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[Racial Dislocation (gentrification) is a part of White Supremacy] UN slams Israel's demolition of Palestinian homes 

From [HERE] The United Nations has slammed Israel’s destruction of Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem as illegal and unfair, after a series of demolitions this week left dozens of Palestinians—mostly children—homeless.

"In the past three days, 77 Palestinians, over half of them children, have been made homeless," the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in a statement issued late Friday. "Some of the demolished structures were provided by the international community to support vulnerable families."

"Demolitions that result in forced evictions and displacement run counter to Israel's obligations under international law and create unnecessary suffering and tension. They must stop immediately," said OCHA.

The demolitions occurred in the West Bank cities of Ramallah, Jericho and Hebron, as well as East Jerusalem.

Last year, Israel carried out a record number of home demolitions in parts of the West Bank designated as Area C, which are under full Israeli military control, according to OCHA. Other parts of the West Bank, Areas A and B, are occupied by Israel but under the civil administration of the Palestinian Authority.

"In 2014 ... Israeli authorities destroyed 590 Palestinian-owned structures in Area C and East Jerusalem, displacing 1,177 people — the highest level of displacement in the West Bank since OCHA began systematically monitoring the issue in 2008," the U.N. office said. [MORE]


‘We didn’t even really know who we were firing at’ – former US drone operator [but he knew they were Non-White]

From [HERE] Former US drone sensor operator Brandon Bryant admits he “couldn’t stand” himself for his participation in the country’s drone program for six years – firing on targets whose identities often went unconfirmed.

Since 2001, and increasingly under the Obama administration, the US has been carrying out drone strikes against targets believed to be affiliated with terrorist organizations in countries like Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia. The program, which has been shrouded in secrecy, has been routinely criticized for the high number of resultant civilian casualties.

Pakistan’s Peshawar High Court ruled in 2013 that the attacks constitute a war crime and violate the UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Meanwhile the Obama administration continues to insist that drone warfare is a precise and effective method of combat.

According to data collected by the human rights group Reprieve and published last November, attempts to kill 41 targeted individuals across Pakistan and Yemen resulted in the deaths of some 1,147 people. Often a kill requires multiple strikes, the group noted. [have any white people been killed by drones?] 

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Jury Finds White PBSO Deputy Liable: Put Unarmed Black Woman in Choke Hold, Body Slammed her and Punched her in Face while Handcuffed - Stopped b/c Music was Too Loud

From [HERE] Back in 2008, a Black woman who was pulled over [b/c she was Black] for allegedly blaring her car stereo in Belle Glade claimed that her encounter with police ended with a beating in the back of a police car. She filed a lawsuit against the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office. On Friday, a jury in federal court in Miami heard Maria Paul's claims about her run-in with former PBSO deputy Michael Woodside.

The jury awarded Paul $75,000 on claims that the white deputy intentionally used excessive force, violated her civil rights and unlawfully caused her injury. (In photo, racist suspect Sheriff Ric Bradshaw, who has faced allegations of racism in his department]. 

The suit claimed that on Christmas Day 2008, Paul was pulled over and cited for having her stereo up too loud. Following the stop, Paul drove off for a moment until she was pulled over again by Woodside. In a police report the deputy explained Paul drove off too quickly for his liking. The second stop ended with Woodside ordering the woman out of the car. He then allegedly put her in a "chokehold position, slammed her body to the ground, and handcuffed" Paul.

The encounter ended with Paul handcuffed in the back of Woodside's cruiser, where the deputy "repeatedly punched her about the face and body," according to the original complaint.

Woodside, it turns out, was just one of a number of rogue, racist cops running free in Belle Glade at the time. According to the suit, by the time Paul brushed up against Woodside on Christmas Day, he was the subject of four use-of-force complaints and two internal affairs investigations from his time in Belle Glade. A later 2009 probe would find him guilty of four infractions. 

The lawsuit points out that he applied and was rejected by the department twice, in 1998 and 2005. During his third try at a job with the sheriff, Woodside was involved in a 2007 federal lawsuit stemming from his gig at the time as a Jupiter cop. In that suit, later settled, Woodside was accused of "false arrest and false imprisonment." Despite that pretty hefty smudge on his record, PBSO brought him on.

