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Innocent Black Man who Spent Half his Life in Prison Files Suit Against Psychopathic White Chicago Cop, a former Guantánamo Bay Torturer 

White Media Hides Real Photos of Zuley [what is collective white power?] Richard Zuley's work as an interrogator left a trail of Black & Brown people abused, including at least one innocent man and several more who have raised about whether they were wrongfully convicted. More [HERE

From [HERE] and [HERE] A white psychopathic Chicago detective who led one of the most shocking acts of torture ever conducted at Guantánamo Bay was responsible for implementing a disturbingly similar, years-long regime of brutality to elicit murder confessions from Black and Latino Americans.

In a dark foreshadowing of the United States’ post-9/11 descent into torture, a Guardian investigation can reveal that Richard Zuley, a detective on Chicago’s north side from 1977 to 2007, repeatedly engaged in methods of interrogation resulting in at least one wrongful conviction and subsequent cases more recently thrown into doubt following allegations of abuse.

Zuley’s record suggests a continuum between police abuses in urban America and the wartime detention scandals that continue to do persistent damage to the reputation of the United States. Zuley’s tactics, which would be supercharged at Guantánamo when he took over the interrogation of a high-profile detainee as a US Navy reserve lieutenant, included:

Shackling suspects to police-precinct walls through eyebolts for hours on end.

Accusations of planting evidence when there was pressure for a high-profile murder conviction.

Threats of harm to family members of those under interrogation used as leverage.

Pressure on suspects to implicate themselves and others.

Threats of being subject to the death penalty if suspects did not confess.

The Cook County state’s attorney office now has an examination open into a second conviction involving Zuley, filings in an Illinois court showed on Tuesday. (The Guardian is publishing the first part of its investigation on Wednesday.) While representatives of the state’s attorney’s office told the Guardian that the examination concerns only a single case, the office is seeking civilian complaint files regarding Zuley from a local independent police review authority.

The wrongful-conviction examination into Zuley follows an extraordinary 2013 decision by state’s attorney Anita Alvarez to free an innocent man Zuley’s faulty police work sent to prison for 23 years.

An innocent man, Latherial Boyd, convicted in 1990 of murder, has filed a federal civil-rights lawsuit against him for planting evidence and withholding crucial details. Boyd has spent half his life in prison. Boyd, who was freed from prison in 2013 after prosecutors re-examined the evidence and threw out the charges, alleged Zuley had ignored his ironclad alibi, planted evidence implicating him in the shooting and elicited false testimony from a surviving victim who fingered Boyd as the gunman.

Last week, a court filing in Boyd's case revealed that the Conviction Integrity Unit of the Cook County State's Attorney's Office is planning to subpoena Zuley's entire complaint history from his 30-year career as a police officer, an indication that more cases he handled are being reviewed. [MORE] and [MORE]

“When I learned that Zuley was head of a special projects team at Guantánamo,” said Kathleen Zellner, the lawyer leading the civil-rights case, “my first reaction was: ‘Really? I would love to see the selection criteria for that job.’”

Boyd told the Guardian that Zuley had a racial animus as well. “No nigger is supposed to live like this,” he remembered Zuley telling him after the detective searched his expensive loft.

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White Judges Rule that White Cops who Shot Black Teen "Posing No Threat" - Entitled to Immunity against Excessive Force Claims

From [HERE] White Deputy marshals who shot at a Black 16-year-old boy they thought might be driving a stolen car are immune against excessive-force claims, white judges in a federal appeals court in Washington ruled last Friday.

Judge David Tatel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, who wrote the opinion, warned that law enforcement officers shouldn’t interpret the ruling as giving them the green light to open fire on any fleeing motorist. He wrote:

In reaching this conclusion, we emphasize that nothing in this opinion should be read to suggest that qualified immunity will shield from liability every law enforcement officer in this circuit who fires on a fleeing motorist out of asserted concern for other officers and bystanders. Outside the context of a “dangerous high-speed car chase” … deadly force, as the Supreme Court made clear in Garner … ordinarily may not be used to apprehend a fleeing suspect who poses no immediate threat to others—whether or not the suspect is behind the wheel.

