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« Unarmed Black Woman Killed by LAPD - Dies in Police Custody after Violent Arrest, Police have Video | Main | Arabic Man Files Suit Against Richardson Police - Paralyzed for Life after Marijuana Traffic Stop »

Friday Protest Planned over Saginaw Police Murder of Black Man - Shot 46 Times, Caught on Video

Graphic Video [HERE]  From [HERE] and [HERE] The Rev. Al Sharpton has pledged to come to Saginaw to bring more national attention if there is not an announcement soon about the Milton Hall death investigation. Meanwhile, the Rev. Charles Williams II, a civil rights leader from Detroit, will add to an already substantial presence expected Friday as out-of-towners come to Saginaw to put pressure on authorities to release the outcome of investigations in the July 1 Saginaw police shooting of Milton Hall, a homeless man who was armed with a knife. Williams, president of the National Action Network Michigan, spoke on Sharpton's radio show at 1 p.m. today.

Hill had been had been arguing with officers in a parking lot next to a shuttered restaurant when he was shot in broad daylight, in full view of passing motorists and while he was holding some sort of knife. Saginaw County Prosecutor Michael Thomas said that the squad of police confronting him opened fire "because apparently, at this point in time, he was threatening to assault police." However, in the video Hall does not make any sudden or threatening movement toward police. He appears to stagger around. Police had a police dog on a leash in front of Hall so they had other opitions at their disposal -- but apparently chose to use their guns instead. He was murdered by cops with a reported 46 shots in a five-second hail of bullets.

Williams invited citizens from across Michigan to meet at the Saginaw County Governmental Center, 111 S. Michigan, at 10:30 a.m. Friday and bring a "huge presence" to support members of Hall's family living in Saginaw as they go inside with Williams to speak with Saginaw County Prosecutor Michael D. Thomas about the case. Sharpton pledged to come to Saginaw himself to bring more national attention to the case if a resolution has not been reached by Saturday, Sept. 8.

Sharpton also interviewed Milton Hall's mother, Jewel Hall, by telephone today. She is an activist who has criticized the number of police shootings in Albuquerque since 2010. "Nowhere in history I've never heard of police dressed in police uniforms supposed to protect us shoot a person 46 times," Jewel Hall said. "To me if you take a life, you give a life. Those people should be ready to give a life."

She criticized Saginaw leaders for assassinating the character of her son, saying some used "cultural aggressive terms" like "assaultive" and "aggressive" to describe Hall. Williams acknowledged several Saginaw pastors already are working in the community regarding the Hall shooting.

He said he will walk into the courthouse with members of Hall's family, including an uncle, nephews and cousin to speak with the prosecutor.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson will be in Saginaw to speak about the Milton Hall case about 12:30 p.m. and will attend a town hall meeting in at 5 p.m. Saginaw.

Both appearances will be at Greater Coleman Temple World Outreach Campus, 2504 Bay. Hall told Sharpton that she hopes her son's death will become a national issue investigated on a congressional level to produce new rules and regulations regarding police.

"That's exactly what we have to do," Sharpton said during the radio show. 

"We are committed to do what we can for Ms. Hall around the country, National Action Network, my radio show and my television show to bring this to the forefront," Sharpton said.

Williams said he would contact Sharpton's radio show during the demonstration and Saginaw visit Friday to give a report. The show airs weekdays from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Detroit's WCHB-AM, 1200 and a total of 20 stations across the country. 

Listen to the Rev. Al Sharpton Radio Show live

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