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For Racist Mascot Bowl [Chiefs vs. Redskins] Excited Racist Suspect Accidentally Promotes Genocide to Sell Burgers at Sonic 

Don't eat there. Like this silly ass sign, racism usually comes out of nowhere. How will you react to it? In a white supremacy system you should expect racism from all white people, everyday. If they are not racist then be pleasantly surprised. Having such an expectation may enable you to have an intelligent or transformative reaction to racism. You will not be surprised and it will not move you as much. White people's behavior in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labour, law, politics, religion, sex and war) is motivated by their fear of genetic annihilation = White plus Black equals Colored. White plus Brown equals Colored. White plus Yellow equals Colored [MORE] and [MORE

From [HERE] and [HERE] Sonic Drive-In has apologized for a racist sign promoting Sunday's Chiefs-Skins game outside one of its restaurants in Belton, Mo. The sign in question said, "'KC CHIEFS' WILL SCALP THE REDSKINS FEED THEM WHISKEY SEND - 2 - RESERVATION."

The uproar began after a photo circulated on Twitter showing the sign in Belton, Missouri.  VP of Public Relations Patrick Lenow, who is white, told NBC News that the unnamed white employee is known for creative signs, but that this one was "in poor taste." The sign was taken down hours later and the employee was "very apologetic," according to Lenow.

Still, Native Americans excoriated the sign as indicative of why Native American mascots need to be banned. Audra Simpson, assistant professor of anthropology at Columbia University in New York City, told NBC News that at "first blush (the sign) is just shockingly racist" and "hateful," but added that the existence of signs like these is not surprising to Native Americans. [MORE

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Nelson Mandela had No Fear of Confronting White Supremacy - [but white supremacy is still undefeated]

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (18 July 1918 – 5 December 2013) was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician and philanthropist who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. He was the first black South African to hold the office, and the first elected in a fully representative democratic election. [MORE]

Unlike so-called Black leaders of today he had no fear of identifying and confronting white supremacy/racism as the major problem facing Black people. He knew that confronting this murderous reality could lead to an unnatural death. According to his legend, he was a "patriot" - in the sense that he was committed to dismantling the system of white supremacy and replacing it with a system of justice. [more But that did not happen during his lifetime. 

And Still the Heaviest, Heavyweight Champion of the World. Thus far, Non-white persons have been unable to decode the white supremacist/racist playbook - all persons who have attempted to establish justice and/or to eliminate racism have failed - 'it is a losing streak that is centuries long.' [MORE]

Neely Fuller explains that "of all the white people in the known universe, it is those who practice white supremacy (racism) who have the greatest will, the greatest ability, to do whatever they choose to do in all areas of people activity including economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, sex and war. They have also shown, through the practice of white supremacy, that they have the great will and great ability to subjugate non-white people, basically through the skilled use of deceit and violence. They maintain this subjugation through a day-to-day "code" of thought, speech and action, utilizing a variety of words and deeds in a manner that promotes falsehood, non-justice, and incorrectness."  

Although this 'daily code' of white supremacy is right in front of our eyes, non-white people fearfully look away -- pretending that issues of class are to blame or that white Republicans are the source of our collective mistreatment. There is great fear in recognizing reality because to do so would mean that once and for all something must be done about it. Mandela is a role model in this way. Rather than hurrying or busying himself in the simple minded or cynical, endless pursuit of pleasure and excitement or contentment with maintaining a level of survival he acted to resist white supremacy and was willing to to give his life for the achievement of justice. 

According to Frances Cress Welsing, this fear of recognizing white supremacy 'coming from our Black collective is consistent with submission to and/or cooperation with the racist oppressive dynamic - albeit with an historical and continuing chorus of complaints and worrying. This thinking and behavior is also consistent with the illusion that there can be a complete integration of non-whites into the white supremacy system.'  [MORE]  Non-white people can never be integrated into a white supremacy system. [MORE]. "The victims of Racism (non-white people) are neither "separate" from the racists, nor are they "integrated" with the racists. Therefore under this condition, the victims of Racism have only two choices: 1) act in support of the practice of racism, or 2) act to eliminate the practice of racism" [MORE]

Last March Nine South African police officers pleaded not guilty to charges of killing a man who died after being dragged behind their police van - after police tied him to it. [MORE]

Historians label different episodes  "Jim Crow", "Segregation" and so on but they all lead to a refinement of white supremacy [decrease the necessity for using direct violence against non-white people, preferring to use deceit to gain acquiescence and control]. 

