Elites at YouTube to Remove Thousands of Videos Pushing "Extreme Views" & Videos Challenging the Official Police Version of Events of “Mass Shootings" Parroted by Elite Media



From [NYT] YouTube announced plans on Wednesday to remove thousands of videos and channels that advocate neo-Nazism, white supremacy and other bigoted ideologies in an attempt to clean up extremism and hate speech on its popular service.

The new policy will ban “videos alleging that a group is superior in order to justify discrimination, segregation or exclusion,” the company said in a blog post. The prohibition will also cover videos denying that violent incidents, like the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, took place.

YouTube did not name any specific channels or videos that would be banned.

“It’s our responsibility to protect that, and prevent our platform from being used to incite hatred, harassment, discrimination and violence,” the blog post said.

The decision by YouTube, which is owned by Google, is the latest action by a Silicon Valley company to stem the spread of hate speech and disinformation on its site. A month ago, Facebook evicted seven of its most controversial users, including Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist and founder of Infowars. Twitter barred Mr. Jones last year.

The companies have come under intense criticism for their delayed reaction to the spread of hateful and false content. At the same time, President Trump and others argue that the giant tech platforms censor right-wing opinions, and the new policies put in place by the companies have inflamed those debates.

The tension was evident on Tuesday, when YouTube said a prominent right-wing creator who used racial language and homophobic slurs to harass a journalist in videos on YouTube did not violate its policies. The decision set off a firestorm online, including accusations that YouTube was giving a free pass to some of its popular creators.

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In the videos, that creator, Steven Crowder, a conservative commentator with nearly four million YouTube subscribers, repeatedly insulted Carlos Maza, a journalist from Vox. Mr. Crowder used slurs about Mr. Maza’s Cuban-American ethnicity and sexual orientation. Mr. Crowder said his comments were harmless, and YouTube determined that they did not break its rules.

“Opinions can be deeply offensive, but if they don’t violate our policies, they’ll remain on our site,” YouTube said in a statement about its decision on Mr. Crowder.

The back-to-back decisions illustrated a central theme that has defined the moderation struggles of social media companies: Making rules is often easier than enforcing them.

“This is an important and long-overdue change,” Becca Lewis, a research affiliate at the nonprofit organization Data & Society, said about the new policy. “However, YouTube has often executed its community guidelines unevenly, so it remains to be seen how effective these updates will be.”

YouTube’s scale — more than 500 hours of new videos are uploaded every minute — has made it difficult for the company to track rule violations. And the company’s historically lax approach to moderating extreme videos has led to a drumbeat of scandals, including accusations that the site has promoted disturbing videos to children and allowed extremist groups to organize on its platform. YouTube’s automated advertising system has paired offensive videos with ads from major corporations, prompting several advertisers to abandon the site.

The kind of content that will be prohibited under YouTube’s new hate speech policies includes videos that claim Jews secretly control the world, that say women are intellectually inferior to men and therefore should be denied certain rights, or that suggest that the white race is superior to another race, a YouTube spokesman said.

Channels that post some hateful content, but that do not violate YouTube’s rules with the majority of their videos, may receive strikes under YouTube’s three-strike enforcement system, but would not be immediately banned.

The company also said channels that “repeatedly brush up against our hate speech policies” but don’t violate them outright would be removed from YouTube’s advertising program, which allows channel owners to share in the advertising revenue their videos generate.

In addition to tightening its hate speech rules, YouTube announced that it would tweak its recommendation algorithm, the automated software that shows users videos based on their interests and past viewing habits. This algorithm is responsible for more than 70 percent of overall time spent on YouTube, and has been a major engine for the platform’s growth. But it has also drawn accusations of leading users down rabbit holes filled with extreme and divisive content, in an attempt to keep them watching and drive up the site’s use numbers.

“If the hate and intolerance and supremacy is a match, then YouTube is lighter fluid,” said Rashad Robinson, president of the civil rights nonprofit Color of Change. “YouTube and other platforms have been quite slow to address the structure they’ve created to incentivize hate.”

In response to the criticism, YouTube announced in January that it would recommend fewer objectionable videos, such as those with conspiracy theories about the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and vaccine misinformation, a category it called “borderline content.” The YouTube spokesman said on Tuesday that the algorithm changes had resulted in a 50 percent drop in recommendations to such videos in the United States. He declined to share specific data about which videos YouTube considered “borderline.”

“Our systems are also getting smarter about what types of videos should get this treatment, and we’ll be able to apply it to even more borderline videos moving forward,” the company’s blog post said.

Other social media companies have faced criticism for allowing white supremacist content. Facebook recently banned a slew of accounts, including that of Paul Joseph Watson, a contributor to Infowars, and Laura Loomer, a far-right activist. Twitter bars violent extremist groups but allows some of their members to maintain personal accounts — for instance, the Ku Klux Klan was barred from Twitter in August, while its former leader David Duke remains on the service.

Twitter is studying whether the removal of content is effective in stemming the tide of radicalization online. A Twitter spokesman declined to comment on the study.

When Twitter barred Mr. Jones, he responded with a series of videos denouncing the platform’s decision and drumming up donations from his supporters.

YouTube’s ban of white supremacists could prompt a similar cycle of outrage and grievance, said Joan Donovan, the director of the Technology and Social Change Research Project at Harvard. The ban, she said, “presents an opportunity for content creators to get a wave of media attention, so we may see some particularly disingenuous uploads.”

“I wonder to what degree will the removed content be amplified on different platforms, and get a second life?” Ms. Donovan added.

Under the Chinese Government's Religious Crackdown & Overall Effort to Control Thought, Buddhist & Taoist Temples are being Demolished or Forced to Undergo a “Metamorphosis"

The original appearance of Momosheng Temple; the “Momosheng Temple” signboard was replaced with a sign reading “Folk Culture Park”; the religious paintings above the entrance was replaced with the political slogans about “Core Socialist Values”; the incense burner was destroyed.    Many businesses have been forced to change their names, eliminating any references to faith, even if the signs were not meant to be religious at all. [   MORE   ]

The original appearance of Momosheng Temple; the “Momosheng Temple” signboard was replaced with a sign reading “Folk Culture Park”; the religious paintings above the entrance was replaced with the political slogans about “Core Socialist Values”; the incense burner was destroyed.

Many businesses have been forced to change their names, eliminating any references to faith, even if the signs were not meant to be religious at all. [MORE]

According to Bitter Winter, Religious suppression has become an essential political mission for the CCP. Officials on the grassroots level, like village-level Party functionaries, are demanded to play an active role in crackdowns on the religionists because of their first-hand knowledge of the ways of residence in these small communities. But first of all, Party members are disallowed to have even the slightest connection to religion and are punished for any misstep in controlling religious activities. [MORE]

Biter Winter explains, Under the CCP’s religious crackdown, Buddhist and Taoist temples are being demolished or forced to undergo a “metamorphosis.”

The crackdown on Buddhist and Taoist temples continue, according to multiple reports received by Bitter Winter from Hubei and Henan provinces. We receive these reports almost daily. Here are some examples we are able to document with pictures and videos.

As if it isn’t bad enough that government officials ordered the destruction of two incense burners and prohibited the burning of incense ever again at Momosheng Temple in Chahe town, under the jurisdiction of Honghu city in central China’s Hubei Province, they added insult to injury by turning the temple into a play-place. Officials ordered that two mahjongg tables be placed inside and a sign reading “Folk Culture Park” hung outside.

If these instructions weren’t followed, the temple would be demolished. This was in mid-January.

temple sealed.jpg

On April 19, more than 10 personnel from Honghu city’s United Front Work Department came to the temple to conduct an inspection, before which, the temple’s owner was ordered to move out the Bodhisattva statues, remove the religious symbols outside the temple, and post political slogans above the temple’s entrance.

