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Deeper than Atlantis

[reaching for his wallet in a white supremacy system] Obedient Black Man Murdered by Overseer Cops in Minn. 

question: Why is Trigger Happy Cop Standing on the passenger side of the car Asking the Passenger Questions Unrelated to the Stop for a Broken Taillight?

answer: Because passenger is Black and he is in a system of white supremacy. Unless Minnesota statutes require a passenger in a vehicle to carry a driver's license or another form of identification, demanding (passenger) Philando Castile to display his identification was probably an illegal seizure within the meaning of the 4th Amendment - as it is applied to white people. Since nothing the passenger did attributed to the liability of the driver for the broken taillight there is no legal basis to demand identification. In general passengers are free to refuse to provide identifying information. [MORE] White passengers that is.  

Once a lawful traffic stop has been made, it is certainly proper for the officer then to engage in "questioning the driver about the traffic violation," although often, as in this case, the officer's prior observations will have obviated the need for any interrogation to establish the existence of the traffic infraction.

question: Why is this frightened cop asking so many questions during a broken tailight stop and How Long Can a Traffic Stop Last For?

answer: Because the occupants are Black and they are in a system of white supremacy the stop can last forever and most judges and prosecutors will careless about it. What the fuck does the officer have to talk about during a taillight stop? He saw the taillight broke. No Investigation necessary. So no questions necessary. Check the driver's permit (so others remain safe on the road), give her the ticket & go fight real crime. In strict accordance with Terry v. Ohio, the Supreme Court has ruled that questioning during a traffic stop must be limited to the purpose of the traffic stop and thus may not be extended to other subjects. LOL. This rule is clearly only applicable to white folks and definitely rarely applied to Blacks & Latinos at night.

For whites the Supreme Court made it "clear" (i) that "an investigative detention must be temporary and last no longer than is necessary to effectuate the purpose of the stop," and also (ii) that "the investigative methods employed should be the least intrusive means reasonably available to verify or dispel the officer's suspicion in a short period of time." That is, the prosecution bears the burden of establishing that the stop was "sufficiently limited in scope and duration." [MORE]

In video above the Minnesota race soldier investigated and questioned passenger Mr. Castile for the rest of his lifetime. Why? 

As a part of the "routine traffic stop" in a white supremacy system, cops subject Black & Latino travelers to a criminal-history and outstanding-warrants records check on the driver and passengers; we are closely questioned about our identities, the reason for our travels, our intended destinations, and the like, and may be quizzed as to whether we have drugs on our persons or in the vehicle. The Black driver may be induced to submit to a full search of the vehicle, or a drug-sniffing dog may appear on the scene and check your car. The cops are often close to you, smelling you, your breath, looking at anything they can see in your car. Even compliant Blacks like Mr. Castille can be murdered anytime, anyplace in this racist system of vast unequal power. 

From [HERE] and [HERE]  and [HEREWhite supremacy is racism and racism is white supremacy. 


1) Black Man 2) Red Shirt 3) At Store: Did White Cops Have a Lawful Basis to Stop Alton Sterling? [we are all Targeted - no need for details such as height, weight, build, complexion, age, hair length, hair style, etc] 

Public Enemy. Although few particulars have been released - according to Baton Rouge police at an unknown time an anonymous man called 911 to report that a black man selling music CD’s outside the Triple S Food Mart on North Foster Drive, who was wearing a red shirt and had threatened him with a gun. Apparently when the man called he was no longer in any danger. Evidently, the caller gave no other information. So, the white cops were looking for a Black man with a red shirt hanging around the store. The black man had allegedly committed a felony threat and may have been armed (gun possession is legal in Louisiana). [MORE]  

When the two officers arrived about 12:35 a.m. at the store the 911 caller was not present. On seeing a black man (Sterling) with a red shirt the cops immediately confronted Mr. Sterling and ordered him to stop and answer questions. Sterling stopped. At that time he was not free to go which means he was legally detained or seized [within the meaning of the 4th Amendment]. 

In order for the police to stop you the Supreme Court has ruled that police must have reasonable articulable suspicion that there is criminal activity afoot and the person detained is involved in the activity. Police may not act on on the basis of an inchoate and unparticularized suspicion or a hunch - there must be some specific articulable facts along with reasonable inferences from those facts to justify the intrusion. With regard to an anonymous tip, the Supremes have said that apart from the tip the officers must have a reason[s] or facts to suspect an individual of illegal conduct AND police must have predictive information that can be corroborated. [MORE] and [MORE]. The Court has specifically said that an anonymous tip about alleged gun possession by itself will not justify a stop and frisk. [MORE]

In evaluating the legality of the stop all that matters is what the cops knew and what they saw at the time of the stop; that is, the first hand knowledge the police had in the present moment of the stop. A court will only consider what an officer observed or knew at the time of the stop. What cops subsequently learned from records checks, court records or from the media is not relevant to a 4th Amendment analysis. 

Here, the police acted on the basis of an anonymous complaint who had no personal face to face contact with police. Cops had no basis to know whether the information was reliable or honest. Prior to engaging Sterling, the cops did not talk to anyone else on the scene, such as the store manager (the owner of the store had no knowledge of an argument outside his store that led to the initial 911 call.). The cops had no idea of whether anyone else had heard the alleged threats or had seen a gun. They also had no information about the gun to know whether the caller saw an actual gun or just heard a threat about a gun. 

Upon approach the cops did not see a firearm or a funny bulge in the pants and Sterling did not make any unsual or threatening moves. Importantly, no emergency was going on, the victim was not present and Sterling was not engaged in criminal activity when cops arrived. Apparently when the police approached Sterling he did not run, back up or hide anything. In other words there was no consciousness of guilt. The cops also did not witness any predictive conduct based on information the caller provided - that is, apparently the police did not see Sterling selling any CD's or arguing with anyone. 