The "apartheid" system is part of this highly observable pattern. It might be gone, but the system of white supremacy rolls on 24/7, worldwide in all areas of people activity. In South Africa, white people own the vast majority of all the land and 85% of Black people are poor (see article below). In fact some have said that "the ANC government now is simply an extension of the apartheid government."  Even now the media is working to sell you that white supremacy will somehow be buried along with Nelson Mandela - this of course is the opposite of reality and that is the point. Go turn it own and see for yourself...   

The Illusion of Freedom. For white people, South Africa's economic growth since the fall of apartheid has been significant, according to a new report from investment banking firm Goldman Sachs. Among the advances made in the economy since 1994, the gross domestic product (GDP) jumped from $136 billion to $400 billion and the number of households with electricity went from nearly 60 percent to 85 percent. Among other changes: tax receipts increased from $114 billion to $814 billion and the Johannesburg stock market cap went from $3 billion to $50 billion.

These numbers mean little to the Black population. There are stark racial inequalities in terms of income, with 85 percent of blacks poor, while 87 percent of whites are middle to upper class.  [MORE] and [MORE]. The number of South Africans living on less than a dollar a day has doubled along with the number of millionaires in the country.

Eight Black men, among them Nelson Mandela, raise their fists in defiance through the barred windows of a prison car in 1964 after receiving a life sentence for conspiracy, sabotage and treason. [MOREA former U.S. official said the CIA Helped Jail Mandela. [MORE]

Aside from the low pay and poor working conditions, black South Africans have to deal with a 29 percent unemployment rate. Nationwide, the rate is number four in the world at 25 percent and has not dropped below 22 percent since 2007.  Unemployment levels among young black workers is nearing 50 percent. Also, 73 percent of top business managers are white. Meanwhile average earnings for black households are a sixth of their white counterparts. Therefore, the overall labor market for black South Africans, is in an abysmal state of affairs. 

Prior to the apartheid, two land acts – one in 1913 and one in the 1930′s – were passed in which over 90 percent of all land was seized by white settlers, confining the indigenous population to the measly leftovers. At the end of apartheid and the rise of ANC political machine, land was supposed to be transferred back to black ownership in an attempt to even the playing field. However, since that time very little land has been redistributed to the black population. Some estimates put the figures of white land ownership at between 50 and 87 percent, while whites only make up about 10 percent of the population.

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Where Does Obama Stand on Black Unemployment again? At the End of the Line. Black Unemployment Almost Double the National Average

From [HERE] Despite continued depression-like joblessness amongst Blacks and Latinos, this morning's official unemployment report registered the lowest overall jobless rate in five years. According to the Department of Labor, the percentage of those actively looking for work but who could not find it fell to seven percent.  The jobless rate for African Americans is almost double that at nearly 13 percent and for Latinos it's close to 9 percent. Overall the numbers show that the economy continues to inch forward but in a sideways sort of way.

Alongside the difficult black and Latino unemployment numbers is the fact that the November report showed surprising gains across the board - for white people. The number of people unemployed for less than five weeks fell by 300,000 and full-time work grew versus part-time work. Additionally, hundreds of thousands of white workers are less discouraged about the job market than a year ago and the number of people opting out of job hunting due to frustration has stabilized, though it remains at a near thirty-five year low. [MORE]

The Showcase President. According to Neely Fuller, in a white supremacy system, it is white supremacists who are responsible for everything that happens or does not happen in regards to non-white people. "Whatever a Black person gets, and/or is allowed to keep, is the result of decisions made by White Supremacists. This is the functional meaning of White Supremacy (Racism) that many people — particularly non-white people — prefer not to acknowledge. [MORE]

In photo, the non-white votary waiting in long Jim Crow line in Ohio to vote early for Obama last November. Many were motivated by Obama racism to vote for him. 