“Convert the temple into an entertainment venue and let villagers play mahjongg inside. There mustn’t be any more burning incense or worshipping Buddha,” the official told the temple’s owner, as local believers reported to Bitter Winter.

To avoid the temple being demolished, the temple’s owner didn’t resist and was forced to spend 6,000 RMB (about $ 870) to convert the temple. Seeing their place of Buddhist worship turn into a casino, believers were indignant, but didn’t dare say anything.

Temple forcibly isolated from outside world

In March, Jade Emperor Palace—a Taoist temple in Yucheng county in central China’s Henan Province—was listed by the government as a demolition target. Since the temple was popular with believers, local village officials were afraid of retribution and didn’t try to demolish it—they ordered the temple’s owner to do it himself; he refused.

Under pressure from higher levels of government, the village’s Party secretary finally negotiated and agreed with township government officials to block off the temple with galvanized iron sheets, in effect, hiding the temple from sight. It took five days to set up the barricades around the temple, at a price of roughly 90,000 RMB (about $ 13,000).

Taoist temple, built at a cost of 9 million RMB, sealed off

On April 20, Sanguan Temple, located in Chahe town under the jurisdiction of Hubei’s Honghu city, was also shut down. The temple was built in 2018 at a cost of nearly 9 million RMB (about $ 1.3 million) and funded by the temple’s owner and villagers. It survived less than a year before it was sealed off by the government.

That day, officials from the city’s United Front Work Department ordered the temple’s owner to remove statues of deities, under threat of demolishing the temple. The officials also prohibited people from burning incense, sealed off the entrance to the temple and demanded that the Eight Trigrams on either side of the entrance be removed.

The temple owner had no choice but to comply.

A local believer told Bitter Winter that the temple has continuously been cracked down on since last October. The local government ordered Sanguan Temple to be demolished on the grounds that its directional road stele was too close to the village committee premises. In order to preserve the road stele, which cost 100,000 RMB (about $ 15,000), the temple’s owner was forced to change the name “Sanguan Temple” on the stele into the name of the village “Yongxing Village.” [MORE]

“I Don’t See Any Protests:" Speaking to His Stupid Neuropeon Believers, Trump Cries “Fake News" as 75,000 March in London

trump protest london 1.jpg

Undeceiver Dr. Blynd explains in FUNKTIONARY: Believer - one who accepts that which has no basis in reality. 2) a person who enjoys being deceived. A believer does not seek—just accepts theologies and/or ideologies. 3) one who is addicted to vanity and/or chained to convention with conviction. 4) one who lives in a cloud of illusions, confounded by language and its deceptions. Believers are people who make their lives subjective slaves to a mere belief—engineered my limited and fragmented understanding and fostered by erroneous conclusions based solely on effects and appearances. A true believer would rather believe in something and be wrong than not believe in it and be right. 

dumfuxx - those who are terminally stuck-on-stupid—who buy into the stupid part of anything—attached to their stupidity.

dummies - creatures that obliviously accept and protect the parameters imposed on them by their unavowed or avowed enemies. (See: Cowards, Dupe-lification, Dummy Return, Reality Boxes, Knowledge Vacuums & Orglings)

Racist Suspect Michigan Governor’s Cell Phone Seized in Flint Water Probe

snyder liar.jpg

From [AP] Authorities investigating Flint’s water crisis have used search warrants to seize from storage the state-owned mobile devices of former Gov. Rick Snyder and 66 other current or former officials, The Associated Press has learned.

The warrants were sought two weeks ago by the attorney general’s office and signed by a Flint judge, according to documents the AP obtained through public records requests.

Solicitor General Fadwa Hammoud and Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, who is helping with the probe, confirmed they executed a series of search warrants related to the criminal investigation of Flint’s lead-contaminated water in 2014-15 and a deadly outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease.

The water crisis in Flint was one of the worst man-made environmental disasters in U.S. history. Untreated water leached lead from pipes and into Flint’s homes and businesses while cost-cutting financial managers — appointed by Snyder — were running the city.

The investigation has led to charges against 15 current or former government officials, including two who served in the Cabinet of Snyder, a Republican who left office in December. But no one is behind bars, and some Flint residents believe key players who could have prevented the lead debacle are getting off easy.

“As stated in recent motions, the prosecution is aware of substantial potential evidence that was not provided to the original prosecution team from the onset of the investigation,” Hammoud said in a statement Monday following the AP’s reporting. “The team is currently in the process of obtaining this evidence through a variety of means, including search warrants. The team is also conducting a thorough review of existing and newly received evidence pertaining to the Flint water crisis.”

One warrant, signed May 19, lists all content from Snyder’s state-issued cellphone, iPad and computer hard drive. Similar information was sought from the devices of 33 employees who worked in his office, 11 in the Department of Environmental Quality and 22 in the Department of Health and Human Services.

The evidence was apparently initially obtained by former special prosecutor Todd Flood with investigative subpoenas. Because it has been kept in a division of the attorney general’s office, Hammoud took the unusual step of securing a warrant to search another part of the office. She has been managing the probe since January.

“We’re doing everything we can to comply,” said Dan Olsen, a spokesman for Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel, who is not involved in the criminal investigation and is instead handling lawsuits against the state by Flint residents. After succeeding former Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette this year, she appointed Hammoud to lead the probe.

A similar warrant was also issued to the Department of Technology, Management and Budget.

“The department is complying with the warrant. We cannot discuss the details further because it is part of pending litigation,” spokesman Caleb Buhs said. A spokesman for the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy — formerly the Department of Environmental Quality — confirmed it was served a warrant last week.

The warrants seek data from the devices of individuals who have been charged in the probe but also uncharged officials such as Snyder, former Environmental Quality director Dan Wyant and various people who worked in Snyder’s office including former Lt. Gov. Brian Calley, top aide Richard Baird and chief of staff Dick Posthumus.

Snyder attorney Brian Lennon declined to comment on the warrants Monday, saying they are part of ongoing litigation.

The warrants came after Hammoud this year reported that boxes of records were discovered in the basement of a state building, including phone extractions and a “trove” of other materials stored on hard drives that allegedly had not been turned over in response to the subpoenas. She sought long breaks in the criminal cases to look at the boxes and any other evidence, but judges declined to suspend the cases for six months.

Flood was ousted as special prosecutor in April after leading the three-year investigation. Nobody in Snyder’s office has been charged.

Hammoud accused Flood of mishandling the production of records and other evidence collected from state agencies. He has defended his work, saying he acted professionally.

Separately, another lawyer from the attorney general’s office appeared in court to speak up for attorneys in the department who had assisted Flood in collecting and cataloging mounds of records. Christina Grossi said there was no wrongdoing by staff.

Under Michigan law, the affidavit that Hammoud submitted to get the warrants signed by Judge Nathaniel Perry III will not become public for 56 days, though prosecutors can seek to suppress it longer.

The AP filed Freedom of Information Act requests with the attorney general’s office and the budget department to see the warrants they received.

Were Pro-Life Alabama Authorities Prepared to Commit Double Murder if Pregnant Black Woman got Sentenced to Death? LaToni Daniel charged w/Accomplice Murder as a Getaway Driver allegedly Raped in Jail

Daniel had been indicted on capital murder charges in April 2018, and Alabama law requires judges to presume capital defendants guilty for the purposes of setting bail. In capital cases, the minimum bail is $50,000. She says she was in a car when her boyfriend and co-defendant, Ladaniel Tuck, robbed and shot an elderly white man, 87-year-old Thomas Virgil Chandler. It is undisputed that Daniel – who court records describe as an alleged getaway driver – did not kill anyone, and she maintains that she did not know Tuck intended to kill Chandler.

Daniel had been indicted on capital murder charges in April 2018, and Alabama law requires judges to presume capital defendants guilty for the purposes of setting bail. In capital cases, the minimum bail is $50,000. She says she was in a car when her boyfriend and co-defendant, Ladaniel Tuck, robbed and shot an elderly white man, 87-year-old Thomas Virgil Chandler. It is undisputed that Daniel – who court records describe as an alleged getaway driver – did not kill anyone, and she maintains that she did not know Tuck intended to kill Chandler.

