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Deeper than Atlantis
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Blackface Craze Catching on with Crazy White Folks

Anon - The characters in minstrel shows (usually white males in black face) portrayed Blacks as cheerful, simple-minded darkies who loved to sing and dance for the "White folks." Songs about slaves yearning to return to their masters were common in minstrel shows. The message to the white audience was clear: Don't feel bad for these n***ers; they are happy with their lot in life." [MORE] White Man Ruins Halloween Party at Black Owned Pizza Place From [HERE] A second blackface incident has surfaced in Duluth, MN a week after a video went viral showing two women in facial masks making disparaging remarks about African Americans (below). Adam Stoningpot of Duluth says he was trying to open a discussion on race by “taking a risk” and dressing as a minstrel in blackface at the Pizza Luce employee costume party this Halloween.

“I was just wearing a costume,” he said on Wednesday, explaining that he was trying to open conversation about race that night — something “people don’t talk about.” He also said he wasn’t costumed as a black person. “I was dressed as a white person playing a character,” he said.

JJ Haywood, CEO of Pizza Luce, who is African American, said “let me assure you that this incident was taken seriously by management at both Pizza Luce Duluth and by me as the top leader and one of the owners of Pizza Luce.” 

White Girls in Blackface say "We are True Negroes from the Black Hood." In a five minute video that went viral last week, two racist suspects, Rachel Cooper and Jessica Heid, who are University of Minnesota Duluth students discuss a variety of stereotypes offering their white supremacist views on gangs and gun violence, slavery, fried chicken, collard greens, apes... the list goes on. They also express their fear that Black people will dominate whites if ever given the opportunity. More [HERE] on white supremacy/racism. 

Israeli Officer Goes Minstrel in "Obama Style" Brown-face From [HERE] and [HERE] On Monday, a young Israeli officer who leads the campaign to cast his nation’s military in a positive light on social networks restricted access to his own Facebook account on Sunday, after a Lebanese blogger discovered that the soldier had uploaded an image of himself with mud or dark paint on his face captioned, “Obama style.”

The officer, Lt. Sacha Dratwa, a 26-year-old who emigrated to Israel from Belgium eight years ago, was identified last week by Tablet and Gawker as the man marshaling Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr and Pinterest to support and celebrate the actions of the Israel Defense Forces.

After Lieutenant Dratwa blocked access to the photograph on Sunday, he defended himself on Twitter, writing, “I’m not racist.” 

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WTF/ This is insulting !
November 30, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRamos

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