Tennessee Wants to execute 11 inmates (43% of them are Black and 100% of the Prosecutors are White)

Since 1977, the overwhelming majority of death row defendants (80%) have been executed for killing white victims, although whites make up only 50% percent of all homicide victims. In a 1990 report, the non-partisan U.S. General Accounting Office found “a pattern of evidence indicating racial disparities in the charging, sentencing, and imposition of the death penalty.”

A North Carolina study, based on data from 502 murders occurring between 1993 and 1997 found that defendants whose victims are white are 3.5 times more likely to be sentenced to death than those with non-white victims. Underlying the statistical evidence is the differential treatment of African-Americans at every turn:

  • All of Tennessee’s District Attorneys General are white. These are the people who decide whether or not to seek the death penalty. ("Prosecutors, more than any other officials in the system, have the power, discretion, and responsibility to remedy the discriminatory treatment of African Americans in the criminal justice process." [MORE]) 
  • African Americans make up 43% of Tennessee’s death row population but only 17% of its total population. [MORE]

From [HERE] A recent maneuver out of the state attorney general’s office in Tennessee is being called unprecedented after officials there asked the Supreme Court for permission to execute 10 prisoners currently on death row.

Those ten inmates have been awaiting execution an average of more than 27 years, but the state put a hold on the practice of putting prisoners to death in 2011 after it was forced to surrender its supply of sodium thiopental, a sedative that had up until then been one of three components used in the lethal cocktail administered by executioners in Tennessee.

Just this September, though, the Tennessee Department of Correction announced it would be switching to a single-drug lethal injection method, relying instead on just one narcotic, pentobarbital, which had been used primarily by veterinarians up until recently when other states began administering it to death row inmates.

The use of pentobarbital as the sole drug of choice at executions across the United States has generated a fair share of criticism and safety concerns in recent years, but it isn’t the narcotic that’s now raising questions in Tennessee. Rather, officials are being asked to explain why for the first time presumably ever they’ve ordered at once death warrants for 10 separate individuals.

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What is the Real Purpose? New Stop & Frisk Stats: Only 1 in 50 arrests (0.1%) of all stops, led to a conviction for a violent crime

The Stop & Frisk, Identification & Detainment of non-white people by the police is to control the movement of non-white people, and to demean and terrorize them; all of which further the goals of white supremacy. [MORE] and [MORE]. Measures such as "stop and frisk" and "papers please" identification laws aimed at all non-whites 'who look illegal or undocumented' are similar to the various movement restriction and ID measures aimed at Jews during Nazi Germany. Such non-laws were preconditions to genocide.[MORE

According to Raul Hilberg: "the whole [Nazi] identification system, with its personal documents, specially assigned names, and conspicuous tagging in public, was a powerful weapon in the hands of the police. First, the system was an auxiliary device that facilitated the enforcement of residence and movement restrictions. Second, it was an independent control measure in that it enabled the police to pick up any Jew, anywhere, anytime. Third, and perhaps most important, identification had a paralyzing effect on its victims. The system induced the Jews to be even more docile, more responsive to command than before. The wearer of the star was exposed; he thought that all eyes were fixed upon him. It was as though the whole population had become a police force, watching him and guarding his actions. No Jew, under those conditions, could resist, escape, or hide without first ridding himself of the conspicuous tag, the revealing middle name, the telltale ration card, passport, and identification papers. Yet the riddance of these burdens was dangerous, for the victim could be recognized and denounced. Few Jews took the chance. The vast majority wore the star and, wearing it, were lost." (11) [MORE].

Here, in a white supremacy system there is no need for a yellow star, it is your skin color that identifies you as a target. [MORE] and [MORE].

From [HERE] Mayor Michael Bloomberg has often defended New York City’s discredited stop-and-frisk program by arguing that it is necessary to cut crime. That claim was never credible; crime declined in cities that did not detain citizens millions of times over the course of the decade, as New York did, often without legitimate reason. In photo, NYPD Commissioner R. Kelly, who stated that he targeted and focused on Blacks & Latinos because he wanted to instill fear in them that every time they left their homes they could be targeted by police. [MORE]

Similarly, crime is down in New York City, even though new stop-and-frisk data made public last week shows that the Police Department has greatly reduced the number of times officers have stopped and frisked people on the street.

