Miami Vice: Cop Stomped On Black Teenage Girl's Head while she was Laying on the Ground w/Her Hands Covering Her Face 'To Protect Himself & Other Cops'

JUST FOLLOWING MASTERS ORDERS. From [HERE] A Miami police officer's actions are being called into question after video surfaced of what some are saying is excessive force.

On Thursday, Local 10 News reporter Roy Ramos went through the entire report from the civilian investigation panel that found not only did the officer not document his need to use force, but investigators said the use of force was excessive. 

The incident came about following a chase that ended in Miami Shores in February.

Body camera footage shows Officer John Askew kicking a teenage girl twice in the head after she ran from police.

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According to an arrest report, officers were chasing a stolen SUV after a woman called 911, saying she had been robbed at gunpoint.  

The chase ended after the SUV crashed in the area of Northwest Second Court and 94th Street.

The girl is seen running from the SUV and is then tackled to the ground.

Askew is then seen kicking her and dragging her upright from her handcuffs.  

"Move again! Move again! I dare you!" another officer taunts the teen while pointing his weapon at her. 

According to the report from the civilian investigation panel, the Miami Police Department determined Askew was negligent in his duty, but does not think he used excessive force.  

The civilian investigation panel says otherwise and is now reviewing the case. 

In the report, Askew claimed that because the suspect was involved with an armed robbery, he feared for his safety and the safety of other officers. He said he kicked her to keep her head down.

Authorities said the teen was in the car with two other suspects. Although she claimed she didn't rob anyone, she is facing charges of armed robbery and grand theft. 

A complaint committee will meet at 2 p.m. Friday to discuss the case. That meeting will then be followed by a meeting with the complete civilian investigative panel later this month.

Miami police officials said they are waiting to see what is decided at those meetings.

Askew remains employed by the police department, which he has been with since 2009.