The information that was corroborated involved only innocent conduct - 1) black man - 2) with red shirt - 3) at store. Such information was also endlessly vague b/c it could fit the description of countless people each and any day. That is, the police had no other details from the anonymous caller such as height, weight, build, complexion, age, hair length, hair style, distinguishing characteristics, etc. At the time of the initial stop by cops, Sterling was not free to go and the cops had no warrant - based on this limited info and all the surrounding circumstances, this initial stop was unlawful within the meaning of the 4th Amendment. [And when the white cop tackled Sterling he was clearly under arrest. At that point in time what crime did the cops observe him commit - what was he under arrest for?]  

However, in reality such rules rarely apply to Blacks & Latinos. The 4th Amendment is just words on paper to us. In the system of white supremacy white prosecutors, judges and other governmental servants ratify or enable police conduct that amounts to various movement restrictions and identification measures. Basically, in a racist system of vast unequal power the Government can stop Blacks & Latinos whenever they want to. To whites, the means justify the result -  which is the opposite of purpose of the 4th Amendment. Cops would never get away with with doing this shit to white folks.

Mind as the Mediator. A mind that is filled with belief is a mind which can project anything according to that belief.' [pdf] White folks see what they want to see when Blacks are in sight. [Racist whites view Black males as inherently criminal and engage in various forms of self deception when they are in the presence of people of color.] The bullshit in their minds prevents them from seeing what is real. Would the white cops have this kind of reaction formation to a white man wearing a red shirt?  When those white cops saw Sterling and when many whites watch the videos no doubt they see a Black male - which to them is external phenomenon that triggers jealously, hatred and fear. The mere presence of a Black male is enough to water these seeds of anger and ignorance that are just below the surface with whites. These 2 white cops, fellow white cops, white prosecutors, white puppeticians running for office, white controlled media and white judges & jurors will see what they want to see in order to justify a white cop's right to practice white supremacy/racism


Looks Like Alton Sterling was Murdered: US Justification Department will blah blah blah [in Racist System You Can Be Legally Executed Anytime, Anyplace by White Cops]

Gun Control=Guns Only for Cops? White Cops Won't Confirm Whether He Had Gun. Refuse to Release their Video. Fingerprints? From [HERE] and [HERE] The Justice Department opened a civil rights investigation on Wednesday into the fatal shooting of a black man by the Baton Rouge police that was captured on video, as city and state leaders appealed to a city roiled by the killing to remain calm.

Two white officers were arresting Alton B. Sterling, 37, early Tuesday, and had him pinned to the ground when at least one of them shot him. There were indications that Mr. Sterling might have had a gun, but officials refused to say definitively whether he was armed. [ Why not confirm such a simple fact? Persons unconscious enough to murder also might tell lies or plant evidence.] 

The episode was partially captured on video. However, police confiscated the store’s surveillance footage that the store owner said would have captured every second of the violent death outside his store.

The shooting prompted protests, and relatives of Mr. Sterling, civic leaders and state lawmakers demanded an investigation independent of the Baton Rouge police.

“I have full confidence that this matter will be investigated thoroughly, impartially and professionally,” Gov. John Bel Edwards said in announcing the federal takeover of the case. “I have very serious concerns. The video is disturbing, to say the least.” Edwards is also white and he is a Democrat.

Officials identified the two officers as Blane Salamoni, who has been with the Police Department for four years, and Howie Lake II, with three years’ experience; both have been placed on administrative leave.

Mr. Salamoni is the son of Noel Salamoni, a captain in the department who is in charge of special operations, a fact that may have factored into the decision to turn matters over to the Justice Department. His mother, Melissa Salamoni, is a retired Baton Rouge police captain. [MORE]

The officers, who were interviewed Wednesday, both said they “believe they were completely justified in using deadly force,” East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore said at a press conference. Moore is also white. 

Searching for Justification. Local and state officials endorsed that the federal takeover of the case. ”We feel it is in the best interest of the Baton Rouge Police Department, the city of Baton Rouge and this community for this to happen,” the police chief, Carl Dabadie Jr., said. He is also white. 

There are multiple videos that may show the conflict with Mr. Sterling, in addition to the one recorded by a bystander that has been made public, Lt. Jonny Dunham, a Baton Rouge Police Department spokesman, said at a news conference. Mr. Jordan, the family lawyer, called on the police to release the videos, but Lieutenant Dunham said that for now, the department was providing them only to the federal authorities.

“We have in-car camera video footage, we have body camera video footage and there is video at the store,” Lieutenant Dunham said. Of the recordings from the body cameras the officers wore, he said: “That footage may not be as good as we hoped for. During the altercation those body cameras came dislodged.”

On Tuesday, a person called the police to report that a black man selling music CD’s outside the Triple S Food Mart on North Foster Drive, who was wearing a red shirt, had threatened him with a gun, the Police Department said. Two officers arrived and confronted him about 12:35 a.m.

In the cellphone video shot by a bystander Sterling was standing alone, his arms outstretched at his sides, when a police officer rushing Mr. Sterling onto the hood of the car and then tackling him to the ground. A second cop quickly joined and, moments later, Sterling lay bleeding to death from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and back.

He did not fight. He made no threats. He is dead and his young children are fatherless.

The store owner, Abdullah Muflahi, said he had known “the CD man” for six years and allowed him to sell his wares in front of the store. “They told him not to move,” Muflahi said, according to CNN. “He was asking them what he did wrong.”

As Sterling stood in the darkness with his arms outstretched at his sides, Muflahi said he saw an officer slam him onto the hood of a car. Both officers attempted to pin him to the ground. Sterling stumbled, but did not fight back.

[Looking for an Excuse.] “If you fucking move, I swear to God,” one cop was heard sayingAt one point someone on the video can be heard saying, “He’s got a gun! Gun!” and one officer can be seen pulling his weapon. After some shouting, what sounds like gunshots can be heard and the camera shifts away.

The police have not said whether Mr. Sterling had a gun, but witnesses told reporters that they saw a handgun on the ground next to him [how convenient]. Mr. Jordan, the lawyer, said Mr. Sterling’s relatives were not aware of him owning a gun. 

William Clark, the coroner of East Baton Rouge Parish, said that Mr. Sterling had died at the scene from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and back. Lieutenant Dunham declined to say whether both officers fired their guns, or if either of them used an electric stun device on Mr. Sterling. No information about fingerprints on the gun or any information about the gun has been released. 

