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Deeper than Atlantis

Victim of [white supremacy] Baltimore Police Violence: 'I Fear the Cops More than Any Criminal or Thug on the Street'

Justice cannot exist in a system of white supremacy/racism. From BNB


[rich, powerful racists love that freedom of speech against you] White Texas Teens Say 'Sorry if You were offended by Our Old Raps about Lynching Niggers & Killing Spics & Chinks 

iLLmatic Hate Speech by Mistake again: Rapping "Darker than Bark" & 'butthole and Nose' From [HEREOver at Daily Kos, Shaun King writes that two white girls from Texas' Grapevine High School have apologized for an incendiary, epithet-filled freestyle they put on Soundcloud. In the clip the Grapevine, Tex., students rap about lynching black men. They also rhyme about killing Mexicans and Asians:

In a statement issued to parents via e-mail, Grapevine High School Principal Shannon Tovar [who is white or a racist suspect] explains that the institution has no legal sway over the recording because it wasn't created during school hours. However, the school is providing counselors to help deal with the repercussions of the racist recording, and it may conduct diversity trainings and bring in guest speakers in the future.

The two unnamed* students who are heard freestyling about racist killing have also issued written letters of apology. Both point out that the recording, which was produced two years ago, was done at a time when they believe social media was nascent. Both also point out that their words do not reflect who they are [you can please read that bullshit somewhere else folks] Nigger means non-white person who is subject to white supremacy. [MORE] Most white people hate Black people because they are not white. So when white people say the word nigger you should absolutely assume that it is being used as a derogatory term and that you are listening to a racist. The First Amendment refers to the ability of powerful white folks to say whatever they want to about any niggers any fucking time they please dood. 

Specifically, the 1st Amendment is a a limited guarantee of "free speech." 'Defamation, obscenity, and speech which threaten the social order, bomb threats, incitements to riot, and "fighting words" - are all limited by law. In the world of business, false advertisements, insider information, and suggestions that prices be fixed, are also off-limits. Yet hate speech-expressions which abuse, insult, or belittle a person because of his or her race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or physical abilities-is still tolerated, protected and cherished by white folks.' [MORE


[movement restrictions like Nazi Germany?] Chicago Cops Put Up Racism Hall of Fame Numbers - Outpacing NYPD with Record Setting Stop & Frisk Seizures of Black People 

Targeted by Skin Color. In Nazi Germany , as part of the destruction process of the Jews, Hitler created an elaborate system of movement restrictions and identification measures that included personal Jew identification cards, passports marked with a J, assignment of names and the outward marking of persons with a yellow star. Jews age six years or older were allowed to appear in public only when wearing the Jewish star. The star enabled the police to pick up any Jew, anywhere, anytime.

Remind you of "stop and frisk" or "papers please?" In this racist system there is no need for Blacks or Latinos to wear a star; non-whites are targeted by skin color.  [MORE] and [MORE]. Know that the 4th Amendment is a joke - believe in it at your own risk. 

Blacks Make 75 % of All Police Stops yet are only 1/3 of population From [HERE] The ACLU of Illinois found that the Chicago Police Department (CPD) is unlawfully stopping a “shocking number of people” and singling out people of color. “Chicagoans were stopped more than four times as often as New Yorkers at the height of New York City’s stop and frisk practice.” In the summer of 2014, CPD made over 250,000 stops that did not lead to an arrest. While blacks constitute about a third of the city’s population, they accounted for nearly three-quarters of all stops.

CPD has increased pedestrian stops under the leadership of Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, who spent much of his career in the New York Police Department and was previously the police chief in Newark, New Jersey. Both those cities’ stop and frisk policies have received court challenges. CPD does not collect systematic data on all frisks or stops that result in an arrest or ordinance violation.

In order to begin to restore trust in the community, the ACLU recommends: collect data on all stops and frisks and make them public, provide regular training on legal requirements for stops and frisks, and require officers to issue a detailed receipt for every pedestrian stop. The report’s findings were also featured in Newsweek.


The Philadelphia Police Department continues to stop and frisk tens of thousands of individuals  particularly people of color ­­­ without legal justification, according to a recent report by the ACLU of Pennsylvania and the law firm of Kairys, Rudovsky, Messing & Feinberg. This is the fifth report since the city entered into a consent decree in 2011 following a lawsuit about its stop and frisk practices.

The report found that 37% of the over 200,000 pedestrian stops in 2014, and 39% of frisks were made without reasonable suspicion. Although Philadelphia's population is 55% black or Hispanic, racial minorities accounted for 80% of stops and 89% of frisks. The report notes that factors other than an individual’s race, such as neighborhood demographics or crime rates, do not fully explain these racially disparate outcomes. Furthermore, the report found that contraband was seized in only 5% of frisks in 2013. Attorney David Rudovsky explains: “The department has done a lot of retraining, but unless you properly supervise and hold people accountable, it's hard to get results.”