Police departments nationwide have been revisiting policies governing when officers can open fire on a moving vehicle, according to a recent report in The Wall Street Journal. These types of shootings can be high-risk and put the suspect, bystanders and officers in danger, the paper reported.

During the 2007 incident, the teen, Michael Fenwick, got into the car after officers approached and asked to speak with him, according to the ruling. Fenwick and the marshals disagreed about what happened next. The marshals said they opened fire after Fenwick backed up and then drove forward toward the deputies, clipping one of them with a side mirror. Fenwick claimed the marshals didn't make it clear they wanted him to stop and talk to them and that they began firing before he moved the car forward.

Fenwick was struck by four bullets but survived. He was charged with felony assault on a police officer. A D.C. Superior Court judge found Fenwick committed an armed assault on the officer who was struck by the mirror—the vehicle was the weapon.

Fenwick filed a civil lawsuit against the marshals, claiming they violated the Fourth Amendment by using deadly force against him under the circumstances. The marshals appealed to the D.C. Circuit after a federal district judge rejected arguments that they were immune against Fenwick’s claims.

The appeals court acknowledged that Fenwick didn’t pose an immediate threat at the time of the shooting to the officers or bystanders. Tatel compared the situation to a previous case in which officers opened fire “only after the suspect placed in peril the lives of dozens of innocent civilians during his 100-miles-per-hour flight and only after they sought to end the chase through nonlethal means.”

The standard then became whether the officers violated “clearly established law” in opening fire.

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NYPD Cop to be Indicted in Shooting Death of Unarmed Black Man during "Routine Housing Project Check" [WHY this one, on these facts? No White Cop Involved] 

[He opened the door with his finger on the trigger? what was he expecting? who taught him to expect it? MORE]. According to the NY Times the Asian police officer who fired the shot that killed an unarmed Black man in a Brooklyn housing project in November has been indicted, according to three people familiar with the grand jury proceedings.

Peter Liang [in photo], 27, who had been on the force for less than 18 months, was patrolling a darkened stairwell at the Louis H. Pink Houses in East New York when he shot and killed Akai Gurley, 28. Less than 12 hours after the shooting, Police Commissioner William J. Bratton acknowledged that the shooting had been a grave error.

The episode promised to bring scrutiny to a longtime police practice of officers drawing their weapons when patrolling stairwells in housing projects. The shooting occurred in the Louis H. Pink Houses in the East New York neighborhood.

A law enforcement official said the indictment against Officer Liang includes six counts: one count of second-degree manslaughter, a class C felony; one count of criminally negligent homicide, a class E felony; one count of reckless endangerment; one count of second-degree assault; and two counts of official misconduct.

A formal announcement by the district attorney’s office was expected on Wednesday afternoon.

When Officer Liang and his partner entered an eighth-floor stairwell in the building, he had his gun drawn, according to the police. At nearly the same moment, Mr. Gurley and his girlfriend entered the seventh-floor stairwell, 14 steps below.

After the incident the New York police commissioner, William J. Bratton, announced that the shooting was accidental and that the victim, Akai Gurley, had done nothing to provoke a confrontation with the officers.

Having just inspected the roof, the officers prepared to conduct what is known as a vertical patrol, an inspection of a building’s staircases, which [according to the NY Times] "tend to be a magnet for criminal activity or quality-of-life nuisances." [MORE]

Both officers took out their flashlights, and one, Peter Liang, 27, a probationary officer with less than 18 months on the job, drew his sidearm, a 9-millimeter semiautomatic.

Officer Liang is left-handed, and he tried to turn the knob of the door that opens to the stairwell with that hand while also holding the gun, according to a high-ranking police official who was familiar with the investigation and who emphasized that the account could change. 

It appears that in turning the knob and pushing the door open, Officer Liang rotated the barrel of the gun down and accidentally fired, the official said. He and the other officer both jumped back into the hallway, and Officer Liang shouted something to the effect that he had accidentally fired his weapon, the official said. [opening the door with his finger on the trigger? what was he expecting? who taught him to expect it? [MORE]

Anytime, Anyplace You can Be Lawfully Executed by a White Cop. In other words this may be a case of gross negligence - not murder. Not like the cop murder of Eric Garner, which was done in broad day light by a gang of white cops in front of a group of non-white witnesses and more than 2 cameras. That entire racist episode was captured on video. An ALL WHITE grand jury did not indict the one white cop under investigation. In a white supremacy system, whites must have the ability to easily take non-white life. This does not always include non-white cops who work in their service. Non-whites who work in service of white domination or Black Androids will be scapegoated where necessary and do not poseess the same privileges as their masters. In fact, last week a Black NYPD Cop (Joel Edouard) was charged with assault, attempted assault and official misconduct charges for stomping an unarmed Black man's face while white NYPD cops held him down. No white cops were charged. [MORE] Video below.