It just so happened Woodside ended up in Belle Glades, where he fell under the supervision of Sgt. Brent Raban. This was the fine public servant who would later be booted from the department in 2009. You might remember the case: Raban wore a hat inked with "punishment" while running around on duty in Belle Glade. He also bragged on Facebook about smacking around citizens. "[U]nder the supervision of Sergeant Raban" Woodside "acted aggressively towards the citizens of the Belle Glade area," Paul's suit claims.

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After Allegedly Rolling a Stop Sign, Black Cop Fatally Shoots Black Passenger who Had Hands Up. [some Trivia: how many unarmed white people have Black Cops Killed? NONE. EVER.]  

How Master Taught Me. Lesson #1 all Black men are criminally suspect, approach with caution [MORE]. According to Anon, in the history of modern law enforcement there has not been a single instance of a black police officer shooting or killing an unarmed white person. [MORE

From [HERE] and [HERE] A newly released video shows a tense traffic stop last month in which a man stepping out of a car with his hands raised at shoulder height was fatally shot by police.

The video from a police car dashboard camera shows Bridgeton officers Braheme Days and Roger Worley in a Dec. 30 traffic stop that escalates quickly after Days warns his partner about seeing a gun and then saying that the vehicle's passenger was reaching for something in the car. It ends with passenger Jerame Reid disregarding Days' order to not move, slowly getting out of the car and being shot to death. He had his hands up in the air. 

The driver, Leroy Tutt, is seen showing his hands atop the open window on his side of the car. It's not clear what Reid is doing, though Days repeatedly warns him not to move during an interaction that lasts less than two minutes.

"I'm going to fuckin shoot you," Days shouts. "You're going to be fucking dead. If you reach for something, you're going to be fucking dead."

"I ain't got no reason to reach for nothing, bro, I ain't got no reason to reach for nothing," Reid says as Days continues to yell to his partner that Reid is reaching for something.

Reid then says, "I'm getting out and getting on the ground." Days tells him not to move, but Reid repeats that he's getting out.

The passenger door then pops open, but it's not clear whether Reid or Officer Days opens it. Reid then emerges from the vehicle. His hands are at about shoulder height, and they appear to be empty. As he steps out, the officers fire at least six shots, killing him.

Days is out of the frame when the shots ring out. It's unclear how many times each officer shoots.

Prosecutors say a gun was recovered however some witnesses say that Reid was unarmed. [MORE] and [MORE]. Apparently, if a gun was found it was not on the person of Reid and not in the glove box. Thus, it seems he posed no actual threat to the frightened cop when he got out of the car. Tahli Dawkins, who was taking out his recycling at the time of the shooting, told NBC10 he witnessed the incident.

"He had nothing in his hands," Dawkins said. "He had his hands up trying to get out of the car, one on the door was getting out like this and he just started shooting him." [MORE] At a press conference Wednesday activist Walter Hudson said, "Jerame Reid complied to the officer's demand, got out the car and he received a hail of bullets."

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The new Congress is 80 % white, 80 % male and 92 % Christian. ['Everywhere one finds Whites & Blacks in close proximity to each other, Corporate Elite Whites are in Control.'] 

"the paradox is that Black America while complaining of oppression and exploitation by White America has not consolidated its own considerable resources and reorganized its community so as to revolutionize its power relation­ship with White America and end its subordination to that commu­nity." Amos Wilson [MORE

From [HERE] As the 114th US Congress opens its session in Washington this month, it is once again time to take note of the stark difference between the people of the United States, and those who have been “democratically” elected to represent them. A Washington Post headline from January makes this divide plainly obvious: The new Congress is 80 percent white, 80 percent male and 92 percent Christian. Stop and think about those figures for just a moment. The notion that this government is actually representative of the people is utterly laughable.

According to the most recent US Census figures, the racial, gender/sex, and religious identities of members of the US Congress is not at all aligned with the demographic reality. Roughly 63 percent of the US population included in the census self-identifies as “White only” (meaning they do not identify as “white + another racial affiliation”), while 80 percent of Congress is white. This may seem a relatively reflective representation of racial demographics, but this is misleading. Not included in the census are the millions of non-white immigrants who, for a variety of reasons (e.g. seasonal work migration, fear of law enforcement, etc.) do not participate in such data gathering. So, taken conservatively, the racial makeup of Congress, while moderately over-representing whites, is not entirely unrepresentative of the population. Or so it would seem.