Indeed, the evidence suggests that the department could have reached its public safety goals by using stop-and-frisk legally, when officers had legitimate suspicion of criminal activity, instead of in a way that undermined confidence in law enforcement and violated the Constitution.

Above, White NYPD Deputy Inspector Recorded Telling an Officer to Target Young Black Men Wearing Dark Clothing [MORE]

New York City in 2012 had the lowest murder count in at least 50 years, and it is on pace to have even fewer murders this year. At the same time, the number of stops by police officers has dropped precipitously from more than 200,000 in the first quarter of 2012, the high-water mark of the program, to just over 21,000 in the third quarter of this year. If stops alone were holding back a hidden tsunami of crime, the city would have been overwhelmed by now.

A Federal District Court ruled in August that the tactics underlying the program violated the rights of black and Hispanic citizens, who were disproportionately singled out. Data presented at trial showed that only 6 percent of the stops resulted in arrests.

In photo, Racist Suspect Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a new high school on Friday will be named after Nelson Mandela. "The Mandela School for Social Justice." [cameras will be everywhere]

A new analysis by the state attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, of nearly 150,000 such arrests suggests that they netted few serious criminals. According to the report, only 1 in 50 arrests, or 0.1 percent of all stops, led to a conviction for a violent crime; similarly, just 1 in 50 arrests led to conviction for possession of a weapon. Nearly half of arrests resulted in no convictions because those arrested were never prosecuted; had their cases dismissed; or received an “adjournment in contemplation of dismissal,” which means that the charge is dismissed if the person stays out of trouble for six months or a year.

The collateral costs of an arrest, however, can be disastrous for the person arrested. It can mean losing public housing, student loans or job opportunities. Beyond that, the program wastes the time and resources of district attorneys who have to dispose of the resulting cases. According to the attorney general’s report, the stop-and-frisk era has also seen a dramatic increase in damage claims against the police.

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Atlantic City Police Unleash Dog[s] on Black Man after Stopping him for being in 'Drug Neighborhood' 

"Every time they hit me they said, Shut up Nigger!" From [HERE] A federal judge is raising questions about the Atlantic City police department's handling of brutality complaints against its officers. U.S. District Judge Joel Schneider in Camden is presiding over a 2010 excessive-force lawsuit against two Atlantic City officers who have faced nearly 80 complaints between them. None has been upheld by Internal Affairs.

The city previously provided summaries of the cases against the officers, Sgt. Frank Timek (in photo with police attack dog Vader) and Officer Sterling Wheaten. But The Press of Atlantic City reports Schneider has ordered the city to turn over the full Internal Affairs reports.

The judge says those reports are needed to determine if the city has been, as alleged, "deliberately indifferent to the violent propensities of its police officers.''

Julius Adams is the latest non-white person to file a lawsuit against the Atlantic City Police department, claiming he was the victim of excessive force from Sgt. Timek and another officer. "I was in handcuffs in a puddle of blood," Adams said. "They tried to kill me. They literally tried to kill me."

Adams says Timek and another officer approached him and two friends early last year after they finished gambling around midnight. Adams claimed they walked several blocks from the casino before Timek stopped them and told them they were near a drug neighborhood.

"They told us, 'Up against the wall!'" Adams said. "I said, 'Up against the wall for what?' They said, 'Oh you got a smart mouth huh? I said up against the wall!'" According to Adams, Timek let his friends go but released his police dog on him. "He ran straight to me on my leg and I started screaming," Adams said. Adams says the officers started beating him and then released a second police dog.

"I got two dogs biting me, playing tug o' war on my leg and they were still hitting me and kicking me," Adams said. "And every time they hit me they said, 'Shut up nigger! Shut up nigger!" Adams says he lost some use of his leg, is in constant pain and still has nightmares. ["in the absence of white supremacy niggers would not exist."]

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Lawsuit says West Baton Rouge Police Stopped Black Man for Wearing Saggy Pants - then Killed him in a "Callous & Cowardly Manner"

From [HERE] and [HERE] Exactly one week after Ervin Edwards was found dead inside a padded jail cell in the West Baton Rouge Parish Prison, his family filed a lawsuit Tuesday in Federal Court. "He walked into that police station. He walked in there and he had to be rolled out." 

