NAACP LDF Report says Local & State Government’s Use of Water Liens for Unpaid Bills is Disproportionately Impacting Black Communities & Causing Loss of Home Ownership

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WATER LIEN CRISIS. From [HERE] and [NAACP LDF] The NAACP Legal Defense Fund released this 16-page document Wednesday about the water affordability crisis in America's cities.

The NAACP LDF says its report provides a “framework for potential litigation” saying “litigation may be viable and appropriate to address municipal water practices” emphasizing “the human right to water" may provide a valuable framework for litigation in challenging unfair water practices.

The study examined water rates and policies in Cleveland and Baltimore and explored the “explicit link between race and water affordability” offering policy solutions for affordable, clean water as a right that should be shared by all.

It found “municipal discrimination in the provision of water services runs deep."

In Cuyahoga County, the NAACP LDF says "most water liens placed on homes in Cuyahoga County are located in majority-Black neighborhoods, which may lead to a devastating loss of home ownership in these communities."

The nation’s premier organization advocating racial equality and economic justice has found the Cleveland Division of Water engages in practices that “may lead to a devastating loss of home ownership” and “disproportionately impact people of color”.

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund , founded in 1940, litigated the landmark Supreme Court case striking down racial discrimination in public schools, and it released this 16-page document Wednesday about the water affordability crisis in America's cities.

The NAACP LDF says its report provides a “framework for potential litigation” saying “litigation may be viable and appropriate to address municipal water practices” emphasizing “the human right to water" may provide a valuable framework for litigation in challenging unfair water practices.

The study examined water rates and policies in Cleveland and Baltimore and explored the “explicit link between race and water affordability” offering policy solutions for affordable, clean water as a right that should be shared by all.

It found “municipal discrimination in the provision of water services runs deep."

In Cuyahoga County, the NAACP LDF says "most water liens placed on homes in Cuyahoga County are located in majority-Black neighborhoods, which may lead to a devastating loss of home ownership in these communities."

It quickly brought a deluge of complaints from water customers complaining of being billed thousands of dollars for water they never used, failure to be informed of their rights before a water review board and most alarming—the widespread practice of issuing water tax liens on homeowners that can lead to foreclosure.

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund says it “hopes to equip water equality advocates with sufficient context and background” and “ways to challenge and change local government actions that impeded Black access to water and sewer systems”.

Key findings:

*Clear connection between racial residential segregation and Black access to water systems

*Water tax liens in Cleveland in majority Black neighborhoods

*Water and Sewer lines can directly lead to foreclosure and eviction

The report concluded that “when appropriate, litigation and legislative reform should be aggressively pursued to tackle water injustices in communities across the nation”.

New Report says Racist Lending & Mortgage Practices are Linked to Higher Pollution & Asthma Rates

From [ThinkProgress] Communities subjected to discriminatory lending and mortgage practices decades ago now have higher rates of asthma, according to new research out Wednesday. These predominately low-income communities and communities of color also suffer from increased exposure to pollutants.

Redlining — the practice of denying loans or insurance to certain groups or neighborhoods over concerns that they might be at higher risk of default — has been banned for more than half a century. But the discriminatory practice played a major role in shaping modern neighborhoods, with a disproportionate impact on low-income people of color. And it may also be having a profound affect on contemporary health issues.

An analysis of eight California cities indicates that redlining left vulnerable groups at disproportionate risk of asthma and air pollution exposure. The new research from the University of California, Berkeley and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) shows that residents in historically redlined communities are more than twice as likely as residents in other communities to make emergency room trips due to asthma.

Those same neighborhoods also have significantly higher levels of diesel particulate matter in their air, a component of diesel exhaust, which causes lung cancer and has been linked to bladder cancer. Decreased mental function and heart damage are also associated with the carcinogen, which effects ecology as well as people — diesel exhaust has been found to degrade the environment needed for honeybees.

“Redlining maps that were drawn 80 years ago, partially on the basis of race, are still predictive of not only who lives in a neighborhood, but also what kind of health problems they are experiencing,” Anthony Nardone, a Berkeley-UCSF medical student who led the analysis project, said in a statement.

The researchers traced the modern health trends back to redlining practices from decades ago. A direct culprit is the Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC), formed in 1933, which for years color-coded the risks associated with different neighborhoods across the country. Redlining itself comes from the red color assigned to grade D areas, or those deemed to be at the highest risk of default, while green was assigned to grade A neighborhoods.


Racial demographics played a significant role in these assignments, with “foreign-born” status among the factors taken into account. Income was another major factor; the restrictions ultimately allowed for the government to deny home loans to large swathes of people, with 239 cities overall impacted.

As the years passed and redlining became illegal, the authors of the study note that some cities have shifted demographically, with gentrification playing a role in slightly altering neighborhoods. But black and Latinx people disproportionately still live in the red zones — with serious health implications.

The researchers used historic redlining maps from San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Sacramento, Stockton, Fresno, Los Angeles, and San Diego for the analysis. They compared the HOLC ratings to both current air quality and health outcome data results for each city, ultimately finding that neighborhoods once coded as red visited emergency rooms 2.4 times more often than those once coded as green. Diesel particulate matter measurements were also nearly twice as high in the formerly red neighborhoods. [MORE]

At Hearing Ben Carson Displays Ignorance of Housing Knowledge [racists often appoint SNiggers to Prove that Incompetence, Not Racism, is Responsible for the Subordinate Position of Blacks]

The great rebel Sam Greenlee explained that ‘racists appoint incompetent safe negros to prove that Black incompetence, not white racism, is responsible for the subordinate social and economic position of Blacks.’ MLK explained that ‘injustice occurs where racists ensure that important matters concerning Black people are handled frivolously by incompetents without regard to justice or proper correction.’  According to FUNKTIONARY:   

Straw-Boss  - a Sambo who is appointed a certain oversight role for the white power Overseer. It is the job of the Straw Boss to establish a formal organization to effectively and systematically carry out the wishes of the white supremacist power matrix while serving his own personal needs and ends through patronage power. 2) a ranking SNigger. 3) Toby. 4) "Safe Negro." 5) responsible (to the white supremacist ideology) Negro. 6) the gatekeeper for black professional positions gained through (acquiesced) to various sexual positions. 7) Pork Chop Boy. (See SNigger & McNegro)

SNigger ---a sold-out snitching-smiling Sambo-Negro. 2) a South-Bender offender. SNiggers smile for nothing except an empty mind while selling-out their own kind. They typically have an intellectual base yet are devoid of intelligence, thus promoting the on-going smiling face. They also often giggle and have a frivolous conception of society and scant knowledge of the vestiges of the trans-Atlantic slave trade that even brought their sorry-ass selves to shore. SNiggers are traitors and pawns of the downpressors. [MORE]

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From [WashPost] When a freshman congresswoman asked Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson at a congressional hearing Tuesday whether he knew what the housing term “REO” was, Carson thought she was referencing the similar-sounding cookie.

“An Oreo?” the secretary asked.

No, said Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.), her tone firm. She spelled it back to him, twice.

Carson came up with: “real estate e-organization.”

It’s actually “real estate owned.”

The term refers to property owned by a bank or a lender after it’s been foreclosed. Porter wanted to know why the rate of REOs issued by the Federal Housing Administration is higher than that for other government-owned real estate.

Hours after the hearing, Carson tweeted a photo of a package of Oreos next to a note thanking Porter for participating in the hearing, with the caption: “OH, REO! Thanks, @RepKatiePorter. Enjoying a few post-hearing snacks. Sending some your way!”

[Ben Carson took to Fox Business to explain why he thought he was asked about Oreos]

Porter said in an interview with CNN on Tuesday night that Carson did, in fact, send cookies to her office.

“He actually sent a family-size box of Double Stuf Oreos to our office,” she said. “And while I was pleased to receive correspondence from him, what I’m really looking for is answers.”

Carson appeared before the House Financial Services Committee for more than three hours, fielding questions about housing policies. Several times he stumbled as Democrats, especially the women on the committee, tried to poke holes in his knowledge of the agency he runs.

Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-Ohio) asked him if he was familiar with “OMWI.”

“With who?” Carson asked.

“OMWI,” the congresswoman repeated.

“Amway?” the secretary replied.

The acronym stands for Office of Minority and Women Inclusion. Beatty wanted to know whether HUD had such an office and whether he worked with its director.

“Of course we have an office of . . .” Carson trailed off.

“OMWI,” the congresswoman repeated.

Except HUD doesn’t have an OMWI. Instead, it has an Office of Diversity and Inclusion, which performs a similar function. Either way, Carson couldn’t name the director of that office.