However, one must look more closely to see that the racial makeup of the Congress does little to affect its policies which cater to a mostly white corporate and financial elite, while to a large extent ignoring the economic and social problems that plague minority communities throughout the country. And so, you can see in the halls of Congress, a Congressional Black Caucus that almost without exception votes in a bloc with their white Democrat allies if, for no other reason, to preserve their own positions as they cater to mostly white donors. Perhaps the prime example of such behavior is President Obama himself who, despite being of African descent, has always eschewed race-related issues in favor of the typical vacuous American platitude of “togetherness” which, quite conveniently, seems to never offend or inconvenience the white power brokers who have made his career.

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Don't Hold Your Breath in a Racist System: FBI Completes Federal Probe of Ferguson Shooting 

Justice and Racism Cannot Exist at the Same Time. From [HERE] The FBI has completed its investigation into the police shooting of an unarmed, black 18-year-old in Ferguson, Missouri, a U.S. official said Wednesday.

The Justice Department has not yet announced whether it will file a federal civil rights charge against former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. But officials and experts have said such a prosecution would be unlikely, in part because of the extraordinarily high legal standard federal prosecutors would need to meet.

The official was not authorized to discuss the case by name and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity. Justice Department spokeswoman Dena Iverson declined to comment.

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[Do you really expect Racists to Eliminate the Educational Advantages that have Kept them in Power?] Majority of U.S. public school students are in poverty

What is Racism/White Supremacy? From [HERE] For the first time in at least 50 years, a majority of U.S. public school students come from low-income families, according to a new analysis of 2013 federal data, a statistic that has profound implications for the nation.

The Southern Education Foundation reports that 51 percent of students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade in the 2012-2013 school year were eligible for the federal program that provides free and reduced-price lunches. The lunch program is a rough proxy for poverty, but the explosion in the number of needy children in the nation’s public classrooms is a recent phenomenon that has been gaining attention among educators, public officials and researchers.

“We’ve all known this was the trend, that we would get to a majority, but it’s here sooner rather than later,” said Michael A. Rebell of the Campaign for Educational Equity at Teachers College at Columbia University, noting that the poverty rate has been increasing even as the economy has improved. “A lot of people at the top are doing much better, but the people at the bottom are not doing better at all. Those are the people who have the most children and send their children to public school.”

The shift to a majority-poor student population means that in public schools, a growing number of children start kindergarten already trailing their more privileged peers and rarely, if ever, catch up. They are less likely to have support at home, are less frequently exposed to enriching activities outside of school, and are more likely to drop out and never attend college.

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'Second chances don’t come easily to people of color in a System of White Supremacy'

From [HERE] I was a senior at Cornell University when I was arrested for heroin possession. As an addict — a condition that began during a deep depression — I was muddling my way through classes and doing many things I would come to regret, including selling drugs to pay for my own habit. I even began dating a man with big-time drug connections that put me around large amounts of heroin. When police arrested me in 2010, I was carrying six ounces, an amount they valued at $50,000 — enough to put me in prison for up to 10 years. Cornell suspended me indefinitely and banned me from campus. I had descended from a Dean’s List student to a felon.

But instead of a decade behind bars and a life grasping for the puny opportunities America affords some ex-convicts, I got a second chance. In a plea deal, I received a sentence of 2½ years. After leaving prison, I soon got a job as a reporter at a local newspaper. Then Cornell allowed me to start taking classes again, and I graduated last month. What made my quick rebound possible?

I am white.

Second chances don’t come easily to people of color in the United States [in a system of white supremacy/racism]. But when you are white, society offers routes to rebuild your life. When found guilty of a drug crime, white people receive shorter sentences than black people. And even after prison, white men fare better in the job market than black men with identical criminal records.

It was prison that clued me in to just how much I benefit from systemic racism in our society. Until then, I hadn’t thought much about white privilege, which is exactly how privilege works – as a white person, I could ignore it. But sitting behind bars, I saw how privilege touches almost everything, especially the penal system.