According to the lawsuit, Edwards was traveling with his girlfriend back to Jefferson Parish when he stopped for gas in Port Allen. The couple got into a minor altercation and police were dispatched on the scene around 5:47 p.m. after the clerk at the station called 911.

By the time officers arrived the couple had stopped arguing, the lawsuit states (in other words at the time of the stop Edwards was not disturbing the peace or otherwise engaged in any unlawful activity -bw). However, sheriff’s deputies questioned Edwards anyway because he was wearing sagging pants, the lawsuit reads.

According to the lawsuit, when Edwards became flippant with deputies about his pants the deputies told him he was going to jail. In the lawsuit it states Edwards jerked away from a deputy and asked, “Why am I going to jail? I didn’t do anything.”

Another deputy grabbed Edwards and threatened to use a stun gun on him if he didn’t submit to police, the lawsuit states. Edwards’ girlfriend told officers not to shoot Edwards with the stun gun because he had high-blood pressure, had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and was deaf in his left ear, which she explained as the reason he spoke so loudly to authorities.

After deputies were able to handcuff Edwards, identified in the lawsuit as weighing more than 300 pounds, he was transported to the parish jail where he died in a padded cell shortly after he arrived, the lawsuit states.

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'We are the children of immigrants’: Paris marches against racism

The operating system of white supremacy is a global system of oppression. From [HERE] A woman holds a banner that reads, "My planet is beautiful France.... My race is human, I am a woman" as she attends a protest march called "The March for Equality and against Racism" in Paris November 30.


Confused Victim of White Supremacy Martin Bashir Resigns after Overreacting to Sarah Palin's Racist Provocation 

Racism is conduct designed to provoke you. White people are the most provocative people on the planet and Racism is one of the most powerful motivating forces in the universe.  Above, provocative racist suspect, Sarah Palin, throws out red meat to her white base to get them motivated and in so doing she also provokes non-white person, Martin Bashir. (Is her point really about the debt or does she just want to say the words, "racist" and "slavery" and 'Black president' to her "victimized" white people base? - this is the only program the White Party (republicans) is running.)

As stated by Dr. Welsing, "for the sake of Black mental health and for Black intelligence, all people of color must understand the dynamics of racism/white supremacy, what it is and how it works, so that they can have an appropriate, self-respecting response to racism/ white supremacy." [MORE]

Race is not real but racism is. [MORE] You should expect racism from white people every day - if they are not racist then be pleasantly surprised. Having such an expectation may enable you to have an intelligent or transformative reaction to racism and to constructively solve problems.  It will not move you as much. You must be mindful that white people practice racism to survive when you are in their presence. [MORE]  ("It is pathological for Blacks to keep attempting moral suasion on a people who have no ethics or morality where race is a variable" [MORE]). You will see racism but stop carrying it as much and you will not take it for something real. 'Like dealing with a child who says, "Mom, this happened. Dad, I need that. Hey, look at me." The parent says, "yes sure, ok. But doesn't take it too seriously - your mind is not caught up in the story, because you don't think in that way.' 

This detached reaction is not shock, outrage, crying, begging, or violent. Such reactions cause stress, anger, misery, strokes, incarceration, death or get you fired like Mr. Bashir. Like most victims of white supremacy, Bashir is absolutely confused by racism/white supremacy. [MORE]  After consuming Sarah Palin's racist message he became hurt & angry and then made his angry comments. What did he expect from this racist suspect and who is he complaining to? Here, he got caught up in the substance of the story/illusion; that is, caught up in Sarah Palin's nonsensical racist analogy - which is a form of mental bondage, for real. 

He also has misunderstood his position in the white supremacy system; all non-white people are in the powerless class. Did he really think a Pakistani man could get away with talking shit about a white woman like that on a network owned by maker of nuclear weapons, General Electric during prime time? In a white supremacy system folks like him just get filtered out. Like Christopher Dorner, game over for him and no problems were solved. 

From [HEREMartin Bashir has resigned from MSNBC as a result of the derogatory comments he made on the air a few weeks ago about Sarah Palin. He joined the network in 2010.

