion] What Did the White Jury See when they Saw Video of White Cop Shooting Walter Scott Over & Over in the Back as he Fled?

'It Would Be Better If They Had No Eyes. Then There Would Be No Possibility of Misunderstanding[at least they would know they can't see'] From [HERE] and [HEREThe shooting of Walter Scott, occurred on April 4, 2015, in North Charleston, South Carolina, following a daytime traffic stop for a non-functioning brake light. Scott, a black man, was fatally shot by Michael Slager, a white North Charleston police officer. Slager was charged with murder after a video surfaced contradicting his police report.

The case is now being heard by a jury of 11 white jurors and one token black [why would the prosecutor allow a nearly all white jury to be emapaneled? Think Michael Brown/Eric Garner prosecutions. Prosecutor is white, Slager is white, Police Chief Driggers is white, judge is black but in a jury trial the jury decides all the factual issues [he is there for show or the appearance of justice]. . . Don't hold your breath in a system of white supremacy].  

A Black man riding with a Black motorist who was fatally shot by a white police officer while running away from a traffic stop testified Thursday that he doesn’t know why his friend tried to flee.

“That’s a question I would like to ask him. Unfortunately, I can’t. He was murdered,” said Pierre Fulton, who worked with Walter Scott at a distribution warehouse and was riding in the front passenger seat when Michael Slager, a North Charleston police officer, pulled them over for a broken taillight.

A bystander’s cellphone recording of Scott’s death stunned the nation as the images spread on social media. Slager, who is white, faces 30 years to life if convicted of murder in the shooting of Scott, who was black. He also faces separate federal charges including violations of Scott’s civil rights.

Fulton said Scott surrendered his driver’s license and stepped out of the car. Slager then ordered Scott to get back in again, and he complied. Then, as the officer was checking the information, Scott bolted.

“The next thing you know, he was out the door,” Fulton said.

The gunshots rang out a short time later, he said.

While sitting in the car, Scott called his mother on his cellphone.

“He didn’t sound very good. He sounded in distress,” Jury Scott, 73, told the jury as she fought back tears.

“He said, ‘They were tasing me.’ I heard him groaning like he was in excruciating pain several times,” she said. “I told him, ‘You know North Charleston policemen, so just do whatever they say.’”

Solicitor Scarlett Wilson said Slager fired eight times after failing to subdue Scott with a stun gun; five of the shots hit Scott in the back and buttocks.

Wilson told the jury of 11 whites and one black in her opening statement that even if Scott wrestled with Slager over the stun gun, that provocation did not justify being shot to death.

“If Walter Scott had not resisted arrest, he wouldn’t have been shot. He paid the extreme consequence for his conduct. He lost his life for his foolishness,” she acknowledged [sounds super aggressive and compelling

But she said Slager must be held accountable for “his decision to go too far — his decision to let his sense of authority get the better of him.”

On Friday the apt white jurors fixed their attention on the video: a cellphone recording of some of the fatal encounter. The video shows Mr. Slager firing eight rounds toward the back of Mr. Scott as he is running away from him. It was played in slow motion. 

As the jury of 11 white people and a black man watched State’s Exhibit No. 237, a female juror held her right hand to her lower lip. A male juror repeatedly swallowed. Mr. Slager watched the video on a screen near the defense table as the sound of gunfire boomed, shot after shot, through the courtroom.

“It was an injustice what I saw,” testified Feidin Santana, who recorded the video on his way to work on April 4, 2015.

Mr. Santana, the only witness to the shooting besides Mr. Slager, said he had been first drawn by the sight of Mr. Scott running. Moments later, Mr. Slager came into view.

Mr. Santana said he had heard the buzz of a Taser and watched Mr. Slager punch Mr. Scott’s side. Using his cellphone’s camera, Mr. Santana taped the men as they tussled.

Then Mr. Slager opened fire, and Mr. Scott fell to the ground. Mr. Santana testified that the officer handcuffed Mr. Scott, who was not moving.

“At any point, did you see Walter Scott coming at Officer Slager?” Ms. Wilson asked.

“That never happened,” Mr. Santana replied.