Then, near the end of the hearing, freshman Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) chided Carson and the Trump administration for failing to improve conditions in low-income housing. During a lightning round in which Pressley wanted yes-or-no answers to her questions, Carson failed to provide them.

During one particularly contentious moment, Carson said, “Reclaiming my time.”

“You don’t get to do that,” Pressley retorted.

Pressley then asked Carson if he would allow his grandmother to live in public housing under his watch.

“It would be very nice if you could stop . . .” Carson trailed off, and Pressley’s time expired.

Pursuant to White Supremacy Protocols White Sacramento Cops Pin Down & Handcuff a 12 Yr Old, 80 lbs Black Child in the Street & Put a Spit Bag Over His Head to En-Force Trespass Law

From [HERE] Police in Sacramento have come under fire after a video of officers restraining a 12-year-old boy on the ground and placing a split hood over his head during his arrest went viral.

On Tuesday, two female officers from the Sacramento Police Department say they saw Isaiah Downs, 12, running away from a security guard at a local carnival and decided to lend chase.

The boy, just four-foot-eight and weighing less than 80lbs, had allegedly been ‘trespassing and stealing’, according to police. They found that out after the fact or after the arrest had already been made.

A video captured by a horrified bystander shows the two officers and the private security guard wrestling with the boy, who asks multiple times to be let go as he tries to squirm from the officers’ grip.

‘You’re doing this to a minor… his parents should be here,’ the man videotaping the arrest can be heard calling out.

Community outraged after cops put spit bag over 12-year-old's headTensions escalate further as Isaiah is marched towards a squad car and starts kicking out at the officers before allegedly spitting on one of them, saying, ‘Yeah, I spit on you all… How do you like that s***.’

As one of the officers appears to wipe spit away from her cheek, the private security guard can be seen restraining the boy’s head, which on-lookers interpreted to be a chokehold.

‘You can’t be chocking on him like that. What’re you doing,’ the man recording calls out. ‘Get your hands off his f****** neck.’

An officer can be heard saying ‘stop kicking’ to Isaiah as they try to place him in the back of a patrol car, but the young boy appears to continue resisting.

Two officers then jostle him to the ground face-first, restraining his back and legs with their knees, to calls of ‘Police brutality’ from those watching on.

During the arrest, officials from the Sacramento PD claim Isaiah spat in an officer’s face ‘multiple times’, and the decision was ultimately made to place a ‘spit mask’ over his head.

Despite the outcries on social media that the officers acted excessively in the way they dealt with the four-foot-eight boy, Sacramento Police Sergeant Vance Chandler believes the deputies acted according to protocol.

‘The officers were trying to protect themselves,’ Chandler said of the spit hood being placed over the boy’s head. ‘The subject spit on the officer in the face multiple times and they put a spit mask on him.’

Chandler said the incident is being looked into, and investigators will be reviewing the officer’s body camera footage which will be released to the public soon.

Posted on the Black Lives Matter Sacramento Facebook page, members of the public acted with fury against the chain on events documented in the video, which has now been viewed more than 250,000 times. 

'All that man power on a mere child. But, yet I wonder, what would’ve happened if there wasn’t someone recording?,' one user asked.

'Trespassing is a simple ticket...all this force is unnecessary,' added another.

The only crime Isaiah was cited for was spitting, but his family insist he never should’ve been detained in the first place.

The Downs family say they’re exploring their legal options and have asked the Sacramento Police Department for an apology.

Video Shows Smirking White Cops Ignore Begging Black Man who Says He Can’t Breath Over & Over: Suit says Marshall Miles was Suffocated to Death at Sacramento Jail after Misdemeanor Arrest

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From {SacBee] Marshall Miles’ family has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit alleging the deputies who subdued the Sacramento man inside the county’s jail last October ignored his cries that he could not breathe, suffocated Miles until he lost consciousness then left him to lay face down and alone in his cell before seeking help.

Three days later, on Nov. 1, Miles was pronounced dead at a Sacramento hospital. He was 36.

The hours that led to Miles’ death days after his arrest on misdemeanors: vandalism and intoxication after a bizarre episode October in the parking lot of a North Highlands gas station are at the heart of the family’s legal action against Sacramento County and Sheriff Scott Jones.

As Miles’ family and their legal counsel gathered at Sacramento County Main Jail on Tuesday for a news conference to detail their claims, the 18-page civil rights and wrongful death lawsuit filed late Monday in Sacramento federal court brought the allegations into focus: a “course of conduct” by law enforcement that led to Miles’ sudden death.

The suit by Los Angeles attorneys Jeremy Lessem and Jamal Tooson filed on behalf of Miles’ family calls for a jury trial and seeks unspecified damages. Sacramento County officials declined comment Tuesday saying only they were aware of the lawsuit but had not yet received the filing.

“Throughout that evening, he repeatedly told officers ‘I cannot breathe, I cannot breathe, I cannot breathe.’ Yet, not one officer attended to his medical needs,” Tooson said outside the jail. “It is our belief that at the hands of the officers’ unlawful force, he died,” Tooson continued. “He was dead by the time he arrived to the hospital. This was preventable.”

The allegations include that jail deputies used illegal, excessive force against Miles and purposely failed to tell medical personnel that they had applied force to Miles when he lost consciousness. The deputies “behaved in a manner that was excessive, illegal and inhumane and by acting in this fashion, caused the death of Marshall Miles,” the suit read.

Attorneys in the suit allege Miles was treated roughly by California Highway Patrol officers during the arrest and was agitated at the downtown lockup when jail deputies and the arresting CHP officers pinned him to the ground face down on his stomach. Several other jailers, the lawsuit alleged, shackled Miles’ ankles and wrists together behind his back.

It was the first time, attorneys allege, that Miles told deputies he could not breathe.

The hogtied Miles was then carried by four deputies to a holding cell. Attorneys say Miles called out that he couldn’t breathe, but was again ignored.

Instead, Miles was placed face down on the jail cell floor by the four deputies, who held him down with their knees, pressing down on his head, neck, back and legs with their full weight.

“While this force was being applied, Mr. Miles stopped breathing and lost consciousness,” the lawsuit read.

Attorneys say deputies did not notice he had stopped breathing even as they continued to apply force while yet more deputies removed Miles’ shackles.

“Marshall Miles laid lifeless on the concrete floor of the holding cell without moving, in full view of numerous attending officers and other law enforcement and medical personnel for approximately one full minute,” attorneys allege in the federal lawsuit. “When law enforcement personnel finally decided to reenter his cell it was already too late.”

Marshall Miles, 36, died after Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department said that he was in critical condition upon arrest in North Highlands on Sunday. 

Miles was taken to Sutter Medical Center in Sacramento, but never regained consciousness.

Early Oct. 29 – 12:28 a.m. – doctors at Sutter Medical Center performed a CT scan that found “findings consistent with global hypoxic anoxic injury,” a partial or total lack of oxygen to the brain, according to a diagnostic imaging report by Sutter Health physicians signed at 12:39 a.m., and transcribed the following day, Oct. 30.

Attorneys allege the injury was caused by suffocation – Miles’ brain had been starved of oxygen while at the county jail, they said.

The report was contained in Miles’ court record and obtained by The Bee.

“We’ve been in shock. We still can’t believe this happened to my brother and our family. Maureen Miles, Miles’ sister, said Tuesday. “And we still can’t believe that the sheriff’s department still hasn’t reached out with an apology or said anything about any of this to us.”

Miles had been arrested just hours earlier, about 8:25 p.m., at Watt Avenue and A Street in North Highlands. A married father of two children, a boy and girl, he also took care of his recently widowed mother, according to the suit.

But he was behaving erratically that night, jumping on car hoods and ripping out windshield wipers, sheriff’s officials said. One woman called from a nearby convenience store to say Miles had attempted to grab her while she was holding money. Miles was unarmed.

Preliminary results from the Sacramento County coroner’s office would show Miles had methamphetamine, cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana in his system at the time of the incident, the sheriff’s department said. Deputies would later say Miles was uncooperative and “struggled with Sheriff’s department personnel as he was escorted through the booking process.”

In the video he appears to be barely moving around underneath their pressure and weight. During the video the cops are unconcerned with him as a a threat. Officers can be seen laughing, conversing amongst themselves as they hold him down.

The death of Miles, who is African American, in sheriff’s custody sparked protest and prompted a major shift in department policy.