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Black Corrections Officer Suing Over Police Brutality by White Cleveland Vice Cops

A state prison corrections officer said he was left with career-ending physical and emotional scars after an early morning face-off with a group of Third District vice officers, according to a federal lawsuit.

Martin Robinson sued the city and four vice officers after the 2009 confrontation that took place near a hole in the prison's fence on East 30th Street. Robinson and two other corrections officers were guarding that gap to prevent escapes around 1 a.m. on July 10, 2009, when Cleveland officers Lt. Jerome Barrow and detectives Anthony Spencer, Erin O'Donnell and Michael Demchak drove into the area and got out of their unmarked cars.

In 2012, he won a $900,000 settlement for the attack. Robinson, received various injuries and continues to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. He claimed vice members failed to identify themselves on state property and threatened to shoot Mr. Robinson. [MORE]

The suit accused vice officers of attacking and falsely arresting Martin Robinson about 1 a.m. July 10, 2009, as he worked outside the Northeast Pre-Release Center on East 30th Street in Cleveland. He and two other corrections officers were guarding a prison fence, where a car had crashed into it the day before, creating holes.

In court documents, Robinson said he reached for his weapon after two cars pulled up, and the occupants, dressed in dark clothing, approached the guards.

The guards yelled to the people in the cars -- who turned out to be vice cops from the city's Third District -- that they were on state property and ordered them to stop. Before Robinson could draw his gun from its holster, an officer pointed a gun at Robinson. In a matter of seconds, the guard was on the ground, handcuffed.

Another guard, Jennifer Jones, said the vice officers didn't immediately identify themselves as officers until Barrow said, "These are badges, motherf-----. We're with vice squad."

Before Robinson could draw his gun from its holster, a gun was pointed at his head and in a matter of seconds, the guard was on the ground, handcuffed.

City lawyers defended the officers saying their actions were justified because Robinson had reached for his weapon, a .38-caliber handgun, putting the officers' lives in jeopardy.

A federal judge characterized their arguments ridiculous.

"The defendants say they should be able to come on state-controlled property at 1 a.m. and [be] permitted to beat a state corrections officer when that officer told the defendants to stop approaching an opening in the state prison fence," U.S. District Judge James Gwin said.

Robinson said he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and could not work after the incident.


Black Android NYPD Cop Faces Brutality Charges for Stomping on Black Man's Head while White Cops held him Down 


A Brooklyn police officer allegedly stomped on a suspect's head during an arrest last July.

Joel Edouard, 37. is facing assault, attempted assault and official misconduct charges.

In the video, Edouard appears to stomp on Jahmil Cuffee's head while other officers are holding him down.

Police say the arrest happened after officers saw Cuffee roll a marijuana cigarette.

Edouard's attorney, Stephen Worth, says his client was trying to subdue a man resisting arrest.

"What the evidence and what the video will show is an extended period of resisting arrest by the individual, Mr. Cuffee that it takes several officer, officers to try to get him cuffed and the act that is called, the so called kick was part of the arrest process and an attempt to get his hand in custody so he can be handcuffed," says Worth.

Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson released a statement saying, “Police officers put their lives on the line every day to keep us all safe. However, this defendant allegedly stomped on the head of a suspect as he lay on the ground, which is unacceptable for a police officer."


California to pay $2.5M Settlement to Unarmed Black Man Shot 4 Times in the Back by White CHiPs Cop [White Media Hides Photo of Cop]

In photo [from PacovillaCalifornia Highway Patrol Commissioner Joe Farrow. As you recall last summer, in another genocidal episoode involving a white CHP officer, Daniel Andrew, repeatedly punched Marlene Pinnock, a Black homeless woman suffering from bipolar disorder, in the face in broad daylight on the side of a freeway into the asphalt in LA on July 1, 2014. Pinnock received a $1.5 million settlement from a lawsuit filed against the CHP in September 2014. Criminal charges against Andrew are pending. After the incident idiot Farrow said the 'beating shows a need for better training' - not removing racist psychopaths from his "police" force. [MORE] No photographs of the racist suspect cop involved in this latest episode have been made avaialble by the white owned and controlled media. What is white collective power? 

