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Smirking White Prosecutor says No Charges for White Cop from White Grand Jury. No Justice in Racist System of Unequal Power [Time to Get Some Power]

Chief Cooperator Obama asks for Law and Order. Violence against property will not be tolerated. Violence against people will not be tolerated unless it is done by white cops.


Ferguson Prosecutor Lied. Judge Never Agreed to Release Grand Jury Records if there is No Indictment  

Racist Suspect Prosecutor Full of Deception. From [HERE] The wait continues for the mostly white St. Louis County grand jury decision in the Michael Brown shooting case, but on Sunday KSDK-TV learned that the evidence the panel is hearing may not be released after all.

If white Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson is indicted in the shooting death of Brown, evidence presented to the grand jury would not be released because it would be used during the trial. In an interview a few weeks ago, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch said the judge agreed that the records would be made public if there is no indictment.

"If there is not an indictment returned in any case, then the case is closed and the records are closed. Unless the judge orders that they be opened. So in this case, we have asked the judge if there is no indictment returned, and no charge on anything, we have asked the judge, and she has agreed, that the records will be made public," McCulloch said.

But Sunday, St. Louis County Director of Judicial Administration Paul Fox released a statement saying that St. Louis County Circuit "Judge Whittington has entered no such order or made no such agreement."

According to the letter "If the Grand Jury returns a no true bill, the Judge anticipates the Court will receive requests for Grand Jury records. Some of those requests will require the Court to analyze the need for maintaining secrecy of the records with the need for public disclosure of the records.

The Court had done no such analysis. In order to analyze the need for maintaining secrecy, the Court will need information it does not have. It does not know the names of the witnesses who have testified before the Grand Jury and it has not heard the testimony or read transcriptions of testimony.   The Court has not seen documents or material presented to the Grand Jury.

The Court awaits the decision of the Grand Jury. The Court will thereafter be guided by the law in its response to requests for Grand Jury records. The quote attributed to me in the Post-Dispatch this morning is not accurate." [MORE]


"Barbaric Beyond Measure": White Prosecutor Continues to Block Black Man's Release from Prison. Murder Conviction Overturned 3 Times - Albert Woodfox held in Solitary Confinement Over 30 Years

From [HERE] A federal appeals court has upheld a lower court ruling ordering Louisiana to release Albert Woodfox, a former Black Panther who has spent more than 40 years in solitary confinement, longer than any prisoner in the United States. Woodfox and the late Herman Wallace, another prisoner of the "Angola 3," were convicted of murdering a guard at Angola Prison. The Angola 3 and their supporters say they were framed for their political activism. A federal judge ruled last year that Woodfox should be set free on the basis of racial discrimination in his retrial. It was the third time Woodfox’s conviction has been overturned, but prosecutors have negated the victories with a series of appeals. Thursday’s ruling by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the order for Woodfox’s release in a unanimous decision. But prosecutors could still delay its enforcement with more appeals to keep Woodfox behind bars. [MORE]

Racist suspect Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell (in photo above), on Friday, said he disagrees with the ruling and his staff "remain committed" to upholding the conviction. [MORE]

Four Decades of Solitary in Louisiana. From [HERE] Richard Nixon was president when Albert Woodfox landed in solitary confinement, along with another inmate, both convicted of the 1972 murder of a Louisiana prison guard named Brent Miller.

Mr. Woodfox is still there.

Now 67 years old, he has maintained his innocence of the murder from the start. He has been held in isolation longer than any prisoner in the United States, and perhaps in the nation’s history.

For 23 hours a day — 23 hours and 45 minutes on weekends — he sits by himself in a closet-size, windowless cell. He eats all his meals alone. He has no access to the prison’s educational or religious activities. His contact with visitors is extremely limited.

Over the past year, he has endured visual body cavity searches up to six times a day, even though he is under constant supervision and is shackled and accompanied by guards whenever he is removed.

