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Who Gets HIV and How? Black People's Infection Rates 8 times Higher than Whites

From [HealthLine] An estimated 1,155,792 Americans have HIV. About 180,900 people aged 13 and older don’t know they have it. An estimated 49,273 Americans were newly diagnosed with HIV in 2011, but only 32,052 developed AIDS. This is in striking contrast to the early days of HIV/AIDS. [MORE]

Still believe that HIV-1 and HIV-2 originated in non-human primates in West-central Africa and then was transferred to humans (a process known as zoonosis) in the early 20th century? Or that HIV/AIDS is something that just spontaneously occurred in nature?[MORE] and [MORE] and [MORE]


The Image of Scooby Doo is being Used to Sell Deadly Synthetic Drugs to Black & Brown Kids. So Why has Warner Brothers/Hanna Barbera Done Nothing to Stop it?

When Making a Business Decision the only "color" that matters is White. Simple and plain synthetic marijuana is nothing like marijuana. It is deception to even call it marijuana. It is deadly chemical shit to smoke that can destroy your brain or kill you. Its action in the brain may be similar to real marijuana but the physical effect to the brain are different.

Synthetic marijuana goes by hundreds of names: Spice, K-2, fake weed, Yucatan Fire, Bliss, Blaze, Skunk, Moon Rocks, and JWH-018, -073 (and other numerical suffixes). Synthetic cannabis, unlike pot, however, can cause a huge variety of symptoms, which can be severe: Agitation, vomiting, hallucination, paranoia, tremor, seizure, tachycardia, hypokalemia, chest pain, cardiac problems, stroke, kidney damage, acute psychosis, brain damage, and death.

A popular brand is "Scooby Snax." It is sold using the image of cartoon character, Scooby Doo, undoubtedly without the blessing of Warner Brothers Animation/Hanna-Barbera, the animation studio that produced the cartoon and own all its rights. 

Scooby Snax are sold as a "potpourri product," with the disclaimer that it is not intended for human consumption. But it is synthetic "marijuana" smoked by users to get high - real high or a zombiefied high. The glossy packaging features a picture of a stoned looking Scooby Doo. The potpourri comes in the flavors, Watermelon, Green Apple, Blueberry Bliss, Strawberry Smash, Kush and others similar to the flavors available for blunts. There are no time or age restrictions on its sale and its cheap. And there is no need to special order it on the internet [like white kids do], in the Hood it is available at nearly every corner store, gas station or fine carry out establishment - many of these places are open 24 hrs. a day. Don't believe BW, go and see for yourself and then travel to a white neighborhood and see if you can find some.

Hanna Barbera are also makers of racist images, such as this genocidal cartoon above ridiculing Native Americans. 

The powerful film company Warner Brothers/Hanna Barbera who made the children's cartoon Scooby Doo own all rights to the name and image of character. Nevertheless, Warner Brothers has done nothing to stop the company who manufactures [unknown? name is not on package!] and/or distributes Scooby Snax from using its copyrighted image. In other circumstances Hanna Barbera/Warner Brothers has acted to aggressively protect the image of Scooby Doo. For instance, in 2012 the company threatened to file a million dollar lawsuit against a small fish and chips restaurant [below] in London because it was named, "Fish & Chips, Scooby Snax." [MORE]. 

Cortly "C.D." Witherspoon, head of the local chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Baltimore, considers a business that sells synthetic marijuana the equivalent of "a drug pusher." [MORE] So what does that make Warner Brothers/Hanna Barberra? For what reason would Warner Brothers do nothing to stop its mark from being used in a manner that is clearly harmful to the wholesome image of Scooby Doo and damaging to its value as a property interest? Who benefits?

To the extent that racist/white supremacists are involved in the sale and distribution of Scooby Snax such business obviously furthers the goal of maintaining white domination and the destruction of our youth and our communities. Scooby Snax potpouri has been sold since at least 2012. Stopping its powerful copyrighted image from being used to sell harmful drugs to non-white people clearly has not been a priority to Warner Brothers/Hanna Barberra. Stop supporting white supremacy. This means to boycott Warner Brothers/Hanna Barberra and its subsidiary companies, including New Line Cinema, Castle Rock Entertainment, TheWB.comDC Entertainment and The CW Television Network until they do something to enforce their copyright and help shut this shit down. [info on the dangers below]