From [DPIC] A Black woman who may have been raped by guards has given birth after being impregnated in the Coosa County jail while awaiting trial on capital murder charges. LaToni Daniel (pictured), an honorably discharged Army National Guard veteran who has been in pretrial custody without bail for more than seventeen months, had been prescribed sedatives in the prison for a supposed seizure disorder, and the medication prolonged her sleep. She first learned she was pregnant in December 2018 after having been transferred to a new jail, and she gave birth to a baby boy in late May. Daniel’s lawyers said she had no memory of having sex while in jail.

Daniel was prescribed sedatives for the first time after she was arrested. However, according to Daniel’s brother, Terrell Ransaw, she “never had any seizures before she went to jail.” Mickey McDermott, a lawyer who is representing Daniel in a potential civil suit, said Daniel “has no memory of having sex at all, so what we’re assuming based on the information we have is that with some of the medication, she was knocked out and someone raped her. ... She’s reported she’s a rape victim and no one is investigating.” Under Alabama law, it is illegal for jail employees to have sex with prisoners, even if it is consensual. The father of the child is unknown.

AUTHORITIES   PUT   MICHAEL BRANDON SAMRA  TO DEATH BY LETHAL INJECTION   LAST MONTH. THE DAY AFTER GOV IVEY SIGNED THE RESTRICTIVE ABORTION BILL. A FEW HOURS BEFORE SIGNING THE BAN, THE GOVERNOR WAS ASKED ABOUT THE BILL NOT INCLUDING RAPE OR INCEST EXCEPTIONS. "ALL HUMAN LIFE IS PRECIOUS," IVEY RESPONDED. [   MORE   ]    Uncivilized Alabama has the highest death sentencing rate in the US.  According to the      Equal Justice Initiative     , each year in Alabama, nearly 65% of all murders involve black victims, yet 80% of the people currently awaiting execution in Alabama were convicted of crimes in which the victims were white. Only 6% of all murders in Alabama involve black defendants and white victims, but over 60% of black death row prisoners have been sentenced for killing someone white. According to      DPIC     , although Blacks make up 26% of Alabama’s population, they are 51% of its death row.


Uncivilized Alabama has the highest death sentencing rate in the US. According to the Equal Justice Initiative, each year in Alabama, nearly 65% of all murders involve black victims, yet 80% of the people currently awaiting execution in Alabama were convicted of crimes in which the victims were white. Only 6% of all murders in Alabama involve black defendants and white victims, but over 60% of black death row prisoners have been sentenced for killing someone white. According to DPIC, although Blacks make up 26% of Alabama’s population, they are 51% of its death row.

Daniel was transferred from Coosa County jail to Talladega County jail in December and Coosa County Sheriff Terry Wilson told Talladega officials to give Daniel a pregnancy test. Talladega County Chief Deputy Joshua Tubbs told The Appeal that Daniel had been moved as a result of “an ongoing investigation.” In March, Daniel requested bail so she could give birth and recover outside of the jail while awaiting trial, but a bail determination was not made before she gave birth. Daniel had been indicted on capital murder charges in April 2018, and Alabama law requires judges to presume capital defendants guilty for the purposes of setting bail. In capital cases, the minimum bail is $50,000. She says she was in a car when her boyfriend and co-defendant, Ladaniel Tuck, robbed and shot an elderly white man, 87-year-old Thomas Virgil Chandler. It is undisputed that Daniel – who court records describe as an alleged getaway driver – did not kill anyone, and she maintains that she did not know Tuck intended to kill Chandler. Alabama allows death sentences for accomplices in murder cases that also involve robbery, kidnapping, rape, or burglary. Jon Taylor, Daniel’s defense lawyer in the criminal case, told The Appeal he found it “somewhat surprising that it came out of the grand jury as capital murder and even more surprising they’re going after the death penalty. There’s nothing in my mind that [says] she should qualify for the death penalty. … I believe it was unknowing conduct and I believe she was acting under duress.”

The charges against Daniel are even more out of the ordinary because of the declining use of the death penalty in Alabama. Alabama imposed three death sentences in 2018, down from a peak of 25 in 1998. Coosa County prosecutors have sought only one death sentence in the last five years, and the defendant in that case was not sentenced to death. Alabama has executed 18 African-American prisoners for killing white victims and only one white prisoner for killing an African-American victim. Both Daniel and Tuck are African American.

Georgia Supreme Court to Decide Whether Cops Violated Black Man's 4th Amendment Rights when they Downloaded Black Box Data from His Car without a Warrant

Hungry Cop Watching You.jpg

From [HERE] The Georgia Supreme Court later this month will hear a case which will direct how state law treats privacy issues in the modern age. At issue is whether police should be required to obtain a warrant before downloading black box data from an automobile. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) last month weighed in on behalf of Victor Lamont Mobley, who says law enforcement went too far when they downloaded speed data from his Dodge Charger on December 15, 2014, without consulting a judge first.

"The massive amount of digital data contained in car computers implicates substantial privacy interests," ACLU attorney Sean J. Young explained. "Though many may not realize it, these computers can and will contain unique digital records that track nearly every aspect of one's driving, including a car's specific movements, GPS location, steering input, speed, engine throttle and other detailed measurements down to the millisecond. Increasingly, such computers can even record the size and number of passengers, the music they are listening to, texts being exchanged, and private conversations."

Mobley had been involved in a fatal car crash, and when officers from the Henry County Police Department grabbed data from his car without a warrant, they saw a speed reading of 97 MPH seconds before he struck a Chevrolet Corvette, killing its driver and passenger. Mobley wants that information suppressed as a Fourth Amendment violation. He argues that the information stored in a car is the modern equivalent of someone's "papers" which cannot be seized without judicial authorization. The Georgia Court of Appeals disagreed, ruling that motorists have no privacy interest in their black box data. The ACLU does not want that precedent to stand.

"Had police learned defendant's speed and other general facts by canvassing witnesses or analyzing skid mark data, he indeed would have lacked a reasonable expectation of privacy in the information revealed through those investigative techniques," Young wrote. "But that is not what took place... The search here was of defendant's own property -- his car's onboard computer system and the data stored on it -- in which he had both a property interest and a reasonable expectation of privacy."

The high court will begin reviewing the matter on June 19 when it hears oral arguments in the case. Mobley is currently serving a seven-year sentence for vehicular homicide at the Wheeler Correctional Facility.

Video Released in Nelson Case. After 911 Call for Mental Health Paramedics, White Hayward Cops Handcuffed Black Man, Drove to Secluded Parking Lot & Forced Him into Restraint Device, Killing Him


A 2 MILE TRIP TO THE HOSPITAL THAT TOOK 90 MINUTES. BLACK MAN COMMITTED NO CRIME BUT UNDER NON-CONSENSUAL DETENTION & RESTRAINT. From [HERE] Video released as part of a federal wrongful death suit shows the last moments of the life of a 42-year-old Black father who died after a confrontation with white Hayward police after his family had called 911 for a mental health transport to the hospital.

2 Investigates obtained four clips of video showing various angles from the morning of Dec. 19, 2015 where Roy Lee Nelson Jr. took his last breaths in the parking lot of Chabot College in Hayward. Nelson Jr. was suffering from schizophrenia and wanted help, the lawsuit states. Nelson Jr. died after telling officers that he couldn’t breathe.

The fact that Nelson Jr. died in police custody is not in dispute. How and why he died -- and who or what is responsible -- is. But Nelson Jr.’s family is now also questioning the role that police tactics played leading up to his death: how did a call for medical help turn fatal?

His son thinks he knows the answer.