From [HERE] The state of California agreed Tuesday to pay $2.5 million to settle an excessive-force lawsuit filed by an African-American carpenter who was shot at least eight times by a white CHP rookie during a traffic stop. Ligon was severely injured.

The state offered the settlement on the first day of trial in federal court, after the officer who shot James Henry Ligon Jr. in 2012 testified that Ligon stepped out of his car and charged directly at him, shouting threats.

The problem with CHP officer Joe Lafauci's account was it did not match the physical evidence in the case, said Ligon's lawyers, Jaime Leanos and Nelson McElmurry. Ligon was shot four times in the back, suggesting he was not coming at the officer.

"Officer Lafauci immediately went for his gun, unlike his more experienced partner, who got out of the patrol car without even taking out his gun," just his Taser, McElmurry said.

Lafauci had only 14 months on the job when he emptied his service pistol of 12 rounds, at least eight of which hit Ligon.

White prosecutors in the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office had ruled in 2013 that the shooting was justified and no criminal charges should be filed against Lafauci.

In a 24-page report, prosecutors said they found it "particularly relevant" that Ligon had prior convictions for misdemeanor resisting arrest, including in 2010 after a high-speed chase. "We cannot review the officer's split-second decisions from the comfort of 20/20 hindsight backed by forensic evidence; we must look at what was reasonable at the time and under the circumstances," the report found. [being aware of prior convictions that were unknown to arresting officers at the time of the incident is HINDSiGHT - unseen by racist prosecutors engulfed in the idiocy of racism]

But federal Judge Ronald R. Whyte had ruled before the start of the civil trial that the jury would only be told Ligon had a prior record, but the details of those prior convictions would be inadmissible because Lafauci didn't know about them at the time of the shooting.

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Randy Short: Police brutality ‘incremental genocide’ against blacks

Press TV

An American researcher and historian says the “police brutality” against unarmed black people in the United States is a “euphemism” for efforts to get rid of African-Americans who are considered as “hated national minority.”

Commenting on the US police killings of unarmed black men and the prosecutors’ decision not to indict the officers, Randy Short told Press TV that “police brutality is a form of incremental genocide against African-American people.”

“Police Brutality is a euphemism for the larger effort of Anglo-Americans to rid themselves of a hated national minority grouping no longer needed because the institution of slavery as it exists in the United States no longer needs blacks,” Short said on Wednesday.

“From the ratification of the American Constitution in 1787 to the present, the Anglo-American majority has sought to inhibit the growth of the African-American population,” he noted.

He went on to say that the police killings of black men and women are the “most egregious examples of White Supremacy and Anglo-American Apartheid.”

“Over scores of thousands of black people have been murdered over the last 150 years,” Short added.

US police have been involved in several cases of violence against unarmed African-American citizens in recent months.

The fatal police shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in August 2014 sparked weeks of unrest and protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

The protesters became angry after a grand jury failed to indict Darren Wilson, who shot dead the 18-year-old Brown.

In the wake of the shootings, the new head of the Congressional Black Caucus Representative G.K. Butterfield pushed for a criminal justice reform, saying that the current criminal justice system is “broken” and that the black America is “in a state of emergency.”


white reporter asks: Who Should See Recordings From Police Bodycams?


With the LAPD giving bodycams to all of its police officers, policymakers in this city are confronting some thorny questions about the footage. Say a woman is burglarized by culprits who force her to strip naked and tie her up. A witness sees them fleeing and calls 911. The police arrive minutes later, untie the woman, and help her into some clothes. Should the video from the bodycams worn by the cops be considered a public record such that anyone can get a copy?