Mr. Woodfox, who was serving a sentence for armed robbery at the time of the murder, would most likely have been released from solitary many years ago if he had pleaded guilty to the murder. But he has consistently denied any involvement, believing that he was targeted because of his political activism as a member of the Black Panther Party.

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#TangoDown: Anonymous Shuts Down Cleveland City Govt. Website Over Police Shooting of 12 Year old Black Boy - Cops Refuse to Release Name of Killer Cop and Video of Incident 

From [HERE] The Hacktivist collective Anonymous have launched an attack on the official site for the City of Cleveland after 12-year-old Temir Rice was shot dead by local police for carrying a BB gun. Police refuse to release the name of the cop who killed the boy and have not released video of the incident. Deputy Chief Ed Tomba said video showing the Saturday shooting exists, but he didn't say where the video comes from.[MORE]

Tomba said the video is not available for journalists now because it's part of an active investigation, which the department plans to complete in 90 days and send to the district attorney.

In a video released on Monday, Anonymous lambasts Cleveland City Police, whose alleged inability to train their officers properly is said to have led to the tragedy. [see story below for details.]

“This rookie officer apparently was not trained. The police department he works for is to blame for this lack of appropriate training. Officers are equipped with many non-lethal options such as Taser guns. Why did he not use a Taser on this child? Shooting him in cold blood was not necessary with these non-lethal options available,” a statement from the collective said.

The group further questioned whether the police were so “moronic” that they were unable to use anything other than lethal force to deescalate the situation. They called the justification that the police “feared for their lives” ludicrous, as Rice was only 12-years-old and armed with an air soft gun. (When police arrived apparently the toy gun was not even visible and he was playing at a playground.) The message concluded with a vow to target all municipalities whose “ignorant” and poorly-trained officers pose a threat to society.

“Police of the United States you will learn in due time once Anonymous has shut down your sites that we will not stand for your ignorant, untrained rookie cops.”

On Monday, Twitter was awash with the hashtag #TangoDown, the telltale sign of an Anonymous-affiliated attack. Many of the tweets provided links to the official site for the city of Cleveland, which was inaccessible at the time of writing.


White People and their Games: 12 Year Old Black Boy with toy gun Killed by Cleveland Cops after White Man tells 911 "there is a Guy with a pistol pointing it at everybody... like Desert Storm"


(unexcited utterance) White man calmly calls 911 talking about "Hi. How are you. [pause] I'm sitting in the park and there is a guy here pointing his gun at everybody. He is wearing a camouflage hat, like Desert  Storm." The caller knew what could happen, that's probably why he called. Listen for yourself. The actual radio run to police from dispatch was for a grown man wearing camouflage with a real gun pointing it at people in a public space. As in Nazi Germany, with regard to non-whites, especially Black males, White people function as an auxiliary police force. If Anything you do makes them feel  uncomfortable they will call the cops on you. Watch your back. Nazis were vastly outnumbered and there was no way they could have pulled off genocide without the help of German citizens [the non-Jewish ones]. 

From [HERE] Police determined that a 12-year-old Black boy was shot by a white officer outside a Cleveland rec center Saturday when they claimed he reached into his waistband for an airsoft gun. He was shot in the abdomen and taken to MetroHealth Medical Center with serious injuries. After surgery he died from his injuries on Sunday morning. [MORE]

Police say the weapon resembled a semi-automatic pistol. They said the orange safety indicator had been removed. They did release a photo of that airsoft gun to the media. The white media is very impressed with the toy gun - which was not visible to cops when they arrived. 

According to police, two officers responded to the scene and ordered the boy to raise his hands. They claimed he refused and reached for a gun in his waistband. The toy gun was in his waistband, he was not holding in it. An officer fired two shots, striking the boy once, officials said. [MORE] The police chief said there was no confrontation between the boy and the cops and he did not threaten the officers with the gun or otherwise. See video above.  In other words, when the white cops arrived the boy was playing, no gun was visible and there was no danger that was imminent.

