Autopsy Contradicts Denver Police: White Cops who Fatally Shot Latino Teen in Car were in No Danger

From [HERE] and [HERE] More than a month after her fatal shooting at the hands of Colorado police, an autopsy has revealed that 17-year-old Jessica Hernandez was shot four times, two of which were fatal.

The teenager’s death was also ruled a homicide, according to a medical examiner’s report released Friday. The examination, performed by Denver Chief Medical Examiner James Caruso, shows that two gunshot wounds were located in Hernandez’s pelvis and right thigh, possibly from the same bullet. Hernandez was also shot two times in the left side of her torso — the bullets pierced the heart and both lungs, killing her.

“There was no evidence of close range discharge of a firearm associated with any of the entrance wounds,” Caruso said in the report.

Two bullets entered through the left side of her chest and traveled right through her body. Her family's attorney, Qusair Mohamedbhai, said that shows she was shot from the driver's side of the car.

"These facts undermine Denver Police Department's claim that Jessie was driving at the officers as they shot her," Mohamedbhai said in a statement. "The wound path and trajectory of the bullet that likely killed Jessica Hernandez undermines the version of events as indicated by the Denver Police Department."

Denver police Chief Robert White has said the officers found Hernandez and four other teenagers inside the stolen car in an alley. White said the officers told the teens several times to get out of the vehicle. Officers Gabriel Jordan (racist suspect in photo from Westworld) and Daniel Greene fired after Hernandez drove toward one of them.

A passenger in the car, who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because of safety concerns, has disputed the official account, saying officers came up on the car from behind and fired four times into the driver's-side window.

The passenger also said the officers did not yell any commands before they fired, and that the car may have struck the officer after Hernandez was shot and lost control of the vehicle.

Jordan suffered a leg injury, but White has said it is unclear how he was hurt.

Witnesses said officers pulled Hernandez from the car and handcuffed her even after she was motionless.

Mohamedbhai said abrasions on her face "confirm this inhumane treatment."

"There is now objective evidence contradicting the Denver Police Department's claims that Jessie was to blame for her own death," he said.

Hernandez's family has requested an independent autopsy, saying they don't trust the official investigation.

The Hernandez family has said they have “no confidence” that the district attorney will conduct a fair investigation. Through Mohamedbhai, they are calling for an independent federal investigation into the teen’s death.

police are said to have been called to the scene at 2521 Newport Street early Monday, January 26, on a report of a suspicious vehicle; apparently, the occupants were playing music loudly. Police say shots were fired only after Hernandez drove into Jordan, breaking his leg; a witness insists that the officer was hit after triggers were pulled, not before.