A week later, one of the same police officers is the subject of a complaint by a person who claims to have been sexually harassed and groped while trying to file a police report. On the advice of her attorney, that accuser demands to see all available bodycam footage generated by that police officer going back 6 months. Should she be entitled to access it? Should the police department or the city decide what videos it will release despite its bias-inducing liability if wrongdoing is discovered? [MORE]


'When a [white] cop breaks into a [black person's] home without a warrant, when we aren't safe in our own home, where are we safe?' - NYC Settles Ramarley Graham Wrongful Death Case for $3.9 Million 

White media [NY Times, CBS and Fox] omits [controls your discourse] from its racist coverage that video surveillance contradicted NYPD lies about Ramarley running into house, that he was shot to death in front of his 6 year old brother and grandmother and that psychopathic white cops laughed about the murder in front of his mother and cheered on the white cop at his arraignment.  

The City of New York on Friday agreed to pay $3.9 million to the family of Ramarley Graham, a black Bronx teenager shot to death by a white police officer in 2012. The deal settled a federal lawsuit brought by the family of the 18-year-old Graham.

“This was a tragic case,” said New York City Law Department spokesman Nicholas Paolucci. “After evaluating all the facts, and consulting with key stakeholders such as the NYPD, it was determined that settling the matter was in the best interest of the city.”

The NYPD claims officers saw Ramarley with a gun in his waistband and ran after him when he took off. Surveillance video, however, shows the teen calmly walking into his building— followed by cops rushing the door and breaking it down -- without a warrant. A bag of marijuana was recovered in the bathroom.

Officer Richard Haste pursued Graham into his bathroom on the second floor of the building and shot Graham once in the chest as his 6-year-old brother and elderly grandmother looked on. [MORE]

Although Haste fired the fatal bullet after cornering the teen in the bathroom of the second-floor apartment, the family said the shooting wasn’t a solo operation. “There were many officers involved, but none of them were ever charged, including supervisors who should have known better,” Graham’s mother, Constance Malcolm said.

Haste said he fired his weapon because he thought he was going to be shot. No weapons were ever found. After the incident, Assistant district attorney Donald Levin described a scene in which Graham stared down the barrel of Haste's gun with no means to escape.

"Once this officer gained entry", Levin said, "he stood face to face with Ramarley Graham.

"Ramarley Graham was in the bathroom with absolutely nowhere to go," Levin said. "Officer Haste consciously and deliberately pulled the trigger."

He added that the case is "not about what he was told out on the street by his fellow officers", Levin said, challenging claims that Graham's death was the unfortunate consequence of bad information. [MORE]

“When a cop breaks into a home without a warrant, when we are not safe in our home, where are we safe?” Malcolm asked.

She described how she learned her son was dead: overhearing a cop talk about the “homicide” on E. 229th St. while she sat on a bench in the stationhouse waiting for information.

“I just froze,” she said, claiming that she heard officers laughing.

“They thought it was a joke. Just like at the arraignment,” she said, referring to cops who cheered Haste at Wednesday’s court appearance. [MORE]

Haste was indicted on manslaughter charges in the summer of 2012, but charges were dismissed by a judge who said prosecutors improperly instructed grand jurors to imply they should disregard testimony from police officers that they radioed Haste in advance to warn him that they thought Graham had a pistol. It took four months for Bronx prosecutors to obtain an indictment. A second grand jury declined to re-indict the officer.

Manhattan federal prosecutors are conducting a civil rights investigation. [dont hold your breath in system of racism]


Black College Student Gets Racism Lesson from White Yale Cop: There is No Such thing as "Upper Class Black" in a White Over Black System

Powerless Class. According to Neely Fuller in a White Supremacy System the most accurate way to describe what "class" people are in is to describe their power relationship to each other. All white people who practice racism must be recognized as those in the powerful class. All non-white people, being subject to the powerful class are the powerless class. In their relationship with whites Blacks cannot be be "upper" or "middle" - but only under whites in this operating system of vast unequal power based on skin color. [MORE]

From [HERE] A white Yale University police officer raised his gun at an innocent black man Saturday night while searching for the suspect in a burglary case — and attracted the ire of New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow, whose son happened to be the man in question. The officer approached him from behind ordered him to drop to his knees and to get on the ground. The Black 3rd year college student was unarmed. Then the cop let him go. 