[Provocative White People & the problems they cause] Violence Erupts at R*dneck, Crack*r, White Tr*sh, Honk*y, 1st Amendment "Freedom" Festival

Racism is conduct designed to provoke you. Racist white people are the most provocative people in the world and they love to provoke non-white people. For pure amusement. Watch them watch. For instance, if you have ever been called nigger by a white man you probably noticed that they wait around to watch your reaction to it.  As stated by Dr. Welsing, "for the sake of Black mental health and for Black intelligence, all people of color must understand the dynamics of racism/white supremacy, what it is and how it works, so that they can have an appropriate, self-respecting response to racism/ white supremacy." [MORE]

Response is not reaction. Instead of responding to racism non-white people simply react to it. 'To react means you are acting unconsciously. Somebody is manipulating you. Somebody says something, does something, and you react. The real master of the situation is somebody else. Somebody comes and insults you and you react, you become angry. Somebody comes and praises you and you smile and you become happy. Both are the same. You are a slave and the other knows how to push your buttons. You are behaving like a machine. You are an automaton, not a human being yet. A plaything in the hands of others.' [MORE] and [MORE]. Non-white people cannot ever neutralize white supremacy in this state of reaction that we are constantly in. [MORE]. Non-whites must become meditative to deal with white supremacy/racism.

The Big Winner was Truth! From [HERE] Two non-white people were fatally shot Sunday outside a Garland, Texas, community center that was hosting an event displaying cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, local officials said. Garland police spokesman Joe Harn said that two men drove up to the community center and "opened fire on the security officers" hired to protect the event before being shot themselves.

One was an extrovert drawn to basketball as well as to Islam, who had been identified by the F.B.I. as a jihadist terrorism suspect and was once a regular at Friday Prayer at a mosque near his Phoenix apartment. The other was more quiet, ran a carpet cleaning business in Phoenix and often prayed at the same mosque, sometimes accompanied by his young son.

It is still not entirely clear what led the two men — Elton Simpson, 30, and Nadir Hamid Soofi, 34, who lived in the same apartment complex in Phoenix — to come to this Dallas suburb and open fire Sunday outside a gathering that showcased artwork and cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad. But it probably was racism. Racism is one of the most powerful motivating forces in the universe.

The shootout — during which Mr. Simpson and Mr. Soofi, dressed in body armor, fired assault rifles at white police officers — left both of them dead.

The controversial event, where attendees competed to draw the prophet Mohammed, which is explicitly banned in Islam and seen as a sign of grave disrespect, was hosted by a conservative anti-Islam group called the American Freedom Defense Initiative. Approximately 200 people attended the event, police say. The center was put on lockdown immediately after the shooting.

The incident has pointed up the volatile tensions between the West’s [when whites say West they mean white] "embrace" of free expression and the insistence of many Muslims that depiction of the Prophet Muhammad is a sacrilege. It served as a grim reminder of the attack 16 weeks ago on the Paris offices of the Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper.

It immediately set off a heated debate over art and activism as organizers of the art exhibit said they intended to celebrate free speech. Pamela Geller, an organizer of the event, said it was held at Curtis Culwell Center here because members had heard that a Muslim group had a conference in the same room after the attack on the Charlie Hebdo office. She described Sunday’s event as pro-free speech, and said that Muslims had become a “special class” that Americans were no longer allowed to offend.

Muslim and religious advocates, while denouncing the violence, called the show an offensive effort to insult Muslims. “The so-called ‘Muslim Art Exhibit’ where the shooting took place is an event deserving of criticism even absent yesterday’s violence,” said Rabbi Jack Moline, executive director of the Interfaith Alliance in Washington. [MORE]

Less than a day after two gunmen were shot and killed while trying to attack a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas, Pamela Geller, the racist suspect [in photo] blogger who organized the contest, took to the Internet.

“Here’s what the enemies of freedom sought to crush last night,” Ms. Geller wrote. “Truth and freedom.” She added, “They were crushed instead.” [MORE]


The Powerful Racist Majority [whites] Protect Racist Speech at the expense of the Powerless [non-whites]

The marketplace theory, however, rests upon a naive or convenient assumption that in our democratic society all speakers occupy a level playing field in which all speech is presumptively equal. It assumes that free speech exists and that segments of society are not systematically silenced even before the government enters the arena. Yet, like all social goods, speech is not equally and freely accessible to all. The battle which blacks have fought simply to have their voices heard makes this assumption untenable.

In addition, the regulation of racist speech is qualitatively different from other speech restrictions. Racism is not simply an unpopular view which requires special governmental solicitude-it is, sadly, the majority view [26]. Protection of racism and its expression in racial invectives has favored the powerful against the powerless. To provide redress for persons of color and other excluded groups is not to open the floodgates of censorship but to identify a specific group uniquely vulnerable to majoritarian oppression in need of government intervention simply to balance the scales.

The marketplace analogy also presumes that the discourse of all speech is in fact a dialogue. But racist invectives are one-sided; they neither invite nor permit response. How can the student who receives a card reading "the Ku Klux Klan is watching you" be expected to speak back? [27] Hate speech silences its victim and mars his or her response as presumptively unequal. Professor Charles Lawrence writes: 

Assaultive racist speech functions as a preemptive strike. The invective is experienced as a blow, not as a proffered idea, and once the blow is struck, it is unlikely that a dialogue will follow. Racial insults are particularly undeserving of First Amendment protection because the perpetrator's intention is not to discover truth or initiate dialogue but to injure the victim. In most situations, members of minority groups realize that they are likely to lose if they respond to epithets by fighting and are forced to remain silent and submissive.[28]

Furthermore, the marketplace theory avoids the fundamental question of whether there is certain speech whose role in social decision-making is either detrimental or so marginal that it should never be countenanced. There are some ideas which simply are so repugnant to any concept of civilized society that they are not entitled to entry into the marketplace. To permit an idea to be advocated is to concede its legitimacy and to accept the possibility that it may become the governing system. There are some policies, though, whose implementation would be so unacceptable in a democratic society that their advocacy should not be permitted. [29] The Fourteenth Amendment reflects our choice not to permit absolute freedom at the expense of equality and equal personhood. 