“It’s because he was black,” Nelson III said. “He and my mother called for help. And they basically saw him as a criminal and they treated him as they treat any other African-American.”

nelson arrest hayward.jpg

According to the complaint,

‘This case arises out of the December 19, 2015 wrongful death of Roy Nelson, who died in the custody of yet-to-be identified City of Hayward Police Department officers, after Mr. Nelson summoned emergency medical care during a mental health crisis.

Shortly after Mr. Nelson contacted 911 for himself, yet-to-be-identified City of Hayward Police officers arrived at the home of Mr. Nelson’s ex wife.

For unknown reasons, the officers did not wait for an ambulance to transport Mr. Nelson for mental health evaluation but instead handcuffed him and placed him into the backseat of a patrol car. Mr. Nelson’s relatives watched him voluntary leave the home in handcuffs, fully compliant with officers.

While on the 1.7 mile drive to St. Rose hospital in Hayward, the Officers turned into a secluded parking lot, despite being barely a mile away from the hospital. Without cause, the unidentified officers purportedly pulled Mr. Nelson out of the patrol car and placed the large man in a WRAP restraint device, which they later claim was due to Mr. Nelson trying to kick out the back window.

Mr. Nelson purportedly became unresponsive as a result of the officers’ unnecessary use of the restraint device and the excessive amount of force that was used to place Decedent in the restraint. At 3:10 a.m., more than 90 minutes after Mr. Nelson was taken away in handcuffs, he was admitted to St. Rose Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The Nelson family has been continually denied answers regarding Mr. Nelson’s death and why it took 90 or more minutes to travel the 1.7 miles to the hospital.’

“This is the West Coast Eric Garner case,” Nelson’s civil rights attorney, Adante Pointer of the John Burris Law Firm, told 2 Investigates, referring to the man selling loose cigarettes who died in a New York City police chokehold in 2014.  “Mr. Nelson literally said I cannot breathe. And the officer ignored his pleas. This was a man who was experiencing a medical emergency and he was treated as a criminal suspect. Just because you have a mental health issue, just because you have used some narcotics doesn't give police the right to kill you.”

The Alameda County Coroner [white] found that Nelson Jr. died accidentally, a result of cardiac arrhythmia along with acute methamphetamine and amphetamine intoxication associated with physical exertion.

“I want justice,” his son, Roy Lee Nelson III, told 2 investigates in a recent interview. “I don’t want my dad to be thought of as how they’re trying to portray him. I want them to tell the truth.”

The city of Hayward declined to comment on the allegations citing pending litigation, city spokesman Chuck Finnie said.

Though the District Attorney did not conduct a formal review of the officers’ behavior, the officers involved in the case -- Michelle Hall, Nathanael Shannon, Matthew McCrea and John Padavana -- were cleared of wrongdoing by the department’s Internal Affairs investigators, according to Pointer.

Hayward has been fighting this lawsuit for the last three years, arguing that the officers acted reasonably given the circumstances. In court earlier this year, Hayward’s former deputy city attorney, Ray Rollan, argued that while Nelson Jr. was initially not considered a criminal, his behavior of “kicking the patrol car three times” in the parking lot of the college “necessitated” him being restrained in what is called a WRAP device. He argued that the police behavior was well within policy.

But in April, Magistrate Judge Sallie Kim ruled that the excessive force claims against the city and department can proceed to trial.

"I just cannot imagine a juror in this country saying after a person says he can't breathe and an officer knows Mr. Nelson is unconscious and then waits for a minute and 20 seconds and finding that appropriate…I just find that impossible to believe,” Kim told the lawyers at a summary judgement hearing. “I find it very, very difficult to believe that any juror, anywhere, is going to find Officer Shannon not liable for a violation of Fourth Amendment rights under these set of circumstances.”

It’s common practice, the lawsuit contends, for police officers to summon paramedics to transport “5150” psychiatric patients. But “for unknown reasons,” the suit states, police did not wait for an ambulance and instead drove Nelson Jr. to the college parking lot. Pointer said Nelson Jr. was there for about 20 to 30 minutes waiting for paramedics to pick him up.

The video clips show the spot at Chabot College Parking Lot G where police had stopped to wait.  Officers can be heard talking about waiting for a medical transport for Nelson, and it sounds as if at least two ambulances were called, but didn’t come immediately. In testimony, Hayward’s former deputy city attorney noted that the Paramedics Plus ambulance was late in arriving.

At this point, Nelson seems to suffer from what appears to a panic attack in the back of the patrol car. His face was distraught. His sweatshirt was drenched in sweat. The video shows that he was kicking the back of the gated area from the back seat. He reached one hand out of the partially open patrol car window, stretching his fingers outward.

“Open the door,” Nelson is heard asking. “Open the door, please. “ [clearly he no longer consented to his detention. elite white media avoids 4th Amendment issues altogether by just ignoring them entirely, especially in regard to non-white people. contrast w/ media coverage of 1st Amendment issues and white folks]

Through the window of the car, an officer points his finger at Nelson and says, “I told you not to kick.” Another officer tells him to stop waggling his fingers. “Will you let me out?” Nelson asked.

“When the ambulance gets here,” the officer answered.

But Nelson Jr. didn’t want to be in the back of the car any longer.  He was not under arrest and had committed no crime. He consented to the initial custody - but clearly he revoked his consent at the secluded parking lot and extended detention in the small back seat of the patrol car.

No Warrant or Crime Going On, White Albany Cops Broke Down Door, Ordered All to “Get the F*ck Out" & then Attacked a Non-Resisting Black Man w/Baton & Slammed Another On His Head, Suit Filed

Investigating a Noise Complaint in a Racist Police State. From [HERE] Two of the three men involved in a March confrontation with Albany police have filed federal lawsuits against the officers involved, alleging false arrest and excessive force as well as failure to intervene and supervisory liability.

The men, Armando Sanchez and Mario Gorostiza, seek unspecified monetary damages. Their complaints explain: ‘the police oficers made an unreasonable seizure of them in violation of his rights under the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution and violated those same Amendments by using excessive force against them. Despite the presence of numerous other defendant officers, none intervened to prevent or stop these violations of plaintiff’s rights. Defendant officers who were present in a supervisory capacity failed to appropriately supervise and direct the remaining defendant officers to prevent or stop these violations of plaintiff’s rights.’

Sanchez and Gorostiza were initially charged with multiple offenses, including resisting arrest, after police were called to investigating a noise complaint at a party on March 16 on First Street. The call turned violent; body camera footage released by the department showed white officers kicking in a door and repeatedly striking Sanchez, Gorostiza and another man, Lee Childs.

The Albany County district attorney’s office dropped the charges against the men two weeks later after one of the officers involved, Luke Deer, was charged with felony assault and official misconduct and suspended from the department. Two other Albany cops, Matthew Seeber and an unidentified officer, were suspended as well. The lawsuit names a number of officers, including Sgt. Jimm B. Lewis, who allegedly was the supervisor at the time. All the cops involved appeared to be white.

The criminal case against Deer was sent to an Albany County grand jury.

The lawsuits lay out what the men’s attorneys describe as unprovoked attacks by the officers, including Deer, who is named in both actions. Both men allege that police filed charges against them to cover up the beatings.


The Sanchez [in photo] complaint states:

On March 16, 2019, while in the City of Albany, New York, officers responded to a call of a noise complaint concerning a residence located at or around 523 First Street.

On said date, having committed no crime, Sanchez was lawfully in the City of Albany, New York, in the vicinity of 523 First Street, in a private home. With no warrant or lawful cause to do so, officers Seeber, Deer and an unknown number of Doe officers approached the residence and demanded that the door be opened.

The door was a wooden-framed door with glass panes which allowed the officers to see directly into the residence. An occupant of the residence, Lee Childs, spoke to officers Seeber, Deer and unknown Doe officers through the closed door of the residence, asked the officers for a warrant and was told there was none.

Although observing no unlawful activity, defendant Seeber kicked open the door to the residence and sprayed pepper spray into the residence.