In a Twitter post early Wednesday, the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson called the shooting a “legal lynching.”

Kimberly Lang, who knew Sterling, said she purchased CDs from time to time. And he “did not have a reputation for violence.” According to an Associated Press report, Lang contended that “If Sterling did have a gun on him, it was probably because he feared being robbed while peddling his CDs late at night — not because he was interested in threatening anyone.”

It should be noted that Louisiana is an open carry state. Possession of a firearm without a permit is permissible under state law, by anyone who is at least 17 years of age legally able to possess a firearm under state and federal law.

Causing traffic jams, lighting candles, praying to jesus or allah, singing songs, speech making and a whole bunch of other activities Blacks and Latinos engage in will never stop white supremacy. 


MegaMillions Jackpot Winner to be Named Trump's Running Mate [broke racist idiot has no campaign. No One is running Against Queen Clinton in illusory race]

 Cracker Rich. According to the New York Times, the Trump campaign has not raised a significant amount of money from donors, relying instead on loans from Mr. Trump. The campaign, which is run out of Trump Plaza, ended May with less than $1.3 million on hand. This money couldn't get you even elected to the Richmond City Council. The Clinton campaign, in comparison, has been raising money at a rate more on par with presidential candidates in recent elections. It has $42 million on hand.  Trump's "campaign" also has mismanaged its cash - in May, he spent $907,000 on merchandise such as his stupid trademark hat. [MORE].

Unpopular. Trump has the worst favorable ratings of any Republican nominee in decades. [MORE]. Polarizing, stale and also unpopular, Clinton would probably lose to a dead man or any other not crazy republican candidate [jeb bush] - she needs his racist lunacy to motivate the non-white votary to the polls - so she has the right opponent. 

Idiotic. Last week he warned that Mexico might attack New Hampshire by plane [MORE] and on Saturday he tweeted a blatantly anti-Semitic image causing an immediate backlash online. The tweet featured a picture of Hillary Clinton pasted over a backdrop of $100 bills with a six-pointed star — the Jewish Star of David — next to her face. It is anti-Semitic imagery aimed at a candidate who isn’t even Jewish. “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” the star read. Usually, he’s responded to criticism in the past by playing dumb, as if he’s unaware of what he’s doing. And that same pattern held true — somewhat — on Saturday morning. Moments after tweeting out the Star of David image, he put out a second image with the same language, but with a red circle instead of a star. The first tweet remained up for some time, however, before eventually being taken down.[MORE] and [MORE]

Whatever. Trump plans to announce his running mate before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this month, and has started an “Apprentice”-style search — meeting with possible candidates one by one and then posting on Twitter about it. Who gives a shit about what this mindless simpleton is doing? 

More interesting is that the Mega Millions jackpot has risen to $449 million, making it potentially the 7th largest lottery jackpot in the U.S. You are probably more likely to win the lotto before Trump - -never mind. 

Staged Hoax. This dumb mf is not serious about running for president and this election is fake as hell - leaving Clinton with an easy path to the throne. Like a Harlem Globetrotter opponent, this clown ass mf has no chance by design. Voting is a necessary illusion of the white supremacy system. Here, there is an illusion of voter choice in a make believe open competition for president - making your vote a symbolic token participation in democracy.

Better Go Register to Vote & all that. Always endeavoring to undeceive Amos Wilson explains, 'politicians and the media strive strenuously to convince the Black votary that every conceivable problem which confronts it can be resolved through voting heavily for Black and friendly White politicians. The establishment is ever quick to remind the Black electorate of the historical struggles necessary to achieve their right to vote. It indicts the community for any perceived electoral apathy and seeks to evoke guilt feelings in those who do not participate in the electoral process — making such ritualistic participation emblematic of democracy and first-class citizenship.

This is of special interest when it is realized that very few, if any, of the major political, economic and social goals achieved by Black America, including the Voting Rights Act, were accomplished through Black voting prowessThe ballot box has been a relatively impotent weapon in the achievement of major victories by the Black community. Suddenly vigorous protest and direct-action legal suits and extralegal processes such as boycotts, sit-ins, and the like, which were used so effectively by the community to achieve its sociopolitical ends and to fight injustice and oppression, have fallen far behind the election of Black and friendly White politicians to achieve the same ends. Politicians who in no way are interested in developing a program for the economic emancipation and empowerment of the Black community, and who are not committed to neutralizing White supremacy.' [MORE]

 Like Black Indian said, "vote for your mind and elect yourself." [MORE]


Dr. Blynd: freedumb vs. Phfreedom


Copyright 2004 Chocolate City Press
The Universe of Chocolate City
Resonated & Orchestrated by Dr. Blynd, Ph.F.

freedumb -  the state of unrecognized psychological captivity that sheeple remain in because they don't speak truth to power - and when truth is spoken around them, refrain from being open, or impervious to it. 2) the mindset that proposes "since we are liberated, we are also free." 3) the mindset that operates upon the notion that you can have individuality without accountability or responsibility. 4) the pretence that reality is truth and vice-versa. People cherish and relish their freedumb because they have been socialized into self-censorship along with misidentification with the mind. (See Phreedom). 

Freedumb is just a song to lip sync in your underwear. Don’t connect freedom with independence. Freedom from something and the freedom to do anything you want to do is not true freedom. [The powers that control BET have allowed the above Beyonce video [freeing ass] to be widely re-circulated while they are aggressively scrubbing the complete Jesse Williams speech from the internet as copyright infringement. Wonder why?]  

