Dr. Blynd on Your Slavery

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Resonated & Orchestrated by Dr. Blynd, Ph.F.

Slavery - psychologically or physically subjugated to another where one"s thoughts or one's labor is not his or her own. 2) mental and/or physical captivity—living someone else's reality consciously or unconsciously, willingly or unwillingly. 3) a system wherein someone is forced to work without pay, being economically exploited, and unable to walk away. 4) that which separates thought from action. Slavery is an economic system, not a social system. Slavery  wasn't ended—-but extended, i.e., slavery is not dead—but in the head—of all men it lingers. Forced labor, also known as involuntary servitude, may result when unscrupulous employers exploit workers made more vulnerable by high rates of unemployment, poverty, racism, crime. discrimination, corruption, political conflict, or cultural acceptance of the practice. Immigrants are particularly vulnerable, but individuals also may be forced into labor in their own countries. Female victims of forced or bonded labor, especially women and girls in domestic servitude, are often sexually exploited as well. Slavery is never dropped gradually, either you have overstood and you are free, or you have not overstood and are just pretending to overstand.

For instance, taxation is a form of slavery when your labor is taxed. We're living an Agenda not our own—merely an obfuscated and sophisticated form or" slavery. Slavery is a segmented labor market—it is cut off from the other types of labor that exist within a nation or region.

Nowhere in the Bible (the Godspell) is slavery condemned by God. Instead, the mythic Sky God of the Bible accepts slavery as moral and normal. Slavery is not despised but legitimized in the Old and New Testaments. Exodus 21:20 and 21:7-10; Proverbs 20:19: Deuteronomy 20:13-14. I Peter 2:18: and Ephesians 6:5 ("Slaves, obey your human masters with fear and trembling.") Christianity included the exhortation of slaves to remain enslaved, such as reflected in the gospel fable at 1 Timothy 6:1, where "freedom-loving" Paul states. "Let all who are under the yoke of slavery regard their masters as worthy of all honor, so that the name of God and the teaching may not be defamed." See also Colossians 3:22 and Titus 2:9 in the New Testament. The goal of chattel slavery was to psychologically make the enslaved a willing accomplice in his own extermination. (See: "The Laws." Sky God. Servitude. Income Taxes. Palhocracy. Direct Taxes. Patriarchy. Gangbanking. Slave Lifestyle, Bureaucratic Structures, Holy Bible. Corporate Religion. Old Testament. Doggy. Willie Lynch Letter, Infallibility, Phfreedom & "The Greater System,"' Human Resources, "Monetized Debt" GEO-Dollars. Law of Moses & Power)

SLAVE - Symbolic Legal Artificial Value Employed. The one who gives (imputes or infuses) "money" its perceived value (i.e.. its purchasing power), is not the one who "issues," "manufactures," or "'creates" the symbolic tokens, i.e., the banksters in cahoots (under sanction) with Corporate State, but the one(s) who accept it in exchange for their labor, goods, service, property and time. "Money" has no value until such point that someone accepts it in exchange for value. The issue of symbols in the form of legal tender as instruments of debt obligations to the creators of wealth, production and exchange value is the silent stealth of the worker's wealth, well-being and health. Whoever creates the symbol that can purchase and own the productive capacities of all who toil—to him goes the booty and spoils. Whoever has legal or lawful ownership of what is used as money at its point of issue is the master of all that issues forth from whomever, or conversely, becomes a slave to the one who has legal ownership of the scrip. If you don't or can't outright own (demonstrate evidence of legal or lawful ownership) what(ever) you're using (in whatever form) or what someone else is using to purchase your property (labor)—the phenomenon of induced value robs you of your property and future earnings and turns it over to the money-creating debt-enslaving slaver. It may be a bitter pill, but that's the flavor, and that's the dill—pickle that you got yourself in. If you wish to avoid the backlash—support your own and start using AfriCash. (See: Bank Loan. Induced Value, MONEY, Currency Switch, "Credit." "Monetized Debt." Dollar, Federal Reserve Note. Income, Political Money, Free-Range Slavery. Wages, Earnings. Voluntiered Slavery. Voluntary Slavery. Gangbanking. AfriCash, Income Taxation. Taxtortion, Second Tax, Labor & Property)

slaves - disarmed men and women. 2) men and women whose property (labor) and belongings (household goods) are taxed directly. 3) those who serve their own fears, their own petty and often self-destructive desires. A generation born into debt to pay off the debt of a previous generation are defacto slaves. Jet-set twenty-first century slaves take comfort in the certainties of mental captivity and fear the uncertainties of being free. (See: Labor, Household Goods, Inventory, F.E.A.R., Citizen of the United States, Federal Register, SSN, "Government." Human Resources, Pixilated People, IRS, Doggy & "'Greater System")

slave lifestyle - consists of Emp-Ty-V (Tell-A-Government-Vision), vapid consumerism, materialism, liquid phantasy (e.g., Mad Dog, Red Dog, Skyy Dog, Heinny's etc.) and/or prescription and non-prescription drugs, (e.g., religion or ideology).

slave revolts - attempted freedom rebellions by African captives in America where all the 200 recorded revolts were diffused or defeated due to the information provided by a snitch (be it within the revolt or a so-called slave-owning "Free Negro.") (See: Meritorious Manumission. Doctrine of Exclusion, DWB. "The Law," Sambo & Rebellion)