Officers Deer, Seeber, and unknown Doe officers immediately proceeded to tackle, beat, punch and kick Mr. Childs. officers Deer, Seeber, and unknown Doe officers proceeded to place Mr. Childs under arrest and into custody, without legal cause.

Thereafter, all occupants of the residence were ordered by unknown defendant officers to vacate the premises. officers Deer, along with unknown defendant officers then present, escorted Mr. Childs into the street, some 50 feet away, to a location near a waiting patrol car.

Sanchez, having committed no illegal acts, obeyed the officers’ orders and exited the residence and walked into the street in front of the residence, where he was further ordered by an unknown defendant to “Go! Get the fuck out!”

Sanchez complied with Doe officers’ directives and continued to walk away, backwards, with his open hands raised above his head.

Defendant Deer, standing with several other defendant officers and Mr. Childs some 50 feet away by a patrol car, without reasonable suspicion of any criminal activity having been committed by Sanchez or any other good cause, suddenly turned and charged at Sanchez without warning or explanation.

While running towards Sanchez, defendant Deer began yelling at Sanchez: “Get the fuck out of here! Go! Now!” At all times relevant, defendant Deer possessed an expandable police baton.

While running toward Sanchez, defendant Deer armed himself by placing the expandable police baton into his right hand. While proceeding at a run directly toward Sanchez, defendant Deer punched

Sanchez in the neck with his open left hand, knocking Sanchez onto the ground onto his back, some 8 feet away from defendant Deer. Sanchez stood up, but before he had a chance to move further, defendant Deer charged at Sanchez again.

Defendant Deer, without pausing while charging and gripping his police baton as a cudgel, struck Sanchez repeatedly in the face and head. During the assault by defendant Deer with the police baton, Sanchez continued to walk backward until the repeated blows by Deer knocked Sanchez onto his back on the street again.

Defendant Deer then immediately leapt upon Sanchez while Sanchez lay in the street on his back. Defendant Deer resumed beating Sanchez in the face and head, using his collapsed baton as a cudgel.

Defendant Deer struck Sanchez repeatedly with the police baton.Defendant Deer then extended his expandable police baton and used the butt end of the baton to strike Sanchez repeatedly in the head, using a stabbing motion.

At all times, Sanchez did not resist the actions of defendant Deer in any way. officers Deer, Seeber and unknown Doe officers then placed handcuffs on Sanchez.

Defendant Deer thereafter forcibly pulled Sanchez into a standing position by yanking on Sanchez’s dreadlocks and handcuffed wrists.

The lawsuit says the psychopathic attack caused substantial pain and physical injury to Sanchez, including but not limited to bruising, contusions, lacerations, shoulder injury, wrist injury, nerve damage, concussion, post-concussive syndrome, chronic pain and psychological and emotional trauma.

Attorney, Michael Feit, left, his client, Mario Gorostiza, second from left, Armando Sanchez, third from left, and his attorney, Sherri Brooks, appear in Albany City Court on Wednesday, April 3, 2019. [   MORE   ]

Attorney, Michael Feit, left, his client, Mario Gorostiza, second from left, Armando Sanchez, third from left, and his attorney, Sherri Brooks, appear in Albany City Court on Wednesday, April 3, 2019. [MORE]

According to Gorostiza’s complaint:

On said date, having committed no crime, Gorostiza was lawfully in the vicinity of 510 First Street, on the side of a public street, over 100 feet away from and on the opposite side of the street of, 523 First Street.

Officers O’Shea, Albert, Deer and an unknown number of Doe Officers were positioned on the street outside of 523 First Street. Without any warrant or lawful cause to do so, Officers O’Shea, Albert, Deer and Does 1-4 began walking from 523 First Street directly toward Gorostiza, who was standing quietly on the side of the street, out of the lane of travel.

While walking and while out of earshot of Gorostiza, one of the afore-described Officers stated his intention to arrest Gorostiza While approaching Gorostiza, Officers O’Shea, Albert, Deer and Does Nos. 1-4 walked past at least three civilian individuals, whom they did not assault or arrest, to reach Gorostiza.

At least two of the aforementioned civilian individuals were standing in the street, in the lane of travel, when Officers O’Shea, Albert, Deer and Does Nos. 1-4 passed by on their way toward Gorostiza. As soon as Officers O’Shea, Albert, Deer and Does Nos. 1-4 reached Gorostiza, one of the afore-described Officers struck Gorostiza in the face with a closed fist.

A second member of the group of Officers O’Shea, Albert, Deer and Does Nos. 1-4 grabbed Gorostiza bodily, pinned his arms to his side and slammed his body to the ground, causing Gorostiza to strike his head on the pavement.

During this seizure of Gorostiza, Officers O’Shea, Albert, Deer and Does Nos. 1-4 continued to assault Gorostiza by several means, including but not limited to, kicking, punching, spraying Gorostiza with pepper spray, and using a stun gun and/or taser on Gorostiza. At all times, Gorostiza did not resist the actions of Officers in any way.

At all times, Officers took no action to assault, arrest, or imprison the civilian individuals standing by Gorostiza, in the street, or on the sidewalk. Officers focused exclusively on Gorostiza.

“Considering the public outcry that arose out of the shooting of unarmed teen Ellazar Williams in August 2018, I hoped that the police would reexamine how they act while working in the city," said a statement from attorney James Knox, who represents the plaintiffs. "However, the beatings of Mr. Sanchez and Mr. Gorostiza demonstrate that, even while wearing body cameras, some officers remain unafraid to act without conscience toward certain segments of the community."

Williams, 19, was shot by Albany Detective James Olsen and left paralyzed at the end of a foot chase last summer. A grand jury failed to charge the officer with wrongdoing in that case; Olsen subsequently retired.

The release of the video footage on April 2 led to a number of community meetings between residents and Police Chief Eric Hawkins, who started with the force last fall. The department said last month that it is re-evaluating its training curriculum.

Meanwhile, the department is conducting its own investigation into the confrontation, including looking at whether a supervisor had instructed the officers to handle the situation aggressively.

That probe is also examining whether some of the officers may have falsified police records to justify their use of physical force and to explain an officer's decision to kick in the door of the residence without a warrant.

After Calling 911 About a Break in, Angry White Mesa Cops Arrived & Told Black Man He Had Misdemeanor Warrants & Violently Beat, Held Him Down & Hog-Tied Him to Make Arrest, Suit Filed

Creating a False Narrative for the Bodycamera, Contemptuous White Cop-Artists told Terence Kirkpatrick to “Stop Resisting.” Video of Brutal Arrest Shows Non-Resisting Black Man Down Held Down.

From [HERE] and [HERE] Video of Terrence Kirkpatrick's brutal arrest at the hands of Mesa police officers last year made national headlines last year amid the department's growing scandal over repeated instances of excessive force. On Thursday, Kirkpatrick filed a lawsuit against the city of Mesa and several police officers, accusing them of breaking his wrist and laughing at him when he said he was in pain.

On November 17, 2017, Kirkpatrick and his roommates called the police for help after someone tried to break into their apartment. When cops found Kirkpatrick had two misdemeanor warrants for nonviolent crimes, they decided to arrest him.

'You think we are going to put those on lightly?'

After the 911 call on Nov. 17, 2017, police responded to Kirkpatrick's apartment.

Police video shows officers finish their initial investigation at the apartment and then notify Kirkpatrick, who is lying on a couch, that he has two warrants for his arrest.

"Stand up, you have two warrants for your arrest," an officer tells Kirkpatrick in the video. Kirkpatrick continues to lie on the couch. Two officers repeat commands, "I'm not going to ask you again, stand up."

The officers then reach for Kirkpatrick, who is taken to the floor.

The video shows officers struggling to put handcuffs on Kirkpatrick as one yells, "Give us your f--king hands right now, give us your hands."

In the video, Mesa cops can be heard repeatedly shouting at Kirkpatrick to "stop resisting" and "stand up."