In December, weeks after Miles’ death, sheriff’s officials for the first time released video of a critical incident. Jones had previously won a showdown with the county’s inspector general, former Sacramento police chief Rick Braziel, effectively shutting down the IG’s efforts to provide oversight of officer-involved shootings and in-custody incidents.

The compilation video released a day ahead of what was predicted to be a heated public hearing about Jones before the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors summarized the hours from the initial report of Miles’ jumping onto cars on Watt Avenue to Miles’ final moments prone on the floor of a county jail cell.

At one point on the video, Miles yells, “I cannot breathe,” and at another he shouts “Give me some air.”

“You’re breathing fine,” a deputy replies as officers struggle to subdue him. The deputies ultimately hogtie his ankles and wrists together behind his back. Miles continues to struggle as deputies carry him into the jail.

Minutes later, Miles lay unconscious.

Delusional White Border Patrol Cop Charged w/Running Down a Latino Man w/Truck Imagines Himself Superior to “Subhuman" Migrants b/c They Crossed an Imaginary Border & are Able to Produce Color

Racism is a "psychological retro-virus in people's minds." Suffering from the disease of constant    comparison    racists imagine themselves to be aTOP OF a hierarchy wherein persons unable to produce color & lacking    melanin    are supreme and they imagine themselves to be higher than what they imagine non-whites be. ACCORDING TO    FUNKTIONARY   :    TERRITORIAL BORDERS- OCCULT PoLITICAL CONJURATIONS SUPERIMPOSED UPON NATURAL HUMAN RELATIONS CREATING THE IMAGINARY PARTITION ON THE PLANET EARTH. (SEE; POLITICAL BORDERS, GOVERNMENT, ASSUMPTIONS, BELOVED COMMUNITY 7 KINGDOM OF HEAVEN)

Racism is a "psychological retro-virus in people's minds." Suffering from the disease of constant comparison racists imagine themselves to be aTOP OF a hierarchy wherein persons unable to produce color & lacking melanin are supreme and they imagine themselves to be higher than what they imagine non-whites be. ACCORDING TO FUNKTIONARY:


From [WashPost] In November 2017, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Matthew Bowen fumed about the humane treatment his agency was expected to give migrants who had illegally crossed into the country.

“PLEASE let us take the gloves off trump!” he texted another agent who, at the time, was facing criminal charges for shooting an unarmed Mexican teenager through the border fence. Migrants, Bowen suggested, are “disgusting subhuman s--- unworthy of being kindling for a fire.”

Less than two weeks later, prosecutors say, Bowen hit one such migrant with his truck, coming inches away from running the man over — and then lied about the incident in a report.

The texts came to light in filings last month in U.S. District Court in Tucson as Bowen’s attorney fought to suppress a flurry of messages in which the agent used slurs and made light of violence by agents. But Bowen’s views are hardly extraordinary, argued his attorney, Sean Chapman. Rather, his sentiments are “commonplace throughout the Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector,” Chapman wrote, adding that such messages are “part of the agency’s culture.”

Chapman later clarified in an email to The Washington Post that he intended that argument only to apply to one particular term Bowen regularly used in texts: “tonk,” which some agents claim is an innocent acronym, the Arizona Republic reported, and others say is a slur derived from the sound of hitting an immigrant on the head with a flashlight.

The Tucson Sector of the Border Patrol didn’t immediately return a message about the texts, though it noted to the Arizona Daily Star on Sunday that agents are “held to the highest standards, and any action of misconduct within our ranks will not be tolerated.”

The inflammatory messages are the latest public relations challenge for an overwhelmed agency facing a massive wave of asylum seekers at the southern border and regular allegations from immigration and civil rights groups of abusive behavior toward migrants.

In the dozens of texts introduced in an April 4 filing, Bowen uses racial slurs and insults like “s---bags” to refer to migrants.

In one text exchange, an unnamed agent asked Bowen, “Did you gas hiscorpse (sic) or just use regular peanut oil while tazing?? For a frying effect.” Bowen responded: “Guats are best made crispy, with olive oil from their native pais,” using the Spanish word for “country” that doubles as an insult toward Guatemalans, the Daily Star reported. In another text, he refers to “mindless murdering savages.”

The criminal case against Bowen dates to the morning of Dec. 3, 2017, when a U.S. Customs and Border Protection camera operator spotted a 23-year-old Guatemalan man named Antolin Lopez Aguilar, who was suspected of jumping the border fence in Nogales, according to a federal indictment. As Lopez sprinted to a nearby gas station, Bowen and two other agents responded in separate vehicles.

While one agent hopped out and found Lopez hiding under a semi-truck, Bowen circled the station in his Border Patrol-issued Ford F-150. When the migrant tried to run back toward the border, prosecutors say, Bowen “accelerated aggressively” in his truck. He hit Lopez twice from behind, knocking him down the second time and screeching to a stop “within inches” of running him over, according to the feds. Lopez was treated at the hospital for abrasions and later sentenced to 30 days in federal prison for illegally entering the country, the Republic reported.

[Border Patrol agents were filmed dumping water left for migrants. Then came a ‘suspicious’ arrest.]

Prosecutors say Bowen later filed a false report about what happened that morning. In text messages included in the court filing, he repeatedly complains about facing scrutiny over the incident.

“I bumped a guat with a truck while driving about 7 mph,” he wrote in one text. “No injury at all and tonk refused medical.”

In another, he wrote that “If I had to tackle the tonk I would still be doing memos,” adding, “I wonder how they expect us to apprehend wild . . . runners who don’t want to be apprehended?'

One day after the incident, he texted with Agent Lonnie Swartz, who would later be acquitted of manslaughter for firing 10 rounds into an unarmed Mexican teen as agents were being hit by rocks thrown across the border. He texted Swartz that the incident was “just a little push with a ford bumper.”

Prosecutors have argued in court filings that the texts show that Bowen had “great disdain” for the migrants he policed at the border, the Daily Star reported. But Chapman countered: “How Mr. Bowen referred to aliens in specific text does not aid the jury in determining whether he, on this occasion, set out to use excessive force to apprehend the alleged victim.”

Bowen has pleaded not guilty to charges of deprivation of rights under color of law and falsification of records in a federal investigation. Chapman didn’t immediately respond to a message from The Washington Post.

Bowen, who was hired in 2008, was put on indefinite leave without pay after his charges were filed in May 2018. His trial is scheduled to start on Aug. 13.

White Navy Seal Accused of Holding a Reenlistment Ceremony Next to the Corpse of a Murdered “Islamic State Prisoner" says Prosecutors are Spying on His Emails

From [HERE] A military prosecutor sent an email with tracking software to 13 lawyers and paralegals, as well as a reporter with the Navy Times, according to a motion filed last week.

The motion was filed by defense lawyers for Lt. Jacob Portier, who is accused of conduct unbecoming an officer, report the Military Times, the Guardian and the Associated Press. Portier is accused of holding a reenlistment ceremony for a Navy Seal next to the body of an Islamic State group prisoner allegedly killed by the Seal.

The Seal, Edward Gallagher, has pleaded not guilty to murder in the Islamic State group militant’s stabbing death.

Defense lawyers for Gallagher and Portier received the tracking software, as did a Navy Times reporter who has broken stories on the Gallagher case based on leaked documents, according to defense lawyers.

The tracking software was in an unusual logo showing an American flag and a bald eagle perched on the scales of justice, according to the defense motion. The device tracks emails, including forwarded emails, defense lawyers say.

The email was sent by Navy prosecutor Cmdr. Christopher Czaplak.

The military has acknowledged that it “used an audit capability” during the course of an investigation into the unauthorized disclosure of information covered by a protective order. Spokespeople did not say on the record whether the Navy obtained a search warrant to install the devices, according to the Military Times. The judge in Gallagher’s case was aware of the investigation and the software, according to a court document cited by the AP.

A spokesperson for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service told the Military Times that the audit capability “ensures the integrity of protected documents. It is not malware, not a virus, and does not reside on computer systems. There is no risk that systems are corrupted or compromised.”

The defense motion seeks additional information about the device and its capabilities. The motion says the tracking software could intrude into the attorney-client relationship and implicates Portier’s Fourth and Sixth Amendment rights.

Newark Cop Indicted for Manslaughter After Firing at a Car as it Fled & at Close Range. Black Man Shot to Death & Black Passenger Injured

newark cop murders 2.jpg

From [HERE] A Newark police officer is facing manslaughter charges after prosecutors say he shot and killed a man fleeing a traffic stop earlier this year. 