Yale University released a statement on the incident, saying that police had specifically been looking for a "tall, African-American, college-aged student wearing a black jacket and a red and white hat." The suspect was believed to be involved in a flurry of minor theft incidents of various items from students rooms. No incidents involved force (no robberies) or violence and no one had been injured. NO WEAPONS had been observed on the suspect. When the white cop approached the student he did not flee or resist, he complied with cop orders.

For what reason did the cop seize him, detain him and pull his on gun on him?  For white folks, the 4th Amendment requires much more. But this shit happens everywhere, all day, everyday to Black and Brown men. In the context of White Supremacy there is no innocent Black male, just Black male criminals who have not yet been detected, apprehended or convicted. He is guilty by his mere existence. [MORE] As such to a white cop or a white journalist covering this story there is no need to justify the legality of the stop and seizure or the force used. All that mattered was skin color. That is the status quo of white supremacy. 

Charles Blow wrote the following about his son's episode in the NY Times:

Saturday evening, I got a call that no parent wants to get. It was my son calling from college — he’s a third-year student at Yale. He had been accosted by a campus police officer, at gunpoint!

This is how my son remembers it:

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Jury Finds White PBSO Deputy Liable: Put Unarmed Black Woman in Choke Hold, Body Slammed her and Punched her in Face while Handcuffed - Stopped b/c Music was Too Loud

From [HERE] Back in 2008, a Black woman who was pulled over [b/c she was Black] for allegedly blaring her car stereo in Belle Glade claimed that her encounter with police ended with a beating in the back of a police car. She filed a lawsuit against the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office. On Friday, a jury in federal court in Miami heard Maria Paul's claims about her run-in with former PBSO deputy Michael Woodside.

The jury awarded Paul $75,000 on claims that the white deputy intentionally used excessive force, violated her civil rights and unlawfully caused her injury. (In photo, racist suspect Sheriff Ric Bradshaw, who has faced allegations of racism in his department]. 

The suit claimed that on Christmas Day 2008, Paul was pulled over and cited for having her stereo up too loud. Following the stop, Paul drove off for a moment until she was pulled over again by Woodside. In a police report the deputy explained Paul drove off too quickly for his liking. The second stop ended with Woodside ordering the woman out of the car. He then allegedly put her in a "chokehold position, slammed her body to the ground, and handcuffed" Paul.

The encounter ended with Paul handcuffed in the back of Woodside's cruiser, where the deputy "repeatedly punched her about the face and body," according to the original complaint.

Woodside, it turns out, was just one of a number of rogue, racist cops running free in Belle Glade at the time. According to the suit, by the time Paul brushed up against Woodside on Christmas Day, he was the subject of four use-of-force complaints and two internal affairs investigations from his time in Belle Glade. A later 2009 probe would find him guilty of four infractions. 

The lawsuit points out that he applied and was rejected by the department twice, in 1998 and 2005. During his third try at a job with the sheriff, Woodside was involved in a 2007 federal lawsuit stemming from his gig at the time as a Jupiter cop. In that suit, later settled, Woodside was accused of "false arrest and false imprisonment." Despite that pretty hefty smudge on his record, PBSO brought him on.

It just so happened Woodside ended up in Belle Glades, where he fell under the supervision of Sgt. Brent Raban. This was the fine public servant who would later be booted from the department in 2009. You might remember the case: Raban wore a hat inked with "punishment" while running around on duty in Belle Glade. He also bragged on Facebook about smacking around citizens. "[U]nder the supervision of Sergeant Raban" Woodside "acted aggressively towards the citizens of the Belle Glade area," Paul's suit claims.

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After Allegedly Rolling a Stop Sign, Black Cop Fatally Shoots Black Passenger who Had Hands Up. [some Trivia: how many unarmed white people have Black Cops Killed? NONE. EVER.]  

How Master Taught Me. Lesson #1 all Black men are criminally suspect, approach with caution [MORE]. According to Anon, in the history of modern law enforcement there has not been a single instance of a black police officer shooting or killing an unarmed white person. [MORE

From [HERE] and [HERE] A newly released video shows a tense traffic stop last month in which a man stepping out of a car with his hands raised at shoulder height was fatally shot by police.