The officers say "stop resisting" multiple times, and Kirkpatrick's roommate responds, "He's not resisting."

Kirkpatrick said while Mesa cops were shouting at him to stand up, they were making that impossible by holding him down.

Cops cuffed Kirkpatrick, then dragged him outside and hog-tied him, placing him face-down on the pavement and shackling his ankles to his wrists. At least 14 times, Kirkpatrick told police his wrist was in extreme pain and begged them to loosen the cuffs. Mesa cops simply laughed and said, "it's supposed to" hurt and "that's what you get when you fight the police."

Terence Kirkpatrick - Mesa.jpg

Mesa cop Nicholas Webster, who handcuffed Kirkpatrick and allegedly fractured his wrist, is named in the lawsuit as being particularly forceful. "Webster's use of handcuffs as an instrument of torture was a violation of Plaintiff's constitutionally guaranteed rights to be free from the use of excessive force, due process under the law, and equal protection under the law," the lawsuit states.

In May, Kirkpatrick received a letter from Mesa police stating that the department's internal investigation into the evening was complete and that all the allegations against Webster's actions were sustained.

The incident was one of many recent high-profile use-of-force incidents that brought national attention to the Mesa police department's high number of excessively violent arrests. In the past three years, Mesa cops have also come under fire for officers repeatedly punching one man in the head for taking too long to sit down, assaulting a handcuffed 15-year-old, tackling an 84-year-old grandmother and leaving her severely injured, shooting an unarmed man as he begged for his life in a hotel hallway, jeering at a man they had just beat as he lay on a hospital floor in a pool of blood, and using a stun gun on a man who was already handcuffed and lying on the ground.

A spokesperson for Mesa police told Phoenix New Times Webster is still serving as an officer with the Mesa Police Department and has the right to appeal any discipline he is given.

"I should be able to ask why you're telling me to get up," Kirkpatrick said of the unnecessarily escalated situation at a press conference last year. "I'm a human being as well. I have rights."

"This is a human being; they had him tied up like he was some sort of big game animal," said East Valley NAACP President Roy Tatem. "We are not going to let the Mesa Police Department get away with this anymore."

The officers charged Kirkpatrick with four felonies for aggravated assault against a police officer and resisting arrest. Three of the charges were dismissed as part of a plea deal in which Kirkpatrick pleaded guilty to resisting arrest. The case docket in Maricopa County Superior Court indicates Kirkpatrick was sentenced to probation after the violent arrest.

Since Mesa Police Chief Ramon Batista assumed office about two years ago, he has tried to take responsibility for his officers' many excessive use-of-force incidents. Batista has had officers undergo implicit bias and de-escalation training, and brought in an independent investigator to examine the department's use-of-force incidents.

But his work to hold problematic officers accountable has earned the ire of his employees, who recently initiated an effort to remove the chief, calling him a "liberal snowflake."

Kirkpatrick is demanding a jury trial and is seeking compensatory and punitive damages.

[All Laws are Orders Backed by the Threat of Violence] To En-Force Noise Law White Syracuse Cops Snatch Black Man Out of Car by His Neck & Stop Passenger from Filming Evidence of Police State

syracuse cops white & crazy.jpg

Laws Create Violence From [HERE] and [HERE] Several white Syracuse Police officers remain on duty as their department begins a routine review into the use of force and alleged misconduct captured on a now-viral video that has amassed hundreds of thousands of views since the weekend.

Social media users are accusing Syracuse Police Department officers of attempting to cover up their unlawful use of force after a series of events at a traffic stop on Friday was caught on a video posted by Twitter user @St_Lu3.

The 33-second clip begins with a disagreement over whether the driver, 23-year-old Shaolin Moore, is required to exit his vehicle. Syracuse Police say the traffic stop was conducted because the car was playing loud music.Cops are seen piling on the driver, delivering a series of punches to his head before one officer rushes to detain the passenger who's recording.

Social media users, including Syracuse activist Nitch Jones, assert the entire situation should have simply ended in a citation for disturbing the peace.

"Wait, did I mention once both young men were removed from the LEGAL registered and insured car — no drugs, alcohol, weapons, etc., were found?!" Jones highlighted on Sunday.

San Francisco to Pay $400k Settlement for Mario Woods' Murder. Video Proves Cops Lied: Black Man was Staggering Away, Not Moving Quickly Towards White Cops When They Shot Him 21X in 3 Seconds

From [HERE] The mother of a black man shot to death by five San Francisco police officers in 2015 is set to receive $400,000 to settle a wrongful death lawsuit.

The Dec. 2, 2015, shooting of Mario Woods was captured by bystanders recording with cell phone cameras from multiple angles. It led to a federal review of SFPD tactics and the eventual resignation of former Police Chief Greg Suhr. A last-minute settlement was reached in March of this year, just a few days before the federal lawsuit brought by Woods' mother Gwendolyn Woods was set to go to trial.

The settlement amount was disclosed Monday in a city Board of Supervisors agenda, and it must be approved by vote of the board before it is finalized.

Mario Woods, 26, had allegedly fought with and stabbed another man, Marcel Gardener, in the arm earlier in the day. Gardener drove himself to the hospital, according to his deposition in the civil case, and he reluctantly described Woods to a sheriff's deputy there.

SFPD officers Charles August and Brandon Thompson found Woods waiting at a bus stop on 3rd Street in the city's Bayview District shortly after 4 p.m., and Woods pulled his knife, according to the officers' depositions.

Woods was killed on Dec. 2, 2015, when five white officers fired 27 bullets at the knife-wielding suspect – hitting him 21 times – after less lethal beanbag rounds failed to subdue him.

A video of the San Francisco police shooting "casts doubt" on officers' accounts that a black man was moving quickly toward them when they shot, a federal judge wrote in a court ruling in October.

The police department initially said Woods had lunged at an officer with a 13-inch kitchen knife before he was shot, but cellphone videos and some eyewitnesses contradict that version of events.

Officers found him standing at transit stop. Several officers surrounded Woods in a semicircle and shot him with "non-lethal" rubber bullets after they said he refused to drop a knife, according to depositions.

Videos taken by bystanders show Woods staggering out of the semicircle and sliding his right side against a wall as he tried to walk away and one of the officers scurrying to get in front of him.

At that point, five officers shot Woods a combined 21 times.

The officers testified that they believed Woods was walking quickly toward the officer who was trying to cut him off and that's why they fired.

"Videos cast doubt on the officer accounts that Woods was moving quickly or speeding up when officers shot him," Orrick wrote. "They seem to show him take four slow steps with his right shoulder up against the building, walking with a heavy limp. The knife was in Woods' right hand, on the building side."

Woods’ mother insists her son was in the midst of a mental health crisis and that officers failed to follow their training and use de-escalation tactics before resorting to lethal force.

The shooting sparked series of protests, leading to a federal review of the San Francisco Police Department and changes to its training guidelines and use-of-force policies.

Jury selection for the two-week trial was set to begin Friday, and the trial was scheduled to commence April 1.

District Attorney George Gascón called Woods' killing "disturbing" and "unnecessary" but declined to file criminal charges against the shooting officers in May 2018.

Gwendolyn Woods said at the time that it was like Gascón had "executed him all over again."

"They saw him as nothing or nobody, or that nobody loved him," Gwendolyn Woods said a few days after the district attorney's decision. "Let me tell you, I loved that kid and he was worth me fighting for. He was the best of me."

Over 200 Allegations of Abuse of Non-White Migrant Children; only 1 Federal Employee Disciplined

From [ABA] From 2009 to 2014, at least 214 complaints were filed against federal agents for abusing or mistreating migrant children. According to the Department of Homeland Security’s records, only one employee was disciplined as a result of a complaint.

The department’s records, which have alarmed advocates for migrants given the more aggressive approach to the treatment of minors at the border under the current administration, emerged as part of a federal lawsuit seeking the release of the names of the accused agents.