The Essex County Prosecutor's Office announced Jovanny Crespo, 26, was indicted on multiple charges including aggravated manslaughter, aggravated assault and two each of counts of second degree possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and official misconduct.

The indictment came almost three months after Crespo was suspended without pay as an investigation was launched. 

If convicted of all counts, Crespo could face life in prison.

Although a detention hearing has not been scheduled, Crespo is likely to make his first court appearance Wednesday or Thursday.

The Essex County Prosecutor's Office presented the case to a grand jury following a review of the incident.

On Tuesday, prosecutors said Crespo acted in a "criminal" way and his actions were not in line with his training.

"He showed a reckless disregard for human life by shooting into a moving vehicle — a vehicle which had heavily tinted windows," Acting Essex County Prosecutor Stephens said.

In late January, prosecutors said a preliminary investigation indicated that Newark police tried to stop a vehicle but the driver didn't stop, and "shots were fired by one police officer at three separate locations."

Two Newark men in the car, 35-year-old Andrew Dixon and 46-year-old Gregory Griffin, were shot. Griffin died the next day.

A loaded semi-automatic handgun was found in the vehicle.

Prosecutors say that Crespo was not the original officer to make the traffic stop in the area of Clinton Avenue and Thomas Street, but rather a female officer. However, when Griffin allegedly fled the stop, she radioed that he was fleeing and that she sat a gun, which lead to a pursuit involving numerous police cars, prosecutors say.

Crespo fired shots at the fleeing car at three separate locations, according to prosecutors. The vehicle then stopped in the area of Irvine Turner Boulevard, near Kinney Street.

No police officers were injured, prosecutors said, adding no other police officers discharged their weapons.

According to prosecutors, this is the first fatal police-involved shooting to result in an indictment in Essex County in recent memory.

Prosecutors released body camera (which can be seen below) and dash camera video, as well as dispatch audio related to the police chase and shooting.

In Crespo's body camera video footage, you can hear someone, presumably Crespo, telling the other officer in the police car at one point, "I think I shot him. I seen a gun. He pointed a gun at me" once he enters the car after firing at the vehicle involved in the pursuit.

Body camera video shows Crespo fired at the car on three different occasions — the last almost at point blank range. 

Later on the body camera video, after the pursuit, Crespo tells other police officers that he shot both of the men.

White Media ‘Makes Believe’ that there is More at Stake in the Administrative Trial of the White Cop who Helped Murder Eric Garner than Just a Loss of Vacation Time or a Job

Lex-icon  - “ law as image - the appearance of justice (the form) over the substance of justice via truth and law over humanity.”     FUNKTIONARY   .    it's an administrative hearing in the police department's own trial room. It's not a criminal proceeding. What is the most serious consequence that could come for the officer, Officer Pantaleo, as a result of this?  The police department can fire him. They may also cause him, as part of that penalty, to forfeit any accumulated vacation or sick time that he has. Or it can go all the way down to a few days' suspension or a loss of vacation time, or, if he's not found guilty, he will go back to work. [   MORE   ]

Lex-icon - “law as image - the appearance of justice (the form) over the substance of justice via truth and law over humanity.” FUNKTIONARY.

it's an administrative hearing in the police department's own trial room. It's not a criminal proceeding. What is the most serious consequence that could come for the officer, Officer Pantaleo, as a result of this?

The police department can fire him. They may also cause him, as part of that penalty, to forfeit any accumulated vacation or sick time that he has. Or it can go all the way down to a few days' suspension or a loss of vacation time, or, if he's not found guilty, he will go back to work. [

BELIEF IN THE SYSTEM HOLDS THE WHOLE THING TOGETHER. From [AP] After Eric Garner died following a confrontation with New York City police five years ago, one officer involved in the struggle wrote up paperwork that exaggerated the seriousness of the dead man’s suspected crime, according to testimony Tuesday.

Officer Justin Damico testified that after riding in an ambulance with the dying Garner, he went ahead on his own and filled out arrest papers listing a felony tax charge that would have required prosecutors to prove Garner, a small-time street hustler, had sold 10,000 untaxed cigarettes.

Damico spoke at the police department disciplinary trial for Daniel Pantaleo, the officer accused of placing Garner in a banned chokehold as they attempted to arrest him for selling loose, untaxed cigarettes near a Staten Island park in July 2014.“You initiated this on your own, writing up the arrest of a dead man?” asked Suzanne O’Hare, a lawyer for the police watchdog agency bringing the disciplinary case.

Damico acknowledged that the felony charge was incorrect because Garner actually had with him five packs of Newports that contained a total of less than 100 cigarettes. The cigarettes were marked for sale in Virginia, a telltale sign that they were being resold illegally in New York.

Garner was ultimately charged with two misdemeanors, which alleged that he resisted arrest and sold untaxed cigarettes. The case was not prosecuted because Garner died.

The confrontation with Garner was partially caught on a bystander’s cellphone video, ending with Pantaleo grabbing Garner and pulling him to the ground. Garner’s dying pleas of “I can’t breathe” became a rallying cry against police brutality.

Pantaleo, 33, denies wrongdoing. He has been on desk duty since Garner’s death.

Testifying for more than an hour Tuesday, Damico told a nearly full hearing room at police headquarters that he’d given an agitated Garner a warning two weeks before the confrontation.

Damico said he and Pantaleo allowed Garner to vent for about 10 minutes before moving to arrest him because they were reluctant to use physical force.

And he testified that he did see Pantaleo’s arm around Garner’s neck as the two men struggled — but he didn’t say if he thought the move was a chokehold.

Until Tuesday, Damico had never spoken publicly about the case.

Damico testified that he and Pantaleo tried to be patient as Garner screamed that he was tired of continually being harassed by police. They stayed calm even as Garner swatted Damico’s hands away and refused to be arrested.

Damico and Pantaleo “utilized textbook de-escalation techniques to limit the use of force against a much larger and irate individual,” said Pat Lynch, the president of the union representing officers, the Police Benevolent Association.

“We are convinced that if the politics of the streets are removed from this process and the case is decided on a dispassionate hearing of the facts, that Police Officer Pantaleo will be exonerated,” Lynch said.

The NYPD’s disciplinary process plays out like a trial in front of an administrative judge.

Normally the purpose is to determine whether an officer violated department rules, but that’s only if disciplinary charges are filed within 18 months of an incident.

Because Pantaleo’s case languished, the watchdog Civilian Complaint Review Board must show that his actions rose to the level of criminal conduct, even though he faces no criminal charges and is being tried in a department tribunal, not a criminal court.

The final decision on any punishment lies with the police commissioner. Penalties range from the loss of vacation days to firing.

The disciplinary hearing is scheduled to resume June 5.

Pantaleo’s lawyers say they will call a medical examiner from St. Louis to rebut the New York medical examiner’s finding that a chokehold set into motion “a lethal sequence of events” for Garner.

Garner’s family said it’s tired of the delays.

White Judge Steered Mostly Black Defendants to White Campaign Contributor's Ankle-Monitor Company, Refusing to Remove Monitors Until All Fees were Paid in Full

judge bonin.jpg

From [HERE] A white criminal court judge in New Orleans steered defendants to an ankle-monitoring company owned by campaign contributors, according to a report released last week by the nonprofit Court Watch NOLA.

Judge Paul Bonin sent 15 defendants to ETOH Monitoring last year and four defendants to a different company, according to Court Watch NOLA’s review of court transcripts and attorney interviews. Several times, Bonin refused to release defendants from the monitors until they paid all their fees, the report said. The New Orleans Advocate and WDSU have coverage.

Over a 10-year period, Bonin received more than $8,000 in campaign financing from the ETOH executives, as well as a $1,000 campaign loan, according to the report.

A company executive gave money to five criminal court judges in New Orleans, but Bonin is the only judge to require defendants to use an ankle monitor from a specific company.

“The public should not be left to wonder if an ankle monitor was required by a judge because it comported with public safety or if the ankle monitor was required by the judge because it financially benefited a judge’s campaign contributor,” the report said.

ETOH Monitoring is owned by two New Orleans lawyers, one of whom was once a law partner with Bonin.

The sheriff’s office had operated the ankle-monitoring program from 2010 until 2016, when it quit the program during a budget dispute, according to the New Orleans Advocate. Judges turned to private vendors after that.

Ankle monitors usually cost defendants an installation fee of about $100 and a daily fee of at least $10, the report said.

Bonin told the New Orleans Advocate that ankle monitors help keep defendants out of jail and that he trusted ETOH Monitoring. He said he had a bad experience in one case with the other company, but he has since become more comfortable with its services.