Bashir had slammed Sarah Palin for her remarks comparing U.S. indebtedness to China to slavery and cited the diaries of a former plantation owner who punished slaves by having someone defecate in their mouth or urinate on their face.

He suggested the former Alaska governor deserved the same treatment.

"When Mrs. Palin invokes slavery, she doesn't just prove her rank ignorance. She confirms if anyone truly qualified for a dose of discipline from Thomas Thistlewood, she would be the outstanding candidate," he said in the Nov. 15 outburst.

In response, officials at Palin's political action committee demanded the NBC take action against Bashir for the comments. [MORE]


'Everywhere one finds Whites and Blacks in close proximity to each other, Whites are in Control.' Detroit to Begin "Re-organization" [Negro Removal] Plans

Above Sandy Baruah, president and CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber, reacts to a bankruptcy judge's ruling that Detroit met all the eligibility criteria for Chapter 9 filing, clearing the city to go forward with a plan of reorganization"Everywhere one finds Whites and Blacks in close proximity to each other, whether it is Chicago or Zimbabwe, the Whites are in control. Yet Blacks rarely question this extraordinary universal phenomenon which defies every knowm statistical law of probability."[MORE]

From [HERE] and [HERE] A judge’s decision to allow super slum Detroit to fix its finances in bankruptcy court raises a flurry of questions about what happens next. Bankruptcy opponents want to file appeals immediately to the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, a move that could put the case on hold. They believe Judge Steven Rhodes is wrong in saying pensions can be cut, among other issues.

In an oral ruling, Judge Steven Rhodes authorized the bankruptcy filing, declaring the city insolvent [WP report] because it owes approximately $18 billion to more than 100,000 creditors, which is harming the city's residents and making it essentially impossible for the city to negotiate with creditors. [MORE]

The judge has told the city to come up with a plan to exit bankruptcy by March 1. But the city’s emergency manager, Kevyn Orr, says he’d like to have one ready weeks earlier. [Yes right now the city is run by a white law firm - but there is a new white mayor who was elected by the non-white votary after the White Party (Republican) Governor replaced Detroit's elected black leaders (the Mayor and City Council) who is likely to soon be put back in charge - because he is white.) The plan could include anything from selling assets, such as art, to cutting pensions and more. Detroit would need the support of creditors and the judge to emerge from bankruptcy. [MORE]

White people and their media are carrying on like they are here to save Detroit. Save it from whom? - certainly not non-white people who own much of nothing in Detroit. 

Black people should stop pretending they have power they do not have -  like they are in charge of this or that. It is not true. Black people in Detroit and their elected officials had no real power to do anything to save the City. Understanding this reality may be a path to actually do something about our zero status. Belief that we have some illusional power is actually submission to and cooperation with white supremacy. [MORE]

The Packard Motors plant looks as if a wrecking ball has swung through the top floors, but the building has just been left to collapse.[MORE

Whatever happened or did not happen in Detroit is the result of white supremacists/racists as they control everything in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labour, law, politics, religion, sex and war) - 24/7, worldwide. Neely Fuller explains that "in a socio-material system dominated by White Supremacists, all major decisions involving non-white people are made by White Supremacists. "Whatever a Black person gets, and/or is allowed to keep, is the result of decisions made by White Supremacists. This is the functional meaning of White Supremacy (Racism) that many people — particularly non-white people — prefer not to acknowledge." [MORE

Homes as Low as 1$ Right now Detroit is 90% non-white [like the world]  - 83 percent black and 7% Latino. How will these numbers change under the so-called re-organization? The following are actual homes that are for sale for real in Detroit - courtesy of Remax. This is not a joke or a Black Friday sale, the prices listed are the complete sale price. Who do you think will be buying them? 