Click to read more ...


[He Won again] Question: why do most white folks hate floyd mayweather? Answer: He is Black. [most white people hate black people. he's made a living off it]


Racist Suspect ESPN reporter: "I am just moneyed out." "Most white people hate Black people. The reason that most white people hate Black people is because whites are not Black people. If you know this about white people, you need know little else. If you do not know this about white people, virtually all else that you know about them will only confuse you." -Neely Fuller and [MORE] and [MORE]

Now he allegedly controls the universe. How to drop this racist mind? 


Prosecutor: “We have probable cause to file criminal charges” - Warrants Issued to Arrest Baltimore Cops who Folded Black Man Like a Crab

From [HERE] Prosecutors here, in an unexpected announcement, said Friday that they had filed homicide, manslaughter and misconduct charges against police officers in the death of Freddie Gray, who died after sustaining a spinal cord injury while in police custody.

In a news conference, the state’s attorney in Baltimore, Marilyn J. Mosby, described repeated mistreatment of Mr. Gray. Time and again, she said, officers abused him, arresting him without grounds and violating police procedure by putting him in handcuffs and leg restraints in the van without putting a seatbelt on him.

Ms. Mosby also said the officers had repeatedly failed to seek medical attention for Mr. Gray after he was injured. By the time he was removed from the van, she said, “Mr. Gray was no longer breathing at all.”

“We have probable cause to file criminal charges,” Ms. Mosby said.

The death, Ms. Mosby said, is believed to be the result of an injury Mr. Gray sustained while riding in the van without a seatbelt.

No Basis for Arrest

Ms. Mosby also said that the knife the police say Mr. Gray was carrying had not been a legitimate basis for his arrest. “The knife was not a switchblade, and it is lawful,” she said. She said the officers had “failed to establish probable cause for an arrest.”

As she announced the charges at the War Memorial here, there was cheering from people in the crowd. Dozens of police officers dressed in riot gear stood nearby after days of unrest in the city.


Ms. Mosby said six officers were being charged, one with second-degree murder. She said warrants had been issued for the their arrests; she said she did not know if anyone was in custody.

One officer, Caesar R. Goodson Jr. was charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter, assault and misconduct in office. Lt. Brian W. Rice was charged with manslaughter, assault, misconduct in office and false imprisonment. Officer William G. Porter and Sgt. Alicia D. White were each charged with manslaughter, assault and misconduct in office. Officers Edward M. Nero and Garrett E. Miller were charged with assault, misconduct in office and false imprisonment.


If you believe this nonsense then you want to be deceived [prosecutors believe everything cops say]: Will Marilyn Mosby Hold Baltimore Cops Accountable or will she Serve Her White Masters?

He Broke his Own Spine & Neck & White Cops made "arrest without force or incident" & no cameras captured the 1 mile chase. Cops Want Injury to be in Police Van b/c there are No Cameras or Witnesses Inside Van =no proof beyond a reasonble doubt. If you beleive this nonsense you want to be deceived [MORE]. From [HERE] and [HERE] and [HERE] After investigating thmeselves a preliminary police probe has found no evidence that 25-year-old Freddie Gray was fatally injured during his videotaped arrest in Baltimore, a local ABC affiliate reported on Thursday, citing sources briefed on the police report and on findings made by the medical examiner.

The medical examiner found Gray's catastrophic injury was caused when he was slammed into back of the police transport van and apparently broke his neck. Law enforcement sources also said Gray sustained a head injury that matches bolt in the back of police van, the affiliate reported.  

A bystander stated that the officers were "folding" Gray like a crab—with one officer bending Gray's legs backwards, and another holding Gray down on his neck with his knee. Another witness told the Baltimore Sun that they had witnessed Gray being beaten with batons. [MORE]

According to the police timeline, Gray was placed in a transport van within 11 minutes of his arrest, and within 30 minutes, paramedics were summoned to take Gray to a hospital.[2] The van made four confirmed stops while Gray was detained. At 8:46 a.m., Gray was unloaded in order to be placed in leg irons because police said he was "irate." A later stop, recorded by a private camera, shows the van stopped at a grocery store. At 8:59 a.m., a second prisoner was placed in the vehicle while officers checked on Gray's condition, and 27 minutes later the van made its final stop so paramedics could transport an unconscious Gray to the hospital. He was taken to the University of Maryland R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in a coma. 

The statement of charges filed by Officer Garrett Miller against Gray accused him of possessing a switchblade. Miller wrote, "The defendant was arrested without force or incident." Officers also reported "that he suffered a medical emergency during transport". The white media has suggested the possibility of a so-called "rough ride"—where a handcuffed prisoner is placed without a seatbelt in an erratically driven vehicle—as a contributing factor in Gray's injury.