 Phfreedom - the positive, generative, creative and playful aspect of freedom, i.e., freedom for, not freedom from. 2) the total annihilation of the notion of a phenomenal identity as "self" or "me." 3) the impersonal subjective pronoun "I" (the universal impersonal Consciousness) occupying the position vacated by the notional or illusory personal "me." 4) Consciousness in its unidentified, impersonalized, infinitized universality. 5) the overstanding that there is no universe independent of Consciousness. 6) the feeling of the seamless Unicity of nature. 7) release of the imagined bondage of volition (the feeling of not wanting to make a choice or not having to make a decision). 8) 'Thy Will,' i.e., the expression of the funktioning of the Totality sans a "doer." 'Freedom from' is a form of bondage, 'freedom for' is emancipative but not absolute. Phfreedom can only be the release of one's idea of a separate volitional Self. There is no "me" that can be liberated because there is no objective "me" that is in bondage to begin with—purely a case of mistaken identity. 9) the dawning of a love originating out of a profound depth of realization (anterior to the perceiving mind—from Consciousness itself) that seeks the liberation of the whole—light years beyond the pettiness of the "I am" based personal freedom. Phfreedom is impersonal—the vast impersonal Love for the whole, for all beings and all things. It is the realization that you are the undivided whole. 10) the re-awakening that happens when identification with the body-mind-complex ceases. Phfreedom is not something you possess, but something that possesses you. (See: The Self, Freedom, Disidentification, Entitification, Suddenlightenment, Ego, Shadow, "Me," "I," Supreme Self & I Am).

Phfreedom fighters - men and woman who arm themselves with: greatly increased and applied reading skills, listening skills, bullshit filtering systems, psy-war skills, mentallic skills, knowledge scrolling, truth-editing, organizational skills, reality hacktivism, knowledge of adversaries, truth instead of falsehood, reality instead of truth, library cards, law books, his-story and ourstory books, freedom technology, and firearms training. 2) a martyr who has yet to earn his/her permanent status. (See: Gun Control, Freedom Fighters, Knowledge Scrolling, Trickle-Sell Anemia, Mentallic & Rebellion). [MORE]


Jesse Williams' BET Awards complete speech [courageous] 

html5 video converter by v3.9.1

“The Hereafter is a Hustle” [Waiting, Deferring or Hoping for “Freedom/Change” in the Future [politics] or in the Afterlife [religion] is a bullshit mindgame conducted by the vested interests.]   

There was a glitch in the matrix last Sunday. It occurred during an awards show on BET, a network controlled by elite whites that usually filters out anything real. [The White elite owned media controls what you consume in order to try to control what you think and do.]

At a high point in his career and with much to lose, Jesse Williams left the shore of safety and talked about confronting white supremacy and changing the way we think about ourselves to a national Black audience. Here, he gambled - or risked the known for the unknown. ["only the gamblers know what life is"]

For more on the "invention called whiteness" and race as organization for the purpose of white domination follow the link below:

White supremacy is racism and racism is white supremacy 


White Overseer [officer] said: "Its Our Job as Police to Harass the Public" - $10 Million Lawsuit Claims City of Winslow Responsible for Murder of Unarmed Indian Woman Gunned Down by Psychopathic Cop

The Psychopathic Racial Personality. 'In their relationship with non-whites, racists are psychopaths and their behavior reflects an underlying biologically transmitted proclivity with roots deep in their evolutionary history. The psychopath is an individual who is constantly in conflict with other persons or groups. He is unable to experience guilt, is completely selfish and callous, and has a total disregard for the rights of others.' [MORE]

From [HERE] The family of Loreal Tsingine, a 27-year-old Navajo woman killed in March by a Winslow police officer, on Friday filed a $10.5 million notice of claim against the city.

The claim alleges that Officer Austin Shipley [racist suspect in photo] violated Tsignine’s civil rights and contends the city “uniformly ignored warning signs that Austin Shipley was a threat to the public.”

"The city is responsible for Shipley's homicide because it was negligent in hiring, training, retaining, controlling and supervising Austin Shipley," the claim said.

"Shipley's record demonstrates that he does not exert self-restraint, does not obey law, and ignores orders. Personal feelings and animosity influence his actions and decisions. He is incapable of exerting his authority with courtesy required of servant of the people."

Tsingine was shot and killed on Easter Sunday by Shipley, a Winslow police officer responding to a report of shoplifting at a nearby Circle K. Shipley fired five shots from his firearm after Winslow police say Tsingine brandished a pair of scissors threateningly at him. The shooting spurred an outcry from members of the Navajo Nation, whose reservation borders Winslow, that Native Americans suffer systemic discrimination and excessive use of force at the hands of city police.

The wrongful-death claim names the city of Winslow, Police Chief Stephen Garnett and Shipley as defendants. Tiffany Robbins, Tsingine’s 8-year-old daughter, and Michael Tsingine, her husband, are the claimants. Robert Pastor, the attorney who filed the claim for the family, is seeking $8.5 million for Robbins and $2 million for Michael Tsingine.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety concluded its investigation into the shooting on June 10 and forwarded its findings to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for an independent prosecutorial review at the request of the Navajo County Attorney’s Office, said Raul Garcia, a DPS spokesman.

Shipley has been on paid administrative leave since March. Garnett is scheduled to retire in August.

The claim reviews two eyewitness accounts of Tsingine's shooting, along with police concerns about Shipley that were brought up during his officer training and after he was officially retained as an officer in September 2013.

One eyewitness saw Shipley, who was responding to a shoplifting call, grab Tsingine after he spotted her and got out of his patrol car. She was able to slip out of his grasp and walk away but turned around and faced the officer when he told her to stop, the claim said. The witness saw Shipley fire repeatedly at the woman.

Both eyewitnesses, who were several feet away, said Tsingine had nothing in her hands, the claim said.

According to the claim she posed no threat of death or serious bodily harm to Shipley and shooting her without warning was unreasonable, the claim said. 

“Shipley has a well-documented history of incompetence, insubordination, dishonesty, aggression and unreasonable use of force,” the claim said. Tsingine stood 5 feet tall and weighed less than 100 pounds. Shipley is over 6 feet tall and over 200 pounds.  