Mr. Slager, who was fired after the shooting, could be sentenced to life in prison if he is convicted of murderin state court, where his trial will resume on Monday. He has also been indicted on federal civil rights charges.

The video could resurface in the state trial, in which Judge Clifton B. Newman on Friday denied a defense request to block the footage from being played in slow motion. The recording is also expected to be crucial evidence in the federal case.[MORE]

An attorney for the Scott family, Chris Stewart, told reporters after the court adjourned following a full day of statements and testimony that the family is not concerned a nearly all-white jury is hearing the case. [sounds incompetent]

“All you need in this case is everything all juries have: two eyes and a brain. It doesn’t matter what color they are, because they have eyes that can see that videotape,” he said. [lol - eyes filled with thoughts!] 


Family of Ezell Ford, Fatally Shot in the Back while Lying Down by LAPD, Reaches Settlement in Wrongful Death Lawsuit


The parents of a Black man who was fatally shot by police in South Los Angeles in 2014 reached a tentative settlement with the city of Los Angeles over a civil rights and wrongful death lawsuit in which they alleged their son was killed while lying on the ground unarmed.

The notice of settlement was filed Oct. 26 by attorneys for Edsell and Tritobia Ford, the father and mother of Ezell Ford. The agreement was reached during a mandatory settlement conference five days earlier, according to the plaintiffs' attorneys court papers.

No terms were divulged. The court papers said the settlement was "conditional" and it was not immediately clear if the resolution requires approval by the City Council.

Ford, 25, was shot in the 200 block of West 65th Street in South Los Angeles at 8:10 p.m. on Aug. 11, 2014.

According to the lawsuit filed in March 2015, Wampler and Villegas -- who were named defendants along with the city and LAPD -- "intentionally and/or negligently fatally shot unarmed decedent Ezell Ford multiple times with their firearms" after he had complied with their order to lie on the ground.

The officers knew Ford was "mentally challenged" and that he was not committing a crime at the time, the lawsuit stated.

The shooting prompted several protests and calls for a speedy and transparent investigation. Activists have contended that eyewitnesses dispute the police account of events. [MORE]


Judge accepts $1.9M settlement of Sandra Bland wrongful-death suit [Lawsuit Settlements Do Not Stop White Supremacy/Racism]

Dallas News

A federal judge on Tuesday accepted a $1.9 million settlement agreement between the family of Sandra Bland and Waller County officials and the state trooper who arrested her.

Bland, 28, was found dead in her jail cell in July 2015, days after she was arrested for a minor traffic infraction.

The death became a symbol for the Black Lives Matter movement during a period when violent encounters between law enforcement and black people sparked a national conversation.

Shortly after Bland died, her mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, sued Waller County officials and law enforcement for negligence.

As part of the settlement, county officials agreed to improve how inmates are booked and supervised at the jail and other facilities lacking immediate access to medical services, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The settlement was first announced in September. Bland family attorney Cannon Lambert told KTRK-TV that the Department of Public Safety will pay $100,000, an amount capped by state law, and the Waller County Jail will pay the remaining amount. [MORE]


After White Minneapolis Cops Investigate Themselves White Mayor & White Police Chief tell White Media that White Cops Wont Be Disciplined for Murdering Unarmed Black Man

From [HERE] White Minneapolis officials announced Thursday that the two officers involved in Jamar Clark’s shooting death will not face any disciplinary action.

Minneapolis Police Chief Janée Harteau and Mayor Betsy Hodges announced the findings of the Internal Affairs investigation at a press conference Friday. Harteau said she met with Clark’s family earlier in the day.

Minneapolis Police Chief Janée Harteau and Mayor Betsy Hodges announced the findings of the Internal Affairs investigation at a press conference Friday. Harteau said she met with Clark’s family earlier in the day.

Harteau said the investigation determined the incident did not violate any MPD policy and the officers will not be criminally charged.

Clark was shot by police during an incident in north Minneapolis on Nov. 15, 2015. He was taken off life support two days later and died.