In the following week, Gray was resuscitated, remained in a coma, and underwent extensive surgery in an effort to save his life. He lapsed into a coma with three fractured vertebrae, injuries to his "voice box", and his spine "80% severed" at his neck. He died on April 19, 2015, a week after his arrest. [MORE]

The Baltimore Police Department identified the six officers involved in the arrest as Lieutenant Brian Rice, Sergeant Alicia White, Officer William Porter, Officer Garrett Miller, Officer Edward Nero and Officer Caesar Goodson. The three arresting cops were white. [MORE]

Barely 100 days into her tenure as the city’s chief prosecutor, State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby will soon face a momentous decision: whether to pursue criminal charges against any Baltimore police officers in the high-profile death of Freddie Gray.

The case thrusts Ms. Mosby, a 35-year-old former insurance company lawyer who had never before held elected office, into the center of a national maelstrom over race relations and police practices.

On Friday, she is expected to receive confidential findings from a police department probe into how Mr. Gray, a 25-year-old black man, sustained serious spine injuries while in police custody after his April 12 arrest. He died a week later. Six officers have been suspended with pay; none has spoken publicly.

Mosby has been a vocal supporter of the police, a stand fraught with political risk in a city with Baltimore's history of police brutality allegations. “It is my genuine belief, despite what we might all want to think, what we might want to believe, the police officers in this city are doing their jobs,” she said. “I repeat, the police officers in Baltimore city are doing their jobs and taking bad guys off the street.”

Several new reports put the focus on what might have happened during a roughly 40-minute ride in the back of a police transport van. Among the revelations:

• Investigators found that Gray was mortally injured in the van and not during his arrest, a Washington television station reported, citing multiple law enforcement sources.

• Police told reporters they have learned of an additional stop the van made as it was traveling to a police precinct.

• The officer driving the van believes Gray was injured before being put into the vehicle, according to a relative who gave the officer's account to CNN.

• A second prisoner, who was picked up after Gray, told investigators that he thought Gray "was intentionally trying to injure himself, according to The Washington Post.

On Thursday, a Baltimore police investigation into Gray's death found no evidence he died as the result of injuries caused during his arrest, according to CNN affiliate WJLA, citing "multiple law enforcement sources briefed on the police findings."

The medical examiner had determined Gray's death was caused by a catastrophic injury after he slammed into the back of the police transport van while inside it, "apparently breaking his neck; a head injury he sustained matches a bolt in the back of the van."

The white media has reported that it was unclear what caused Gray to slam into the back of the van and whether Gray caused the injury.

The announcement of the additional stop by the police van was treated almost as a footnote in the police news conference.

"This new stop was discovered from a privately owned camera," Deputy Commissioner Kevin Davis said without elaborating.

Many observers, though, say the revelation makes the Gray case even more suspicious -- and there has been no shortage of protesters taking to the city's streets to express their doubts about police accounts of what happened between Gray's April 12 arrest and his death.

Attorney Andrew O'Connell, who is part of the Gray family's legal team, described the police time line as a "moving target," meaning it keeps changing over time.

"What I would like to know and what we have been asking for from the beginning are the radio runs that are recorded during these stops," he said. "Whenever a police officer makes a stop, he's supposed to radio it in. We haven't seen those. Those are usually the best way to get an accurate picture of what happened during an arrest."

Pay No Attention to your own ears and just believe whatever white media & cops tell you. 

An official who had been briefed on the investigation told CNN that the stops are key to determining what happened, and as O'Connell pointed out, each stop is supposed to be logged, generally by the van's driver, and that didn't happen in this case. That's why the initial police time line was missing the new stop, the official said.

Hwang Jung, owner of the market at North Fremont Avenue and Mosher Street where the newly disclosed stop took place, said officers in suits came into his store last week asking to see surveillance footage from April 12 at around 8:30 a.m. After viewing the footage, the officers gave him their number and said two more officers would come copy the footage, which happened a few hours later, Hwang said.

The footage was lost, he said, when his store was looted in the days after Gray's death. He said he couldn't be sure exactly what day the officers came by but he thought it was early in the week of April 19.

On April 24 Deputy Commissioner Davis told reporters that there had only been three stops en route to the police station: the first to put leg irons on Gray, the second "to deal with Mr. Gray" (an incident, he said, that remained under investigation) and the third to pick up a prisoner in an unrelated matter.

The new stop, Davis said Thursday, came between the first and second stops.

Source: Officer believes Gray injured during arrest

The six officers involved in the case have been suspended, and none has spoken publicly about what occurred. But a relative of one of the officers spoke to CNN on the condition of anonymity. She is related to the officer who drove the police van, but said the officer didn't request the interview.

The relative said she worries all six of the officers who encountered Gray during his April 12 arrest will be incriminated when only some might be responsible.

"Six officers did not injure this man," she said. "Six officers didn't put him in the hospital. I'm worried that instead of them figuring out who did, that six officers are going to be punished behind something that maybe one or two or even three officers may have done to Freddie Gray."

She also told CNN that the officer doesn't know how Gray was injured but said he believes it happened during the arrest. "He believes that Freddie Gray was injured outside the paddy wagon," the relative said.

She also gave an explanation of why Gray was not buckled into the police van: He appeared belligerent. "They didn't want to reach over him. You were in a tight space in the paddy wagon. He's already irate," she said.

"He still has his teeth, and he still has his saliva. So in order to seat-belt somebody you have to get in their personal space. They're not going to get in his personal space if he's already irate."

Batts, the police commissioner, has said Gray should have been buckled in. "We know he was not buckled in the transport wagon, as he should've been. No excuses for that, period," Batts said last week.