Click to read more ...


enforcement of Traffic codes is really just about fucking with Black people and financing White Supremacy: New Study Finds that Cities with Most Blacks Collect the Most Fines 

Have you checked your local traffic code lately? It is deeper than Atlantis - covering things you would expect like changing lanes without caution to prohibitions on having items like scent trees hanging from your rear view mirror. As pointed out by the Supreme Court, "total compliance with traffic and safety rules is nearly impossible, a police officer will almost invariably be able to catch any given motorist in a technical violation. This creates the temptation to use traffic stops as a means of investigating other law violations, as to which no probable cause or even articulable suspicion exists." [MORE] The "multitude of applicable traffic and equipment regulations is so large and so difficult to obey perfectly that virtually everyone is guilty of violation, permitting the police to single out almost whomever they wish for a stop." [MORE

Since the 1980's police departments have co-opted local traffic codes as a major weapon to be used in the alleged "war on drugs." Making stops whose sole legal justification is traffic regulation in order to seek out drugs when grounds are lacking to detain for a narcotics investigation. [MORE]

We should adjust that. The so-called war on drugs was/is really a war against non-white people. Now that crime has significantly declined and the drug trade is far removed from the open air market, violent, Rayful Edmond money-making days of the late 80's - 90's, you can really see what these traffic codes are really about – fucking with Black people. Thousands of mostly white cops from overbudgeted police departments, armed to the teeth, bored out of their minds with no real crime going on, target Blacks - pulling them over for any insubstantial thing. There are too many overseers wherever Blacks and Latino are and they are policing you. With the "war on drugs" policy justification losing credibility, the racist logic is plain to see; "there is no innocent Black male, just Black male criminals who have not yet been detected, apprehended or convicted." [MORE]

After Michael Brown was murdered by a white Ferguson cop the Justice Department concluded that the mistrust between the police and the community primarily resulted from excessive fining. “Ferguson’s law enforcement practices are shaped by the City’s focus on revenue rather than by public safety needs,” the report read. The use of fines to fund the government undermined “law enforcement legitimacy among African Americans in particular.” 

Ferguson has a population of just over 20,000 that is 67% African American, and it raised over $2 million from fines and fees in 2012. This accounted for around 13% of all government revenue, and a disproportionate amount of this money came from the African American population.

Priceomics asked "Is Ferguson an anomaly?" Answer of course is no, not in a system of white supremacy. No statistics are necessary - your own personal experience will do. But for your reading pleasure they made the following findings;

From [HERE] "Using the U.S. Census’s Survey of Local and State Finances, we investigated the proportion of revenues that cities typically receive from fines, as well as the characteristics of cities that rely on fines the most. What are these cities like? Are they rich or poor? In certain parts of the country? Heavily Black or White?

We found one demographic that was most characteristic of cities that levy large amounts of fines on their citizens: a large African American population. Among the fifty cities with the highest proportion of revenues from fines, the median size of the African American population—on a percentage basis—is more than five times greater than the national median.

Surprisingly, we found that income had very little connection to cities’ reliance on fines as a revenue source. Municipalities that are overwhelming White and non-Hispanic do not exhibit as much excessive fining, even if they are poor.

Our analysis indicates that the use of fines as a source of revenue is not a socioeconomic problem, but a racial one. The cities most likely to exploit residents for fine revenue are those with the most African Americans.

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When [elite] White People say Justice they mean Violence/Revenge: 5 White Prosecutors Accounted for 440 death sentences [Government Approved Murder] 

The Rule of a Barbarous Society. From [HERE] and [HERE] Last year, a journalist asked Dale Cox, then the District Attorney of Caddo Parish, Louisiana, about the wisdom of the death penalty in light of the recent exoneration of Glenn Ford, a Black man who spent thirty years on death row for a crime that he did not commit. Cox told the reporter: “I think we need to kill more people.” “Revenge,” he said, “brings to us a visceral satisfaction.” Between 2010 and 2015, Cox alone secured one-third of Louisiana’s death sentences.

Cox’s disproportionate use of the death penalty illustrates a point that Justice Stephen Breyer recently made. “It is now unusual to nd capital punishment in the United States,”5 Breyer wrote, because “capital prosecutions are being pursued in only a few isolated counties.” There are more than 3,100 counties,7 2,400 head prosecutors, and thousands of line prosecutors in America—yet only a tiny handful of prosecutors are responsible for a vastly disproportionate number of death sentences. The question that this disparity prompts is: Why? 

This report analyzes the records of five of America’s deadliest head prosecutors. Three of them personally obtained over 35 death sentences each: Joe Freeman Britt in North Carolina, Bob Macy in Oklahoma, and Donnie Myers in South Carolina. These men shared an obsession with winning death sentences at almost any cost. For example, Joe Freeman Britt, who committed misconduct in more than 36%
of his death penalty prosecutions, 
said: “Within the breast of each of us burns a flame that constantly whispers in our ear ‘preserve life, preserve life, preserve life at any cost.’ It is the prosecutor’s job to extinguish that flame.

The remaining two prosecutors, Lynne Abraham (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania) and Johnny Holmes (Harris County, Texas), did not personally prosecute as many death penalty cases as the three men above, but nonetheless oversaw the imposition of death sentences against a staggering 10812 and 201 people,13 respectively, during their terms.

Of these five prosecutors, only one—Donnie Myers—remains in of office, and he plans to retire at the end of the year. One of the most remarkable findings from our research is the fact that once these prosecutors and their protégés left their positions, death sentences dramatically declined in these jurisdictions--a pattern that has only become clear in the years since their departures.

We also highlight five additional prosecutors who came very close to becoming members of this notorious group. These runners-up have egregious records in their own states, and like the prosecutors above, the striking drop in new death sentences that has occurred in their respective jurisdictions since their departures illustrates their outsized impact on the death penalty.

Unfortunately, the problem of personality-driven capital sentencing has continued beyond the tenure of these prosecutors. Over the past fteen years, prosecutors have pursued far fewer capital cases and juries have returned far fewer death sentences than in years past. Indeed, in 2015, juries returned just 49 death sentences, the fewest in recent history. This number represents an 84.4% drop from the 1996 high of 315 death verdicts. However, in the increasingly small number of the counties that still actively sentence people to death, a handful of prosecutors dominate death-sentencing statistics.