Last month, attorneys for the DHS argued before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco that disclosing the names of the federal agents would infringe on their right to privacy. A district judge had earlier ordered the department to make the names public.

The fact that only a single case of discipline apparently resulted from more than 200 complaints of child abuse clearly worried the district judge, John Tuchi, of Arizona, who ruled on the matter in the spring of 2018. In his order demanding the release of the names, Tuchi faulted the DHS for failing to vigorously investigate claims of misconduct, stating that “completed investigations were almost nonexistent.”

The DHS declined to comment for this story.

The ongoing legal battle stretches back to 2014, when American Civil Liberties Union chapters in Arizona and Southern California began seeking details about the alleged mistreatment of minors apprehended and detained by Customs and Border Protection, an agency within Homeland Security. Using the Freedom of Information Act, attorneys with the ACLU approached the DHS with a request for copies of all records regarding the verbal, physical and sexual abuse of minors by Customs or Border Patrol personnel.

The ACLU’s fact-finding initiative came as the federal government struggled to deal with a massive spike in the number of children—many from violence-plagued Central American countries, many unaccompanied by parents—crossing the southern border into the U.S.

Hoping to speed the release of the documents, the ACLU later filed suit. While the federal government eventually turned over some 30,000 pages of heavily redacted records, including 214 allegations of child abuse by agents, it has balked at disclosing the names of the Border Patrol and Customs personnel alleged to have harmed minors.

ACLU attorney Mitra Ebadolahi said that without the names of Customs and Border Protection employees—or some other way to identify them, such as tracking numbers—it’s impossible to divine basic facts about the agency’s handling of children. “We don’t know the total number of complaints submitted by a child or on behalf of a child,” Ebadolahi said in an interview, noting that there are likely far more than 214 complaints. “We don’t know the number of agents implicated. Is it a handful of agents? Are they clustered in a certain sector? Were any of those agents disciplined?”

The single disciplinary record released by the DHS involved an employee with Immigration and Customs Enforcement who verbally abused a minor.

The DHS maintains that the records it has already shared offer a detailed picture of the abuse allegations—including date, location and the substance of the complaint—as well as the government’s efforts to investigate them. For the public, there’s little value in “knowing the names of specific individual agents who have been subject to allegations of misconduct,” said DHS attorney Laura Myron during oral arguments before the 9th Circuit on May 16. Myron stressed that the privacy rights of Border Patrol and Customs employees would be violated by the release of their names in connection with the abuse complaints.

Myron disputed Tuchi’s view that the DHS had failed to thoroughly investigate the allegations, saying his statement was not supported by the evidence presented in the case, or the documents turned over to the ACLU.

In court, Judge Sandra Ikuta expressed concern that the ACLU would “harass” the employees and endanger their lives by publishing their names.

“We would accept some alternative [to the release of the names] that would allow the public to look at the records that we’ve obtained and make sense of them, Ebadolahi responded. “There are cases where agencies have done that.”

The complaints unearthed by Ebadolahi and her colleagues, though redacted, offer glimpses of troubling patterns of behavior within the ranks. One boy told investigators “that during his apprehension by Border Patrol agents he was hit on the head with a flashlight. … He sustained a laceration to his scalp that required three staples.” The boy’s story was buttressed by the fact that he had three clearly visible staples closing a fresh wound on his head. Other children reported being punched, shocked with Tasers, and denied food and medicine. Many described being bludgeoned with flashlights.

In one memo, from June 2014, a DHS investigator suggested shutting down an investigation into a minor offense because the department was deluged with a “huge amount of more serious complaints.”

Psychologist’s Study says Racism is Literally Toxic to Black People & Raises the Risk of Chronic Illness


From [HERE] and [HERE] A new paper says that racist experiences increase inflammation in African American individuals, raising their risk of chronic illness and providing more evidence that creates physical health outcomes, states a paper led by April Thames, Ph.D., associate professor at the University of Southern California Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.

"I looked at it as a chronic stressor. Our results showed that racial discrimination appears to trigger an inflammatory response among African Americans at the cellular level," states Thames.

Inflammation protects organisms from a health threat but chronic inflammation is linked to negative health outcomes, such as cancer and heart disease. Co-author Steve Cole, psychology professor at UCLA, has previously written that inflammatory responses are heightened among people in socially-marginalized, isolated groups. "We've seen this before in chronic loneliness, poverty, PTSD, and other types of adversity," he says. "But until now, nobody had looked at the effects of discrimination."

The study is too small to be meaningful, 71 subjects, two-thirds African American and one third European American, but its exploratory nature will get lost in corporate media outlets, as well as the confounder that 38 of the participants were positive for HIV. They believe that is a feature and not a bug and gave psychologists a chance to study the effects of racism independently from the effects of the disease.

white supremacy chart 2.jpg

It is not clear how the study defines racism. According to FUNKTIONARY:

Racism White Supremacy - psychopathic degeneracy. 2) "The local and global power system and dynamic, structured and maintained by persons who classify themselves as white, whether consciously or subconsciously determined, which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action and emotional response, as conducted simultaneously in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labour, law, politics, religion, sex and war); for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet earth—a planet upon which the vast majority of people are classified as non-white (Black, Brown, Red and Yellow) by white skinned people, and all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration) compared to the genetic recessive white skin people." -Dr. Francis Cress Welsing. [MORE]

Black Voters in MS File Suit Over [s]Election System: Not 1 Black Person Elected to Statewide Office in 130 Years Despite Having Highest Percentage of Blacks in US




From [HERE] Four African-American residents of Mississippi filed a lawsuit in federal court on Thursday seeking to block Mississippi’s process for electing statewide officials due to its discriminatory origins and impact.

The plaintiffs challenge a Jim-Crow-era restriction unique to Mississippi: any candidate for statewide office must win not only a majority of the popular vote but a majority of the state’s 122 House districts. If no candidate wins a majority in both categories, the race is decided by the House.

The complaint alleges that this policy has discriminatory results:

Not a single African American has been elected Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Attorney General, Auditor, Insurance Commissioner, or Agriculture Commissioner in over 130 years, despite the fact that the State has the highest percentage of African Americans in the United States.

The plaintiffs further claim that the provision not only has the discriminatory impact of preventing African Americans from attaining statewide offices but it was implemented with the requisite discriminatory intent to make it unconstitutional under the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment:

The architects of this system for electing candidates to statewide office had one goal in mind: entrench white control of State government by ensuring that the newly enfranchised African-American citizens—who, at the time, constituted a majority of the State’s population and some of whom had been elected to statewide offices—would never have an equal opportunity to translate their numerical strength into political power.

To substantiate this claim, the complaint included records from Mississippi’s constitutional convention in which this goal is explicitly stated by the drafters. Accordingly, the plaintiffs argue that the practice violates the 15th Amendment, Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, and the the concept of “one person one vote” under the 14th Amendment as recognized by the Supreme Court. The plaintiffs request the court grant injunctive relief and strike down the provision before the next round of elections.

The lawsuit was funded and supported by the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, an anti-gerrymandering organization headed by former US Attorney General Eric Holder.

[who serves who?] Tamir Rice’s Mom to Deliver Petition Signed by More than 100k People Begging the Cleveland Police Union to Drop its Efforts to Re-Hire the Public Ruler who Murdered 12 Yr Old Child

jeff-follmer (1).jpg

We are the Government? They Don’t Serve Us & We Can’t Fire Them. Larken Rose explains, “The people are not the “government,” by any stretch of the imagination, and it requires profound denial to believe otherwise. . . if “government” works for us, if it is our employee, why does it decide how much we pay it? Why does our “employee” decide what it will do for us? Why does our “employee” tell us how to live our lives? Why does our “employee” demand our obedience for whatever arbitrary commands it issues, sending armed enforcers after us if we disobey? It is impossible for “government” to ever be the servant, because of what “government” is, To put it in simple, personal terms, if someone can boss you around and take your money, he is not your servant; and if he cannot do those things, he is not “government.” However limited, “government” is the organization thought to have the right to forcibly control the behavior of its subjects via “laws,” rendering the popularly accepted rhetoric about “public servants” completely ridiculous. To imagine that a ruler could ever be the servant of those over whom he rules is patently absurd. Yet that impossibility is spouted as indisputable gospel in “civics” classes.