Bonin said that, after he was contacted by Court Watch NOLA, he emailed lawyers for five defendants in his court who are currently using ETOH to let them know they can switch to the other company.

Scholars say Virginia’s Approved Textbooks are Rife w/Mischaracterizations & Missing Info about Black History [in service of White Supremacy]

Happy slaves? The peculiar story of three Virginia school textbooks   .  Amos Wilson explains that "an objective of      white supremacy      is to decontextualize subject matter and project it as race neutral and objective."

Happy slaves? The peculiar story of three Virginia school textbooks. Amos Wilson explains that "an objective of white supremacy is to decontextualize subject matter and project it as race neutral and objective."

According to FUNKTIONARY:

His-story - the account of how varying forms of slavery have failed to fulfill the aspirations of schizophrenic barbarians. 2) his lie commonly agreed upon as historic fact. 3) a fiction widely accepted. The absence of the presence of our past and exclusion of presence for the future splits the present like a conquered nation rendering interpretation and speculation ineffective as a means of predicting present events cadenced in time. When we speak of a sense of his-story and not a sense of our unfoldment in higher states of awareness in impersonal Consciousness, we conveniently replace our destiny with an illusion and thereby dismiss the Noble Law of Life and Infinity. (See: Caucasian, Civilization, Law, Order, Finitude & Manifest Destiny)

From [VAMercury] According to a Houghton Mifflin Harcourt textbook allowed for use in Virginia high school classrooms, the 1965 Watts riots in Los Angeles were a burst of violence brought on by black Americans’ frustration about discrimination.

But that’s not the whole story: Before the riots broke out, there was a violent confrontation between police and onlookers during an arrest of a black driver and his relatives, noted Shawn Utsey, director of the African American Studies Department at Virginia Commonwealth University.

“The Watts story leaves out the major precipitating event — police brutality during an arrest,” Utsey said in an email after reviewing the excerpt. “It makes it sound like violence just erupted out of thin air. I think the description is problematic in that it leaves out the context for the violence and fails to mention the violence that sparked the violent reaction.”

Throughout Virginia’s approved history textbooks are mischaracterizations and missing information about major events in African American (and other groups’) history, state officials and educators say. The state’s Standards of Learning, which are supposed to be reflected in the books, make only passing references to African Americans, some scholars said.

That’s become an issue for Gov. Ralph Northam, who says he is on his own journey to better understand racial history and how it still affects the state in the wake of his blackface scandal.

Northam’s racial reconciliation efforts have included private meetings with black community leaders, cancelled speaking engagements at historically black colleges and universities and a list of legislative priorities he’s tried to support through his vetoes and approvals.

At a community meeting in Danville, Northam said that he’s noticed information students are being taught about African American history is “inadequate and often times inaccurate,” the Danville Register & Bee reported.

Virginia’s curriculum often skips over major events in black history and leaves out some information, said Ofirah Yheskel, the governor’s press secretary.

Two ways the state manages what students learn in the classroom are the Standards of Learning, Virginia’s expectations for what students should learn in different subject areas throughout their careers, and which textbooks are approved for use.

William & Mary history professor and parent Carol Sheriff found a number of concerning passages in her daughter’s fourth-grade history textbook in 2010, which prompted Virginia to create a new textbook adoption and revision process.

Sheriff took particular issue with a passage that claimed thousands of slaves fought alongside Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson in the Confederate army.

“To my knowledge, not a single piece of peer-reviewed scholarship contends that blacks served in such large numbers as soldiers (rather than laborers) in the Confederate army or that Stonewall Jackson commanded black soldiers (rather than black laborers),” she wrote in a Civil War research journal.

The passage was in a book by Five Ponds, a Connecticut-based company. The Board of Education temporarily removed Five Ponds’ books from its list of approved books in 2010. The books were corrected and new editions remain on the list of approved textbooks for use in kindergarten to fourth grade. 

Out of the 2010 controversy came new rules for textbook adoption: Publishers are required to show proof they consulted a content expert while writing; the company is responsible for the price of fixing errors and providing corrected books and they must submit a corrective action plan to the state to prove they’ve addressed problems identified by reviewers.

Since those rules were put into place, only Five Ponds has been required to submit a corrective plan to the state. Reviewers pointed out a range of issues in the books, like making it seem only the Lakota tribe lived in the American plains and glossing over the details of the Emancipation Proclamation.

The company responded to many of the issues raised by reviewers by saying it would be fixed in future editions or that the SOLs didn’t require such information.

“With a review process that apparently values correlation with the Standards of Learning curriculum above accuracy, the department indirectly influences not only what gets into textbooks but what does not,” Sheriff wrote.

It’s difficult to know how much incomplete or inaccurate information is included in textbooks approved for use in the state. Virginia allows people to submit concerns about inaccurate information in textbooks via email and allows public comment on the material during the process of adding titles to approved lists. [MORE]

Racist Suspect Arizona Prison Authorities Ban Black Attorney's Book about the Racist Treatment of Black Men in the Criminal Justice System

paul butler.jpg

From [HERE] The American Civil Liberties Union is pushing back after Arizona prisons banned a book about the treatment of black men in the criminal justice system.

Arizona has banned prisoners from reading a book that discusses the impact of the criminal justice system on black men, drawing outcry from First Amendment advocates who say the move is censorship.

The American Civil Liberties Union called on the Arizona Department of Corrections this week to rescind the ban on "Chokehold: Policing Black Men." The book by Paul Butler, a former federal prosecutor, examines law enforcement and mass incarceration through its treatment of African American men.

"In order for them to ban a book, they have to show the restriction is related to a legitimate prison interest," said Emerson Sykes, an ACLU attorney. "There's no interest to keep inmates from learning about the criminal justice system and policing."

Butler, a criminal law professor at Georgetown University, said his publisher was notified by email in March that his book had "unauthorized content." The notice did not specify what led to the decision but warned that some aspect of the 2017 book was "detrimental to the safe, secure, and orderly operation of the facility."

Butler said he is mystified as to what raised alarm bells. He uses the title, which is a maneuver police have used to restrain a suspect by the neck, throughout the book as a metaphor for how society and law subjugate black men. Nowhere does Butler advocate violent or retaliatory behavior.

"I disavow violence because first, I think it's immoral, and second, because it wouldn't work," Butler said. "I've received letters from several inmates who have read 'Chokehold' while they are serving time. No one has indicated that reading 'Chokehold' has caused any problems in prison."

Arizona's corrections department prohibits inmates from receiving publications that contain any depictions or descriptions that would incite or facilitate a riot, a resistance or stopping work. They also can't contain pictures, illustrations or text that encourage "unacceptable sexual or hostile behaviors." Any publications with sexually explicit material or sexual representations of inmates and law enforcement also are not permitted.

Corrections spokesman Andrew Wilder said the department had not yet received the ACLU's letter asking for the ban to be reversed and declined further comment Monday.

The agency is in a court battle over a similar case. Prison Legal News, a monthly journal, sued corrections officials in 2015 for refusing to deliver four issues in 2014. The publication said in court documents that there were descriptions of "non-salacious" sexual contact between jail guards and prisoners when talking about incidents where inmates were sexually harassed. The case is set for trial later this year.

Supporters say access to books for the more than 2 million people incarcerated in the U.S. can make all the difference for life outside the prison walls. More education decreases the likelihood of repeat offenses and can lead to better job prospects later, according to inmate advocates. They point to studies showing the literacy rates of incarcerated white, black and Hispanic people are significantly lower than their non-incarcerated counterparts.

About half the adult prison population doesn't have a high school degree, said Christia Mercer, a philosophy professor at Columbia University who has taught classes in New York prisons. Reading books can be transformative and help them feel like they are using their time to make something of themselves.

"Unless the book itself promotes violence, there is never a reason not to allow it," Mercer said. "Short of that, anything that gets people to read and think about themselves in the world is just going to be good for the person."

Arizona's population of 7.1 million is roughly 5% black, according to the U.S. census. As of October 2018, the corrections department found black people make up 14.5% of the 42,000 inmates in the Arizona system.

"One in 19 black men are in prison in Arizona right now," Butler said. "Rather than acknowledge it's a good thing that inmates want to read about and debate important public policy, Arizona pushes back against rehabilitation, against literacy, against the Constitution."

Sykes, of the ACLU, said the group is prepared to sue if corrections officials fail to respond to its written request to end the book's exclusion. He believes the ban was made based on content, which would be unconstitutional.

It's not uncommon for state prisons to ban books, Sykes said. "Chokehold" is also not the first book dealing with racial justice issues to be prohibited.