In the final section of this report, we offer a snapshot of three active prosecutors who, if they continue on their current trajectories, may soon join the ranks of the deadliest prosecutors in America. Taken together, the profiles featured in this report demonstrate that the death penalty has been, and continues to be, a personality- driven system with very few safeguards against misconduct and frequent abuse of power, a fact that seriously undermines its legitimacy. [MORE]


Remembering Kalief Browder [16 yr old, wrongfully incarcerated, tortured in solitary] a Year After his Suicide and Why Rikers Island Should be Shut Down

Killed by White Supremacy From [HERE] On June 6, 2015, Kalief Browder took his own life following a brutal wrongful incarceration in New York’s Rikers Island. A year later, on the anniversary of his death, Innocence Project attended his vigil, the Campaign to Shutdown Rikers protest, and interviewed Kalief’s brother Akeem.

Like the majority of Rikers Island prisoners, he was locked up for far too long awaiting trial. The alleged crime? Stealing a backpack which Akeem says never even existed. For two out of the three years he was incarcerated in Rikers, a prison notorious for human rights offenses, Browder was subjected to solitary confinement and beat by prison guards multiples times. Eventually the charges against him were dropped and he was released, but as his brother explains in the video, his spirit was damaged from the abuses he endured and was never able to fully recover. [MORE]


yep. that's what they get for not casting Kevin Hart as Cheeta [the chimpanzee]: Box Office Nightmare - Tarzan Tracking Poorly for July 4th Weekend  

Can I Coon For You Massah? All day. Coin operated Sniggers dressing like women, jumping, screaming, cooning, crying, shining teeth at us, acting vaginal, cowardly and promoting the ongoing smiling black face. Playing themselves in the white media. Fuck that. Stop supporting White Supremacy.  

Anon asks;

"Who Is Most To Blame? Black Comics Or The Black Audience? If we did not support black entertainers who degrade black people, they could not make money doing it. When our "comedy" ridicules our heroes, like Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, our religion, churches, pastors, our beautiful black mommas, and our skin, noses, lips, and hair, WE make it harder for every black man, woman, and child to get respect at home, at work, on the street, in the courts, at the mortgage company, and at the hands of law enforcement.

By supporting and defending black "entertainers" who degrade black people for profit, WE are making life harder for every black male who applies for a job and is denied one because he has been stereotyped as an irresponsible fool before he opens his mouth. WE are making life harder for our black mothers, daughters, wives, and lovers to get the respect they deserve, when they are publicly referred to as "bitches" and "hos" by us. Yet we — black people -- demand respect as "black people" even when it is obvious we DO NOT RESPECT ourselves?" [MORE]

Amos Wilson states: 

"Psychic Violence — The most powerful obstacle against the liberation of Afrikan peoples from White domination and exploitation is not the ability of Whites to use superior military or police firepower or their threat to use it against Afrikan insurgency, but is their ability to engage in unrelenting psychopolitical violence against the collective Afrikan psyche. It is the White monopoly on psychic violence and their devastatingly ingenious use of it against the minds of Afrikan peoples which represent the greatest threat to Afrikan survival. Wrong insightfully points out the nature of this form of violence:

What a surprise. A shitty hollywood movie doing shitty. [T]here is a form of conduct, often described as psychic, psychological or moral force or violence, which does not fit readily under the rubrics of any of the other forms of power. If physical violence involves inflicting damages on the body of a person, how is one to classify the deliberate effort to affect adversely a person's emotions or his feelings and ideas about himself by verbally, or in other symbolic ways, insulting or degrading him? If. . . power includes the production of purely mental or emotional effects and is not confined to the eliciting of overt acts, then the psychic assault of, say, a nagging, browbeating spouse or parent, the defamation of the character of a political foe or even of an entire group, constitute exercises of power. .

Damage to the psyche is surely as real as damage to the body . . . It is plainly not true that 'sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me'. Psychic violence, in which the intended effect of the perpetrator is to inflict mental or emotional harm, is continuous with physical violence.

The ultimate force in the world is the force of mind. When that force is defeated all is lost.

Dominant Whites have used words and symbols to violently and unrelentingly attack oppressed Blacks in a thousand and one nefarious ways, including the projection of dehumanizing stereotypes and caricatures of them; the falsification of their history and culture; the miseducation of Blacks; and the engaging in chronic derisive media attacks on their morals, behavior, intelligence, ways of life, sexuality, physical features, motives and values.

The final end of the violent White-instigated psychic assaults against the collective psyche of Blacks is to induce in them states of false consciousness, self-alienation and self-hatred so as to irreparably impair their capacity to overthrow their White oppressors through the mobilization of their human and material resources.

False consciousness, self-alienation and self-hatred are conjoining states of mind which motivate oppressed Blacks to engage in continuing self-defeating, self-destructive assaults against their own interests and against themselves. Consequently, by these means Blacks are unwittingly manipulated into forming alliances with their oppressors and exploiters in disempowering themselves and in empowering those who dominate and exploit them all the more.

Coercion as Power

The instrumental use of force or the threatened use of force by the power holder to attain the compliance of another is often referred to as coercion. Coercion is therefore a form of power. It is of the utmost importance to note as did Wrong that "a coercer may succeed without possessing either the capability or the intention of using force, so long as the power subject believes he possesses both" [Emphasis added]. That is, the coercive power of the power holder may rest significantly less or not at all on his actual capacity to harm the subject, but may rest more or less completely on the subordinate subject's belief that the power holder can do so. This perspective, commonly referred to as "bluffing," allows us to recognize the fact that in many instances power holders exercise power over their subjects because of the subjects' misperceptions and misunderstandings, or false beliefs about the power holders' ability to restrict their options or possibilities. Wartenberg refers to this situation as the Oz Phenomenon, "for it shows that agents are able to coerce other agents by acting upon their beliefs rather than by controlling their action-environment directly." He further contends

that coercive power relations can be brought into existence by means of the subordinate agent's false understandings about the ability of the dominant agent to harm him. This is an important source of power for a dominant agent so long as her ability to realize her threat is not questioned [and challenged].1 [Emphasis added]

While the ability of the dominant agent to coerce the subordinate subject may rest heavily on the subject's exaggerated misperception of the dominant agent's actual capacity to do him harm, equally and often of greater importance, the ability of the dominant agent to coerce the subject may rest on the subject's misperception and underestimation of his own capacity to successfully thwart the coercive or punitive actions of the dominant agent. The often anemic self-concept of subordinate persons and groups, their low self-esteem, their ignorance of their actual strengths, are more the causes of their subordination than is the actual strength of their oppressors.