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Demographers say the Non-White World Population is Growing, Not Slowing [this frightens white people and causes them to practice Racism] 

White People are Not Comfortable with their Numbers. White people are vastly outnumbered. 90% or more of the world's population are non-white people. That is, 10% or less of the world population lack skin color and the genetic ability to produce skin color. The Color Confrontation Theory postulates that these two things, 1) color deficiency and 2) numerical inadequacy (consciously or subconsciously) scare white people to death: they are primary motivations that cause them to practice racism and fuel the global system of racism/white supremacy. [MORE]

From [HERE] The possibility that the world’s population will climb to 11 billion by the end of the century is gaining traction now that demographers are using probability methods for their projections.

A paper published online on Thursday in the journal Science details new methodology that shows that most of the world’s anticipated growth is in Africa, where population is projected to quadruple from about 1 billion today to 4 billion by 2100.

Demography researcher John Bongaarts, vice president of the Population Council in New York City adds the caveat that, “it could very well be that we could have epidemics, or wars, or unrest that creates massive mortality. But to be honest, it would require something of a huge magnitude to alter this trajectory.” [MORE]

“For the last 20 years, prevailing opinion was that world population would go up to 9 billion and level off in the middle of the century and maybe decline,” said Adrian Raftery, one of the paper’s lead authors and a professor of statistics and sociology at the University of Washington. “Population is going to keep growing. We can say that with confidence.”

Not only with confidence but with an exact percentage. There is a 70 percent probability that world population, now at 7 billion, will not stabilize this century, according to the research.

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"Just a Nigger Warehouse." Construction Underway of Playground Surrounded by Barbwire at D.C.'s Cruddy, Boarded Up Homeless Shelter with No Hot Water, A/C or Heat  

Fortress D.C. [photographs by Vince Brown]. Making sure there is a decisive borderline between the white gentrifiers and the criminalized Black poor, the D.C. Govt has created its very own white supremacy megaplex near the Stadium-Armory Metro station. All on a single litter-strewn campus sits a clinic for meth rehabilitation and sexually transmitted diseases, two jails (the CTF and the main jail), the former city morgue and the crumbling down D.C. General, an old hospital which now functions as the City's emergency homeless shelter. This architectural and spatial arrangement keeps the Black 'lost and found' out of sight and out of mind. 

As explained by Mike Davis, in this racist environment 'white people's security has less to do with personal safety than with the degree of personal insulation, in residential, work, consumption and travel environments, from unsavory groups and individuals.'  

Finding that "D.C. General is a playground desert" [MORE] and merging urban design, architecture and the police apparatus into a single, comprehensive security effort, D.C. has started construction on a playground at its super foul homeless shelter. As you can see the playground is temporarily surrounded by barbed wire or a cage. Or perhaps the cage is permanent to keep the Black children more self contained and in greater confinement.  

Maybe a little cleaner place to stay than an alley, the shelter/hospital built in the early 20th century features no hot water, a/c or heat [MORE] and is often beset by dysfunction, decay and disease. For instance records show that a young Black girl woke up with so many insect bites on her legs and her bottom that she had to be taken to the hospital. [MORE] Sometimes, it is the estimated 600 children living there who suffer the most. [MORE]

Nearly all of its residents are Black or Brown. That is, it is occupied solely by niggers, which means victim[s] of white supremacy. [In the absence of white supremacy, niggers would not exist. MORE] This situation would never be tolerated if white children lived there. 

The city will spend approximately $450,000 to construct the playground and it is scheduled to be completed at the end of September. The Homeless Children's Playtime Project led the effort to have the playground built. [MORE]

The Department of Parks and Recreation website shows the closest public playground at 17th and C streets SE, about a half-mile walk from D.C. General. The playground is located on an unfenced triangle area of grass, sandwiched between three roads.

Although some white folks might be consciously oblivious to the racist warehousing of Blacks, to most white folks that is the entire point - and powerless pariah groups, such as homeless Black people, hopefully read the meaning immediately.


Scientist alleges deadly diseases such as Ebola and AIDS are bio weapons being tested on Africans

(g) the Kenema Government Hospital in Kenema, Sierra Leone.