Police have said five of the six officers have been interviewed by detectives, while the sixth invoked the right to decline to be questioned. WJLA reported the van driver was the officer who has not be interviewed.

Report: Gray was trying to hurt himself, prisoner says (what prisoner? what is his name? what is he charged with? is he detained? - why does white media find him credible w/o providing any details about him?)

Click to read more ...


Did Violence against Property Change Anything in Super Slum Baltimore? [O's Game was Empty. Hillary Clinton Talks about Imbalanced Justice]  

race map

vacant buildings map

Vacant buildings trace the borders of Baltimore's black neighborhoods. In the race map, green dots are black residents and blue dots are white. In the vacant houses map [directly above], red dots indicate the location of a vacant building. [MORE] and [MORE].

Blacks Own What Again? Super slums are the creation of rich, racist white people - you are poor by their design. Like Camden, Detroit or wherever hood; whatever happened or did not happen in Baltimore is the result of white supremacists/racists; as they control everything in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labour, law, politics, religion, sex and war) - 24/7, worldwide in this system of vast unequal power based on race. [MORE] "Everywhere one finds Whites and Blacks in close proximity to each other, whether it is Chicago or Zimbabwe, the Whites are in control. Yet Blacks rarely question this extraordinary universal phenomenon which defies every knowm statistical law of probability."[MORE]

Statistics collected by the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance show that in Sandtown, the neighborhood Freddie Gray called home, an astonishing 34 percent of residential properties are vacant or abandoned. A white reporter said, "think of your neighborhood, and try to imagine what it would be like if one out of every three homes were boarded up." Right, unimaginable in a system of white supremacy. 

The Baltimore Sun recently described Sandtown as "a neighborhood where generations of crushing poverty and the war on drugs combine to rob countless young Black people like [Freddie Gray] of meaningful opportunities." The neighborhood, where there are only 84 men for every 100 women, is a case study in the phenomenon of "missing black men" recently outlined in the New York Times: places where black men between the ages of 25 and 54 have seemingly vanished, mostly due to incarceration or homicide.

Sandtown currently has more residents in jail than any other neighborhood in Baltimore, according to a recent report by the Justice Policy Institute and the Prison Policy Initiative. As those men have been taken away or killed -- or both, in Freddie Gray's case -- they've left empty houses to be boarded up and empty shoes that may never be filled. [MORE]


Baltimore, Watch Your Back [no pun intended]: "Thug, Criminal" White Cops Can Legally Execute You Anytime, Any place in System of White Supremacy

Law & Order Restored [the Same Law & Order that Hides the Everyday War Against You]
 From [HERE] Maryland National Guard troops fanned out here Tuesday and residents began to repair neighborhoods as the city’s mayor defended the response to a night of riots and looting fueled by the recent murder of a black man by white cops.

Upheaval roiled the city Monday night when roaming groups of youths faced off with police just hours after the funeral for Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man who was senselessly murdered earlier this month after white police arrested him. Gray died after his lawyer said that 80 percent of his spinal cord was severed at the neck while he was in custody, and that he later lapsed into a coma. Witnesses captured parts of Mr Gray’s encounter with the police on a cellphone video, in which screams can be heard as white officers drag him to a transport van.

Cops said he was arrested "without force or incident" on a "weapon" charge, according to police documents. The so-called weapon apparently was a legal size pocket knife, which the cops did not see until after he was handcuffed. Cops claimed they have no idea how his neck and back broke. 

City officials said fires consumed 19 buildings and 144 vehicles, while at least 20 police officers were injured and 235 people arrested. The white media does not keep track of civilian injuries. [MORE]

Better watch your front!


Leadership as Performance: Unlike Popeye's Annie, [Zombie] Black Baltimore Mayor is Not Louisiana Fast

[Not real- just playing a role on TV] Baltimore Android Mayor and Racist Suspect Maryland Governor Walk Off Interview with CNN’s Don Lemon. More on leadership as performance [HERE] and [HERE


So Far, the Beggar/Prayer Protests Have Not Worked: National Guard Called in Baltimore as Violent Protests Ignite after Funeral for Black Man Murdered by White Cops [again]

Challenging the Baltimore Boss [expressing anger is more real than wearing a mask]. From [HERE] and [HERE] Black rioters in northwest Baltimore looted stores and pelted riot-gear-clad police with rocks on Monday, hours after Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old black man who has become the nation’s latest symbol of police brutality, was laid to rest amid emotional calls for justice and peace. [expressing anger is more real than wearing a mask].

At least seven officers were injured and one was “unresponsive,” Capt. J. Eric Kowalczyk of the Baltimore police told reporters. On Saturday evening Police made 34 arrests after protests turned violent as some protesters damaged several police cars and broke windows at a number of downtown businesses, officials said. 

In response to the violence, Gov. Larry Hogan [white] declared a state of emergency in Baltimore and activated the National Guard. Additional state police were sent to the scene, and officers from surrounding counties were also brought in to respond. 