The long history of White American domination of Black Ameri­cans — which has been enforced and reinforced by the use of physical force and violence, psychic violence and coercive power — has in effect convinced the majority of Blacks that Whites are invincible. Moreover, this history has undermined the self-confidence of most Blacks, narrowed their vision of their possibilities and power, restricted their aspirations to the narrow confines of racial accommodation and assimilation, to being the paternalistic recipients of White sympathy rather than expanding their aspirations to include the overcoming of White power and achieving full, unfettered self-liberation. The unending maintenance of this self-defeating state of mind in Blacks is the fundamental objective of White power and the keystone upon which the infrastructural facade of White power rests.

We are not arguing here that White power is purely delusional or does not contain truly lethal actualities. However, we are arguing that if Black Americans and Afrikans the world-over do not permit themselves to be "psyched out" by White racist propaganda; if they both recognize and actualize their potential to neutralize White power in either its imagined or actual forms, they can by these means neutralize it. [MORE]


Super Diverse and Humanitarian Staff at Red Cross Approved Racist Poster by Mistake [Donations are up]  

Red Cross Super Sorry it Got Caught Participating in Racist System Based on Deception. Red Cross apologizes for racist pool safety poster that showed only white children obeying rules and brown kids wilding out. After reviewing its posters and then printing millions of them the racist suspects at Red Cross said, "We deeply apologize for any misunderstanding, as it was absolutely not our intent to offend anyone. As one of the nation’s oldest and largest humanitarian organizations, we are committed to diversity and inclusion in all that we do, every day." [MORE

Racism is not merely about bigotry and bad acts done by white people and their institutions; it is a universal operating "system" of white supremacy and domination in which the majority of the world's white people participate.

The word "race," has little biological validity but is translated more correctly as "organization," the sole purpose of which is to maintain white domination and world control of non-whites'. [MORE]. The only purpose of "race" is to practice racism.

"There is no known code of White Supremacy that can be formally recognized as such in a single set of words or pictures. The basic code of white supremacy is the total pattern of everyday thought, speech and action of the individual white persons who practice it. All things that help to promote it are apart of the white code."  [more]


[P]robotic Black Prosecutor [in service of white domination] Failed to Disclose Key Evidence for 8 Months & [P]robotic Black Police Chief Fabricated Evidence to Falsely Convict Black Teen of Murder- served 8 yrs in jail  

Beware of black probots in service of white domination. They are everywhere in high places these days - they look like us but these folks are not real. Programmed in all areas of activity to do things against the interests of Black folks. Back in the day these bots could have run a plantation for master remotely- that is, w/o any white overseers around. According to the Funktionary, a probot is a propagandizing programmed robot. A probot is one who disseminates lies, distortions and convenient mass truths composed by a superior overruling elite. [Can't thank of nuthin but shatt!] [more]

(in above video) Black Probot Explains Away Everything Except Why She Sat on [her fat ass] Police Chief's Confession that he Fabricated Evidence in Murder Case for 8 Months. Kym Worthy  is the current prosecutor of Wayne County, Michigan, home to Detroit. She is known for taking down unfiltered Black mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Although the probots work hard for whitey observe that they are often scarified and then replaced. Here, Chief Tolbert [in photo below] may face perjury charges. And think of other black droids, such as O.J., Bill Cosby or Michael Steele; after serving the master so well they are discarded like . . . like, niggers [nigger means victim of white supremacy. nigger is what is being done to you.] 

Could Racists Have Done it Better? From [HERE] and [HERE] and [HERE] Prosecutors waited eight months before notifying Davontae Sanford’s attorneys about potentially exculpatory evidence, according to a new report released by the Michigan State Police, reports the Detroit Metro Times.

Sanford was released and his conviction was vacated earlier this month after Wayne County prosecutors revealed that an accurate crime scene sketch alleged to have been drawn by Sanford was in fact drawn by a former Detroit deputy chief of police, James Tolbert (in photo). The deputy chief admitted to drawing the sketch in an October 2015 interview with state investigators and the information was not released to Sanford’s defense team until May.

The report brings into question statements made by the case’s prosecutor earlier this month. Specifically, the Wayne County prosecutor had reported on June 9 that she’d only learned of Tolbert’s admission on May 20, 2016. But, according to the new report, the prosecutor’s office was actually informed of the evidence many months before. [MORE] [See June 9th press conference above]

According to the report, which Michigan Public Radio received through a Freedom of Information Act request, on Oct. 6, 2015, state police detectives convened with assistant prosecutors Rob Moran, Jason Williams, and Tom Chambers, and investigator Cory Williams to, as the report says, "discuss our interview results with Chief Tolbert." 

As the report continues, "They were specifically briefed on Chief Tolbert’s statements regarding the diagram that Sanford had allegedly drawn for DPD." [MORE]

As reported by the Detroit Metro Times, Michigan’s code of conduct for its prosecutors mandates that prosecutors “make a timely disclosure to the defense of evidence that could exonerate a suspect.” That prosecutors wanted to investigate such information is not relevant to whether information was exculpatory and therefore should have been disclosed to the defense. Exculpatory evidence is any material evidence that may tend to negate guilt. Impeachment evidence like a confession that the police chief lied in court and told more lies to investigators should have been turned over immediately. The County office is in damage control mode- trying to save her from the bar. Racists could get away with this bs but can a black probot??

Sanford was convicted at just 14 years old of a 2007 quadruple homicide. His conviction was based primarily on a confession—which took place after two days of interrogation without the presence of an attorney or guardian—and the crime scene sketch. The Michigan Innocence Clinic and the Center on Wrongful Convictions of Youth took on the case in 2014, spurring the Michigan State Police to reopen the investigation into the murders.  