In January 2018, New Jersey banned from two prisons "The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness" by Michelle Alexander. The 2010 book looks at how black felons convicted of minor crimes are seemingly set up to fail. Officials reversed course after receiving a letter from the ACLU.

"When these issues come up, we try our best to push back against them," Sykes said. "Unfortunately, the reality is I think in many cases, no action is taken because people whose rights are being affected are not in a strong position to push back."

Blind Obedience to Authority Indoctrination: In new Video Game "Sniper 3D Assassin" You Murder a Journalist on Behalf of the Government

breaking news video game.jpg

From {WashPost] The mission is called Breaking News. It’s the seventh mission in the game, and it comes after you’ve upgraded your sniper rifle to shoot at a distance of nearly 1,000 feet with accuracy.

By now, you’ve already taken out, among others, a gunman who allegedly killed several people at a pizzeria last year, someone who stole a backpack from a tourist, a sniper who (without a trace of irony) is killing innocent people, and three men who were guarding a gang’s weapon arsenal.

Breaking News has a clear goal: kill a reporter.

“A journalist bribed a cop and will pick up a briefcase from the cop,” the mission says. “The briefcase is full of sensitive documents. Make him famous in a different way.” (In reality, journalists’ codes of ethics ban them from paying sources for information or material. There would certainly be no bribing.)

Sniper 3D Assassin is a mobile game available on iOS and Android. It has a rating of about 4½ stars, with a combined 12 million reviews on both platforms. The app launched in 2014 and reached 10 million downloads in the first month, according to the developer, TFG, which is based in Brazil. In 2016, the developer claims it was the most-downloaded game in the App Store.

“Take your sniper, aim and start shooting your enemies,” the game description reads.

New York Times editor Jamal Jordan shared an image of the game on Twitter and said his nephew invited him to play. “My nephew is 10, and we had a very long talk after,” Jordan told HuffPost. [MORE]

Baltimore has No Insurance to Cover the Cost of the Ransomeware Cyber Attack that Has Shut Down the City's Payment, Email & Phone Systems

From [HERE] It's been nearly two weeks since the City of Baltimore's networks were shut down in response to a ransomware attack, and there's still no end in sight to the attack's impact. It may be weeks more before the city's services return to something resembling normal—manual workarounds are being put in place to handle some services now, but the city's water billing and other payment systems remain offline, as well as most of the city's email and much of the government's phone systems.

The ransomware attack came in the midst of a major transition at City Hall. Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young assumed office officially just days before the attack, after the resignation of former mayor Catherine Pugh, who is facing an ever-expanding corruption investigation. And some of the mayor's critical staff positions remained unfilled—the mayor's deputy chief of staff for operations, Sheryl Goldstein, starts work today.

To top it off, unlike the City of Atlanta—which suffered from a Samsam ransomware attack in March of 2018—Baltimore has no insurance to cover the cost of a cyber attack. So the cost of cleaning up the RobbinHood ransomware, which will far exceed the approximately $70,000 the ransomware operators demanded, will be borne entirely by Baltimore's citizens.

It's not like the city wasn't warned. Baltimore's information security manager warned of the need for such a policy during budget hearings last year. But the final budget did not include funds for that policy, nor did it include funding for expanded security training for city employees, or other strategic investments that were part of the mayor's strategic plan for the city's information technology infrastructure.

In a statement to press on May 17, Mayor Young said:

I am not able to provide you with an exact timeline on when all systems will be restored. Like any large enterprise, we have thousands of systems and applications. Our focus is getting critical services back online, and doing so in a manner that ensures we keep security as one of our top priorities throughout this process. You may see partial services beginning to restore within a matter of weeks, while some of our more intricate systems may take months in the recovery process… we engaged leading industry cybersecurity experts who are on-site 24-7 working with us.

Some of the restoration efforts also require that we rebuild certain systems to make sure that when we restore business functions, we are doing so in a secure manner.

City officials have provided few details about the extent of the attack, as the city is cooperating with an FBI investigation. But it appears that the ransomware was triggered on some systems in the early hours of May 7, when email service was suddenly interrupted. The city's response to the attack has thrown many city services into disorder or shut them down entirely.

The attack was first reported by Baltimore's Department of Public Works, when the department's official Twitter account announced that its email access was cut off, and it reported phones and other systems were affected soon afterward. As it became clear what was happening, the city's Office of Information Technology team shut down nearly all of the city's non-emergency systems to prevent the further spread of the attack. It’s not clear how widespread the ransomware was within the network, but the city's email and IP-based phones were among the systems affected.

City officials have stressed that emergency systems, such as police and fire department networks and the city's 911 system, were not affected. The 911 system suffered from a ransomware attack last year when some firewall settings were disabled during maintenance. But the Baltimore Police Department was dependent on the city's email servers, and surveillance cameras around the city have been affected by the network shutdown. Nearly every other city department had services interrupted as well.

Real estate purchases cannot be closed, though Mayor Young said that a paper-based workaround for handling closings would be put in place by today. Water bills and other city charges (including parking tickets and citations from the city's speed camera and red light camera network) cannot be paid. And many city workers have had to resort to using their own laptops without a connection to city networks, as well as personal e-mail addresses and cell phones, in order to get work done. Other tasks are idled completely or have gone back to paper-based processes the city was in the midst of trying to eliminate.

A thankless job

The mayor's Office of Information Technology has been struggling to regain its footing over the past two years after a string of fired chief information officers—four consecutive CIOs were fired or forced to resign over a period of five years. Frank Johnson, who now holds the titles of both CIO and Chief Digital Officer for the city, was hired in November 2017 after leaving a position as a regional vice president of sales for Intel. Johnson led the development of a digital strategy for the city that aimed to bring Baltimore's IT spending more in line with those of similarly sized cities and transform its IT practices. According to a 2018 strategy document, Baltimore spends about half of what other cities budget for IT, and the Office of Information Technology only controls about one percent of the total budget; most of the IT spending is part of other department's operational budgets.

Until the ransomware attack, the city's email was almost entirely internally hosted, running on Windows Server 2012 in the city's data center. Only the city's Law Department had moved over to a cloud-based mail platform. Now, the city's email gateway has moved to a Microsoft-hosted mail service, but it's not clear whether all email will be migrated to the cloud—or if it's even possible. While Mayor Young said the city had data backups, it's not clear how widely backups were implemented. And Johnson would not say whether there was a disaster-recovery plan in place to deal with a ransomware attack.

Some of Baltimore's systems are hosted elsewhere, including the city's primary website, which is hosted on Amazon Web Services and operated by a contractor. But the city almost lost that website last week, and not because of ransomware: the contract for operating the site had expired, and the city was delinquent in its payments.

Tracking down how and when the malware got into the city's network is a significant task. The city has a huge attack surface, with 113 subdomains—about a quarter of which are internally hosted—and at least 256 public IP addresses (of which only eight are currently online, thanks to the network shutdown).

"We engaged leading industry cybersecurity experts who are on-site 24-7 working with us," Young said. "As part of our containment strategy, we deployed enhanced monitoring tools throughout our network to gain additional visibility. As you can imagine, with approximately 7,000 users, this takes time."

Milwaukee County Executive Declares Racism a Public Health Crisis [advertising “Equality," w/o resolution of unequal conditions & imposed artificial divisions]

milwaukee county racism 2.jpg

From [HERE] Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele who was joined by county supervisors and the Office on African American Affairs, signed a resolution Monday declaring racism a public health crisis, saying this was "about action." 

The new resolution works to continue efforts to ensure racial equity is part of the public discourse and decision-making processes.

"Everybody has been reading and hearing about the same set of statistics in Milwaukee for decades," he said. "We lead in an unfortunate way the racial disparities in employment, in education, incarceration, income and even things like ... access to capital."

The resolution is about making a public commitment to taking action, he said. Every decision across the county should be framed in terms of how to make a difference in these disparities, he said.

With the new measure, the county will be held to:

  • Assess internal policies and procedures to make sure racial equity is a core element

  • Work to create an inclusive organization and identify specific activities to increase diversity

  • Incorporate inclusion and equity, and offer educational training to expand employees' understanding of how racism affects people

  • Advocate for policies that improve health in communities of color

  • Encourage other local, state and national entities to recognize racism as a public health crisis. [MORE]

It is not clear what the county executive means by racism or “equality.”

Osho Rajineesh makes it plain, “equality is an illusion.” “Only machines can be equal; man cannot be. If you want man to be equal, then you will have to destroy his humanity and make him a robot.”