It starts at the gate — or rather, who comes through the gate. When I moved into the state prison, the racial disparity was immediately obvious. I was surrounded disproportionately by people of color. While blacks represent just 13.2 percent of the New York State population, they are nearly half of the state’s prison population. Reasons for the disparities are clear: Nationally, blacks are more likely to be pulled over, more likely to be searched, and, if arrested, likely to be sentenced to more time for the same crime. Although whites and blacks use drugs at about the same rate and although whites are more likely to sell them, black youth are 10 times more likely to be arrested for drug crimes than are their white counterparts.

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Racist White People's MLK Dream is for Black People to "Turn the Other Cheek" & Go Pray [and this bullshit encourages violence against us] 

Turn his other cheek – and hit him harder. We are taught much about MLK's philosophy of non-violence. This theory of so-called non-violence was also used by Gandhi and Jesus. It most likely originated in India or Egypt some 5000 years or so before Jesus is said to exist.

Jesus was tremendously impressed by the idea of non-violence. And the idea was rational: to harm somebody must be against God, because it is God’s creation – you should not be destructive. But the question was, if others harm you, then...? That’s where turning the other cheek comes in; that was his invention. It is mentioned nowhere in Indian scriptures that you turn the other cheek. The question was not raised, it seems. Non-violence was preached so rationally that nobody asked, ”If somebody harms you, then what?” 

Jesus said that if somebody hits you on one cheek, turn the other cheek. But, as explained by Bhagwan Shree Rajineesh, 'when you are hit by somebody and you give him the other cheek, you are encouraging violence in the world. It is not non-violence. And you are assuming something which is absolutely your imagination. If somebody hits me, according to Jesus I have to give him my other cheek. But his tastes may be different. He may have enjoyed the first hit, he may enjoy the second even more; he may be a sadist. Then you are encouraging a sadist to torture people; you are encouraging violence. Even to allow your own body to be tortured by somebody is to encourage violence.'

This operating system of racist domination and control is carried out through deception and/or violence. [MORE] A philosophy of non-violence in such a system is idiocy leading to mental slavery and impotence. This ideology fails to take into account that the other people surrounding you - that is, racist white people are not non-violent. In their relations with each other most white people treat each other humanely -- but in their relations with non-whites, racist white people function as psychopaths.

'Behavioral scientists generally agree that the outstanding characteristics of the psychopathic personality are the almost complete absence of ethical or moral development and an almost total disregard for appropriate patterns of behavior. Psychopaths simply ignore the concept of right and wrong. As stated by Dr. Bobby Wright 'by ignoring this about racist White people (the lack of ethical and moral development) Blacks have made and are still making a tragic mistake in basing the Black liberation movement on moral suasion. It is pathological for Blacks to keep attempting to use moral suasion on a people who have no morality where race is the variable.' [MORE]

MLK's theory is pure nonsense; you cannot allow people to be violent to you - you only encourage more violence against yourself. 

A philosophy of non-violence does not make sense in the context of white supremacy - You are encouraging those people, inviting them: ”Come and be violent to us.” Bhagwan explained, "that’s actually what has happened in Indian history for twenty-five centuries. Anybody who wanted riches, women, slaves, invaded India. There was no trouble, India was non-violent. Most probably they would pass through kingdoms and there would be no fight at all, no resistance even."

Similarly, racist whites do as they wish with non-whites - what are the repercussions? There is no real trouble. Think of recent events in Ferguson & NYC. Both are examples of white collective power. A white cop kills an unarmed Black man for some trivial reason and then other white cops, police unions, prosecutors, the Governor, state Attorney General, mostly white grand jurors and the mainstream white media finance, support and uphold that white cop's "right to do so." What are you going to do about it - have a non-violent protest asking X? to please stop police brutality? Holding up a sign, screaming, singing and holding hands - what has this activity accomplished? [MORE] This is "protest" actually in cooperation with and submission to white supremacy/racism.