Reports narrate stories of the US Department of Defense (DoD) funding Ebola trials on humans, trials which started just weeks before the Ebola outbreak in Guinea and Sierra Leone. The reports continue and state that the DoD gave a contract worth $140 million dollars to Tekmira, a Canadian pharmaceutical company, to conduct Ebola research. This research work involved injecting and infusing healthy humans with the deadly Ebola virus. Hence, the DoD is listed as a collaborator in a “First in Human” Ebola clinical trial (NCT02041715, which started in January 2014 shortly before an Ebola epidemic was declared in West Africa in March. Disturbingly, many reports also conclude that the US government has a viral fever bioterrorism research laboratory in Kenema, a town at the epicentre of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The only relevant positive and ethical olive-branch seen in all of my reading is that reported, “The US government funding of Ebola trials on healthy humans comes amid warnings by top scientists in Harvard and Yale that such virus experiments risk triggering a worldwide pandemic.” That threat still persists.


The U. S., Canada, France, and the U. K. are all implicated in the detestable and devilish deeds that these Ebola tests are. There is the need to pursue criminal and civil redress for damages, and African countries and people should secure legal representation to seek damages from these countries, some corporations, and the United Nations. Evidence seems abundant against Tulane University, and suits should start there

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The Ebola Breakout Coincided With UN Vaccine Campaigns 

The ebola pandemic began in late February in the former French colony of Guinea while UN agencies were conducting nationwide vaccine campaigns for three other diseases in rural districts. The simultaneous eruptions of this filovirus virus in widely separated zones strongly suggests that the virulent Zaire ebola strain (ZEBOV) was deliberately introduced to test an antidote in secret trials on unsuspecting humans.
The cross-border escape of ebola into neighboring Sierra Leone and Liberia indicates something went terribly wrong during the illegal clinical trials by a major pharmaceutical company. Through the lens darkly, the release of ebola may well have been an act of biowarfare in the post-colonial struggle to control mineral-rich West Africa

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West Africa: What are US Biological Warfare Researchers Doing in the Ebola Zone?

This is a call for an immediate, thorough, and independent investigation of Tulane University researchers (see here and here) and their Fort Detrick associates in the US biowarfare research community, who have been operating in West Africa during the past several years.

What exactly have they been doing?

Exactly what diagnostic tests have they been performing on citizens of Sierra Leone?

Why do we have reports that the government of Sierra Leone has recently told Tulane researchers to stop this testing?

Have Tulane researchers and their associates attempted any experimental treatments (e.g., injecting monoclonal antibodies) using citizens of the region? If so, what adverse events have occurred?

The research program, occurring in Sierra Leone, the Republic of Guinea, and Liberia—said to be the epicenter of the 2014 Ebola outbreak—has the announced purpose, among others, of detecting the future use of fever-viruses as bioweapons.

Is this purely defensive research? Or as we have seen in the past, is this research being covertly used to develop offensive bioweapons?

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PCP in DC ["lunched out" in service of white domination] 

A horror movie by National Geographic [MORE]


Chomsky on "Reserving the Right to Bomb N*****s": White Supremacy is truly hostis humani generis (an enemy of the human race) 

The year 1992 poses a critical moral and cultural challenge for the more privileged sectors of the world-dominant societies. The challenge is heightened by the fact that within these societies, notably the first European colony liberated from imperial rule, popular struggle over many centuries has achieved a large measure of freedom, opening many opportunities for independent thought and committed action. How this challenge is addressed in the years to come will have fateful consequences.

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Watermelon Potpouri to Blow Your Mind [this shit is killing Black & Brown Kids Brains & is Available at every Corner store] Why Synthetic Marijuana is More Toxic to the Brain than real Weed

Zombied Out on Scooby Snax. Mindless White Supremacy Consumption. From [HERE] One of the original chemists who designed synthetic cannabis for research purposes, John W. Huffman, PhD once said that he couldn’t imagine why anyone would try it recreationally. Because of its deadly toxicity, he likened it to playing Russian roulette, and said that those who tried it must be “idiots.” Whether that’s the case or not, the numbers of users is certainly rising, and so are overdoses. New Hampshire has declared a state of emergency, and the number of emergency room visits for overdose from the synthetic drug has jumped. One teen died earlier this month after slipping into a coma, reportedly from using the drug.