Angry youths could be seen surrounding a police cruiser and smashing its windows in what police described as an organized attack [on property] by criminals — not demonstrators. Cars were set on fire, and stores’ windows were smashed in. Heavy smoke poured out of a CVS drugstore, which had earlier been overrun by looters. Several other businesses, including a liquor store and a check-cashing shop, were also looted.[MORE]

On Saturday authorities briefly held [mostly white] baseball fans at nearby Camden Yards, where the Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox were playing. [MORE] Today, the Orioles postponed Monday night’s home game against the Chicago White Sox as violence spread through the city. The white media does not keep track of how many [Black] civilians have been injured, b/c that's not their thing. Their focus is on victim-cops and making white dominance and control over everything seem natural. [MORE]


Troopers Advance! 'I had toothbrush and toothpaste. Then I got my ass whipped for my benefit and yours. I learned about non-violence from comic books about Gandhi. It makes me feel morally superior. We need to teach our racist police to love us. Whites in government must lead the way.' - John Lewis on TV last month. [MORE

Anon asks, 'If marching, picketing, and protesting was an effective strategy to achieve justice — why are we still marching, picketing, and protesting FOUR DECADES later? Why is there MORE police brutality, MORE violence, MORE drugs, MORE guns in our communities, MORE black men and women in prison, MORE black children at risk, MORE family instability, MORE out-of-wedlock births, MORE single mothers, and MORE black children dropping out of high school now than before the civil rights era?'  MORE]

No Effect on White Supremacy. Raul Hilberberg notes that prior to the Nazi extermination of the Jews, the Jews made various "alleviation attempts" in their failed resistance to white supremacy. Under the heading of alleviation are included petitions, protection payments, ransom arrangements, anticipatory compliance, relief, rescue, salvage, reconstruction-- in short, all those activities which are designed to avert danger, or, in the event that force has already been used, to diminish its effects.

The Jewish posture in the face of destruction [during the Holocaust] was not shaped on the spur of the moment. The Jews of Europe had been confronted by force many times in their history, and during these encounters they had evolved a set of reactions that were to remain remarkably constant over the centuries. "Preventive attack, armed resistance, and revenge were almost completely absent in Jewish exilic history." [MORE]

Sound familar - reminding you about Blacks and Latinos in the U.S.? Of course, there will be no armed revolution with racists. Armed conflict with the billion dollar white supremacy/racism war machine is the stuff of imagined fantasy [suicide] - or yet another way to avoid really dealing with white supremacy [your problems]. A violent reaction is still just a reaction and that is the problem. 

"You are powerless so anything can overpower you." [Non-violence has made Black people just like butter]

Instead of responding to racism Black people simply react to it. 'To react means you are acting unconsciously. Somebody is manipulating you. Somebody says something, does something, and you react. The real master of the situation is somebody else. Somebody comes and insults you and you react, you become angry. Somebody comes and praises you and you smile and you become happy. Both are the same. You are a slave and the other knows how to push your buttons. You are behaving like a machine. You are an automaton, not a human being yet. A plaything in the hands of others.' [MORE] and [MORE].

Whatsoever happens around you, catches you. You are not powerful. Everything else is more powerful than you. Anything changes you. Your mood, your being, your mind, depend on other things. Objects influence you. [MORE]. Non-white people cannot possibly neutralize white supremacy in this constant state of reaction. [MORE].

A new consciousness is needed to create a new culture. Your consciousness can become an instrument of power. Really, you are politically powerless to do anything about this situation - this White over Black system of domination and control.  Your consciousness is the only real power non-whites can presently obtain. But right now your consciousness is a utility of white supremacy/racism and it works in service of white domination. With this collective 'reality-avoidance' consciousness, self preservation tactics such as boycotts against white supremacy or the collective power of withdrawal are not viable at all.    

It is true that "racism is a power group dynamic." And this is a two way street. Amos Wilson explained, "power ultimately has to do with a relationship between people, and the white man’s so-called power, is to a great extent based upon the nature of the relationship he has with the Black man. We empower him by the nature of our own behavior and attitudes as a people. He cannot be what he is unless we are, what we are. To a good extent, the European is our creation. If we look at our behavior, we will see that to a good extent, it is our behavior, our values, our consciousness, the kind of personalities we’ve established in ourselves, our taste, our desires and needs; that maintains the European in its position."

You cannot change this situation but you can change yourself. If we change our consciousness then our relationship with white people will never be the same. One by one, this situation must change if we change - if we become non participants in the system of white supremacy. It will be another Rosa Parks moment. Her mental participation with racism/white supremacy stopped, she dropped out - in order for this racist power relationship to work it required her voluntary compliance or belief in it or programmed mind to accept, to do this and that. This confrontation is mental. The revolution is in your mind, against your own mind. How can you change your consciousness? 

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Routine Liar White Cops [on bikes] Murder Black Man: Gray was in perfect health until White Baltimore Overseers [officers] Put him in Broken Spine, Coma Death in Pocket Knife Arrest 

White Cops have No Idea How Legs & Spine Broke - 'We Have the Finest Video Equiptment & We Did Not Record any Police Violence.'  From [HERE] and [HERE] Freddie Gray, the Black man who died after his lawyer said that 80 percent of his spinal cord was severed at the neck while he was in Balitimore police custody, and that he later lapsed into a coma. Witnesses captured parts of Mr Gray’s encounter with the police on a cellphone video, in which screams can be heard as officers drag him to a transport van.

White police officers said he was arrested "without force or incident" on a "weapon" charge, according to documents obtained Monday.

While the court documents allege that Baltimore Police Department Officer Garrett Miller arrested Gray after finding a switchblade in his pocket, the Gray family attorney called the allegation a "sideshow." Gray was carrying a "pocket knife of legal size," attorney William Murphy told CNN.