[Anon asks, "If marching, picketing, and protesting was an effective strategy to achieve justice — why are we still marching, picketing, and protesting FOUR DECADES later? Why is there MORE violence, MORE drugs, MORE guns in our communities, MORE black men and women in prison, MORE black children at risk, MORE family instability, MORE out-of-wedlock births, MORE single mothers, and MORE black children dropping out of high school now than before the civil rights era?"  MORE

Bhagwan asks, "If you look at your non-violence and it has provoked violence, then what kind of non-violence is this? It has brought more violence in the world than there was before." 

Non-violence has made Black people just like butter – you just cut into them with your knife, and there is no response just reaction with no repercussions. And millions can be killed and demeaned without any resistance, because resistance would be violence.

Bhagwan explains, "But you go on missing seeing the point that you are provoking the violence in the other person. Who is responsible for it? Now turning the other cheek means you are telling the other person, ”Please hit me a little more, it is not enough; I am not satisfied. Hit me a little more so that I can become a little more saintly.” And you have only two cheeks. What are you going to do when he has hit you on your second cheek? What Jesus is saying looks a beautiful statement but it is not at all practical, pragmatic, scientific.

Reverence for life approaches the whole problem from a different angle. I will say respect life, yours included.

In fact, you are first to be respectful towards yourself, then only can you be respectful towards anybody else.

Be loving towards yourself, then you will be able to love others too.

Reverence for life will not allow any provocation to violence. It will not start violence, but if anybody starts it, it will stop it immediately.

Jesus says, ”If somebody hits you on one of your cheeks, turn the other cheek.” I say, ”Okay, turn his other cheek – and hit him harder. Give him a lesson! Make it clear to him that it is not so easy to hit somebody on the cheek – that it comes back, and comes back harder. And if you are capable, hit both his cheeks at the same time. Why give him the chance to turn the other cheek and become a saint? Hit him and tell him simultaneously,’I do not believe in violence, hence I have to stop it at the first chance. And remember that you cannot just be violent without being prevented.’”

You have to prevent violence if you respect life. And in another way too, it is respectful to hit the man, not to give him your other cheek, because that is very disrespectful. This may seem a little difficult for you: you hit me, and I don’t hit you but show my other cheek to you, and say, ”Please be kind enough to hit me.” I am trying to be superhuman and reduce you below humanity.

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During "Knock & Talk" [white supremacy] Operation: White Orlando Cops Sneak & Murder Unarmed Black Man Watching TV on Couch. Cops then Denied Medical Treatment, suit alleges

From [HERE] An Orlando police killing of a Black teenager during a controversial knock-and-talk operation in 2013 now faces a wrongful-death lawsuit in federal court.

Karvas Gamble Jr., 19, died when eight Orlando drug agents responded without supervision to a week-old tip and opened fire under such questionable circumstances that the Orange-Osceola State Attorney's Office reviewed this and other fatal law enforcement confrontations. All the cops involved apparently were white. 

"Our conclusion bluntly is that this should not have happened," a grand jury wrote of the 19-year-old's death. White prosecutors sought no criminal charges against the white cops. 

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

The lawsuit filed in federal court in Orlando on behalf of Gamble's parents seeks more than $75,000 from city government as well as three police officers. The lawsuit said Karvas Gamble Jr. was unarmed when police wearing dark, plain clothes hid outside the house and then -- without any warning -- shot their unarmed son.

The suit targets OPD and three officers for the "unnecessary and violent murder of an unarmed young man at the hands of heavily armed Orlando Police Department officers during an execution of a warrantless operation." At the time, police said Gamble reached for a gun. But the lawsuit says he had no weapons, broke no laws, was not under arrest, and was not a threat to himself or others.

According to the suit, on Jan. 16, 2013, eight drug agents sneaked up in the dark outside a building on Arlington St. where Gamble and friends were inside.  Gamble was watching TV when undercover officers hiding outside shot through an open window and killed him. One of the officers though he saw the teen reaching for gun and fired, hitting him in the belly.

The lawsuit says the officers went on the investigation based off a "stale" and unverified drug tip. The operation was poorly planned, but the purpose was to "knock and talk" with people inside, claimed the suit, but when Gamble turned toward the window, Officer Christopher Bigelow shot him through an open window.