Arkansas Supreme Court [an all white jury] says State can Murder its Blacks who Kill Whites [aka the death penalty] w/ Humane but Lethal Chemical Potions made Secretly with Secret Ingredients by Unknown Persons

'Although America goes on claiming to be the greatest democracy in the world, it is sheer bullshit. If killing somebody is a crime, then how can you remove crime from society by committing the same crime again? If murder is wrong, then whether it is committed by the man or by the society and its court, makes no difference. The death penalty is a crime committed by the society against a single individual, who is helpless.' - Bhagwan Rajineesh

A Tool of White Supremacy System of Unequal Power. "In 82% of the studies [reviewed], race of the victim was found to influence the likelihood of being charged with capital murder or receiving the death penalty, i.e., those who murdered whites were found more likely to be sentenced to death than those who murdered blacks." [MORE] and [MORE]

From [HERE] The Arkansas Supreme Court upheld [opinion, PDF] a state law Thursday that allows for the type, manufacturers and sellers of drugs used for lethal injections to be kept confidential. This ruling would allow the execution of eight death row inmates if the stays on their execution dates can be lifted before one of the drugs in the three-drug protocol expires on June 30. A group of the death row inmates had argued that the drug secrecy laws had the potential to lead to cruel and unusual punishment and that the state had failed to keep their pledge to share that information.last 

Capital punishment remains a controversial issue in the US and worldwide. Last month the US Supreme Court upheld a stay of execution for Alabama inmate Vernon Madison. A few days before that a Miami judge ruled that Florida's revamped death penalty law is unconstitutional because it does not require a unanimous agreement among jurors to approve executions. In April Virginia's General Assembly voted to keep secret the identities of suppliers of lethal injection drugs. In February the Eleventh Circuit rejected  a Georgia death row inmate's legal challenge to the death penalty. In January Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood stated that he plans to ask lawmakers to approve the firing squad, electrocution or nitrogen gas as alternate methods of execution if lethal injection drugs become unavailable.


'He Made Me Do It, I was Barely able to get out of the way, blah blah': Video Contradicts [Unconscious] Liar White Cop [Forest Acres] Trying to Kill Black Teen

Drop Your Beliefs. Killer White Cops Also Tell Lies. From [HERE]. In his police report, white police officer Robert Cooper claims he was "barely able to get out of the way" as a Black teen driver tried to run him over, forcing him to shoot into a moving vehicle. But his own dashcam footage made a liar of him. The undidentified teen was shot once and crashed the vehicle further down the road. Apparently, the teen is recovering. The initial traffic stop was for loud music. This is attempt murder - by the white cop.  

A police video released Thursday by the State Law Enforcement Division of the May 19 shooting of a motorist by a Forest Acres police officer shows the officer firing seven shots into a slow-moving car as the Black motorist began to drive away.

“Stop! Stop! Do not make me shoot you!” yells the officer, who is on foot in front of the vehicle with his weapon drawn and pointed at the car’s windshield. The driver is inside a small sedan and is the car’s only occupant.

The officer fires seven shots, rapidly and from a close distance – perhaps less than 10 feet away – as the car moves slowly, turns toward the officer and then appears to try to go around the officer. The motorist then pulls away from the scene and moves out of range of the officer’s dash-cam, which recorded the event. [MORE]

After the event the cop says over and over and over for nearly 20 minutes to other white cops '"I was barely able to get out of the way" 'he tried to run me over,' ''there was nothing I could do,' 'I can't believe he made me do that' and blah blah and all contradicted by his own video. No doubt he has probably been lying about what happened from May 19th until today. Or did he really believe this? 

Mind is a motherfucker. You can't always trust it. Know that whatever you do, whoever you are, if you do it without awareness or unconsciously it will be stupid. You must watch your own mind - see what it is thinking about and see what it is feeling. If you cannot do this you will be easily blown away by whatever comes your way. Play with the cobra [your mind] at your own risk but if you do so you may open the gates of hell, like cop Cooper did. When you are unconscious and then act out of your unconsciousness you are capable of doing anything, including lying or murdering. 

White cop above is unconscious. Why? His mind must have got carried away when he saw a Black teenager. All his thoughts are clouded with smoke and he could no longer physically see things as they are. His mind blocked it. From birth he has been programmed to believe all sorts of idiocy about non-whites [dangerous, inferior beasts doing this and that]. "A mind that is filled with belief is a mind which can project anything according to the belief. When you see things always remember this."  If he is an unaware person, in the presence of non-whites his mind is blown, full of smoke. Anything he does in this sleeping state will be stupid and dangerous b/c he has a belt full of weapons, the power of the state and he is licensed to kill. Here, this dumb mf sees only what his mind allowed him to see. Is he intentionally lying or unconscious? His racist mind has deceived him so badly that he is even out of breath as if he had been running somewhere - yet he had only been driving.  

During an interaction with a white cop this is what you may be dealing with. A psychopath where race is the variable - so you must be aware. Guides and codes will be of no help to you in the present moment of such a confrontation. In fact, blind belief in memorized formatted rules may get you killed. You must be aware of what your mind is thinking and feeling before you also act unconsciously. "Heaven and hell are not geographical. If you go in search of them you will never find them anywhere. They are within you, they are psychological. The mind is heaven, the mind is hell, and the mind has the capacity to become either." [MORE]

Dr. Blynd explains, "awareness is the fundamental force of change for the Self and the natural result of abandoning illusion." [MORE

Unfortunately, in a system of white supremacy most judges, jurors, prosecutors, other white police, elected officials and the white mainstream media will believe almost anything a white cop says. Listen to the other white cop in the video - just preaching to the choir - he witnessed nothing and has no first hand knowledge of anything - but he is a ready made and eager believer - having a strong faith in his white supremacy programming; he would be a good witness for the prosecution, believable to white jurors and 'other directed' non-whites. See white Forest Acres police chief's press conference in video below. 

Even now after the video is released some unconscious white folks will begin to rationalize what they think they see in the video [think Tamir Rice].

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