Union officials (more white folks) say the officers acted responsibly, and the boy had what appeared to be a gun. One officer involved was taken to Fairview Hospital for treatment of an injury to his ankle. The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office (more white folks) was on scene for the investigation. [MORE]


Wisconsin Police Force Investigates Itself & Concludes that Violent Arrest of Black Woman was Definitely Consistent with Policy of Racism 

What is white collective power? From [HERE] The Superior Police Department has wrapped up their internal investigation into the actions of Officer George Gothner following a controversial arrest in the Keyport Lounge parking lot.

Following a month long internal investigation, the Superior Police Department has determined that Officer George Gothner's use of force was justified following the violent arrest of Natasha Lancour in the Keyport Lounge parking lot on January 5. Also, last month a white Bayfield County prosecutor decided that no charges would be filed against the white cop. [MORE]

The internal investigation focused on two issues:

First- was the force used making the arrest reasonable and consistent with policy? More on the policy of white supremacy [HERE]. 

Superior Police Chief Charles LaGesse says the use of force was both reasonable and consistent with the policies of the department and the training provided by the State of Wisconsin. He says the finding is based on a review of the arrest conducted by the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

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R.I.P. Marion Barry: 'Mayor for Life' was Hated by Whites because He Tried to Help Black People

From [HERE] Marion S. Barry Jr., a sharecropper’s son and civil rights pioneer who became a flamboyant and polarizing mayor of Washington, went to prison on cocaine charges and then recaptured City Hall in one of the most improbable comebacks in the history of American politics, died early Sunday. He was 78.

His death was confirmed in a statement from his family.

Mr. Barry died at United Medical Center in Southeast Washington just hours after he was released from Howard University Hospital on Saturday. He admitted himself on Thursday, saying that he did not feel well, although no specific medical problems were mentioned.

Mr. Barry’s spokeswoman, Latoya Foster, told the ABC affiliate in Washington that he “was just feeling a little under the weather, and you know, he doesn’t take anything for granted, so he said, ‘Let me just check things out and make sure everything is O.K.’ ”

He underwent surgery for prostate cancer in 1995, had a kidney transplant in 2009 and was treated for high blood pressure, diabetes and anemia. White supremacy/racism was the cause of his death. 

Mr. Barry’s death comes nearly six months after he released his autobiography, “Mayor for Life: The Incredible Story of Marion Barry Jr.”

In an interview with The New York Times shortly after the book’s release, Mr. Barry denied that his personal troubles and run-ins with the law had hindered the progress he sought for the poorest Washington residents.

“I serve as an inspiration for those who are going through all kinds of things,” Mr. Barry said. “Whatever storm they’re going through, they can learn from me.”

Elected mayor four times — in 1978, 1982, 1986 and 1994 — Mr. Barry left the mayor’s office for good early in 1999 and then worked as an investment banker. But politics was never far from his mind. In 2004 he was elected to the District of Columbia Council from a hard-pressed section in Southeast Washington, a district he represented until his death.

White people love to discuss his cocaine possession episode, it is important to them. Marion Barry's possession of crack essentially led to a federal (white people) takeover/control board of D.C. [MORE]  On January 18, 1990, Barry was arrested in a sting operation by the FBI and D.C. Police for crack cocaine use and possession. Barry was charged with three felony counts of perjury, 10 counts of drug possession, and one misdemeanor count of conspiracy to possess cocaine. The criminal trial ended with a conviction for only one count of possession, which had occurred in November 1989, and an acquittal on another. That is, he was not convicted of any charges from the infamous hotel incident. But never mind the actual result, it was and still is a big, big deal to the white media. He was sentenced to 6 months in jail in what was essentially a revenge episode for white folks, angry about the unfiltered Barry's efforts to relieve the suffering of Black people in this system of oppression.  

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