The Police Department’s deputy commissioner, Jerry Rodriguez, said the police believed Mr. Gray was involved in a drug dealing activity. But Murphy has said there is no evidence that Mr. Gray committed a crime. Police did not see the knife until after they had subdued him. 

Tried to stop him for what [4th Amendment purpose] again? According to a police timeline, four officers on bicycles tried to stop Mr. Gray at about 9 a.m. on April 12. When he ran away, the police said, the officers caught him and restrained him on the ground while awaiting backup. The timeline said Mr. Gray had been conscious and speaking when he was loaded into the van to be taken to the police station. After he arrived at the station, police officers called medics, who took him to a hospital. 

But Mr. Murphy has disputed the police account. In a statement, Mr. Murphy said Mr. Gray’s “take-down and arrest without probable cause” had been captured by a police video camera, adding, “We believe the police are keeping the circumstances of Freddie’s death a secret until they develop a version of events that will absolve them of all responsibility.”

Gray was in perfect health until police chased and tackled him in Baltimore over a week ago, his lawyer said. Less than an hour later, he was on his way to a trauma clinic with a spinal injury, where he fell into a coma.

Sorry Ass White 'Cops have Taken the 5th'

On Monday, police may reveal details of what happened to him when they hold an afternoon news conference. Two witnesses hit record on their cell phones during what looked to be the 25-year-old's arrest. Police told CNN affiliate WJZ that they also have surveillance video of him.

But there appears to be a gap of some minutes left to account for. Police, according to their own timeline, spotted Gray, gave chase, caught him, cuffed him and requested a paddy wagon in fewer than 4 minutes. The transport van left with Gray about 11 minutes after that, police said, and another 30 minutes passed before "units request paramedics to the Western District to transport the suspect to an area hospital."

Gray died Sunday, a full week after the encounter.

When cell phones began recording, Gray was already on the ground with three officers kneeling over him. And he let out long, painful screams.

Black Lives Don't Matter to Racist Cops, Prosecutors, Jurors & Judges.

Officers had encountered him a minute earlier, police said. They were working an area where drug deals and other crimes are common, Deputy Police Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez said.

"Officers were working in an area that is known for violent crime and drug sales. Officers went to make an encounter with Mr. Gray when he fled from them," Baltimore Police Department spokesman, Capt. Eric Kowalczyk, said Sunday.

Pressed on why police initially stopped Gray, Kowalczyk said the department hadn't released that information because investigators are still conducting interviews. Wouldn't that information be in the arrest report, which is public information?

The officers called for a prisoner transport van. Cell phone video taken from two separate positions showed officers lifting Gray, whose hands were cuffed, up by his shoulders and dragging him to the back of the van.

He legs dangled behind him listlessly as he wailed in pain. Witnesses are recorded on video yelling at the cops, "his legs are broken, what are you doing?"

Officers put more restraints on Gray inside the van, police said, while surveillance video recorded him conscious and talking. The video has not been released to the public.

That was at 8:54 a.m.

At 9:24 a.m., police called an ambulance to pick Gray up at the Western District police station. Murphy wants to know what happened in those 30 minutes in between.

The ambulance took Gray to the University of Maryland Medical Center's Shock Trauma Center.

"He lapsed into a coma, died, was resuscitated, stayed in a coma and on Monday underwent extensive surgery at Shock Trauma to save his life," Murphy said. "He clung to life for seven days."

Tubes, wires and supports protruded from Gray as he lay in his hospital bed in a photo Murphy passed on to the media.

Police have not released the incident report or said how many officers participated in Gray's arrest. The officers have been placed on administrative duty, they said.

Murphy has accused police not releasing details of Gray's treatment by officers to cover for them.

On the evening of Gray's death, Baltimore's mayor, police commissioner and deputy commissioner promised to get to the bottom of the case.

"I understand the frustration of the community," said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. "I want citizens to know exactly how it happened, and if necessary, I will ensure that we hold the right people accountable."

But no one promised quick answers.

Rawlings-Blake said that she wants to see a thorough inquiry and that the city will release additional details as investigations are completed.

There will be two criminal investigations, said Deputy Commissioner Rodriguez: one to determine if the arresting officers broke the law, and one that pertains to Gray.

Police have not grilled the arresting officers on what happened for legal reasons, Rodriguez said.

"We cannot interview an officer administratively and compel them, if an officer is the subject of the criminal investigation. Every person has the right against self-incrimination, so for us to compel an officer to provide a statement, that could potentially taint the criminal investigation," he said.

Investigators will submit their results to an independent review board, he said. There will also be a separate administrative investigation.

Gray's death Sunday, following a week of hospitalization, has spurred outrage. At a Monday morning protest outside the Baltimore Police Department, demonstrators co-opted slogans from other high-profile police shootings. They chanted -- "Hands up! Don't shoot!" and "I can't breathe!" -- and carried signs saying, "Stop police terror" and "Black lives matter."

Sharon Black, one of the rally's organizers, said police misconduct is routine in Baltimore, and described Gray's death as the "straw that broke the camel's back."

"The police act in an unrestrained and abusive way," she said.