Synthetic pot also goes by hundreds of names: Spice, K-2, fake weed, Yucatan Fire, Bliss, Blaze, Skunk, Moon Rocks, and JWH-018, -073 (and other numerical suffixes), after Huffman’s initials. Synthetic cannabis, unlike pot, however, can cause a huge variety of symptoms, which can be severe: Agitation, vomiting, hallucination, paranoia, tremor, seizure, tachycardia, hypokalemia, chest pain, cardiac problems, stroke, kidney damage, acute psychosis, brain damage, and death.

"Hood Crazy." No need to special order on the internet like white kids. Cortly "C.D." Witherspoon, a Baltimore minister and activist, has been scoping out convenience stores that sell products such as "Scooby Snax. [MORE]

Why are the effects of synthetic cannabis so varied and so toxic? Researchers are starting to understand more about the drugs, and finding that synthetic cannabis is not even close to being the same drug as pot. Its name, which is utterly misleading, is where the similarity ends. Here’s what we know about what synthetic cannabis is doing to the brain, and why it can be deadly.

1. It’s much more efficient at binding and acting in the brain 

One reason that synthetic cannabis can trigger everything from seizures to psychosis is how it acts in the brain. Like the active ingredient in pot, THC, synthetic cannabis binds the CB1 receptor. But when it binds, it acts as a full agonist, rather than a partial agonist, meaning that it can activate a CB1 receptor on a brain cell with maximum efficacy, rather than only partially, as with THC. “The first rule of toxicology is, the dose makes the poison,” says Jeff Lapoint, MD, an emergency room doctor and medical toxicologist. “I drink a cup of water, and I’m fine. I drink gallons of it in some college contest, and I could have a seizure and die. Synthetic cannabinoids are tailor-made to hit cannabinoid receptors – and hit it hard. This is NOT marijuana. Its action in the brain may be similar but the physical effect is so different.”

Another issue with synthetic is its potency, which huge. “Its potency can be up to one hundred or more times greater than THC – that’s how much drug it takes to produce an effect,” says Paul Prather, PhD, professor of pharmacology and toxicology at the at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. “So it takes much less of them to produce maximal effects in the brain. So these things have higher efficacy and potency…These things are clearly very different from THC and thus not surprising that their use may result in development of life-threatening adverse effects.”

2. CB1 receptors are EVERYWHERE in the brain

A central reason that synthetic cannabis can produce such an enormous variety of side effects is likely because CB1 receptors are present in just about every brain region there is. When you have a strong-binding and long-lasting compound going to lots of different areas of the brain, you’re going to get some very bad effects.

'In a state of nothingness. Aint the devil happy.' 

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Oil Maps can almost be interchanged for Ebola outbreak maps [Everywhere ebola is found, Oil is also found] 

Ebola as Depopulation Control? CLG notes that there is an oil map for each country that has seen West African strain of Ebola break out. These oil maps are kind of a coincidence? They can almost be interchanged for Ebola outbreak maps. [MORE] Recently activists in West Africa told reporters that corporate entities have failed to meet their corporate social responsibilities, as  dwellers in local communities continue to suffer marginalization, forceful displacement, exploitation and denial of their livelihood. Civil societies in West Africa are embarrassed that ongoing trade in natural resources has in the past and up till now, continue to violate rights of local communities with impunity.

According to the director of the Network Movement for Justice and Development, Aminata Kelly-Lamin, “deprivation, environmental abuses and destruction of their properties, regional governments have also failed to protect their citizens against corporate abuses and to disseminate relevant information associated with impact of mining, oil, agriculture and forestry activities and the lack of access to information. ”[MORE]  At any rate, ebola is set to devastate the economies of the four countries affected. There is oil interest in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria - all countries that have been hit by ebola.

More than 1,900 people have so far died from Ebola in the four affected west African countries, but many more will suffer the economic consequences. Governments reckon the worst of those effects are yet to be felt, but they are still busy trying to calculate what the outbreak is going to cost them. [MORE]

Ebola virus disease (EVD) or Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF) is a disease of humans and other primates caused by an ebolavirus. Symptoms start two days to three weeks after contracting the virus, with a fever,sore throatmuscle pain and headaches. Typically, vomitingdiarrhea and rash follow, along with decreased functioning of the liver and kidneys. Around this time, affected people may begin to bleed both within the body and externally.[1]

The Ebola outbreak in Western Africa shows no signs of slowing and without a new medical inoculation to slow the infection rate will ultimately drift into Nigeria and the Niger delta, source of 2.6 million barrels a day of oil production. Not one of those barrels are produced in Nigeria without the help of Western oil companies and their technicians, but it is unclear whether the threat of an epidemic is enough to get Shell, Chevron, Exxon and other oil companies to begin to send their workers home and slow production in the area. [MORE]

Alison Turner, an analyst at City firm Panmure Gordon, admits ebola ‘poses a very real short term risk to mining companies operating in West Africa’.