“Start looking at the uniqueness and drop the idea of equality, which is in every way impossible. Unless man is produced in a factory on an assembly line, there is no possibility of equality. And a man produced on an assembly line will not be a man; he will be just a machine.

It is very simple: just as two faces are not the same, in the whole world even two fingerprints are not the same -- and you want two beings to be the same? You don't value the being more than the fingerprint even? A very absurd idea of equality has become widespread.”

Among other things, Dr. Blynd defines democracy as ‘advertised equality. A parody of a free society that only ethical anarchism or voluntaryism can usher into existence.’FUNKTIONARY states, "Democracy has always been seen (and is still seen today) as equality of rights (granted privileges), not conditions. To the hypothetical equality of rights there has always corresponded a substantial inequality of conditions. And instead of being related to the nature of their individuality, differences between people have always been those marked by the different basic conditions they live in as they struggle against the suffocating artificial divisions imposed on them by power." —Alfred M. Bonanno. [MORE]

white supremacy chart 2.jpg

When racism is defined as somehow not connected white supremacy you will find yourself solving the wrong problems and/or no problems at all or creating new ones. Amos Wilson explains that "an objective of white supremacy is to decontextualize subject matter and project it as race neutral and objective." Even the subject of racism can be decontextualized if you don’t understand what it is and how it functions. This leads to half explanations, half truths and false solutions.

In terms of public health, racism is definitely a mental illness. Dr. Blynd explains, “Racism White Supremacy is a virus in the mind, a malignant meme that has both the host of the virus and the whole society sick. White Supremacy (Degeneracy) is socially engineering Black Consciousness and/or also responsible for the falsification of Black consciousness. "If you don't understand racism white supremacy, everything else you think you know will only confuse you." -Neelly Fuller, Jr.” Although Dr. Francis Cress Welsing is known for imploring Black people to understand what motivated white people to practice racism, she also explained that white people could benefit from understanding their own motivations in order to drop their belief in imaginary systems of hierarchy based on a lack of melanin. She stated,

“If they are sincere in their attempts to stop the practices of white supremacy (racism), whites may be able to find methods to do so once the cause is understood. Perhaps some psychiatrist will develop a method of mass psychotherapy (i.e„ therapeutic counter-racist theater) to help whites become comfortable with their color and their numbers. However, one can foresee a major problem arising from the possible difficulty of motivating whites to release the secondary gains historically derived from the racist system.”

equality - a misnomer; a dangerous word for the concept of uniqueness (i.e., the equal opportunity to be naturally unequal and unique. 2) a euphemism for a complacent unidentifiable haze - the bozone layer. 3) the promise held out to the poor, miseducated and ignorant. Equality ostensibly, that is in theory, means created and endowed with unalienable rights, powers and liberties antecedent to (outside of government). Equality spoken of in the Declaration of Independence specifically meant unalienable rights—no one person having any power over another; equal in our right to exist with inherent rights and powers not having their origin with "government" or kings. Governments were instituted among men, not the other way around. The purpose of government, at least ostensibly at the mythic level of consciousness, is to secure and protect unalienable rights of men women and children. The only purported purpose of government is protecting (as a racket) each individual's unalienable right to life liberty and property. However, history has proven that government is force, control and dispenser of violence. It is services are provided over the barrel of a gun. Where there is no protection (even as a racket), there can be no allegiance. Equality can only exist in humanoids, borgs, and commodities—not in sentient beings. "Equality is a mathematical concept and it might be useful to bureaucrats but it is inapplicable to human personalities and capabilities." —Peter Gelderloos. If we accept that human needs and desires are different and furthermore are best defined by the individual herself, how can we continue to insist that one law can be applied to two different people, or two different circumstances, if our interest is fairness or the meeting of human needs and desires? People are, after all, different in terms of their inclinations, abilities, perspicuity, etc., so equality becomes a useless phrase when speaking of lived experiences in a horizontal [non-hierarchical] non-authoritarian society. Freedom and equality cannot co-exist; and when you sacrifice freedom, you sacrifice everything. Religion grants equality in heaven, democracy at the ballot box, and despotism through the cartridge box. They are all equally sincere—but sincerely deluded. (See: Demockery, Allegiance, Socialism, Individual, Responsibility, Self-Discipline, R.I.P., Backside Economics, individualism, Involuntary Servitude, G.A.M.E. Theory, Fascism, Volunteered Slavery, Democracy, Voluntiered Slavery, Real Tax, Underemployment, Tax Money & Freedom)

Racism -  White Degeneracy wrongly cast as Supremacy. Racism—a psycho-socio-economic reality based on a pseudo-scientific biological myth—is a power group dynamic, i.e., a defined group cooperatively via legacy institutions exerting structured and enforced institutionalized and systemic injustice, oppression and power over another group. Racism is not individualistic, but institutional, cultural, economic, political, linguistic, self-perpetuating and systematic. Racism is economic discrimination by one group over and against another for the purposes of subjugation and/or maintaining the imbalance of power through cooperative control, misinformation, indoctrination, genocide and oppression. Racism is the socioeconomic and cultural bequest of colonialism, neo-colonialism and the vestiges of the transatlantic trafficking of enslaved Afrikans and their descendants. Racism has its bio-physiological origins in the immune response of primitive life-forms to foreign matter and has its geo-psychological roots in the response of primitive humans encountering more intelligent ones based on the meme of scarcity and the fear of genetic annihilation through genetic assimilation. "Racism destroys men—and women—as much by what it denies them as by what it metes out to them." -Isaiah Thomas. "It is pathological for Blacks to keep attempting moral suasion on a people who have no ethics or morality where race is a variable." -Bobby Wright. [MORE]

Racism White Supremacy - psychopathic degeneracy. 2) "The local and global power system and dynamic, structured and maintained by persons who classify themselves as white, whether consciously or subconsciously determined, which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action and emotional response, as conducted simultaneously in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labour, law, politics, religion, sex and war); for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet earth—a planet upon which the vast majority of people are classified as non-white (Black, Brown, Red and Yellow) by white skinned people, and all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration) compared to the genetic recessive white skin people." -Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, MD. Hate and oppression can never reign. Only love is supreme.

White privilege - an invisible package of unearned assets bequeathed to all Caucasians. 2) an invisible weightless knapsack of advantages including but never limited to: special provisions and dispensations, over-passports, code words, maps, signs, codebooks, visas, clothes, vistas, tools, etc. of which most Caucasians are oblivious to wearing or utilizing. 

white supremacy - White Presumacy. (See: Racism, Windigo, Yurugu, Western Civilization & White Presumacy)

double consciousness - the sense of looking at one's Self through the eye's (axiology) and distorted mirrors of others. 2) the psycho-mismanagement of one's neurosis. 3) intimately involved with what you hate, and torn apart from who you (think you) are. You cannot learn to use that which you refuse to acknowledge, i.e., one's heritage, roots, or asili. (See: Matah, Inauthentic, "Wille-Chip," Power, Anxiety, Anguish, LEARN & Asili.) 

Mentacide - the "deliberate and systematic destruction of an individual or groups' mind." [MORE] See the “Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness” by Dr. Amos Wilson for greater understanding.

Contrary to Trump’s Lies & Paper Boat Plans, the Black Jobless Rate is Rising & is Twice the Rate for Whites. Any Propagandized [McJob] Gains Have Been Erased

unemployment rate .jpg

IS EVERYBODY WORKING ON THE PLANTATION? According to Forbes, “The black unemployment rate, often more than double the white rate even when the economy is supposedly humming, is one especially stark symbol of the deep racism that underpins the American economy.

Take current conditions. The overall unemployment rate fell to a 50-year low of 3.6% in April. The rate for whites is 3.1%. For black Americans, it’s 6.7%. Worse, that rate has been rising in opposition to the broader trend.”

According to the Washington Post: "In tweets and interviews, speeches and campaign rallies, Trump often takes credit for a decline in the unemployment rate for African Americans. It’s a well-worn talking point that appears dozens of times in our database of Trump’s false or misleading statements.

"Regardless of whether the black unemployment rate goes up or down in a given month, the president celebrates it as the 'lowest in history' or lowest on record.

"That was accurate in May 2018, when the rate declined to 5.9 percent, its lowest level since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began to report it in 1972. Fast-forward to February 2019, and the unemployment rate for African Americans had jumped back to 7 percent, erasing all the gains it had made over the previous year.

"Yet Trump continues to talk about it as the lowest rate in history. What gives?"