Compulsory Public Service. From [HERE] Tamir Rice’s mother will deliver a petition with more than 100,000 signatures to protest the police union’s efforts to overturn the firing of the white officer who murdered her 12-year-old boy.

Samaria Rice at 11 a.m. Monday will deliver boxes containing the petition that has more than 170,000 signatures to Cleveland Police Patrolmen President Jeff Follmer, according to a press release from Amanda King, an advisor to Rice. She is also expected to make remarks at a press conference.

Rice tried to give Follmer the petition last week, but she said he rejected them, according to the press release.

“I want the police to approach our women and children with respect,” Rice said in a statement. “At the end of the day, CPPA’s interest is to protect the police, regardless of officer misconduct, and that is in conflict with reform efforts and public trust.”

Along with the petitions, more than 680 calls were made to the union asking for them to drop their lawsuit challenging the city’s firing of former officer Timothy Loehmann, the press release said.

Follmer said he has no plans to stop the challenge. He said he believes the union’s position is strong, pointing out that a review team comprised of city officials and police officers cleared Loehmann in the shooting and that a Cuyahoga County grand jury declined to indict Loehmann.

He also said he believed the arbitrator who upheld the firing made his ruling “unfairly.”

Loehmann “has the support of our union,” Follmer said.

Loehmann shot Tamir on November 2014 in one of the most high-profile police shootings in Cleveland history.

He was fired not for the shooting but because the city accused him of lying on his application. Loehmann was hired by Cleveland police eight months before the shooting.

He did not put on his application the circumstances surrounding his departure from the Independence Police Department. Loehmann was allowed to resign following a series of incidents in which supervisors determined he was unfit to be a police officer.

An arbitrator upheld Loehmann’s firing and the union filed a challenge March 4 to that ruling in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court.

The union argued in their complaint that arbitrator James Rimmel failed to establish a clear burden of proof before the arbitration hearing began, that the city failed to bring the disciplinary action in a timely manner and that Rimmel used information that was not presented during the arbitration hearing. The union also accused the city of firing Loehmann because of political pressure brought by weeks of protests following the shooting.

Loehmann had only been with Cleveland for eight months when he shot Rice, who was playing in a park with an Airsoft pellet gun, in November 2014. A racist suspect resident called 9-1-1 and gave the dispatch the misleading impression that an adult Black man, possible a military veteran, was at a park filled with people, threatening them with a gun. Loehmann and his partner Officer Frank Garmback responded to the dispatch’s subsequent call. Video of the incident caused widespread outrage not just because of Rice’s age, but also because he was shot within 4 seconds of police arriving on the scene. The police cruiser was still moving when Loehmann shot Rice on the spot. It is myth repeated by white media that he was holding a toy gun. Tamir died with the toy gun still in his waistband and no other people were present in the park. The toy was not out or visible when the cops were present. As such, no perceived crime was ongoing when they arrived and the cops did not have reasonable suspicion to stop, seize and shoot Tamir. When the cops arrived they could see they were in not in danger. But racist suspects have stories to tell. [MORE]

A Cuyahoga County grand jury declined to indict Loehmann and his partner Frank Garmback in the shooting, and a review commission comprised of city officials found Loehmann violated no police policies.

The city paid Rice $6 million to settle a wrongful death lawsuit.

“Israelien" Government [fascism disguised as a democracy] is Engineering a Demographic Majority for “Israeliens“ by Bulldozing the Homes & Businesses of Palestinians

According to FUNKTIONARY:

Israeliens - imposter (pale interloper alien) Hebrews—Eastern European stock Caucasians who adopted the philosophy, myths, fables, and traditions of the so-called "Jews" while living in Russia—masquerading as if they had any genetic or historical ancestry and cultural heritage to the Afrikan Hebrews, the Afrim people, who occupied Canaan (Palestine) from ancient times. 2) those who currently are occupying Palestine (the land of Canaan), colonizing and killing its rightful descendants, historic owners and dwellers), and are undeniably alien (foreign—not aboriginal) to that land. 3) imposter Hebrews originating from the Pale of Settlement in Kazzarian Russia currently an occupying force (militarily holed-up and propped-up by US financial support and British skullduggery) in occupied Palestine. 4) alien Jews—Pinchbeck Hebrews. Israeliens are East Europeans with no genetic or actual historic ties whatsoever to the land now called Palestine. Israeliens have brainwashed (and fooled themselves and many others into believing this historical lie and propaganda that they are the descendants of "Jews" (a misnomer for African Hebrews, itself a misnomer for the Afrim people). Anyone with a modicum of research skills, knowledge of basic geography, philology, and an unbiased-by-religious-myth mind can easily confirm or validate this fact for his or herself. Both so-called Sephardic and Askanazzim "Jews" are not historically tied to the Afrim. It's not that Caucasians who have adopted the "Jewish" religion shouldn't have a place to live—but how about suggesting relocating where they came from—the hills of Russia, and not on another peoples" land. You don't invade (break into) someone's house (property) and expect them to just go away and not fight to get it back (despite how much force, murdering, deception, and propaganda that is brought to bear to justify such wrongful invasion and genocide). Psychological repression is both invisible and reflexive. (See: Zionism, USS Liberty, Gulf of Tonkin, Genocide, Immigrant Human, Evolution, Caucasian, Pilgarlick, El & Judaism)

israel bulldoze homes.jpg

GOP Docs Prove Census Citizenship Question was Designed to Undercount Non-White People in order to Preserve White Political Power in a Non-Representative Demockery

welsing 2.jpg

FUNKTIONARY explains that a "Caucasian" - is "One whose worst and most basic fear still remains genetic annihilation in the form of the fear of the impending "Black Planet." Whither goest thou white man? (See: Weiteko Disease, Yurungu, Western Civilization, Recessive Genes, Colored People, Melanin & Mutant). 

As stated by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, white people are vulnerable to their sense of numerical inadequacy. Most white people consciously or subconsciously understand the following;

  • White plus Black equals Colored.

  • White plus Brown equals Colored.

  • White plus Yellow equals Colored.

The declining white population is not a new or reversible trend - the decline has only quickened. Although rarely discussed, white people are genetic recessive. It is scientific fact that Black is a genetically dominant trait. Whenever Black mixes with White, which is a recessive genetic trait, Black will dominate. In general, this means "whites" cannot reproduce a white child when they have sexual relations with non-whites. The so-called white "race" can and eventually will be replaced or "genetically annihilated" through such assimilation or social intermixing with non-whites. As white populations have been consistently declining, Black and Brown populations are surging. And this scares some racists to death. [MORE]

The above formula is the meaning of what "you will not replace us" and "‘Europe Will Be White." It also is what "Clean Blood’ is referring to - clean white blood.

As far as racists are concerned "replacement" is in fact what is occurring in the US & abroad. Persons who classify themselves as White make up less than 10% of the world's population and their numbers are shrinking fast. That is, 90% of the world population of 7 billion people are non-white

White people are vastly outnumbered throughout the world and this scares some racists, fueling racism. A recent Reuters poll reflects white people fear of replacement as 31% of participants agreed "America must protect and preserve its White European heritage” and 39 percent agreed with the statement that “White people are currently under attack in this country.” [MORE]

Dr. Welsing explained that [among other things] numerical inadequacy drives white folks to practice racism - to survive and to maintain control of non-whites. [MORE]. Her color confrontation theory explained that the more the white population shrinks the worse its conduct toward non-whites will get. Racists practice racism to survive, it is a strategy for white genetic survival. [MORE]