Citing fire department records, the family's lawyers accused police of waiting 20 minutes before calling an ambulance as Gamble lay mortally wounded and then not allowing paramedics for 15 minutes to treat him.

"It shows a complete failure of the department to do these types of operations safely," Attorney J. Clancey Bounds of Maitland said Friday. "They put themselves in danger and an officer thought it was appropriate to shoot this young man through a window."

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Will the Romney Team Use Another KKK Slogan this Go Round? ["keep america american"]

[MORE] and [MORE]


North Miami Beach Cops Used Black Mug Shots for Target Practice

From [HERE]  National Guard Sgt. Valerie Deant and her fellow soldiers went last month to a firing range in Medley, Fla. What they saw there made them angry. Not only had North Miami Beach Police snipers who had used the range before them used mug shots of six African-American men as targets, but one of the men pictured was Deant's brother. The mug shots were riddled with bullets.

"I was like, 'Why is my brother being used for target practice?' " Deant told NBC6, which first reported this story on Thursday.

The mug shot of Woody Deant, her brother, was taken 15 years earlier. She said it had bullet holes in the forehead and an eye. Woody Deant had been arrested in connection with a drag race in 2000 that left two people dead; he spent four years in prison.

North Miami Beach Police Chief J. Scott Dennis [racist suspect in photo] acknowledged that his officers, who had selected the targets, could have used better judgment. But he denied racial profiling was at play, noting that the sniper team included minority officers. He said his department also uses pictures of whites and Hispanics for target practice.

But, he said: "Our policies were not violated. There is no discipline forthcoming for the individuals who were involved with this." [more on the psychopathic racial personality


[If you are Black you can be Legally Executed by White Cops Anytime, Anyplace] Mistrial for Police Chief who Killed Unarmed Black Man During "Parking Ticket" Arrest 

Former Black Police Officer Executed by Terrified White Cop From [HERE] and [MORE] Judge Edgar Dickson of the South Carolina Circuit Court, on Tuesday, declared a mistrial in the murder case against a former police chief for the 2011 killing of an unarmed black man. Thisdecision followed the jury remaining deadlocked after 12 hours of deliberation. Former police chief of Eutawville, Richard Combs allegedly shot 54-year-old Bernard Bailey in the town hall parking lot in May of 2011. If convicted, Combs may have faced a sentence of life in prison. Bailey was a former correctional officer. [MORE]

Nine of the 12 jury members thought he was guilty of murder, but three accepted his argument that he had acted in self-defence. To avoid a hung jury, all 12 members must be unanimous.

The seven black and five white jurors could have found Combs not guilty, guilty of murder or guilty of voluntary manslaughter. Murder carries a penalty of 30 years to life in prison without parole. Voluntary manslaughter carries two to 30 years in prison and would have meant Bailey’s killing was illegal but it happened because of passion.

The prosecution now has the opportunity to bring fresh murder charges against Mr Combs. “I'm going to take a little time, but we’re going forward,” prosecutor David Pascoe told the Associated Press.  Eutawville officials had previously reached a $400,000 settlement in a lawsuit brought by members of Mr. Bailey’s family for the actions of the white cop. 

By every account, Mr. Bailey and Mr. Combs met for the first time in March 2011, after Mr. Combs stopped Mr. Bailey’s daughter for a broken taillight. Mr. Bailey went to the scene and, according to Mr. Combs, was "belligerent." 

Although Mr. Bailey was not arrested during that early-morning stop, Mr. Combs sought a warrant for obstruction of justice. "Obstruction of justice" for obstructing what? Arrested for being belligerent? A white judge approved the request, but Mr. Combs did not try to serve it for more than a month. Instead, he said, he planned to arrest Mr. Bailey on the day when his daughter would make a court appearance about the traffic infraction.

But Mr. Bailey visited the Town Hall on May 2, a day before his daughter’s court date, to discuss the citation, and Mr. Combs decided then to attempt an arrest. Mr. Bailey, described by witnesses as angry and stunned, tried to leave without being detained. [Arresting him for what again?]

According to Mr. Combs, Mr. Bailey shoved him away during a subsequent skirmish in the Town Hall’s parking lot.