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No Such thing as "Gentrifiers Guilt" in System of White Supremacy: Israel [honorary whites] Claims Nearly 1,000 Acres of Palestinian [non-whites] Land Near Bethlehem

From [HERE] Israel on Sunday laid claim to nearly 1,000 acres of West Bank land in a Jewish settlement bloc near Bethlehem — a step that could herald significant Israeli construction in the area — defying Palestinian demands for a halt in settlement expansion and challenging world opinion.

Peace Now, an Israeli group that opposes the construction of settlements in the West Bank, said that the action on Sunday might be the largest single appropriation of West Bank land in decades and that it could “dramatically change the reality” in the area.

Palestinians aspire to form a state in the lands that Israel conquered in 1967.

Israeli officials said the political directive to expedite a survey of the status of the land came after three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and killed in June while hitchhiking in that area. In July, the Israeli authorities arrested a Palestinian who was accused of being the prime mover in the kidnapping and killing of the teenagers. The timing of the land appropriation suggested that it was meant as a kind of compensation for the settlers and punishment for the Palestinians.

The land, which is near the small Jewish settlement of Gvaot in the Etzion bloc south of Jerusalem, has now officially been declared “state land,” as opposed to land privately owned by Palestinians, clearing the way for the potential approval of Israeli building plans there.

But the mayor of the nearby Palestinian town of Surif, Ahmad Lafi, said the land belonged to Palestinian families from the area. He told the official Palestinian news agency Wafa that Israeli Army forces and personnel arrived in the town early Sunday and posted orders announcing the seizure of land that was planted with olive and forest trees in Surif and the nearby villages of Al-Jaba’a and Wadi Fukin. [MORE] and [MORE]


Mind Shampoo? How You Are Being Mind Controlled & Don't Know it

According to Dr. Blynd

 Media - A mind shampoo and conditioning process of the Greater System --" the media is the mirage."  2) the psychotherapist for the Greater System -- a conditioning process and a subdivision of Commerce. 3) the guardian of the Commodity and Spectacle. 4) the misinformation cul de sac. 5) reconditioned reality. (See "Greater System", Spectacle Society & Camera).

Dr Bobby Wright Black Mentacide & White Psychopathology


Report: US Doctors [mostly white] Participated in Torture of Detainees [mostly non-white] at CIA, US Prisons 

From [HERE] and [HERE] Doctors and psychologists working in US military detention centers helped to design methods of torture for terrorism suspects, according to an independent report supported by the Institute on Medicine as a Profession and the Open Society Foundations released [press release] on Monday. The report, entitled "Ethics Abandoned: Medical Professionalism and Detainee Abuse in the War on Terror," examines various charges that the Department of Defense (DOD) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) [official websites] "improperly demanded that US military and intelligence agency health professionals collaborate in intelligence gathering and security practices in a way that inflicted severe harm on detainees in US custody." Such methods, the report asserts, forced doctors to violate ethical and medical principles in order to inflict "torture and cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment" on detainees. While acknowledging that some steps toward improvement have been taken by the DOD in recent years, the report urges that further changes need to be made so that medical professionals are not made to undermine their own ethical standards.

This report is the latest incident in a long string of medical condemnations of enhanced interrogation techniques . Medical personnel present as part of the Bush administration's enhanced interrogations at Guantanamo Bay [JURIST news archive] collected and analyzed data in order to develop more effective interrogation procedures [JURIST report], according to a 2010 report by the advocacy group Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) [advocacy website]. In April 2009 the International Committee of the Red Cross [official website] released a report [text, PDF] alleging that medical professionals violated codes of medical ethics [JURIST report] by participating in and assisting in ill-treatment of Guantanamo Bay detainees. In September 2007 doctors from 16 countries wrote a letter [JURIST report] condemning the US military for its treatment of detainees, particularly the policy of force-feeding to counteract hunger strikes. A month earlier, a commentary [text] published in the Journal of the American Medical Association [journal website] asserted that force-feeding was a violation of medical ethics [JURIST report].