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Mind Shampoo? How You Are Being Mind Controlled & Don't Know it

According to Dr. Blynd

 Media - A mind shampoo and conditioning process of the Greater System --" the media is the mirage."  2) the psychotherapist for the Greater System -- a conditioning process and a subdivision of Commerce. 3) the guardian of the Commodity and Spectacle. 4) the misinformation cul de sac. 5) reconditioned reality. (See "Greater System", Spectacle Society & Camera).

Dr Bobby Wright Black Mentacide & White Psychopathology


Report: US Doctors [mostly white] Participated in Torture of Detainees [mostly non-white] at CIA, US Prisons 

From [HERE] and [HERE] Doctors and psychologists working in US military detention centers helped to design methods of torture for terrorism suspects, according to an independent report supported by the Institute on Medicine as a Profession and the Open Society Foundations released [press release] on Monday. The report, entitled "Ethics Abandoned: Medical Professionalism and Detainee Abuse in the War on Terror," examines various charges that the Department of Defense (DOD) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) [official websites] "improperly demanded that US military and intelligence agency health professionals collaborate in intelligence gathering and security practices in a way that inflicted severe harm on detainees in US custody." Such methods, the report asserts, forced doctors to violate ethical and medical principles in order to inflict "torture and cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment" on detainees. While acknowledging that some steps toward improvement have been taken by the DOD in recent years, the report urges that further changes need to be made so that medical professionals are not made to undermine their own ethical standards.

This report is the latest incident in a long string of medical condemnations of enhanced interrogation techniques . Medical personnel present as part of the Bush administration's enhanced interrogations at Guantanamo Bay [JURIST news archive] collected and analyzed data in order to develop more effective interrogation procedures [JURIST report], according to a 2010 report by the advocacy group Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) [advocacy website]. In April 2009 the International Committee of the Red Cross [official website] released a report [text, PDF] alleging that medical professionals violated codes of medical ethics [JURIST report] by participating in and assisting in ill-treatment of Guantanamo Bay detainees. In September 2007 doctors from 16 countries wrote a letter [JURIST report] condemning the US military for its treatment of detainees, particularly the policy of force-feeding to counteract hunger strikes. A month earlier, a commentary [text] published in the Journal of the American Medical Association [journal website] asserted that force-feeding was a violation of medical ethics [JURIST report].


Snowden's Revelation Sandwiches Reveal "the 5 Eyes Alliance" Watching, Dominating Non-White Countries

From [HERE] As Edward Snowden's disclosures continue to reverberate, the racist contours of geopolitics are becoming ever clearer. According to recent reporting, the Anglo, English-speaking countries of the world, including the U.S. and its allies Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, jointly participate in a spy group called the "Five Eyes" network. Though the classic age of imperialism has long since ended, revelations from the National Security Agency (NSA) scandal suggest that whiter nations of the world continue to harbor a deep and abiding distrust of poorer nations and people of color. 

In the 19th century, the world's paramount imperialist power was Britain, but today Whitehall "outsources" its foreign policy to its former English speaking colonies. According to recent reporting in the Guardian, Washington's closest ties are with the British GCHQ intelligence service. In South America, Britain is a shadow of its earlier formidable self, and therefore relies on the U.S. to shore up its interests. On Ascension, a tiny rocky Atlantic island lying halfway between Africa and South America, the NSA and British intelligence service GCHQ are reportedly spying on Brazil.

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“Always dress nicely. Don’t walk too quickly. Be polite, and say sir or ma’am’ if they speak to you. Do not give them a reason to stop you. Do not raise your voice if they question you”


From [HERE] Armani Madison reports that he was given this advice when he became a student at Brown University: ‘“Always dress nicely.” “Don’t walk too quickly.” “Be polite, and say ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’ if they speak to you.” “Do not give them a reason to stop you.” “Do not raise your voice if they question you.”

He writes: ‘“They” are the police.

“The saying is that, “If you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about.” But targeted minority groups do not have the luxury of this being applicable to them, because simply being a minority is enough to draw suspicion from police.

 “The U.S. Sentencing Commission found that “blacks receive 10 percent longer sentences than whites through the federal system for the same crimes.” The Sentencing Project cites a 2013 report finding that, of those born today, one in every three black males and one in every six Latino males can expect to go to prison at some point in their lives. Only one out of every 17 white males can expect the same.

(Powerless Class. 'The existence of White Supremacy (Racism) automatically eliminates the possibility of any non-white person being so-called "upper-class" or "middle class" in his or her relationship to any person, any place [MORE].' 

In video above, revolutionary Booker Wright on how to expect racism from white people everyday (if they are not racist then be pleasantly surprised) and how to 'play' racist suspects. He did not believe he was inferior to white people. He was murdered.   

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