After Mr. Bailey started his truck’s engine and shifted the truck into reverse, Mr. Combs said, “I thought I was going to die. I thought I was going to be run over by the truck.” He drew his handgun, a .40-caliber Glock, and fired; Mr. Bailey died at the scene. [Did the shooting stop the car?]

Mr. Combs also struggled on the witness stand, especially when he was asked to reconcile his account of how he obtained the arrest warrant. He also appeared ruffled when Mr. Pascoe clutched the handgun used in the shooting and posed questions like, “How did Mr. Bailey feel when you shoved State’s Exhibit 1 in his face?”

One witness said that after the incident Combs was calming drinking coffee as if nothing had happened. [MORE] Most white people function as psychopaths in their relations with non-whites. [MORE]

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Racism is the Smoking Gun: White NYPD Cops Planted Evidence, White Prosecutors Brought Case Against Innocent Black Man 

From [HERE] A Black man who claimed the police manufactured gun-possession charges against him had his case dismissed on Thursday, amid two investigations into the practices of a group of police officers in the 67th Precinct in East Flatbush.

The man, Jeffrey Herring, had maintained his innocence ever since his arrest on June 4, 2013, asserting that officers had planted the gun on him and fabricated the circumstances of his arrest. As the charges were dismissed, Mr. Herring, 53, a rangy man dressed in gray slacks and a blue oxford, brought his hands up to his face, his eyes tearing up. If convicted of the top charge of gun possession, he could have faced up to 15 years in prison.

The officers claimed that they got a tip from a confidential informer that Mr. Herring had a gun. Prosecutors had been instructed to bring the informer to court on Thursday; the defense had challenged whether that informer even existed. Prosecutors were ordered numerous times since last October to produce the informant who police said led them to Herring. They claimed a month ago that he was found, but still didn’t bring him to court. [MORE]

At the hearing, prosecutors offered no evidence or mention of that informer.

“Based upon information provided to us by defense counsel” and on the office’s own investigation, said Paul Burns, an assistant district attorney, “we do not believe at this time that we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt the charges against Mr. Herring.”

Justice Dineen Riviezzo of State Supreme Court dismissed and sealed the case, saying she was “glad to hear there’s an ongoing investigation.”

In 2011 a court found that NYPD cops had been planting drugs on innocent people that was a  common practice, a quick and easy way to boost arrest numbers. The practice is known among NYPD officers as “flaking,” and officers in Brooklyn and Queens narcotics squads were doing a whole lot of it. [MORE]

In researching the case, a lawyer for Mr. Herring, Debora Silberman of Brooklyn Defender Services, found others that mirrored it, involving the same group of police officers. In the other cases, defendants also said the guns were planted, with the police saying that officers saw the suspects storing the guns in plastic bags or handkerchiefs.

After the arrests, more similarities arose: The use of confidential informers was suddenly mentioned months into the proceedings, and the informers were never produced in court even after judges’ and lawyers’ requests. Judges had called some of the police version of events “incredible,” and the accounts “extremely evasive.”

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After 26 Years in Prison, Black Man will Get Some Money for Wrongful Conviction for Murder of White Woman: White NY Prosecutors and Cops Withheld Favorable Evidence from All White Jury 

From [HERE] Mr. Dewey Bozella, a Black sturdily built six-footer, strode up the steps of Federal District Court here Monday for what was originally supposed to be a civil jury trial of his claim that he was put in prison for a crime he did not commit — the brutal murder in 1977 of a 92-year-old white woman, Emma Crapser, who came home from a night of church bingo while a burglar was inside her home in Poughkeepsie. Mr. Bozella’s lawyers contend that prosecutors and police officers for the county withheld four pieces of evidence from his defense lawyers at the time — so-called Brady material — that would have pointed to another man as the murderer.

The county responded that it had entirely legitimate reasons for not turning over the evidence. The trial was to be presided over by District Judge Cathy Seibel, who had indicated in pretrial papers that Mr. Bozella had a strong argument that some of the evidence might have helped his case.

Lawyers for Mr. Bozella and the county negotiated the tentative settlement over the weekend. Judge Seibel announced in court Monday that lawyers informed her Saturday evening that “an agreement in principle” had been reached. The County Legislature is to vote on the monetary amount of damages within 60 days.

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