13996 Indiana Street Detroit, MI 48238 Listing Price $1 (one dollar) 
8096 Georgia St Detroit, MI 48213 Listing Price $ 1
4415 Fischer St Detroit, MI 48214 Listing Price $50
13216 Klinger St Hamtramck, MI 48212 Listing Price $ 50

3047 Parker St Detroit, MI 48214 Listing Price $ 150

14284 Saratoga St Detroit, MI 48205 Listing Price $ 200
and many [MORE]

The Only 'Knockout Game' Going on is White Supremacy - CNN Shows Racist Suspects How to Defend Themselves from Black People in ‘Animal Kingdom’

"Nothing stirs up white racial anxiety like a black-against-white race war. Never mind the fact that there isn’t one. According to conservative media, there is a growing but underreported black-versus-white race war in America. There’s no data, of course, just some strung together anecdotes... The manufactured race war in general conveniently feed a larger conservative narrative —reminding white America of how dangerous and scary black men are and how white people, especially white men, are the real victims." [MORE] Here is an example of such propaganda:

From [ThinkProgress] CNN won’t concede the so-called knockout game might be a fake, despite widespread doubt from news sources and New York Police Commisioner Ray Kelly. Instead, it aired an interview Tuesday that perpetuated the racist media narrative of the game, where CNN guest Rabbi Gary Moskowitz, a black-belt rabbi, instructed Jewish people how to defend themselves from perpetrators he compared to animals.

“The issue is … they’re not just attacking Jews theologically. What they’re doing is, they’re attacking weaker people. It’s very much like the animal kingdom,” he said. “They’re attacking weaker people. So they attack elderly women, they attack children. And Jewish people, unfortunately, especially in the Orthodox community are considered weak.”

Throughout the segment, CNN aired video of a black man attacking a white victim on a loop. The Atlantic Wire’s Philip Bump notes that the segment included a demonstration with CNN anchor Don Lemon throwing a fake punch at Moskowitz. watch it:

Media panic over the “knockout game” has elevated a few isolated events to a fake widespread, growing phenomenon. But fringe conservative sites, and now networks like CNN, have latched onto portraying young black men as violent. [MORE]

In reality non-whites cannot practice racism against white people in a white supremacy system. According to Anon, "of course, all people can be hateful or prejudiced. Those terms describe individual behaviors, not systematic power. Racism is the COLLECTIVE behaviors of a group. A white individual within a system of racism/white supremacy has the implicit or explicit support of that system IF they choose to practice racism.

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(nazi movement restrictions/ID measures) Rochester Cops Arrest Black Students Waiting for Bus - Ordered to ‘Disperse’

"Anyone [Black] could be “just downtown, minding your own business, and next thing you know, anything can happen.” 

From [HERE] Three African-American students who were waiting for a school bus in Rochester, New York were arrested on Wednesday morning when police officer told them to “disperse,” even though witnesses said they did nothing wrong. None of the children have ever been arrested before. 

According to WROC, basketball coach Jacob Scott had arranged for a [yellow] school bus to pick up the boys to take them to a scrimmage on a day when school was closed.

A police report claimed that the boys were blocking “pedestrian traffic while standing on a public sidewalk…preventing free passage of citizens walking by and attempting to enter and exit a store…Your complainant gave several lawful clear and concise orders for the group to disperse and leave the area without complaince [sic].”

But the students and the coach dispute the police version of events. “We didn’t do nothing,” student Raliek Redd explained. “We was just trying to go to our scrimmage.”  “We was just waiting for our bus and he started arrested us,” student Wan’Tauhjs Weathers added.

Daequon Carelock, who was also arrested, lamented that anyone [Black] could be “just downtown, minding your own business, and next thing you know, anything can happen.”

[In Nazi Germany , as part of the destruction process of the Jews, Hitler created an elaborate system of movement restrictions and identification measures that included personal Jew identification cards, passports marked with a J, assignment of names and the outward marking of persons with a yellow star. Jews age six years or older were allowed to appear in public only when wearing the Jewish star. [MORE] In a white supremacy system there is no need for any such star - you are targeted because you are non-white.] 

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White Law Firm Runs Racist Commercial [the joke is on you!]

From [HERE] Guess the counselors over at McCutcheon & Hamner do not have any non-white clients or judges to face. Stop supporting businesses and entertainers who demean non-white people. [MORE]

Making fun of how Black people talk also sells chicken for KFC (gameday bucket go boom!):

and Popeyes

and crappy little cars

and speakers

"Living Apart": HUD's Futile Battle with White Supremacy - "No Way to Integrate Racism"

White Supremacy can Never be Integrated. The following article from ProPublica about housing discrimination should be considered in the context of the racism/white supremacy dynamic. Neely Fuller explains that "there is no way to integrate racism. Racism can either be practiced or not practiced." [MORE

White People Fear. If whites and non-white people live together then they may go to school together and socialize together; then if they socialize together they may intermix or intermingle with one another. What result then? Why does "interracial" or white plus non-white freak white people out so much?