It’s important to keep in mind that this official statistic for black unemployment — which Trump keeps talking about as “the lowest in the history of our country” — is less than 50 years old, dating to 1972.

A different data set from the Labor Department that goes back to 1947 shows that the annual unemployment rate for “negro and other races” went as low as 4.5 percent in 1953 — far below the 6.5 percent yearly average for black unemployment in 2018.

The two data sets (before and after 1972) are not apples-to-apples, but several experts told us that it’s still useful to compare them. “This isn’t the same measure but is the best that exists and even then ‘negro and other races’ is higher than whites,” said Omari H. Swinton, chair of the economics department at Howard University.

So it seems as if Trump’s claim to a historical record is sketchy at best. He was president when the BLS’s current statistic for tracking black unemployment reached a record low of 5.9 percent in May 2018. But an older set of government data suggests black unemployment went much lower in the 1950s.

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According to the Brookings Institution: "Who deserves credit for African American employment?" — "When it comes to black employment, more credit for improvement should go to the very persons holding and hiring for the jobs. Notwithstanding the improving national unemployment rates, structural racism still precludes erasing employment disparities between racial groups. We should celebrate all people’s contributions to a robust economy, but we should not allow improvements in the aggregate to hide inequality behind the numbers.

"After being in office for a year, Trump is claiming the lowest African American unemployment rate ever as a result of him being in office. The fuller picture shows that unemployment among blacks has been declining since the early Obama years. However, blaming one’s predecessor for bad employment numbers while accepting signs of growth is a presidential tradition of sorts; and at 6.8 percent, Trump has squatters’ rights on the lowest unemployment rate since the federal government started calculating the metric in 1972.

"Nevertheless , there are certainly other people in specific places who deserve substantial credit for black employment. Instead of looking at national unemployment averages, which can mask geographic inequities, a look at cities’ individual employment rates offers another perspective on where credit for putting people to work should be given. Notwithstanding the broader macroeconomic forces that impact the flow of goods and services nationally, we can get a sense of how fertile and equitable a local economy is by examining cities’ employment profiles."

“We should never celebrate the fact that black folks are just working,” said Andre M. Perry, an expert at the Brookings Institution. “It’s like saying: ‘Look, you have a job. Why should you complain?’ And I think that’s what Trump is signaling. He’s saying to the black community, ‘Look what I’ve given you,’ and not necessarily saying, ‘Let’s look at the percentage of people in poverty, let’s look at the percentage of people rising to the middle class.’”

“Are black folks getting the kinds of jobs that are propelling them to the middle class? No, they are not,” Perry added. “You still see that gap in the unemployment rate, and you still see that gap in median income.” [MORE]

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FUNKTIONARY makes it plain:

McJob - a "low pay," low prestige, low benefit, no benefit, no future job in the feudal looks-like-it-could-be food chain service (servitude) sector of the New God Economy. [MORE]. 

statistics - opinions dressed as facts. 2) the disembodied abstraction of numerical signifiers and graphic ghosts that are conjured up in an attempt to support a political posture already taken. 3) a pseudo-scientific system used to manipulate physical reality. Statistics is a weak model. Statistics is like a bikini—what they reveal are suggestive, but what they conceal is vital. With statistics, there is only modeling of the distribution of events. Also, with statistics, you always have the luxury of having high trends in Jow spaces. Anyone who cites a statistic has an investment in the statistic cited. Statistics generate opinions, but more often, opinions generate statistics. Figures lie and liars figure their way out of lies—so it figures. Dogma and statistics are kissing-cousins. We do not believe what we prove with statistics, we prove what we believe. Statistics are a snap-shot in time of what has been. If you want to be a has-been, believe in statistics. (See: Dogma. Opinions, Beliefs & ICE) Statue of Liberty - originally an image of a woman of recent African descent with broken ball & chains on her feet; now immortalized in statue form as "Big Brother" in drag. (See: Justice System & Tarot)

Slavery - psychologically or physically subjugated to another where one"s thoughts or one's labor is not his or her own. 2) mental and/or physical captivity—living someone else's reality consciously or unconsciously, willingly or unwillingly. 3) a system wherein someone is forced to work without pay, being economically exploited, and unable to walk away. 4) that which separates thought from action. Slavery is an economic system, not a social system. Slavery  wasn't ended—-but extended, i.e., slavery is not dead—but in the head—of all men it lingers. Forced labor, also known as involuntary servitude, may result when unscrupulous employers exploit workers made more vulnerable by high rates of unemployment, poverty, racism, crime. discrimination, corruption, political conflict, or cultural acceptance of the practice. [MORE]. 

wage $lave - on the hour, by the hour. “Sell your time to buy the time that other people sold.” Way down into the marrow of my bone, this much I have always known - I am unable to obey (or conform to) someone who views my time as their own.

Witnesses say Michael Samra Struggled After Lethal Injection. Pro-Life Alabama Authorities Shrug it Off & Get Ready for Their Next Murder: Blacks are 26% of AL population but 51% of Its Death Row

Alabama Death row 2.jpg

Uncivilized Alabama has the highest death sentencing rate in the US. According to the Equal Justice Initiative, each year in Alabama, nearly 65% of all murders involve black victims, yet 80% of the people currently awaiting execution in Alabama were convicted of crimes in which the victims were white. Only 6% of all murders in Alabama involve black defendants and white victims, but over 60% of black death row prisoners have been sentenced for killing someone white. [data in graph is from DPIC.]

Although black people in Alabama constitute 27% of the total population, none of the 19 appellate court judges and only one of the 42 elected District Attorneys in Alabama is black. Nearly 63% of the Alabama prison population is black. The State of Alabama disenfranchises more of its citizens as a result of criminal convictions than any other state in the country. [MORE]

Michael Brandon Samra was    put to death by lethal injection Thursday    the day after Gov Ivey signed the restrictive abortion bill. A few hours before signing the ban, the governor was asked about the bill not including rape or incest exceptions. "All human life is precious," Ivey responded. [   MORE   ]

Michael Brandon Samra was put to death by lethal injection Thursday the day after Gov Ivey signed the restrictive abortion bill. A few hours before signing the ban, the governor was asked about the bill not including rape or incest exceptions. "All human life is precious," Ivey responded. [MORE]

From [EJI] The State of Alabama delayed Michael Brandon Samra's execution last night for over an hour without explanation, and witnesses observed disturbing evidence that Mr. Samra struggled on the gurney before he died.  [Samra was classified as white.]

Supreme Court justices recently have complained about delays caused by last minute challenges to lethal injection protocols and have questioned the motives of lawyers who attempt to ensure that inmates are executed humanely, but Mr. Samra’s case did not involve any such litigation. 

Even though all litigation was completed more than two days before the scheduled execution and Governor Kay Ivey denied clemency eight hours earlier, state officials nevertheless delayed Mr. Samra's execution from the scheduled time of 6 p.m. until 7:09 p.m. The State did not offer an explanation for this significant delay.

Mr. Samra was pronounced dead at 7:33 p.m. Witnesses to the execution reported very troubling evidence that Mr. Samra actually struggled during the execution in ways that raise questions about whether it was administered in a humane manner.  

Samra appeared alert for several minutes before his eyes closed. At 7:15 p.m., his chest heaved three times in quick succession. 

After, his breathing appeared significantly labored, with his head slightly jerking with each breath. 

A consciousness test was conducted at 7:17. 

Two minutes later, Samra stretched and drew his fingers outward, attempted to raise his right hand against his wrist restraints before curling his fingers inward.

He then stilled.  The curtain was closed at 7:25 p.m.

Mr. Samra's execution is the latest in a series of problematic attempts to execute people by lethal injection. In 2014 in Ohio, Dennis McGuire gasped and convulsed for 10 minutes before dying; Clayton Lockett in Oklahoma writhed, groaned, convulsed, and strained to lift his head up despite being declared unconscious (he died 43 minutes after the execution began, of a heart attack); and Joseph Wood in Arizona repeatedly gasped for nearly two hours before being pronounced dead. In 2016, Ronald Bert Smith in Alabama clenched his fists and raised his head, then heaved, gasped, and coughed while struggling to breathe for 13 minutes after the lethal drugs were administered. And in 2017, Kenneth Williams in Arkansas violently lurched forward about three minutes after drugs were injected and continued to convulse about 20 times.

While lawyers have argued for years that lethal injection is an inhumane method of execution, the Supreme Court has denied these challenges and issued rulings that allowed states to carry out executions using this method. Yet evidence persists that cruelty and inhumane suffering may accompany executions carried out by lethal injection.