Police say Clark tried to take an officer’s gun in a struggle during a domestic abuse call, but several witnesses claimed Clark was handcuffed when he was shot in the head by one of the officers involved – Mark Ringgenberg and Dustin Schwarze. In an unrelated incident Schwarze also savagely beat a Black man after a seat belt stop. [VIDEO]

“After an extensive review of this entire incident, I have concluded that these officers did not dictate the outcome of this incident,” Harteau said in a prepared statement at the press conference. “This was an outcome that no one wanted.”

In particular, Harteau defended Officer Ringgenberg’s use of a “takedown maneuver” captured by a camera mounted in the back of an ambulance. The Hennepin County Attorney’s office released the video last March, after deciding not to file charges in the incident.

He was shot in the head about 61 seconds after officers arrived, as the situation quickly escalated from noncompliance to physical violence, a narrative released by the District Attorney’s office said. At first, officers couldn’t get Clark to remove his hands from his pockets. When they tried to handcuff him, he fought back.

Officers told investigators that Clark had landed on top of Ringgennberg during the scuffle and had his “whole hand” on the officer’s gun. Schwarze dropped the handcuffs he had pulled out to subdue Clark, unholstered his service pistol and held it to the side of Clark’s mouth.

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Mentally ill Black Man Held Pre-Trial Dies After Being Denied water in solitary confinement in Milwaukee jail

From [HERE] A mentally ill black man who died in a Milwaukee prison in April suffered from severe dehydration, a medical examiner concluded. Inmates said he was begging for drinking water days before perishing in custody. Terrill Thomas, 38, was sent to jail after two shooting episodes in which he allegedly was involved on April 14

Thomas suffered from bipolar disorder and, according to his family, had experienced a mental breakdown at the time of his arrest. His mother asked the police to take him into custody, saying her son had become violent and erratic.

On April 27, he was supposed to undergo medical evaluation to determine if he was competent to stand trial for five counts of charges against him. But this didn’t happen because on April 24 he was found dead in his solitary cell.

Thomas’s body showed no injuries, but his “biochemistry testing revealed profound dehydration,” the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office said on Thursday. The death was ruled a homicide.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's office, which runs the jail in which Thomas died, declined to comment on the incident until an investigation is complete. The Milwaukee Police Department is leading the probe to avoid a conflict of interest. It would not comment on the matter either.

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[when racists say "we're here to help you" they mean murder you] New Trial in Case of 68 yr old Black Marine Murdered by White Cops Arriving to "Help" After Medical Alert Went Off Accidentally

From [HERE] Kenneth Chamberlain, a 68-year-old retired Marine, was shot and killed five years ago by White Plains Officer Anthony Carelli in his apartment at 135 S. Lexington Ave. after police broke down his door to respond to his medical alert device.

Chamberlain had accidentally triggered his medical alert. His original medical alert was canceled and he repeatedly told police that he didn’t need help, but police forced their way in and shot him, a heart patient who was unarmed and in his boxer shorts. A former Marine and corrections officer, he had bipolar disorder, as well as arthritis and respiratory illness.

When the medical-alert agency did not get a response from Mr. Chamberlain, it dispatched the police to check on him. Ninety minutes later, after he had been called Nigger and taunted with racial slurs by white cops, according to an audiotape, and subdued by both a Taser weapon and beanbag rounds, he was shot and killed by a bullet from an officer’s .40-caliber pistol.

“At the end, he is saying, ‘Mr. President, I can’t hold them back; they are breaking through,’” said Debra S. Cohen, a lawyer for Mr. Chamberlain’s family, which has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the City of White Plains and the officer who fired the fatal shot.

Now the family of Mr. Chamberlain will have its day in federal court next week.

Mr. Chamberlain can be heard on the audiotape, made available by the medical-alert agency that recorded the encounter, telling the officers that he was all right and asking them to leave because he did not need or want their help. The agency also tried to cancel its request for a police call. But the officers insisted on checking on Mr. Chamberlain in person. Transcripts from the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office reveal that Officer Steven Hart, a white man, said to Chamberlain, “Stop, we have to talk nigger” before police broke down his door. Police officers forced their way into his apartment and fired a Taser and bean bags at Chamberlain to try to subdue him. Then they fired real bullets. 

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