The video from a police car dashboard camera shows Bridgeton officers Braheme Days and Roger Worley in a Dec. 30 traffic stop that escalates quickly after Days warns his partner about seeing a gun and then saying that the vehicle's passenger was reaching for something in the car. It ends with passenger Jerame Reid disregarding Days' order to not move, slowly getting out of the car and being shot to death. He had his hands up in the air. 

The driver, Leroy Tutt, is seen showing his hands atop the open window on his side of the car. It's not clear what Reid is doing, though Days repeatedly warns him not to move during an interaction that lasts less than two minutes.

"I'm going to fuckin shoot you," Days shouts. "You're going to be fucking dead. If you reach for something, you're going to be fucking dead."

"I ain't got no reason to reach for nothing, bro, I ain't got no reason to reach for nothing," Reid says as Days continues to yell to his partner that Reid is reaching for something.

Reid then says, "I'm getting out and getting on the ground." Days tells him not to move, but Reid repeats that he's getting out.

The passenger door then pops open, but it's not clear whether Reid or Officer Days opens it. Reid then emerges from the vehicle. His hands are at about shoulder height, and they appear to be empty. As he steps out, the officers fire at least six shots, killing him.

Days is out of the frame when the shots ring out. It's unclear how many times each officer shoots.

Prosecutors say a gun was recovered however some witnesses say that Reid was unarmed. [MORE] and [MORE]. Apparently, if a gun was found it was not on the person of Reid and not in the glove box. Thus, it seems he posed no actual threat to the frightened cop when he got out of the car. Tahli Dawkins, who was taking out his recycling at the time of the shooting, told NBC10 he witnessed the incident.

"He had nothing in his hands," Dawkins said. "He had his hands up trying to get out of the car, one on the door was getting out like this and he just started shooting him." [MORE] At a press conference Wednesday activist Walter Hudson said, "Jerame Reid complied to the officer's demand, got out the car and he received a hail of bullets."

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During "Knock & Talk" [white supremacy] Operation: White Orlando Cops Sneak & Murder Unarmed Black Man Watching TV on Couch. Cops then Denied Medical Treatment, suit alleges

From [HERE] An Orlando police killing of a Black teenager during a controversial knock-and-talk operation in 2013 now faces a wrongful-death lawsuit in federal court.

Karvas Gamble Jr., 19, died when eight Orlando drug agents responded without supervision to a week-old tip and opened fire under such questionable circumstances that the Orange-Osceola State Attorney's Office reviewed this and other fatal law enforcement confrontations. All the cops involved apparently were white. 

"Our conclusion bluntly is that this should not have happened," a grand jury wrote of the 19-year-old's death. White prosecutors sought no criminal charges against the white cops. 

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The lawsuit filed in federal court in Orlando on behalf of Gamble's parents seeks more than $75,000 from city government as well as three police officers. The lawsuit said Karvas Gamble Jr. was unarmed when police wearing dark, plain clothes hid outside the house and then -- without any warning -- shot their unarmed son.

The suit targets OPD and three officers for the "unnecessary and violent murder of an unarmed young man at the hands of heavily armed Orlando Police Department officers during an execution of a warrantless operation." At the time, police said Gamble reached for a gun. But the lawsuit says he had no weapons, broke no laws, was not under arrest, and was not a threat to himself or others.

According to the suit, on Jan. 16, 2013, eight drug agents sneaked up in the dark outside a building on Arlington St. where Gamble and friends were inside.  Gamble was watching TV when undercover officers hiding outside shot through an open window and killed him. One of the officers though he saw the teen reaching for gun and fired, hitting him in the belly.

The lawsuit says the officers went on the investigation based off a "stale" and unverified drug tip. The operation was poorly planned, but the purpose was to "knock and talk" with people inside, claimed the suit, but when Gamble turned toward the window, Officer Christopher Bigelow shot him through an open window.

Citing fire department records, the family's lawyers accused police of waiting 20 minutes before calling an ambulance as Gamble lay mortally wounded and then not allowing paramedics for 15 minutes to treat him.

"It shows a complete failure of the department to do these types of operations safely," Attorney J. Clancey Bounds of Maitland said Friday. "They put themselves in danger and an officer thought it was appropriate to shoot this young man through a window."