White genes are genetic recessive. White genes or the "white race" cannot be reproduced when mixed with non-white persons. White plus Black equals Colored. White plus Brown equals Colored. White plus Yellow equals Colored. This means white people can be genetically annihilated through assimilation. 

White people practice racism to survive -- the operating system of white supremacy functions to keep them alive. As stated by Dr. Welsing, "indeed, if white people had not created such a global system in which they established power over the world's non-white majority, the white collective would have been genetically extinct a long time ago." [MORE]. The only thing white people want to integrate is Africa. [MORE

Dr. Cress Welsing  explains, "the mass inability of whites to live and attend school in the presence of non-whites is expressed in the patterns of Black and white housing and education throughout this country and the world. In terms of the Color-Confrontation thesis, this inability is seen as the apparent psychological discomfort experienced by whites in situations where, in confronting their neighbors of color, they must face their color inadequacy daily.

Also, the myth of white superiority is exploded in the presence of equitable social and economic opportunity. The white personality, in the presence of color, can be stabilized only by keeping Blacks and other non-whites in obviously inferior positions. The situation of mass proximity to Blacks is intolerable to whites because Blacks are inherently more than equal. People of color always will have something highly visible that whites never can have or produce — the genetic factor of color. Always, in the presence of color, whites will feel genetically inferior. [MORE]

"As a war for white genetic survival, racism/white supremacy is a system into which non-white people never can be integrated." [MORE] To the extent that racists have anything to do with provding safe, affordable housing to non-white people, so-called "fair" housing laws will never be enforced. 

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White Supremacy is Carried Out Through Violence: Dallas Police Terrorize & Batter Black Man Driving Home with 3 yr old daughter - suit filed

From [HERE] and [HERE] A Black man is suing the city, and two Dallas Police Department officers, over an “unnecessary, unreasonable, excessive” 2012 arrest that he says culminated in several surgeries and a laundry list of medical problems. And he has dash-cam video he believes will help make his case.

George Pogue says in a federal suit filed Tuesday, which you can read below, that at around 10 p.m. on June 19 of last year, he was driving west on Fort Worth Avenue near N. Hampton Road with a friend in the front seat and his 3-year-old daughter in the back seat. According to the suit, officers Jason Arozamena and Louis Pacheco were heading the opposite direction when they “shined a spotlight on plaintiff’s vehicle, made a U-turn, and then followed the plaintiff.”

Pogue insists the officers took a long time to turn on their sirens and their lights as they followed him home. In the end, he says, the arrest warrant affidavit says the officers were going to pull him over for failing to use his signal during a lane change — though KTVT-Channel 11 says he was eventually stopped for having a broken headlight and because his daughter wasn’t properly restrained (how is the child visible? how is the headlight visible? Police came from the opposite direction and then turned around to stalk from behind so they should have immediately pulled him over for alleged headlight infraction -Bw).

Regardless of the charges, one thing is clear: As the video shows, once Pogue finally pulled into his driveway, the officers rushed his car with guns drawn. According to Channel 11′s Jack Fink and the lawsuit, it’s Arozamena seen in the video first pointing his gun to Pogue’s head, then using his Taser on Pogue once he gets out of the car and tries to walk away.

Pogue “fell to the ground on his right side back while feeling the effects of the Taser through his body, including his arms and legs,” says the suit. “Plaintiff initially thought that he had been shot by the officer’s gun as it previously drawn to this head. Plaintiff felt immense pain and began to pull the probes out of his skin to stop the pain.”

At that point, says the suit, Pacheco started to punch and kick the unarmed Pogue, who was tased a second time within 13 seconds by Arozamena. He was finally cuffed and taken to Dallas County Jail — but, Pogue says, not before the officers stopped at a 7-Eleven for a half-hour break during which they “could be observed eating food and talking on their cell phones during this time,” says the suit.

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