At No Extra Charge Black Men Can be Electrocuted & Beaten for Confessions: Chicago Pays $5.5 Million for Brutality Fund but White Cop Torture Boss Doesn't Owe a Penny! [no accountability for racists in racist system of unequal power] 

Sentencing Guidelines Apply to Racist Suspects? Like the recent Wash Post study found, white cops are routinely not punished for brutalizing non-white people. Even when their conduct has resulted in a monetary award of legal damages, cops rarely are held personally liable - they pay nothing, the Government pays. Here, after prosecutors asked for a 30 year jail sentence, Jon Burge was sentenced to only 4. He was then released early after serving only 3 yrs.  He is still collecting a $3000 a month pension and the City of Chicago continues to be bound by court order to pay his legal fees. [MORE] In other words, like Donald Sterling who hit the jackpot after his racist episode, Mr. Burge is actually undercover rewarded by other whites for his racist acts. 

From [HERE] Whenever white Chicago Police commander Jon Burge needed a confession, he would walk into the interrogation room and set down a little black box, his alleged victims would later tell prosecutors. The box had two wires and a crank. Burge, they alleged, would attach one wire to the suspect’s handcuffed ankles and the other to his manacled hands. Then, they said, Burge would place a plastic bag over the suspect’s head. Finally, he would crank his little black box and listen to the screams of pain as electricity coursed through the suspect’s body.

“When he hit me with the voltage, that’s when I started gritting, crying, hollering. … It [felt] like a thousand needles going through my body,” Anthony Holmes told prosecutors during a 2006 investigation into Burge. “And then after that, it just [felt] like, you know—it [felt] like something just burning me from the inside, and, um, I shook, I gritted, I hollered, then I passed out.”

Holmes, who eventually gave what he says was a false confession and was convicted of murder in 1973, is one of as many as 120 African-American men on Chicago’s South Side who were allegedly tortured by Burge between 1972 and 1991.

Though prosecutors accumulated evidence against Burge they thought “sufficient to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt,” the statute of limitations prevented prosecution. Burge instead went to jail for perjury later, for denying his role under oath.

On Tuesday, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the establishment of a $5.5 million fund for these victims. The compensation would “close this book, the Burge book on the city’s history,” Emanuel said according to the Chicago Tribune. [This simpleton can close whatever is he wants to close.]


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Hypocritical Israel marks Holocaust with mournful, 2-minute standstill of Genocide [no noise is not peace] 

Cease Fire is a Vague Term to White Folks. Israelis have come to a mournful, two-minute standstill as sirens pierced the air in remembrance of the 6 million Jews killed in the Nazi Holocaust during World War II. Israel's annual Holocaust memorial day, marked Thursday, is one of the most solemn on the nation's calendar.

As the siren sounded, cars and buses pulled over on the side of highways and roads. Motorists stepped out of their cars and pedestrians stopped in their tracks, bowing their heads as they remembered those who perished. On Wednesday, Mr. Kill 'em All, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu compared Iran to the Nazis and warned the Islamic Republic must be prevented from obtaining nuclear weapons.[MORE] After the 120 seconds of silence its back to killing every Brown person in sight! 

Join the Gang. According to Hitler, Jewish people were not white people- they were an inferior race, an alien threat to racial (white) purity and community. In Nazi Germany (1933-1945}, a genocidal imperative was declared when the Semite and gypsy populations were classified as non-white and therefore were deemed worthy of destruction. (The word Semite is from the Latin prefix, semi meaning "half' - half Black and half white, and that means mulatto (non-white).[MORE] Nevertheless, today Israeli Jews seem willing to do anything to become full fledged honorary members of the 'white family' and to demonstrate their commitment to white supremacy/racism.


According to Dr. Bobby Wright, "in their relationship with Non-white people, Whites function as psychopaths and their behavior reflects an underlying biologically transmitted proclivity with roots deep in their evolutionary history. The psychopath is an individual who is constantly in conflict with other persons or groups. He is unable to experience guilt, is completely selfish and callous, and has a total disregard for the rights of others. This premise is supported by overwhelming scientific evidence. 

Behavioral scientists generally agree that the outstanding characteristics of the psychopathic personality are the almost complete absence of ethical or moral development and an almost total disregard for appropriate patterns of behavior. This characteristic has led to a misunderstanding of the psychopath as someone who does not know the difference between right and wrong. This belief is not true; psychopaths simply ignore the concept of right and wrong.

Unlike other extreme pathological syndromes, only a very small percentage of psychopaths are committed to mental hospitals with another small percentage ending up in penal institutions. The majority of psychopaths function very well in society." [MORE




Gaza, November 19, 2012


An emergency rescue worker carries a child's body found in the Daloo family house rubble following an Israeli air strike in Gaza City, on November 18, 2012. Palestinian medical officials say at least 10 civilians, including women and young children, were killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City. AP


Shaheed Muatazz al-Sawwaf, 6 years old June 23, 2012. Rosa Schiano


Bissane Barhoum, 3, screams as she is treated by medics for a head wound caused by falling down stairs when she ran in panic reacting to a nearby blast, according to her uncle, at the an-Najar hospital in Rafah, southern Gaza strip, Saturday, Jan. 17, 2009. AP


Palestinian medics wheel a man wounded in an Israeli missile strike into hospital in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, Friday, Jan. 16, 2009. Israel's Security Cabinet will vote Saturday night on an Egyptian proposal for a truce to end the 3-week-old offensive against Gaza's Hamas rulers, a senior government officia

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