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North Miami Beach Cops Used Black Mug Shots for Target Practice

From [HERE]  National Guard Sgt. Valerie Deant and her fellow soldiers went last month to a firing range in Medley, Fla. What they saw there made them angry. Not only had North Miami Beach Police snipers who had used the range before them used mug shots of six African-American men as targets, but one of the men pictured was Deant's brother. The mug shots were riddled with bullets.

"I was like, 'Why is my brother being used for target practice?' " Deant told NBC6, which first reported this story on Thursday.

The mug shot of Woody Deant, her brother, was taken 15 years earlier. She said it had bullet holes in the forehead and an eye. Woody Deant had been arrested in connection with a drag race in 2000 that left two people dead; he spent four years in prison.

North Miami Beach Police Chief J. Scott Dennis [racist suspect in photo] acknowledged that his officers, who had selected the targets, could have used better judgment. But he denied racial profiling was at play, noting that the sniper team included minority officers. He said his department also uses pictures of whites and Hispanics for target practice.

But, he said: "Our policies were not violated. There is no discipline forthcoming for the individuals who were involved with this." [more on the psychopathic racial personality


[If you are Black you can be Legally Executed by White Cops Anytime, Anyplace] Mistrial for Police Chief who Killed Unarmed Black Man During "Parking Ticket" Arrest 

Former Black Police Officer Executed by Terrified White Cop From [HERE] and [MORE] Judge Edgar Dickson of the South Carolina Circuit Court, on Tuesday, declared a mistrial in the murder case against a former police chief for the 2011 killing of an unarmed black man. Thisdecision followed the jury remaining deadlocked after 12 hours of deliberation. Former police chief of Eutawville, Richard Combs allegedly shot 54-year-old Bernard Bailey in the town hall parking lot in May of 2011. If convicted, Combs may have faced a sentence of life in prison. Bailey was a former correctional officer. [MORE]

Nine of the 12 jury members thought he was guilty of murder, but three accepted his argument that he had acted in self-defence. To avoid a hung jury, all 12 members must be unanimous.

The seven black and five white jurors could have found Combs not guilty, guilty of murder or guilty of voluntary manslaughter. Murder carries a penalty of 30 years to life in prison without parole. Voluntary manslaughter carries two to 30 years in prison and would have meant Bailey’s killing was illegal but it happened because of passion.

The prosecution now has the opportunity to bring fresh murder charges against Mr Combs. “I'm going to take a little time, but we’re going forward,” prosecutor David Pascoe told the Associated Press.  Eutawville officials had previously reached a $400,000 settlement in a lawsuit brought by members of Mr. Bailey’s family for the actions of the white cop. 

By every account, Mr. Bailey and Mr. Combs met for the first time in March 2011, after Mr. Combs stopped Mr. Bailey’s daughter for a broken taillight. Mr. Bailey went to the scene and, according to Mr. Combs, was "belligerent." 

Although Mr. Bailey was not arrested during that early-morning stop, Mr. Combs sought a warrant for obstruction of justice. "Obstruction of justice" for obstructing what? Arrested for being belligerent? A white judge approved the request, but Mr. Combs did not try to serve it for more than a month. Instead, he said, he planned to arrest Mr. Bailey on the day when his daughter would make a court appearance about the traffic infraction.

But Mr. Bailey visited the Town Hall on May 2, a day before his daughter’s court date, to discuss the citation, and Mr. Combs decided then to attempt an arrest. Mr. Bailey, described by witnesses as angry and stunned, tried to leave without being detained. [Arresting him for what again?]

According to Mr. Combs, Mr. Bailey shoved him away during a subsequent skirmish in the Town Hall’s parking lot.

After Mr. Bailey started his truck’s engine and shifted the truck into reverse, Mr. Combs said, “I thought I was going to die. I thought I was going to be run over by the truck.” He drew his handgun, a .40-caliber Glock, and fired; Mr. Bailey died at the scene. [Did the shooting stop the car?]

Mr. Combs also struggled on the witness stand, especially when he was asked to reconcile his account of how he obtained the arrest warrant. He also appeared ruffled when Mr. Pascoe clutched the handgun used in the shooting and posed questions like, “How did Mr. Bailey feel when you shoved State’s Exhibit 1 in his face?”

One witness said that after the incident Combs was calming drinking coffee as if nothing had happened. [MORE] Most white people function as psychopaths in their relations with non-whites. [MORE]

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